making macarons with eleanor!

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LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-6

when eleanor and i went on our mama-daughter trip to paris in february (blog post recaps here and here), you might remember how hard she fell for the raspberry macaron while we were there. i lost count of how many she ate, but they somehow trumped her love for nutella crepes during our time there and if you know eleanor, that is saying something! when we returned back to new york, the bakery mille-feuille reached out to invite us in to learn how to make our very own raspberry macarons. both eleanor and i were so excited! while it took us a minute to get our schedules lined up, we were able to finally go in on an afternoon last week to learn the inside scoop from pastry chef and bakery owner, olivier dessyn.

i have to tell you, while i’ve never been the biggest fan of the macaron cookie (although somehow i still consume a rather high number of them every year), this class was so much fun, the macarons were delicious, and we haven’t stopped talking about it all week! i also have such a new found appreciation for the macaron, and also for its high price tag per cookie, since i learned first hand everything that goes into a single macaron cookie (it’s actually a two day process when not rushed and done more properly).

pastry chef, olivier dessyn, was so great with eleanor. he had her involved in every step of the process and was very patient with us both. he was also so fun to bake with, he had both of us laughing through almost all the steps as well (and those of you who are perhaps familiar with the macaron making process, know it’s a lot of steps!)

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-46

before i share a million photos (thanks, josh!), mille-feuille extended the most generous offer to any of our readers to join any of their classes for 40% off with the code LOVETAZA. they offer a croissant class, a mille-feuille class, an eclair and choux pastry class as well as their macaron class. (applies to all classes booked before may 31st and that are taking place now through september 30th!)

also, a very cool backstory on the bakery that both josh and i adored hearing about since we work together everyday as well — but mille-feuille opened up here in nyc about 7 years ago by olivier and his wife, nathalie. they left their lives in paris (and prior careers as a software engineer and civil engineer) to pursue their passion for baking, running their own business together, and also having the chance to prioritize family time (they now have two sons). their story spoke to my heart! and it’s amazing to see how successful their bakery has become as they’ve worked hard to make this dream a successful reality. they have their main location in their greenwich village store and have a second location on the upper west side, dangerously close to us!

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-44LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-43

it was so fun for me to watch eleanor’s face during the majority of our class together. i think it’s safe to say she was loving it.

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-40LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-38

with the beginning of our raspberry macaron batter! this stuff tasted so good entirely on its own, i’d have trouble not just eating it like this if i were making them on my own. ;)
LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-36LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-37LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-33

eleanor excelled at making each macaron on her own and somehow hers turned out much cleaner and more precise than mine. it was most apparent after they came out of the oven! i’m chalking it up to having slightly shaky hands right now from my pregnancy. ;)

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-28LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-27

we also made a few rows of the cutest little bunny macarons!

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-26LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-32LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-25LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-29LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-30LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-31LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-24

all ready for the oven! and such a proud moment for eleanor who had just finished her tray on her own!

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-21

while the macarons were baking, we started working on their fillings. and eleanor learned all about real vanilla!

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-19

a little bit of chocolate ganache and vanilla filling for our macarons!

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-17LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-18LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-14

and there they are!!!!!!

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-13LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-8 LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-9LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-10

eleanor made cute little bunny faces on her macarons with an edible pen. that might have been her favorite part.

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-11 LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-12LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-22 LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-23

had to take a few photos of the beautiful macarons on display in the greenwich village store where we had our lesson. each of ours differed in sizing a bit, but still tasted delicious.

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_

we were sent home with so many boxes of our very own handmade macarons! don’t worry, we didn’t eat all of them. eleanor and samson (who actually came and put a few together at the very end of our class since the boys were at a nearby playground with a babysitter) took some to their teachers the next day at school, and we also gave some to friends and neighbors. but yeah, i don’t really want to know how many each of our kiddos consumed following the 24 hours after our class ended. they went quickly, and we were all on a sugar high for a while there. i mean, you only live once, right?!

LOVE TAZA Macaron Class_-2

but truly, the most fun afternoon with my baby girl! and i’m not shy in admitting that i really liked these macarons, actually so much more this time than i have in the past after doing this lesson together. the biggest thank you to mille-feuille for inviting us into their bakery and giving us such a fun experience. if you’re ever in the city, it’s one to check out for sure!

and for anyone interested in taking part in one of mille-feuille’s baking classes, don’t forget you can receive 40% off your class right now with the code LOVETAZA, and it can be applied to any classes through september 30th (booked before may 31st).


  1. Ashley

    How fun! I love hearing the story of how Olivier and his wife started their own dream business. And those macaroons look beautiful. I didn’t get the deal with them until I had a properly made one and oh man, I still think of it. These classes look fun, I’l have to check it out!

  2. briana

    Okay, this is adorable! How cute is Eleanor and how cute are those bunny macarons??

    briana |

  3. Teresita

    How extraordinary! I recently had my little baby girl, you & Josh have inspired me to take her on little dates with me
    Or papa as she grows 🤗
    Loved all of the colors and E’s little candid smiles. You and Josh must of been so proud of your little baker 👩🏻‍🍳


  4. Joy

    I loved this post! I have a little 2-year-old girl and it’s fun to see the kinds of things we can do together in the future. If this place were in L.A., I’d definitely be signing up for a croissant class!

  5. Megan

    What a fun memory for you and your daughter and such a great business idea. It’s very interesting that posted this today because I recently found out about The Bucket List Family and have been watching their vlog. Today I watched their Paris video where they go to a cooking class on how to make macaroons also! It was so funny to see that you posted this one right after I watched the other. Maybe the world is trying to tell me I need to try a macaroon!

  6. I loved reading this post. So special. I once took a macaron class myself and you’re absolutely right, so much work goes into these little cookies. And bringing kids to this class is even more special. I just really, really LOVE this post. The pics are adorable!


  7. macarons are my all-time favorite! i probably enjoy them just as much as eleanor if you can believe that. this is amazing! and i can’t wait to check out this spot next time i’m in the city :)

  8. Lori

    Looks like Eleanor had such a great time! Who knows, maybe she’ll own a bakery someday too ;)

    Btw – what color is on your nails? It keeps popping out at me! So pretty and fun!

  9. diana

    Dear Taza,

    I love your family and the love you all have for each other. I have been following you since you were pregnant with Samson, and I can see you are all good people.

    I hate to be that person, but I feel like I need to tell you this: please stop eating Nutella, and stop feeding it to your children. There are so many healthier options out there, you can even make your own.

    Not even is it super bad for you, but also for the environment – the palm oil they use destroys natural habitats for animals such as orangutans, and they leave the soil barren.

    Please inform yourself before going for Nutella, Cheerios, etc.

    Please keep an open mind and do what.s best for your diet.

    • josh

      Thanks, Diana! Our favorite Nutella alternative is Chocmeister by Peanut Butter & Co.! They We purchase palm fruit oil from a Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) supplier and also certify their purchases through
      Green Palm.

  10. Stephanie

    What a fun experience! They turned out beautiful. My daughter is obsessed with macaroons after we brought her some back from Paris. She would love this..too bad we are nowhere near NYC.

  11. Marie

    What beautiful memories you’re creating with your family!

  12. What a great opportunity! Great looking pictures, and now I want some macarons.. :)

    Y’alls matching aprons are so cute, too!