prepping for twins. and a question for you…

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i have found myself in the most intense nesting mode i’ve ever experienced with any of my other pregnancies this past month or so. i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that you read and hear a lot of stories of twins arriving much earlier than anticipated, so you want to be as ready as you can be. and also the fact that while i do have three littles already, we had gotten rid of the majority of all of our baby things after having conrad.  while we didn’t feel like our family was complete by any means and were always hoping for another baby, having items you aren’t using in tiny new york city apartments never makes much sense, so we gave away and got rid of all that baby stuff taking up valuable real estate in our closets or under bed storage containers for the time being (although i DID hold onto many newborn clothing pieces from eleanor and the boys first year or two just in case! couldn’t help myself there!)

i’m a firm believer that you don’t really need everything they say you need for a new baby. at least, each of us doesn’t need the same things as everyone else… since we will all go about those first few years differently, figuring out what works best for our individual families.  an example… for us, i finally realized when conrad was about 2 months old that his crib was just silly for us, because he’d only ever co-slept in our bed since i breastfeed on demand and after having that revelation, i was like, “we need to get rid of this thing today.” and so we did. i felt i had to have a crib for however many years because that’s what you’re told, but i don’t think any of my three kids ever slept a full night in one. (for the twins, i realize having two babies in our queen size bed could actually really backfire, so we are getting a twin co-sleeper that goes beside our bed for those first few months, then we’ll reevaluate as they get a little bigger! but they’ll be in our room in the beginning so i’ve brought a dresser into our bedroom for their things and made a changing table up top.)

so, a question for you!
as i’ve started trying to figure out what baby items are the most essential to bring back into our home this time around, i am so curious to hear what baby products or items you have found critical for you and your own little one during this period. I’m also especially anxious to hear from anyone with multiples… what baby items or products did you find you really needed two of, and which ones were major life savers?  this landscape of baby must-haves changes so quickly every year or two, with new inventions and ideas coming to light all the time, so many being so genius! i’d love for anyone who has found something incredibly beneficial when it comes to things for baby (or for new moms!) to share in the comments below with all of us!


these maternity denim overalls and blush pink ribbed shirt underneath.

baby items pictured:
raspberry colored baby changer on top of dresser, sophie the giraffe (all three of my kids were obsessed with this teething toy), tiny newborn bow headbands, orange and yellow lady bug blouse was a vintage find that eleanor wore, and thin pink striped ruffle bloomer. lemon zipper onesie, yellow striped swaddle blanket.

  1. Anon

    Baby bjorn bouncer chairs. They fold flat so easy for storage or transporting.

  2. Sabine

    Diapers, wipes, my arms, and a blanket ;-)

  3. Rachel

    Oogie bear, nose Frida, burp cloths, a bazillion wipes.
    It’s awesome because it’ll be summer so you hopefully won’t have to worry about as many germs or layers. But still, baby Tylenol is a must have.

  4. Aubrey

    We have a 4 month old and we found the Halo convertible swaddles and old fashioned baby swing (with a bouncer seat that pops off) to be really wonderful. All the more expensive stuff took up too much space and wasn’t used much. :)

  5. Definitely two baby wearing packs, whether it’s Bjorn or Ergo Baby. You and Josh can wear one each and be hands free for the rest of your family.

  6. Naomi, you look amazing! I think one of the items I LOVE is the baby Bjorn bouncer… you can start using early and it doesn’t take a lot of space. It’s perfect for NYC apartments, haha. I used mine so so so much. Here is the link for you to see it:

    Xoxo – Fernanda

  7. Kelsey

    Our twin girls are 13 months old, and I think that’s great that you are just going with it and going to see what works for you! All babies are different anyway, so it makes sense to try something first to make sure they like it before immediately buying two of something. We had two of the Boppy Newborn Loungers and loved those- they were nice to lay them in and nice to be able to move around the house. Also, if you are planning on breastfeeding, the My Brest Friend Twin nursing pillow is amazing. I used it everyday, multiple times, for a whole year. Other than that, we just made due with the baby items we already had. We borrowed another swing from a friend, which was a good decision because my girls didn’t love the swings that much anyways, so buying another wouldn’t have been worth it. Oh, and two of the Ikea high chairs are great! We love those things- they hold up so well, are so cheap, and so easy to wipe down. You’ll be great! The first couple months were the hardest for me, but it’s much better now. I so wondered why God chose me to be a twin mom when I was pregnant, but now I’m so thankful He did!

  8. Claire

    Wow, two babies coming soon! Congratulations you’re nearly at the end, and you still have a waist! (Not the most important thing, but small victories!)

