our family luggage collection at target!

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i am so excited to share some big news with you today! josh and i (with lots of input from the kids!!) have been working on a family luggage collection line for almost a year now, and it just launched at target this past week! it’s being sold at all target stores nationwide as well as online for the next couple months and i still can’t believe it. so many of you have been sending me pictures this week from your local target stores of the collection as they’ve been stocking all the pieces in stores. getting your pictures and traveling with the final pieces during these past couple months, we are feeling really proud of this line and hope you love using these luggage pieces as you travel with your loved ones as much as we’ve loved putting it all together this past year.

i think you all know how much our family loves to travel, and i really take to heart the way it has bonded us as we have explored, discovered and tried new things together on different adventures. i know it can be intimidating at times to think about being on a plane with a little one, or on a long drive in a confined space with a tiny toddler, but i swear it’s always worth it.

a lot of you don’t have children yet but still travel all over your countries and even all around the world! these pieces aren’t just for families. they are for anyone who wants to stay organized with colorful and fun luggage on their adventures! we worked to make the adult pieces just as functional and stylish on their own and designed bags to help you get around even when you don’t have kids with you, too. :)

josh and i really tried to problem solve with this collection, finding solutions to some of the areas we’ve struggled with when it comes to traveling both by ourselves and when with kids. we always had a lot of your most frequently asked questions around the topic of travel top of mind while designing. we knew we wanted to find solutions for problems people – and especially families – face when traveling like choosing activities for kids, staying organized, storing electronics and even carrying a camera that you can easily access, while also keeping the line as a whole cohesive, stylish and efficient for everyone. i also feel like when we all travel, we often seek out colorful and exciting destinations, so i wanted this line to reflect that and be an extension of the colorful and fun life you’re living!

anyway! can i show you some of the pieces?! we took these photos together when we were visiting washington D.C. in january (a million thank you’s to my sister hannah who was traveling with us and snapped some of the photos of our family altogether!)


one of my favorite parts of the collection is the children’s backpack and the children’s carry-on roller bag. the backpack comes with both red dragon wings and white bird wings which are interchangeable, as well as some fun stick-on patches the kids can place on their backpacks themselves. i am always a fan of creating a sense of independence and responsibility for little ones when we travel together, so it’s great for them to have their own bags that they are in charge of. but! we designed both the backpack and the carry-on with helpful straps and snaps to attach to your own luggage pieces for those moments when their tiny bodies just can’t carry or roll their own pieces any further (as we’ve learned happens almost every time).

