9 pregnancy life savers!

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these photos are from several weeks ago, but i wanted to share them along with some of the things that i’ve found have eased my mind and body lately when it comes to carrying twins.  i remember feeling so big in these photos and now, over a month later, i am laughing so hard. my bump hadn’t seen nothin’ yet when it comes to popping! each morning lately, i wake up bigger than the day before and it’s part fascinating to witness and also terrifying that it can grow at such incredible speed.

while this pregnancy has been difficult for me in so many regards, i certainly hope it doesn’t come off as though i’m complaining when i share that. i’m saying silent prayers of gratitude throughout my day and when i feel the babies move, i swear, i could cry every time.

when i was pregnant with eleanor, samson and conrad, i lived for my pregnancies. they were smooth sailing in comparison to what i’m in the midst of right now, that i feel really fortunate now having experienced them in that way. in contrast, they were so very mild and i’m thankful. amazing how different each one can be from the next, even for the same woman.

there have been little things along the way these past few months that have made a world of difference in the midst of all the nausea, barfing, cramping, insomnia, extreme pelvic pressure and fatigue. did i just scare anyone away from wanting to have babies in the future?! i hope not. because the end result, not to mention just that newborn smell alone, is everything. and fortunately our bodies have a way of forgetting the extreme pain once that magical bundle (or two) are placed in our arms.

i’ve shared similar lists in the past, and while i’m still no expert, because every pregnancy, even with the same woman, is so very different, this is all the stuff that’s saving me this round.

a little list of 9 things that have helped ease my body and mind lately, and hopefully some of them might be able to work for you!



i don’t know why i didn’t use one in years past, because i can’t sleep without this body pillow right now and it’s saving me around two or three in the morning when i’m especially uncomfortable.


it makes sense, but i’m still in complete shock with how quickly this baby bump is doubling in size this time around. and since my skin is extra dry and often itchy in the winter months, i have been using l’occitane shea butter morning and night to lather up my bump, back, breasts and thigh area (where the stretch marks are really making themselves known), and i find it helps take away the itch and hopefully lessen the intensity of the stretching and markings. i used this product with all three of my other pregnancies and loved it. still loving it this round as well. can’t rave about it enough.


all the kisses and hugs my three other babies are constantly giving my tummy. conrad comes over multiple times during the day and says, “mama, your babies okay?!” and it calms me so much seeing how he already loves on them during the day.


while the ginger hasn’t worked for me this pregnancy, a cup of herbal tea is something i look forward to every day. this wild sweet orange tea by tazo is my all time favorite. has been for years, but somehow tastes all the more sweet during pregnancy.


i’m always nervous about baths when i’m pregnant, but i love to sit in the tub every night with hot water running on my back for a few minutes. my tub is actually extra long and has a small ledge where i can rest my head which is everything lately. recently, i’ve been going in there when the back and shoulder cramping is especially bad in the early hours of the morning and get into a comfortable resting position in the tub to sleep. it sometimes feels a lot more comfortable than my bed because of the flowing water. i just started using this bath soak by goop and have really enjoyed it.


still love a good heel, but have been living in flats that give great support and comfort. i’ve been favoring this pair in black, but since spring is basically here and i love me some color, i ordered these a few weeks ago in the peachy rust color and have worn them almost every day this past week. so comfortable! and the color makes me happy, so it’s an extra win.


this one is such a luxury, but gosh, is it wonderful. i had my first prenatal massage when i was pregnant with conrad and if you know me in person, i have probably told you about the experience more than once. it was one of those experiences that changed my life, i’m serious! josh got me a few more prenatal massages as a christmas gift this year and i have been savoring them! even if you can’t get into a massage therapist, just having someone at home help the knots and aches in your back and legs (the charlie horses in my calves right now!!!!) goes a long way and can help a ton.


i have been trying to carry a water bottle with me everywhere which helps the likelihood i’ll actually drink the stuff. reaching for water isn’t my strong suit, so this has helped. we rave about these kleen kanteens a lot, because the insulated bottles can keep your drinks iced for 40 to 120 hours! (we like the swing lok caps a lot.) between that and fishing out all the ice chips in my freezer, i am a happy girl.