    My top baby items are the Nest camera (to spy on your babies when you need to be away from them, or even just in another room) and As a fellow city mama, a white noise machine to drown out the sounds of the city!

    Are you setting up a nursery for the twins? Are they going to share with the big kids?

  9. Nikki

    A bubnest! They have a twin version, which is super adorable. We use ours all the time.

    Sakura Bloom ring sling. My favourite ring sling by far.

    8 million muslin swaddles. Rylee & Cru makes the softest, most adorable ones. I thought Little Unicorn was the best, then I got one of these. So good.

    Bjorn babysitter balance bouncy seat. It’s relatively small, folds up (apartment friendly!), cotton instead of that icky plastic so baby is more comfy, it doesn’t have blinky, noisy toys on it, and it’s super light and easy to carry around.

    Those were the most useful aside from diapers, co-sleeper, car seat, etc.

  10. Magda

    Hi! For us the baby sleeping „nest” was a must and the best for our twin boys, too. They sleep so good next to each other. Ours was a handmade gift from an aunt, but they’re available in stores as well. Good luck!

  11. Carrie

    For twins we really loved having the ‘Twin Z’ pillow- it was helpful with breastfeeding and they just lounged on it a lot and did tummy time. I kind of have the ‘less stuff’ mentality too so tried to keep things as simple as can be. Twins are amazing and it so fun to watch their relationship grow!

  12. Lindsay

    I have four that are all around the same ages as your three. My baby is 10 months old. I have found a crib to be nonessential as well as so many other things. My kids love the baby swing–we have a small fold-up one that they have all used. With my last being a summer baby in Florida I got ALL the light muslin swaddle blankets–and make sure they are the extra large size! Those little swaddle blankets last about two blinks and then they need the larger size. That light blanket was a lifesaver. The only other thing we have used consistently is a carrier. But with twins that will be tricky! And I know you already have your favorites there :)

  13. Ellen

    My family is very similar to yours…I had three kids then a year ago I had identical twin girls. I feel like with my first child I wanted to have every item possible just in case. With the twins we had a crib (they liked to sleep together), two bouncers, and lots of swaddles. Everyone’s different but that worked for us!

  14. My sister has two sets of twins. She has this pillow that looks like a snoogle and a boppy had a baby or like two boppies combined that she used early on. I recommend wubbanubs and we both recommend bumbo seats and the fisher price sit me up.

  15. Ashley

    I was so surprised at how much changed or came on the market just in the 2.5 years between having my last two babies! With our final baby almost three years ago, we got a Rock N’ Play and I loved using that as opposed to swing or bouncy seat. I could see you really using those often as they work as seat, swing/rocker, bed, and general set-the-baby-down-for-a-minute location! They’re super light and portable to move all around the apartment, and they fold up really flat to take up little space when not in use.

    Congrats and best wishes!

  16. Jessica

    You look absolutely adorable in these overalls! Love seeing the twin-prep! They’ll be here soon!! I can’t wait to see them!

  17. Landen

    I really liked our Rock n plays for the first few months (we still use them at 4 months). We borrowed one and bought one, and they have been super helpful because they can nap in them, and they are easily accessible, but keep the babies off the floor. We also go through a ton of baby socks, to keep the babies from scratching themselves and each other when they are laying next to each other. Other than that, I really like having a Nosefrida, the cloth diaper burp rags (they are way more absorbant than pretty much any other burp rags we have, so they don’t get soaked so quickly).

  18. Sarah

    Baby soap and lotion? We love Tubby Todd because it’s all natural. Their ointment is seriously miraculous too! Burt’s Bees baby soap is another favorite. Something about that smell I just love.

  19. Kattrina

    A baby carrier! I have a Mei Tai anda love it because it folds up small enough to fit in my diaper bag, but there are other great ones out there too. This has been a life saver because having other littles around means I need my hands. I actually put the two older kids to bed while the baby sleeps in the carrier. I love the rock n play, and burp rags my mom made because this baby spits up like crazy. Swaddle blankets, I like Aden and Anaís because they are big and make swaddling easy. Those have been my must-haves this time around!

  20. Cassie

    I loved my twin z pillow! Was great for tandem nursing, but also used it so much as a place to lay them down. I recommend it to everyone having twins, it was for sure my most used item those first several months. I am so excited for you! My twins are turning three in a couple weeks and I’m about to have my third. While I am excited to experience one baby, I almost wish it was twins again- their relationship is magical! Wishing you all the best!!!