the children’s activity kit is another favorite part of the collection for me! hoping to ease long drives or plane rides, the kit is full of reusable activities including 2 double-sided magnetic play boards with 35 magnets and 1 dry erase board and marker, a passport activity coloring book with 8 crayons, 5 finger puppets, and 90 colored wax sculpting sticks. there are 5 pockets to neatly organize the activities (as well as anything you’d like to add!), and it all zips up into a carrying case that has a buckle to attach to a suitcase as well as a loop to hang from the back of an airplane seat. this is one of our favorite items in the collection!
there are also children’s headphones to match the collection which have volume protection making them safer for children.
and the hooded koala kids neck pillow is so much fun! eleanor actually brought hers on our mama daughter trip to paris last month and wore it the entire flight there! it was very sweet how excited she was to travel with all the pieces, actually. but i couldn’t get enough of how cute she looked in her little neck pillow on our flight.
i know a lot of you don’t have kiddos yet but still travel all over the world! josh and i wanted to make sure the adult pieces were just as functional and stylish on their own and i really love how they turned out. these pieces aren’t just for families, they are for anyone who wants to stay organized with colorful and fun luggage on their adventures!
on that same note, i am such a bag lover but have struggled to ever find a camera bag i like enough to use when we travel. most camera bags are so heavy and bulky on their own without all your equipment inside, and the camera itself can feel difficult to access when you need to grab it quickly. but i think we solved this problem with this 2-in-1 bag!!!
first of all, it converts easily from a backpack to a tote bag (the straps tuck-away into a discreet pocket). secondly, it’s made of a super light weight canvas, so it isn’t heavy on it’s own. it has an interior padded tablet sleeve, an exterior hidden back pocket (great for stashing passports and credit cards during travel since it’s faces your back or your side!), and the best part? if you WANT to turn it into a camera bag as well, you CAN! but you don’t have to, all thanks to an easy access middle zipper, which fits the camera insert packing cube perfectly inside, so your camera is safe during travels and easily accessible. but also, the camera insert packing cube can go in or out, so the bag can honestly be a diaper bag, a tote bag, a plain old simple backpack, a camera bag if you want it to be (but won’t scream TOURIST WITH FANCY CAMERA since it doesn’t look like a camera bag!)… basically, it works many ways because everyone travels differently and uses their bag differently. i’m really excited about this one! i hope you love it, too!
this is the camera insert packing cube i was talking about more in-depth up above! it’s removable, making the 2-in-1 bag easy to use however you need to use it!
here’s the 2-in-1 bag worn as a backpack (also see it here when i wore it in park city a few weeks ago.) wearing it in the backpack style is definitely my favorite.
the other 2-in-1 carry-on bag is a soft-sided lightweight bag just under the maximum legal carry-on (MLC) size allowed by airlines with 3 separate compartments inside great for when you want to travel with just “one bag” and no checked baggage (something josh is VERY excited by!). with hidden shoulder straps, it quickly converts between a backpack and a clean looking briefcase style bag without straps. it has a trolley pass-through on the back so you can attach it to other pieces of luggage if needed, and 9 multi-use organizational pockets, including 4 tech storage compartments and 1 laptop compartment, so it can safely store all your electronics efficiently. josh designed it so your electronics are in the middle surrounded and protected by clothing and other items packed in the outside two compartments on both sides.
not shown here, but also in the collection, are packing cubes (we swear by them), as well as an adult comfort set that includes a high-quality memory foam travel pillow and satin eye mask to block out light on long flights. the white and blue hard spinner suitcases come in a carry-on size and a checked bag size.
anyway, thanks for letting me share all those photos with you and talk about some of the pieces more in depth. i’ll share more in person on insta stories today as well if you wanna head over to my instagram to see some videos of the pieces in the collection. the family luggage collection is available online at target and also currently available for a limited time in all target stores nationwide! for those of you who purchase and use any of these pieces, i hope you know how much it means to me, and i hope you love using them as you travel with your loved ones making memories on your own adventures, too!
  1. rose J.

    I sent you a video of me and my daughter on IG about this last Saturday! Chelsea and I were wondering the halls of target, and voila…we see a “love Taza collection for target!” The backpacks with the shoe wings is genius, and the line is super cute!

  2. What a fun collection! You’re spreading happiness through airports! The 2-in-1 bags are fantastic. And the camera insert – genius! Congrats on this new project and partnership with Target!

  3. Katka

    Naomi, congrats on such fun cooperation. The luggage you designed looks beautiful. If I were living in the US, I would definitely go get myself that 2-1-bag, it looks great, functional, and lightweight.

    Great job guys!

  4. Imogen Wetzell Ramsey

    That’s so exciting for you guys! Congratulations!

  5. this is amazing!! what a dream for you guys, and an area that is SO up your alley!!! congratulations to you all!!!!

  6. Jenny

    Congratulations! What a fun and thoughtful line of luggage:) Love the bright colors too-makes it easy to keep track of everyone in those often crowded and busy airports.

  7. Maca

    Im so proud of you! The entire collection is a dream, and I can’t wait to see it ASAP :)


  8. Fernanda

    No way!!! I looooove every single piece of it. Congrats!
    Xx – Fernanda

  9. Bridget

    I love everything about this collection!!! I wish I was in the US right now to go snag that backpack and camera insert! Will the collection still be in Targets this summer? Also that strap across the back of the kid’s luggage, so it fits over the adult bag’s handles, is GENIUS!!! I remember when we travelled as a family when I was little how often my parents ended up trying to stack my suitcase on top of theirs and pull it around, it would always end up falling off. IDK if this is a normal thing for kids suitcases now but I’ve never seen it before and think its just genius! I love literally everything about this line! Congrats on it all!!

