little letters, waiting on spring edition.

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dear glimmers of warm sunshine on windy city sidewalks,
i see you. i feel you. i’m so incredibly thankful for you.

dear baby bangs,
still debating if you were a terrible idea. but fortunately you’re just hair, and with that trusty prenatal vitamin that makes hair grow like a weed, i feel okay about you.

dear easter weekend coming up,
i can already smell the cinnamon rolls and to put it calmly,  I.CANNOT.WAIT.

dear sleeping at night sitting up,
tried you for the first time last night. i don’t really have any other options at this point so can we be nice to each other and make this work?

dear everything floral,
maybe my husband isn’t into you, but i am. and somehow you make spring feel like she’s really close by, which makes me love you extra.

dear easter candy i bought two weeks in advance,
a very big part of me knew this was a bad idea when i was in the midst of it, but i did it anyway. considering the majority of it is already missing, can i blame it on the whole eating for three argument?!

dear baby girl clothes in tiny sizes,
like seriously?! and what?! and this, even?! i can’t take it. why is everything extra cute! and finally, my favorite color is getting some attention.

dear baby girls,
i hope you like yellow.

dear all of you,
i can’t say thanks enough for your kind words on my last post. i feel like we’re all in this together! and you help me feel like i will survive, which means so much to me. thank you!


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wearing floral jumpsuit from zara (no longer online, but possible in stores), coat no longer available but similar here, and red booties here. hat can be found here.

  1. Ashley

    I love these, they’re beautiful, funny and full of hope. I saw so many chutes popping, buds starting to break, and a robin! I think we’re on the other side of it all now!

    And totally understand getting the holiday candy early while you tell yourself in the moment it’s good to be ahead of the game, and have to go back again 10 days later haha. It’s so good though!


  2. Elaine

    You are so cute… and I love the florals even if Josh isn’t there yet. Hope you have a good day!

  3. Natali

    You are looking so beautiful and chic! You are also one of the most inspiring and heart-warming mamas out there! :)

  4. Sabine

    Soooo love your bangs!!!!

  5. Phyu

    Where is your bag from! Love it

  6. Liz

    Starburst jelly beans!

  7. Julie Brown

    you are so cute prego it should be a crime. I want all your fun style… wana come over and do my closet!?? haha It’s spring in the deep south! Enjoy it. It’ll be so hot before you even know it! :)

  8. Maddie

    Hi! Just finished a twin pregnancy and it was a kabillion times harder than my singleton ones and the horrible night rib pain was brutal. We bought lots of heating pads and I stuck them all over and propped them with pillows. That got a couple hours…

  9. Tessa

    I am so excited to see your girls! I honestly feel as though a friend is pregnant which is crazy as you have no clue who I am over in the uk but our family do love following along with yours. I would Love to gift your new arrivals with something beautiful and handmade and lemony yellow goodness. I’m sure you get a stupid amount of offers but should you read this and want some hand made lovely ness from England, I can email you 😘

  10. Lindsay Irwin

    You look beyond cute with the tiniest baby belly. Hang in there, i cant wait to see the baby girls and little clothes, your whole family is goals. Also, You have such a wonderful attitude at life. Thank you for the positivity & inspiring me daily, I can’t wait to be a fun, understanding, kind little momma like you

  11. Diana

    Love this!! So optimistic and a great way to brighten up the day. Can’t wait to see how many yellow outfits you get the girls in this summer!

  12. Rachael

    If you have to sleep upright try sleeping in/on a beanbag. Hard to get out of in the morning but comfy at night.

  13. Allison

    I get so lost looking at outfits for my baby girl-there are some cute stuff out there!


  14. Love your letters. They are so happy and cheerful!

  15. Melissa

    I love reading your posts! These little letter are my favorite! I was wondering what prenatal vitamin you use? Currently on some trying to recover from a bad haircut and they are not working very well. I loved your work and loved hearing you “good, better, best” thoughts on Instagram!