  21. Becka

    This isn’t an item as so much as a great tool. We got the free app called Think Dirty to make sure we’re not using any soaps, shampoos, lotions, laundry detergent, etc… that are harmful to us, but especially babies. It’s been a hug eye opener!

  22. A Tracey

    The SNOO!! Also love anything from! Healthy and mom-tested products.

  23. Seriously, you have three kids and you’re asking for recommendations? :) Product X will be one mum’s must-have, and another mum’s biggest waste of money ever. For example, we bought a Gro-snug for daughter, and it turned out that she hated being swaddled and having her arms tucked up. Also, lots of people recommended nursing pillows. While I was trying to choose one, I made do with an old cushion folded in half – and that worked well enough, so I never go around to buying a ‘proper’ one!

    In my experience (more limited than yours, so definitely FWIW!), babies need something to wear, somewhere to sleep, something to sleep under, something to get clean, and somewhere to lie down where they can wriggle about. I bet you got all that. Why spend time shopping for Stuff when you could be resting or having fun with your kids? (I confess, I really don’t enjoy shopping…)

  24. Sarah

    I love wearing my babies, but for our twins (and the babies after them since we had four kids two and under) it was critical to have extra places to put a fussy baby in need of soothing while I tended to the other baby. Every kid has their own preferences so it might be cheapest to borrow from a friend until you find out. For our twins we had a swing and a bouncer upstairs and another set downstairs so I didn’t have to run it up and down with me and two babies in my arms. Not as critical in an apartment. We got ours as handmedowns or used so they only cost a few dollars total and got passed on to others when we were done. There’s only so much one parent can do for two fussy babies at once! As they got bigger, I liked having two bimbos and a doorway jumper, for the same purpose. We used booster chairs (the fisher price ones) for all four kids instead of space taking high chairs. I think I see a lot of pictures of you guys feeding kids on your laps which is a touch harder with two babies and one parent at a meal 😉. I like that they fold up for restaurants/packing easily. When our kids are still sorta floppy six month olds we tuck a towel around them to keep them a little more upright. And, of course, great comfy baby carriers for hands free baby cuddling. Twins are hard, but a joy!

  25. Sarah

    Bumbos, not bimbos 😂!

  26. Kayla

    The Inglesina high chair… I LOVE this chair. I wish we had it with all our boys but of course we found it with our last. haha.

    Also the baby K’tan its a wrap that skips half the wrapping process because it already has pre-made loops.

  27. Sarah

    Oh, and the snap n’ go twin stroller was a life saver with our twins. So lightweight, folds up small, opens with one hand, cheap, and easy to find used! I’m not sure it applies to you as much since you don’t drive much but it was so handy to transfer our sleeping babies from car to walk to house. We were sad to switch to a regular stroller when they outgrew their infant car seats.

  28. I felt like if I had Aden and Anais blankets, I really never needed anything else, but nothing compares to those swaddles!


  29. sarah villa

    If you like babywearing, the twingo saved my life. it was the only way I could get anything done when both inevitably needed to be held the very moment i absolutely had to do something else. with practice, you can even pee with them on.

    I also found it essential to dress my boys alike, or at least coordinating. Not because its cute (it is!) but because its one less decision you have to make in a day (there are already too many), and when you can’t find them at the park you just hold up the other kid and yell to the adults “do you see my kid? he’s wearing this?!” Works for both identical and fraternal twins ;)

  30. Becky

    The bjorn bouncer that others have recommended and a soft, light carrier. In the uk I’d recommend the integra, something like that that you can wear indoors without it being too bulky. A co sleeper cot. A million sleepsuitsbecause there’s no time for anything else. A good bath seat. No baby toys; they’ll never play with them!

  31. Maria Vaccaro

    I have twin boys and am not gonna lie it’s gonna be very hard and one thing I strongly recommend you have the kids on a schedule because if you let them feed when ever you will be beyond dead tiers. One item you must have for both twins is the rocker swing that is a life saver. Good luck

  32. Alida

    If I have to pick one item: Muslin cloths.

  33. CC

    Six week old girl twins over here! We are doing a lot of baby wearing and it’s been nice to have options. Especially with older kids, this allows us to play, cook, walk the dog, etc while keeping a fussy or napping baby close. The best thing I did though was line up lots of good helpers. I had back to back week or longer visits from sisters/SILs who cooked, cleaned, held a baby, changed diapers, kept me company, etc. allowing me to stay in the recovey bubble and rest with my babies. And it freed my husband up to spend a lot of paternity leave one on one with our son. It’s hard for me to ask for help but it was amazing and I LOVED the sister energy in the house while we got to know our tiny new sisters. I hope you can have similar support if it’s something you want. I am excited for you and your family – so much love to come!