  10. Yes!!!! LOVE the convertible backpacks- so convienent, always lookinggot something like this. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  11. Amanda

    These are awesome- congrats!!

  12. Hey Naomi! I’ve been following your blog since the very beginning!
    These bags are so fun and colourful and totally my style – I feel tempted to buy the activity kit for myself 😂.
    As always, such a joy to see your vibrant imagery and your love for colour 😂🌈🌈

  13. Amy

    So excited by this! We decided to be a traveling family as often as possible, and took our first European trip when our baby was brand new. I thought, “If Naomi can, so can I!” Thanks for giving us family goals and being a great example of spending time together. Conveniently, we’ve been looking for new luggage!

  14. As a traveler myself, i have to say all the pieces look amazing! I won’t be able to buy any because i’m currently traveling through southeast Asia but i hope this is not the last collection you design!

    Good luck with it!

  15. Stine

    Wow..that is awesome. the collection Looks great and so fun for kids.
    and your name on every zipper..love it.
    congrats to you and josh..and the little ones.

  16. Mackenzie

    Looks great! Congratulations!

  17. Kathy

    Wow, so excited to see this! My family (husband lives abroad and travels loooooooong hours to visit the U.S. Our older two are independent, but our toddler requires a lot of attention. This line seems like it has something for all of us. I will check it when we are back in the States this summer.

  18. Kathy

    Bad editing on that comment- my whole family lives abroad, not just my husband!

  19. Mairam

    Hello! My name is Mairam.
    I am absolutely in love with a 2-in-1 backpack.
    I live in Italy and therefore cannot purchase on Target.
    Is there any possibilities to get it here in Italy?

    Thank you very much in advance.


  20. Meghan

    you and you’re family are adorable. I also love this collection… getting ready to travel overseas with my 2 little ones and I’m sold one the activity lit and the back pack/camera case. i know the day to day isn’t always easy but you make out look that way. thanks for this amazing collection and your showcase that you can have fun and include the kids!

  21. Lynette

    Um, amazing job you two! I love the thought behind the pieces, especially bags. And so affordable too. Definitely thinking my family needs to update our luggage now!

  22. Juliane

    Wow, wow, wow!!! When can we order it here in Germany??? Or is there any chance at all for US in Europe??? Looove it!!!!

  23. jessica basso

    Aggghhhhh I love it all!!! Great job guys it all looks very beautiful and well thought through!!!

  24. Carli

    This is AMAZING!!!! Congratulations!!

  25. Ashley

    Wow! Congrats! Everything looks awesome!

  26. Amazing collection! Great job. I love the 2-1 backpack tote and the camera packing cube.

  27. I really love your backpack and 2-in-1 carry-on bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are amazing….

    kisses from France

  28. Marie

    Whaouuu !!! Sorry for my english. Congrats for this beautiful project. You are a wonderful inspiration for me as a women and as a mum 💪💪💪💪. You rock it. I shall support you if i could buy some little items from France ! We don’t have target here. I’m in love with the kids accessories 😍.
    Ps: your family is beautiful 😘

  29. Wow, what an amazing opportunity, it is also cute and colorful, and very affordable at target. You thought of so many great details, especially love that you can strap the children’s luggage onto the adult luggage, kid activity kit, I would just wish I had little kids for it still! But the adult luggage is also great and functional as well. And that camera bag…congrats!

  30. Gabriella

    Amazing! Congrats, guys!

  31. That is so exciting to have a line at Target!
    I am amazed at how much you guys get done at home with 3 littles.
    You are amazing!

    When do we get to see how you set up the kids rooms?
    Is there going to be a nursery reveal?
    How are the kids doing if they are in separate rooms now?

  32. dawn

    what a fantastic collection! great job Davis Family!

  33. Martha

    Congratulations, Naomi!! Can’t wait to check it out next time I’m at Target!

