easter day, 2018!

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i hope everyone had a wonderful easter weekend! we are currently up in boston visiting my sister and her husband and their new baby boy, which will surely go down as the biggest highlight of conrad’s month over here! he won’t leave his new cousin’s side, and on the car ride up to boston yesterday he sang over and over again a little song he made up all about his new baby cousin! holding a newborn is something i haven’t done in a really long time, and it makes me part so excited for the twins arrival next month but also really puts into perspective just how crazy it will be to try to hold two babies, or feed two babies, or do anything with two babies during that super fragile stage where they are so new and you can’t really just scoop them up with one hand and throw them on a hip! LOL. life is gonna get interesting soon! i am so so excited about everything in store.

i wanted to share a few photos from our easter sunday back in new york before we left for boston. we had such a great day together at home. we started it off with crepes, which has become a general conference tradition in our family, and since general conference just happened to fall on the same day as easter this year, it felt extra special eating a million nutella crepes before piling on the sofa to listen to our church leaders speak to people all around the world. we did an egg hunt earlier in the morning around the apartment and tried to convince everyone to take naps at one point in the afternoon (that’s one of my favorite general conference traditions. haha! pajamas and napping during the two hour break in between the two conference sessions). kids weren’t into the napping tradition idea, i feel like it’s gonna be a few years before they appreciate the art form of napping. ;)

some photos…

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first of all, an easter baby bump photo! normally, i don’t even attempt to get dressed on general conference weekends, but since it was easter sunday (and our conference took place of going to church on easter sunday), i felt like i could put on an outfit for a few hours at least. :)

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i quadrupled the batter for our crepe making on sunday morning. ;) sometimes my eyes are so much bigger than my stomach. we didn’t consume all of them, although i swore before i started making them that it might not be enough between me and my three tiny crepe monsters who down those things so quickly as they’ve grown.

Easter 2018 00174jf

such a special general conference experience for me personally this year. there were instances where i felt like many of the talks were directed right at my own personal questions and i’m really thankful for that. for those unfamiliar with what that is, members of our faith gather twice a year wherever they are around the world and the leaders of our church speak to us on both saturday and sunday during several sessions of what we call general conference. the conference talks become available right after each session to read or listen to, but you can stream it live too, which is what we always do.

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eleanor thought to make little easter cards for her brothers all on her own which were very sweet. bunnies on the front, and a little note on the back. she sits at that art table in our playroom busily making and creating all day long. it’s her little spot. i love seeing her in her little spot and in her element doing her thing.

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josh and i split the easter eggs to hide and while josh did a thorough job camouflaging them into the most difficult places to find eggs, i placed them in much easier spots (i was mostly thinking about conrad’s ability to find them) but learned i’ll need to step up my game next year when all three kids said papa was the better egg hider. ;)

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for those who have asked, i found the kids’ easter baskets from pottery barn kids (although this specific easter basket i no longer see on the website, but similar canvas ones you can personalize here). just like their halloween candy buckets, i’ve tried to find canvas type bags that can fold or be stored in a more compact way since it makes storing things with city living so much easier.

Easter 2018 00174jf-5

what sorts of crazy faces do you think josh was pulling behind me to get these faces when i snapped this photo?! ;)

Easter 2018 00174jf-12

and easter felt like a good excuse to pull out the tripod and set the timer and get a family photo altogether! i hope you had a happy easter weekend and a great start to this spring season! it doesn’t feel like spring just yet here in boston or in new york city (we actually drove through a crazy snowstorm as we left new york yesterday morning!), but i always appreciate this time of year just the same because of the significance of the easter season and what it means to me. happy spring, everyone!

  1. Rena

    I see you enjoyed Easter with your sister’s family in Boston really! Super lovely post <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I’m impressed you can listen to conference with 3 kiddos in the house! My 2 kids make it so I catch maybe 1 or 2 talks per session.

    Do you have your crepe recipe somewhere?

  3. petya

    Even though I am not Mormon, I love your sharing bits of your family culture and religious with us. I was just reading this article in The Atlantic about Family Home Evening in the LDS church and was wondering if you guys could tell us a bit more about it. I really connected to this idea of building inter-generation connection in such a intentional way.

    Here’s the article: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2018/03/mormon-family-home-evening/556658/

    xoxo, Petya

  4. jessica

    Awwww, the cutest pictures!! You look incredible!!

    Happy Easter to your sweet little family! So glad you guys had a nice weekend!


  5. Lindsay

    Beautiful baby bump, beautiful apartment, and beautiful family photo!

  6. Deb

    Have you read the study about mums and the number of kids they have vs stress they feel? Apparently mums of 3 feel theost stress while mums of 4 or more feel less! So you got this mama! You’ve already done the hardest bit!

    Deb x

  7. shan

    hi taza!

    first of all, i’m a reader from singapore and i love your family! i feel like i have watched your kids grew up all these years and it gave me so much joy! really wish you could share some of your relationship+family advices if possible!

    wishing you guys love and light!

  8. So much light and hope and truth and love fills your home and shines brightly in the Davis family faces! Bless y’all!

  9. Imogen

    You’re glowing!

  10. Kayleigh

    Wasn’t General Conference so good this year? There was a huge emphasis for me beforehand to really prep myself to listen and receive answers and man! That totally worked!

    Glad you had a lovely weekend with your family. :) The canvas basket idea is brilliant.

  11. Kelsey

    Hi – I’m recently pregnant and am having some trouble finding pants that work! I really like your white slacks (whole outfit is great). Would you mind sharing where you found them?

  12. Alma

    Hi Naomi,
    Do you have a good crepe recipe that you use? I’ve been on the hunt for a good one lately. I like the cute Easter pictures!

  13. Allison

    those Easter egg hunts always look so fun for them! I love the crepe tradition too!

    xo Allison

  14. Andrea

    So cute! I had my first easter egg this year (we celebrate different in Spain) and so far I love it! :)

  15. Sadie

    It was our baby’s first Easter, & so fun! I can’t wait to have our own family traditions. Right now, w BOTH sets of grandparents in our city, our tradition is looking like a lot a lot a lot of shuttling around. There’s a silver lining to living far from family, if it’s any consolation!

    Is your crepe batter recipe somewhere?


  16. I need these crepe! Yummmmm
    we had a low key Easter too… we did go to the church and did Easter egg at home for Dylan. It was fun as it could be. Love the photos.

    Xx – Fernanda

  17. Kate

    Looks like a magical family day!

    Those maternity pants look magical too. Can you share the brand/style?

  18. angel

    i love all your photos.
    did you make that gallery wall?

    • josh