  34. I haven’t been prego since 2016 but there is a new baby product out called the Dockatot its like a little bed thing. Its super cute and I know a lot of moms swear by how useful it is. Maybe something to look into i. you look amazing by the way and i love those twin outfits!

  35. Andrea

    DOUBLE BREAST FEEDING PILLOW was essential to tandem nursing for the first 6 months of their lives. We also used the WEEGO baby carrier, where you carry both in the front for the first 6 months. Two of the best purchases of my life!!

  36. alex

    Bonjour, C’est la première fois que je laisse un commentaire (désolée en Francais car mon Anglais n’est pas vraiment bon !!!!) car je me sens tout particulièrement concernée par ton post mais je tenais avant toute chose à te féliciter pour ton joli blog et la justesse de tes propos (qui représentent souvent la vraie vie!). Je suis l’heureuse maman de 2 jumelles de 27 mois et je pense qu’il est en effet vraiment inutile de s’encombrer surtout quand on a deux bébés en meme temps et que l’on vit dans un petit espace. Donc voici à mon sens l’essentiel à avoir:
    – une écharpe de portage extensible (de nombreuses vidéos sont disponibles sur internet pour t’enseigner les techniques de portage des jumeaux) ça m’a été INDISPENSABLE quand j’étais seule et que mes deux bébés pleuraient en même temps! En plus de pouvait allaiter tout en marchant et en les portant toutes les deux en même temps !
    – un voire deux coussins d’allaitement ….trop pratique pour les tétées communes!
    Sinon , de mon coté mes bébés ont dormi dans notre chambre dans un parc (côte à côte) ainsi elles pouvaient se toucher et étaient proches l’une de l’autre.
    Voilà pour l’essentiel…Bonne fin de grossesse et belle aventure gémellaire!

  37. Heather

    I LOVE those flamingos, so sweet and happy! As a nanny, not a mom yet, I cannot live without wraps to wear my babies (Solly is a favorite) and the nosefrida! I also looooove the boppy especially for twin feeding, halo sleep sacks, and a sound machine to help drown out sounds from older siblings and city noises. Hope you’re feeling good!

  38. Naomi

    We live in a small one bedroom NYC apartment. Having an automatic rock n’ play was a lifesaver in the beginning (and even months in- when she wasn’t sleeping well bc of teething, we just popped her in there). It has a much smaller footprint than a swing, and the one we have folds up and fits under our bed for easy storage.

  39. Chesson Sykes

    Have you thought of solly wraps? For baby wearing:) you guys are on the go a lot and could help y’all be more hands free too! I always love to see dads baby wear and I bet josh would look great! 😂

  40. Rachel

    Naomi, thank you so much for featuring our bows! As a long-time reader/follower, I am very honored!

  41. Justine

    We had our twin girls (now 2!) sleep in the rock n plays in our room for the first 3 months or so. They were in the NICU for a month and then when they came home needed to be fed on a schedule every 4 hours for growth. It was so easy to have them right there. And a lot of times with multiples or preemies they have reflux so the rock n play helped keep them upright. We also used the twin z pillow all the time and can’t recommend it enough for twins. With feeeing on demand it can be really hard (the twin z helps) but do remember to give yourself a break and pump/let someone help bottle feed if you need. Two is wild and sometimes it really helps to have someone manage feeding alongside you. No matter what you do they’re lucky to have you and you’ll be amazing at this!

  42. Mary

    After my twins I used the twinzee pillow was a life saver! I loved the baby Benton bouncer however was really hard to put a baby in when holding another one – and the biggest life saver of all was having a schedule – it saved me – I read twelve hours of sleep by 12 weeks and bsbywise – I would wake up one when the other woke up to keep them on the same schedule – and since breastfeeding didn’t pan out like I had liked the baby breeza was a life Saver. In the end you got to do what works for you and your babies – oh and one last thing was I had a couch in the babies room to feed them – also used the fisher price rock and play for the first three months – you will do amazing – being pregnant with twins is harder then actually having them :) xoxo

  43. Vicky

    My twins loved the Nonomo Twin Swing (google: nonomo zwillings wiege). Is that or something similar available in the US? So much more natural than electric swings.

  44. Emma

    Bella Tunno silicone bibs and plates!! Huge lifesaver once they start eating :) and OBSESSED with their tote diaper bag, it is my favorite for #2 after trying a few different styles with my first!