  34. Flo

    Wow – I’ve been looking for a cute and affordable camera packing cube for FOREVER. I have a bulky camera bag that’s just too heavy to carry around for trips, so what I’m used to doing is using my clothes and scarves to wrap around the DSLR and lenses when I put them in my carry on…very DIY and probably still not great for my camera.

    It’s obvious you did a ton of work into figuring out what people need when they pack for trips. Congrats!!!!

  35. Michelle

    How exciting! We love traveling with Little’s. I can’t wait to hit up Target!!

  36. Naomi,
    I’ve been reading your blog and following you on Instagram since 2011 so, I always say this when I leave comments but I remember when you had Kingsley and Eleanor was only a couple months old. Every time you announce there is a new baby on the way I get so incredibly excited even though you don’t even know of my existence. What is the most incredible about you is that you make us, your readers, feel like we’re friends, they way you tell your stories and share stuff, it’s like you’ve been my friend for the past 6 years! I am so happy you finally have this connection of having something tangible for us to get. Even though I am 25 and I don’t have kids I still relate so much to you! I am INCREDIBLY proud of this project and all the projects you’ve done but this is like next level, legit can buy your products! Can’t wait until you launch your own fashion line at target hahaha, because your style is amazing! They SHOULD get you on a deal like that!

    Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, you’re a mom to 3 kids, 2 on the way, wife, blogger, photographer and yet you content is always the most top quality and on time. You are such a great role model! Also your kids are the most amazing, educated, smart, respectful kids ever, you are raising amazing humans! and when I have kids in the future I am definitely referring back to this blog for parenting tips hahaha!


  37. Susan

    I cant decide between the 2-in-one carry0-on-backpack or the 2-in-one-backpack-tote!


  38. Shannon

    Perfect timing! Sadly Target didn’t last very long in Canada but I will be travelling to Florida next week. I love the tote bag, I will definitely be making a stop at Target.

  39. Naomi you’re a rock star! I remember when you had a collab with Freshly Picked! I still have every piece of my bring home baby bundle in yellow. I am totally heading to Target tonight for back packs for my girls! :) Congrats!

  40. Kayla

    Ok not to stray from the awesome luggage… but where is your skirt from?!!!! Well really could you link all the pieces of your outfit?

    The luggage is adorable!!! That 2in1 tote has me swooning!!! Along with the kids activity bag and backpack. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  41. Briana

    These are soo cute! I just ordered most of these pieces. I’ve been looking to invest in some luggage for my almost 3 year old, but everything either has a cartoon character or something I know he will get bored with in about a week. I can’t wait till they get here. Thank you!

  42. Whitney

    Okay, the camera bag with removeable insert is genius! As is the kids activity kit with headphone. And the wings on the backpack!
    I genuinely am really excited about these products and am dashing off them out and I think all the pieces are beautiful! You shoukd feel really proud of this!

  43. Margaux Garapolo

    the 2 in 1 bag looks great. is the lining waterproof? i can’t tell from the pix!

  44. Beenish

    Congratulations Naomi! This is a wonderful achievement. I can see the inspirations from your favorite luggage and gear in the collection. I’ve been looking for a perfect activity kit for my toddler and am going to get that – we have lots of trips planned this year. Thank you for creating this and congrats again for your partnership with Target. This is huge!

  45. Kasia

    Beautiful! But shipping to Poland impossible:-( what a pity

  46. Katherine

    Seriously the cutest luggage collection ever! I have followed your blog for years and am so impressed by how awesome they collection is. Of all the blogger collabs this is my all time fave.
    The colors the designs are ahhhhmazing!!

  47. Jeanne

    I have been looking casually for something to use as a “kids stuff” bag when I’m out. My 3 are FINALLY out of the diaper/pull-up stage and I just hadn’t found anything. THEN I saw your striped bag that can double as a cross-body or a backpack. Plus I ordered 2 of the kids activity packs. My 10 yr old likes to read in the car but my 7 and 4 yr old will love these! Nice job and very thoughtful design.

