the start of easter weekend!

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happy easter weekend! we kicked ours off by making empty-tomb rolls, which are SO easy, take just a few minutes and are extra fun for the kids because they can do every step on their own! it’s basically a crescent roll wrapped around a large marshmallow with lots of butter and cinnamon and sugar. the marshmallow melts away once it’s baked so when you open your roll, it’s empty inside. the idea or symbolism behind them is in celebration of the resurrection of jesus christ, something our family celebrates over easter. we followed this recipe by the girl who ate everything, for those interested in making some this weekend. they were seriously so much fun to make, and while maybe messy (sugar everywhere towards the end there!), we had a lot of fun together in the kitchen making these and definitely recommend them.

lots of photos below!

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first things first. unraveling the packaging of the crescent rolls and seeing the container pop was so funny to samson! he thought it was the most clever thing and it was so sweet to watch his reaction.

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not a required step in the recipe, but a fun one if you want to add. ;)

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this sweet boy snuck too many marshmallows into this mouth during the process. i lost count after maybe 4. he’s too fast for me. and too cute sometimes that i’m just like, fine!

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rolling the marshmallows in butter and then a mix of sugar and cinnamon. you could definitely tell at the end which ones conrad contributed. haha! but just as tasty nonetheless.

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a little note: it’s important to really seal the crescent roll completely around the marshmallow so it doesn’t sneak out while it’s baking. we maybe had to go back around a few of conrad’s afterwards. but for the most part, i was surprised at how well he did.

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i had initially thought i’d need to help the kids but after one or two rolls, they totally had it so i just hopped out and let them do their thing.

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it’s recommended to bake these in a cupcake pan, which helps them keep their shape. we experimented and did some in a cupcake pan and some on a cookie sheet, and i do recommend keeping to the cupcake pan if you want really nicely shaped rolls at the end.

LOVE TAZA easter bake 285k44c-15LOVE TAZA easter bake 285k44c

pulling apart the final roll and seeing no marshmallow was very exciting not just for the kids, but for josh and me!

i hope everyone has a wonderful easter weekend! i’m really thankful for this time of year and how it coincides with springtime here, a sort of rebirth or renewing of everything around us. i would never want to impose my beliefs or faith on anyone, but it feels appropriate during the easter season to acknowledge publicly how much my faith in my savior jesus christ carries me through each day and is something i hold very dear. i came across this video last week, and it resonated with me so deeply. i wanted to share a link to it for anyone who may enjoy it as well. :)

  1. Ashley F.

    Magical! These are genius and seriously look so tasty.

  2. Mary

    LOVE the video! Thank you for sharing and thank you for acknowledging your faith. Love the pictures as well :)

  3. Erika

    forgot about that video- thank you!

  4. I’ve been wanting to do these for a few years but life takes over… We’re doing it tomorrow night!

  5. Wow! This looks like a ton of fun! my girls would love this I am going to have to try this out. Thanks for the idea. Hope you guys have a amazing Easter weekend.

  6. Katrina

    I love this fun tradition! And the symbolism behind it. Thank you for sharing your beliefs in such a positive way. Happy Easter!

  7. Oh my, this video made me tear up… so beautiful! Happy Easter.

    Xx – Fernanda

  8. Grace

    Loved the video❤️ Also, just curious, do you know the major differences between Mormon faith and Christianity? Never quite have understood what Mormons believe and how it is different from Christianity.

  9. Tammy

    ALWAYS love your posts. Many thanks for sharing the BEAUTIFUL video.
    Easter blessings.

  10. Mary

    You are so lovely together! May you have an easy birth and a very quick and easy recovery after that. I give you also two sites, if you can listen them, the first is about Jesus Resurrection and the second is a very special hymn dedicated to Virgin Mary. There are both in Greek but you’ll feel them through the music. Hope you’ll enjoy them, even if there aren’t from your cult:

  11. Amanda

    Looks like fun! I can’t get past the name though. It sounds so unappetizing! I’ve heard these called “resurrection rolls”, which is better. Have a wonderful holiday!

  12. Pastry, butter, marshmallows, and cinnamon–yum!! The symbolism behind it is also wonderful. Thanks for sharing this recipe, it really is perfect for Easter! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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  14. Rachel

    Happy Easter!!! And kudos for the acknowledgement of faith. It’s a beautiful thing! :) From one believer to another :)

  15. Allison

    This looks so much fun! I’m going to take note of this from when my daughter is older. Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

    xo Allison

  16. hey guys,

    empty-tomb rolls? awesome, sound super fun and something which I think will try with the newphews :)

    P.S. I love the pics, so cute!

  17. Elisha

    You have a beautiful family! Thank you posting the link to the video. It was exactly what I needed this morning.