  45. Lindsey

    We have 8 month old (5 months adjusted) twin girls and while of course having multiples is double the work it’s so much fun!! Here are a few items we loved and couldn’t live without
    Bibs/burp clothes (tons of them-I never could’ve imagine how many we would go through on a daily basis)
    Baby bjorn bouncers with toy bar
    Tubby todd all Over ointment (it works wonders on babies skin and on my dry hands from the constant hand washing)
    Twin Z Boppy (great for all stages-were using it now with sitting up)

    I may be biased but two little girls joining the family is simply the best! Congratulations 👶🏼👶🏼

  46. Meghan

    We loved the baby bjorn bouncer as well.
    Loved honest diapers and water wipes.
    Loved the symphony pump by medela as it made no sound.

    Just a heads up the paint comes off of the giraffe teethers that
    You have pictured in your post. If rubs off on the babies mouths

    We used a solid maple teether from Amazon.


  47. Anne-Sophie

    You look amazing ! When I read your blog I sometimes feel in the mood to have a third kid – considering that in the real life, when I am not in front of your blog, it’s absolutely not an option ! ;-)

    I don’t have any baby stuff left … but IF I had to be expecting again I think that – like it has been said in the comments – I would buy a Baby bjorn bouncer chairs and a Bugaboo as soon as possible !

    Enjoy those wonderful times !

  48. Bren w

    As a Nana of two who are 4 years and 8 mos., the most practical item that we use everyday is a bottle sanitizer.
    That and a bouncer have been the biggest helpers for clean bottles and sleepy babies who won’t sleep in cribs 😊

  49. Lucie

    First things first, you look amazing.
    I swear by Lansinoh brestcream when starting a new breastfeeding and I would guess it might be even more useful with twins.
    I would also recommend a sling/wrap. There are nice carries for twins. Something you can’t really do with a baby carrier.
    For the co-sleeper and crib dilemma. Just a little story of mine. I basically never used the crib for my eldest (breastfeeding in our bed lying down). I thought we might not need to rebuild the crib for the second born. But we had to – he started sleeping in there for some portions of the night when he was about 20 days old since he was unable to feed lying down. I had to carry him his head way above his toes, otherwise the milk was coming back and waking him up. This was something I wasn’t expecting and was happy to have the crib built after a few weeks ;).

  50. Diana

    Totally agree on the BabyBjörn Bouncer… our little girl loved it!!

  51. Heidi

    Rock n’ Play’s, Rock n’ Play’s, Rock n’ Play’s! Chant it with me at you log on Amazon to buy two of them right now! They will save you day time, night time, doesn’t matter. The are elvated a little and feel so snug so babies seem to love these. They also vibrate a little and some play music and these will save your life with twin, I promise.

  52. Maddie

    Hi! For my twins I’ve found the following essential

    Baby bjorn bouncer chairs (2)
    Stokke Tripp trapp chairs with newborn attachment so I can have meals with other kids
    Two baby gyms

    Skip the twin carrier. It’s very uncomfortable.

  53. Maddie

    Oh and keep a single stroller so you can babywear one. And join your local twin buy swap page. Multiple mums are a very strong supportive community as twins are quite different than singletons. Many twin mums love baby swings. All four of my babies hate them but love bouncer.

  54. Jennie

    So my friends who have had multiples SWEAR by the baby brezza. It sounds like you might plan to EBF, but if that doesn’t go as according to plan as you want or if you need a chance to breathe and have those cute kiddos of yours help feed, I highly recommend it. It’s like a keurig for baby bottles! I’ve only got single babies but my most recent baby is only 4 months old. We have needed less and less with each baby I swear. But one thing that has been awesome is the momaroo. I really love it. Tommy tippee bottles are awesome for switching between bottles and bfing. But that’s about it! Clothes I hear are important. Lol. I’m not a fan of the honest company diapers- they leak. I’ve found I like huggies best for newborn diapers and Costco brand for bigger. But really do babies need much more than snuggles??

  55. Kate

    I’m all about the DockaTot! I loved how portable it was, which allowed our baby to sleep in lots of different places when needed. And the Tubby Todd All Over Ointment really does come in handy– I think I used it daily for the first year. I have a baby girl due within a few weeks of your twins, so I am similarly in nesting mode :)

  56. Meghan

    I’m a twin mom! Our girls are 6 months old this month! It feels like it has been the shortest and longest six months of my life. Twins are the absolute best!! So I still breastfeed with our twin z pillow every morning and night. During the day they not alternate their feedings so I don’t use it as much but in the early days I lived in that pillow on the couch with my babies and two newborn boppy loungers. Our girls slept in rock n plays in our room until this past week, they just got too big which is hard to believe because they were so small!