  48. Gwen

    The bags look absolutely fantastic!! And photos are beautiful as always! Any chance the bags will be available in Australia???

  49. claire

    congrats! these pieces are so neat. i LOVE the camera bag! its one of those luggage items that always makes me cringe bc you’re right — they can be so inconvenient to use! i look forward to buying that bag :)

  50. Kelly

    Amazing!! Will these be rolling out in Australia? Because I would love to get me hands on these. Well done, you guys have thought of everything!!!!

  51. Gemma Hayes

    Absolutely inspired luggage solutions. Such a shame Target doesn’t ship to England. I will have to do some serious searching to see if I can find anything similar here.
    Congratulations on the collabaration and the beautiful design


  52. Diletta

    This is so exciting! The collection looks amazing, I wish I could buy it all for my family.
    Any chance you’ll deliver to Europe (Italy) soon?

    • josh

      Purtroppo no. Ci dispiace molto che non siano in Europa!

  53. Maddie

    Congratulations! The line is fun and seems very functional!

  54. Marlena

    Wow!!!! Congratulations 🎉 everything looks so beautiful and perfect for travels with whole family!!! I wish I could buy them in Poland!!! Maybe someday I hope!!!

    Love the photos too :)

    Hugs from far away!

  55. Caitlyn

    Congrats on the line!

    About to have 3 under 3 and ordered the tote bag/backpack with the padded camera case. When I don’t have my camera, this is totally going to be the diaper/wipe/snack station!

  56. Jess

    Love the luggage! I 2nd the comment on wardrobe! What are the details of your skirt and sweater?!?!

  57. Brenda

    Fabulous fun family range. Congratulations. I love that you have really thought about just how families operate whilst travelling and designed function, yet beautiful pieces. I would love that 2 in 1 camera bag….It’s always a struggle to find a good travel bag that fits a camera!
    Congrats again. Wish these would ship to Australia!

  58. Megan

    Love the collection! Also wondering where your skirt is from? Thanks 😘

  59. Hannah

    Congratulations!! Well done to you all, what great designs! Please make this worldwide so we can buy some in England!


  60. Jill

    Going to Target NOW to buy some of your luggage! I second the request for links on your outfit, love that skirt and top!

  61. Lindsay

    Hi Naomi!
    I am a college student studying English, and I want to begin blogging because I love to write. However, I don’t have the money to invest in my own website right now– college student– so I am wondering where you would suggest to start. When you first began did you buy your own website? Or did you use blogger or wordpress or even wix to begin and then switch over when you could? Do you have any advice that way? Thanks!

  62. Shannon Merrell

    congratulations! I love the convertible backpack tote. And I also love National airport. ;)

  63. Pearl

    These are gorgeous and practical and I absolutely love each that it feels like such a family effort! Hopefully there would still be stocks when I visit the US in May!



  64. Julie

    Love this! Is there a way to hook the 2 in 1 backpack onto the carry on spinner luggage??
    I feel like i always want to get my backpack off my shoulders when going through an airport. Thanks!!

  65. Jackie

    Amazing timing. Am flying Philly – Sydney on Sunday with my husband and son and I had already planned a Target trip tomorrow. Danger!! I’m about to spend way more money than I originally planned to with this new range… All looks great!

  66. Juju

    I’m I the only one that thinks the blue with yellow looks like an Ikea bag 😂Loved this collection overall.Very cheery.

  67. Didiey

    Oh my god, they’re all so cute!! Congrats you guys!

  68. Jasmine

    I love everything Taza and Josh! The 2 in 1 is fantastic, good call on not making it a fancy camera bag so as to not look like a tourist. Josh, I don’t know if New York Model Management is ready but go ahead and send in these snaps! Lol. Keep up the good work guys! Super proud reader, right here.

    • josh

      Haha! I don’t think so!

  69. McCall

    Just ordered your backpack! Wish I could have it all. Congrats!

  70. jennie

    dang this entire set would have been perfect when we traveled to dc just last week!!maybe i can convince the husband we need it for summer travels!!