  57. I know that space is at a premium in NYC, but I absolutely needed the Fisher Price My Little Snuggabunny Cradle and Swing with both of my kids. It calmed them when they were fussy and helped them to sleep. It was a lifesaver! We actually went through two since the motor blew out on the first!
    Best of Luck!
    Peace of Mom

  58. sara

    Hi Naomi! You look fantastic!

    The essentials that I loved for my first born are:

    1. DockATot
    2. Muslin Swaddles
    3. Milk Snob (if you’re not familiar look these up)


  59. Elise Roy

    Tighter-knit swaddle blankets,
    a portable sound machine, cozy socks,
    a thermos with warm water, and almond butter with banana smoothies (for Momma).

  60. Kristina

    So exciting! Thinking of you and your family during this precious time : )

    My twins are 18 months now, but they were born at 31 weeks—early little monkeys! Hopefully yours stay in much longer than that, but it is helpful to be prepared a bit early. That said, the My Breast Friend nursing pillow was essential for me so I could tandem nurse them. When I eventually changed to nursing one at a time, I still liked to use it because it was so cozy. Also, about a million muslin cloths save the day : )

    I felt like it was necessary to have two bouncy seats and a swing so I had somewhere safe to put them when I needed a break, and the swing would calm them down (enough, at least, to fully soothe one before tending to the other). Oh, and a white noise app—truly essential!

    Lastly, having them on a feeding schedule was critical to my sanity. They spent 6 weeks in the NICU so the nurses had already helped us establish one, but I couldn’t imagine breastfeeding on demand. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything else, sleep or have much of (an attempt at) a life. I know a lot of other twin moms feel the same way, but it’s definitely a personal choice!

    Good luck! You’ll do wonderfully xo

  61. Shannon

    Baby Bjorn bouncy chairs for sure!! They were life savers for the first 6 months with Twins in a small space.

  62. Caitlin

    I pregnant with my first now, but was a nanny for infant twin boys years ago. The baby bjorn bouncer seats were a must have! It made handling 2 babes at once so much easier! Plus, they collapse down and stow away so they don’t take up much space when not in use. We have a small place in DC, so I’m trying to stay minimal too, but that bouncer is making my list because I used It so much with the boys!

  63. Sarah Terry

    The ‘my breast friend’ nursing pillow
    was a life saver for nursing my twins at the same time!
    (Not very inconspicuous though very useful)
    Also my husband and I each had responsibility for
    our own baby during the night shifts. He was pretty proud
    Of himself when ‘his baby’ was sleeping through the night
    At 3 months. I don’t even know you but I am so stinking
    Excited for you! Twins are so much fun! We did the same
    Thing you’re doing. Just had them sleep in our room w/ a
    Changing table on our dresser for them. I loved my bugaboo donkey bassinets, I still get choked up thinking about my babies in those. I mostly pumped after a couple months so a good bottle drying rack. I had two bouncer/seats and two Phil and ted clip on high chair things that clip onto your table or counter, great space savers. Just buy as you need and get rid of when it’s done and you’ll be fine :)

  64. Courtney

    Nose frida, rock n play, some sort of baby wearing device. Congratulations!

  65. Isabella

    Hi, I am very excited for you and wish you all the best for your remaining pregnancy. I love your baby changer :) I found a nursing pillow to be very useful, although I started off by using regular pillows, which did not work for me at all. I found a pram/push stroller to be the most important item. The Uppababy vista seems very useful if you live in the city and use public transport.

  66. Mary

    For my twins, the Weego twin carrier and breastfriend twin nursing pillow have been lifesavers. All the best!

  67. Joanna

    Hi. My cousin for the first months she used a bed for the baby that totally saved her. I dont know if it would be usefull for twins but i Will put the URL so if you are interest you can see it. :-)

  68. So many people told me with my first pregnancy to get muslin blankets. I didn’t.
    Then my 2nd baby i was given one- I get it now. That’s what I give as gifts too. They are so versatile and my 18 month old still gets wrapped in one each night.

    Also, the Honest diapers. Since we switched we have less blow outs, leakage, and rashes. LOVE THEM.

  69. Stacia

    So silliest thing on the planet but I swear it saved my sanity…a bum brush. Seriously. I absolutely hate the feeling of diaper cream and felt like it was constantly getting under my nails…and my hands were cracking from washing them so much. I started to use this and it seriously saved my sanity. It was a 3am while nursing/mindlessly scrolling through my phone purchase and it has made me SO happy. It’s my go to gift for baby showers!!

  70. Donna

    Been following since before E was born and just had my first at the end of March. Best. Thing. Ever.

    These Dream blankets are amazing – so, so soft and big enough for both of us when we nap together.

    I have the Monica & Andy avocado print too :) noticed it in the drawer. Their stuff is great too – super soft.

    Co-sleeping/ Bed sharing question for you (or anyone) – I’m breastfeeding on demand as well but nervous about having her in the bed b/c of all the SIDS guidelines. Any safety tips for bed-sharing in-between late night feedings?

  71. Twins are the best! Ours just turned 1 :-)
    >We found the Twin Z Pillow to be essential. I ended up pumping and bottle feeding so didn’t even use the Breast Friend pillow (but heard its great too). The Twin Z can work similar to Breast Friend but also works great for bottle time too (can easily bottle feed both at once). They still lounge in it for their morning milk.
    >We did two different type carriers, one a simple sling they outgrew by 6 months or so but was fabulous for the newborn stage and the Ergo which we still use.
    >We used 2 rock n’ plays that they slept in until about 3 months.
    >I echo the Baby Bjorn chair, folds flat and was really helpful, You need somewhere to put them so bassinet and/or bjorn chair are key.
    >Love Target brand diapers and 7th generation wipes.
    >A good app or old-school book to write down changes, feedings, etc. was a lifesaver in the beginning. It’s a blur at first!
    >Didn’t need 2 of: swings, bumbos, play mats.
    I was prepared for them to come early but went to my due date, which I had not mentally prepped for! You just never know :)

  72. Jessica

    So many great suggestions here! We loved having a few carrier options for our baby. We used a baby K’tan when she was very small and it really helped us get out and about very early on. We should very easily nap in it and I think this would be so helpful with having multiple children so everyone can get out together.

    We also have an Ergo Baby that my husband really likes using. It’s a bit too bulky/big for me so not quite as comfortable.

    I just got a Sakura Bloom Scout carrier for our 14 pd 9 month old and it’s love! The design/materials/colors are incredible and it’s very comfortable. I so wish I would have known about it sooner. It’s good for 7 pds up to 45 pds! So cool! Also I love how they become part of an outfit-just so pretty and comfortable-these would look so good on both you and your husband.

    I hope that helps!

  73. Celine

    As a mon or Twins i neeeded patience, help from my husband. We were an incredible team as we were isolated from family and it was wonderful. Honestly we didn’t need anything else,
    They are 8now and are so healthy.
    And for me, i would add i breast fed them for 8 months and it made a difference !

  74. katie

    gosh.. honestly, i’m not sure i can think of a single MUST HAVE for a little one. i have a 9 year old and an 8 month old. the 8 month old is freshest in my brain and besides my boobs, diapers, wipes, clothes, and sharing a bed.. the only thing i can think of that was necessary, for us, was a bouncer. the ikea antilop high chair is a game changer and max & moose swaddle blankets are seriously the best. childhoods clothing sweats are amazing on little ones and coffee for mom & dad always.

  75. Erin

    Besides the Ergo (best ever), we have loved WaterWipes (made with just water and grapefruit seed extract- so nice to have something so natural since you use wipes on their skin so much in ththe first couple of years), the rock ‘n’ play, PUJ tub for sink baths (hangs flat on the back of a door or in the shower/tub), and the Nose Frida (a must have!!).

  76. Chris

    Milk Snob nursing cover!

  77. Gem

    Mum of 7.5-year-old ID girls here – A solid breastfeeding pillow, firmer than you’d use for a singleton as you have to be able to balance one while you reach for the other when you tandem feed, which you’ll likely want to do in the early days until they’re quicker at feeding. Wake the other and feed them both as needed is 100% great advice, they get (eventually) to be on a similar schedule. While that may not have been a past priority, you’ll exhaust yourself without a routine. Even if it’s just for eating/sleeping!
    Some sort of bouncer/swing device x2 – logistics is one of the bigger adjustments with multiples and you need somewhere to put them, often. A good baby carrier, When they’re not walking, one in the carrier one in arms, leaves you a free arm to do stuff!
    A million nappies/wipes!

  78. Cassandra

    Hi! I’m a mother of twin 8 month olds – Amelia and Graham – and below are a few not so obvious items we found so helpful:
    1. Zutano Baby Slipper Socks – they stay on so well.
    2. WubbaNub Infant Pacifier – the extra weight of the stuffed animal helps them stick around longer.
    3. Kimono-style onesies – they don’t have to go over the head!
    Praying your last month is full, your delivery is smooth and your first months together are joyful!