  71. Kristen

    I just personally love how you captured some of these pictures on a Delta plane. My husband is a pilot for Delta and there is a steady conversation on the wives FB page about the best carry on/ teen/ kids luggage. I’ll add the link to this post on there for their consideration ;)

  72. Pauline

    I would like to buy several luggage, is it possible to be delivered in France?

  73. Amy

    Brilliant ideas!! As a mom of 2 littles in a family who travels frequently, I def will be making some purchases. Congrats to you on discovering this niche area that needed filling and doing so in your own style!!

  74. Wow! I loved it! I’m sorry u don’t ship to Portugal! Wehave a big trip soon!!


  75. Arielle

    Congrats Davis family! You can tell how much work and effort (and love) went into creating this collection. Well done!!

  76. Looks beautiful! It´s sad that we don´t any Target here Czech Republic or somewhere near. Great job!

  77. Sierra

    How amazing is that!! Congratulations on the new line! We will be taking our boys to Europe in the next few months for the first time and were thinking about getting them new luggage. Those activity kits look like such a lifesaver! I have to pick them up! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  78. Emma

    Naomi, congrats on the collection! It looks lovely and practical, and I really like that the kids’ items are all suitable for both boys and girls :) Was wondering if you could tell me anything about the conditions under which these items are produced, and where they are made? I’m really concerned about the ethics & sustainability of the products I buy and would love to learn more. Thanks!

  79. Sadie

    Bright and cheery! I will keep my eyes open at Target for these. I love the idea of an activity kit… I want one for myself.

    Have you ever taken a red eye with the kiddos? I’d love more info on how parents feel about, deal with, choose, or avoid this. (If any parents reading this comment have thoughts about it, please HMU!)

    We’re set to take our first cross-country flight with our baby in April–wish us luck! I’ll be reviewing some of your travel-with-kids tips. Definitely going to take some inspo from your cozy outfit, too.



  80. Sarah

    I remember reading your post about only doing back pack carry ons. Has that changed now that you have more kids? We have four young ones, so carrying allll the stuff is just too hard. Would love to hear how you pack for a longer trip these days : ). We’re headed for two weeks out west, so search for best packing square ideas, etc.

  81. Lu de la rosa


  82. So awesome! Love the color combinations!!!

  83. Julie

    What an achievement to produce such a beautiful and cohesive line of luggage. They really look the part and love how much effort you put to sort out ‘issues’ we have when travelling. You can be proud of making this project happen! Those photos are so cute but I loved your insta stories with all the demos! Priceless! :) Well done you and I hope this line does well in Target! Julie x


  84. Alison

    Oh I am so excited for these! my little one is still a little young for the kids suitcase :( but that blue bag looks like it was made for me! I’m a blue and stripes are my jam. The whole collection looks amazing! Congrats!

    xo Allison

  85. Michelle A

    Just purchase 3 pieces at my local Target in North Carolina – threat job!! Excited to use them over spring break.

  86. Margaret

    Is it easy to clean the white luggage? I already ordered it so I guess I’ll find out 😂

  87. katie

    yup.. that 2 in 1 tote is my new diaper bag. LOVE the collection, guys!

  88. So proud of you guys! The collection is AMAZING!

  89. Jennifer

    I love the luggage! My Target display looked amazing! Also, I love the red shoes you are wearing. Can you link them? Or share the name? You have sneakers linked in an old post but none of the links work?

  90. Kelly

    I really do love the adult pieces as well and the photos in DCA give me such fond Georgetown throwbacks!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  91. Becca

    Congrats!! Looking forward to buying a suitcase and headphones for my littlest one. Also – DCA all the way ;-)

  92. Lauren

    Amazing Naomi!! What an incredible thing you have done!! I want to buy it all!! You really are a rockstar!

  93. Mateo's Mom

    Very cute collection. I love the colors. Love the packing cubes, activity kit and the 2-in-1 bag. I’ll be checking those out at my local Target. Luggage is almost there. For me, a built-in TSA lock is essential! And the kids headphones are super cute, but may I suggest making one that folds flat for easier packing? Thanks!