  79. Frances

    I don’t know how big of a deal it is- some have said it’s not of concern, but the Sophie Giraffe teether has been known to collect mold on the inside. Not sure how serious it is, but there are some articles on it. Others might know more on it. Just wanted to be sure you knew just in case it is an issue.

  80. Kristina

    By our third I had very few must have items. That said- a way to baby wear is key. I love Solly baby wraps for the infant days. Also, a swing of some sort is always very helpful to keep the baby/babies calm and close by so you can be with your big kids.
    For me personally, I loved the book “The First Forty Days”. It reminded me to take care of myself and to slow down (hard to do when you have other kids but also very essential) and great post partum recipes!

  81. Katrina

    So many twin Mama’s commenting, so I thought I’d add my two cents AS a twin with an identical sister ;)
    I also have cared for twins for many years as a nanny and in private daycare, and other then the usual stuff you already know you need for a baby, the most vital thing twin-moms need is – EXTRA support! Your 3 older kids and husband will no doubt be incredibly helpful, but having backup care for the other three kids during the first few weeks can give them a bit of space from the excitement of new babies and can give you time with just the twins. Investing in a quality nanny, babysitter, or friend who can give you hours and extra hands will be so helpful in your adjustment period :) That’s just my two cents as a twin expert, of course ;)
    All the best! Xxxx

  82. Marie

    I am Mom to 5 year old twin girls & a singleton. The most helpful thing to us ( it took a lot for me to agree) was to accept help. We had a friend who came in & stayed up with the babies many nights while we got some sleep. Two baby swings were also very helpful. As they got bigger, we got the little chairs that you could strap on to a chair at a restaurant. Having your own, keeps down the colds, etc. from the ones you may use of theirs. Also, as you will have two at the same time, remembering they are two very different people & take time when you can to spend time with one at a time when you have help with the other.
    Blessings to all of you.

  83. Liesel

    I agree on needing so much less than “they” say for babies! I absolutely loved my Moby wrap, and I’ve heard people say that you can tuck twins into one wrap at the same time. You look gorgeous, as always, and congratulations on your twins!

  84. Meg Alyssa

    Dock a tot worked great for us. Not only as a co sleeping tool, but a place she could safely have tummy time.

    Water wipes and Angel Baby Mama diaper cream. If you’re into cloth diapering, Bella Luna has great prints and are the easiest to clean!

    Sleepers with zippers! Those buttons can be annoying middle of the night with a sleepy baby.

    Some people will disagree, but WubbaNub! My daughter loved hers for the first couple months and they were easy for her to handle as the toy helped with keeping the pacifier in & she loved the comfort of the stuffed toy.

    Congratulations! I’m enjoying seeing these updates!

    • josh

      The buttons can be ao frustrating, right!? Zippers are the best!

  85. Meg Alyssa

    Also! “turbansfortots” on Etsy has beautiful headware

  86. grace

    I’ve had 4 babies. These are my favorites:

    1. Baby Bjorn bouncy seat
    2. Ergo baby carrier
    3. Chux pads for first month diaper changes
    4. Pampers Swaddlers diapers/Kirkland wipes
    5. Aden Anais swaddle blankets
    6. Snugabunny swing
    7. Medela pump
    8. Aquaphor
    9. brookstone sound machine
    10. Dr. Brown bottles
    11. Rest Assured sleeper
    12. clear over the door shoe organizer (for onesies, socks, hats etc)
    13. boon lawn drying rack
    14. bebe au lait nursing cover
    15. american baby company jersey knit crib sheet
    16. tweezerman yellow baby nail scissors
    17. lotus travel crib
    18. LA baby contour changing pad
    19. carters superset changing pad cover
    20. poetry book (any you love that makes you feel calm) to read to babies and lots and lots of books

    Best to you!

  87. Sam

    Guava Travel crib. Awesome packable travel crib!!! Don’t leave home without it.

  88. Corinna

    Naomi you look beautiful! This might be dumb, but what color lipstick are you wearing in this post? It is lovely :)

  89. Sarah

    A breastfeeding pillow for twins. I’m nursing my boys at 10 months and my pillow still wins as the top buy! And GRACE. When my twins were born, my kids were 5, 3, 2. You’ve got this sister. It CAN be done. I’m on the other side and trust me, it can be done. You’re almost there. Here’s to your “seven family’ as my kids say : ) You got this!