it goes without saying my hormones have been everything this pregnancy, and i’ve felt incredible guilt not being able to do as much as i normally would with my kids, with work, with friends… the majority of the first 21 weeks of this pregnancy i was either in bed or hunched over a toilet. it took such a toll on me mentally. i am so thankful for the support i felt from my loved ones and close friends. my girlfriend amanda dropped off literally all of my favorite treats and an array of sparkling waters in hopes i could hold one down, and i remember the gesture just made me feel so loved. josh gave me a card at the dinner table one evening that had me rolling (it was an emoji card that said “sorry you feel like s#*t! thanks for growing our babies” and i have it by my nightstand.  i’ve had so many friends offer to take my kids for the afternoon or just drop by to drop off a diet coke, and i hope they know how much i appreciate it. if you can find yourself just one or two golden people, it makes all the difference.


anything you’ve found especially helpful to get through pregnancy, sound off in the comments for all of us!

pink ribbed tee (not maternity but a great option for before/after/during pregnancy because of its style and fit), and these maternity jeans.

  1. Hannah

    Thanks for sharing your tips! My husband and I are expecting our first in August! My bump is slowly but surely growing.


  2. Miriam

    Naomi, I discovered a medicine called Cariban at my third pregnancy. It’s indicated for the symptomatic treatment of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (contains: Doxylamine and Pyridoxine). You can ask to your doctor, it mades me so happy, finally I could enjoy my pregnancy without nauseas and no secondary effects. I hope is useful to you xoxo

  3. Jessica

    Are you the cutest pregnant woman in the world?! I think you are.

    Also, totally agree with your tips! So helpful for the tired and exhausted Momma, too.


  4. Lori

    YES on the prenatal massage! Around this time last year I was about six months pregnant. My cousin drove three hours to visit and surprised me with a day of pampering. I’ve gotten plenty of massages before but oh man.. a prenatal massage really just amazing just when the aches and pains were kicking in. I felt like buttaahh afterwards. That was one gift I will never forget!

  5. Aurora

    Great tips! I’ve used them myself :)
    Also, didn’t know you have a line of travel gear at target.
    I bought the cream colored 20” suitcase

  6. Jenny L

    I found pregnancy difficult even though I was so thankful for my little one. I got horrible cramps in my shins at night and finally figured out that the moment I felt them coming on I needed to get out of bed and start walking or marching in place. This relieved the pain much faster than massage or stretching.

  7. Anna

    Agree on the prenatal massages–seriously a life saver! I also have low back pain and some sacrum pain–greatly relieved by rolling around against the wall on a tennis ball (mini massage!) Preggie Pop Drops, Allegro Happy Tummy Tea, and bone broth for nausea!! And the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge pillow for sleeping this time around has been a game changer.

  8. Erika

    you’re the cutest!!

  9. JADE

    My mom had twins – at birth, they weighed 9 and 10 lbs. She is tall and couldn’t reach her belly button at her largest!
    Also, I gained 70lbs with each pregnancy, and I used almond oil every day with both and didn’t get a single stretch mark (worth a shot!) – I used one bottle per pregnancy, a little went a long way.
    With my second, I added using coconut oil IN the shower just before I got out. I still do the coconut oil thing, and I don’t get dry skin in the winter – and I don’t need lotion!

  10. Haleigh

    I am in week 25, and the two things that I have been incredibly thankful for (other than my people–my man, my family, my friends…) are 1) a really good pair of maternity jeans that I feel great in! and 2) daily walks. I started doing this just this past month, and I feel such a difference in my energy, and I am sure that it is helping with swelling. Hot water bottles on the lower back are also an amazing option, too.

    Thank you for sharing, Naomi! Keep up with the awesome posts about pregnancy/babies/mothering; you have helped me out so much already! And have inspired me! For example; I have been making a crazy contraption/pile of pillows to support my body these last few weeks and now I finally feel ok with just going out and buying a body pillow.

    xoxoxo from Germany :)

  11. Sadie

    I had the hardest time remembering to drink water (yet somehow always had to pee?). The body pillow is definitely a lifesaver. I’m a bit of a minimalist, and really didn’t want another thing lying around… but once I relented, it changed my life.

  12. Lindsey

    With my twins, my back spasms were so bad until I started doing prenatal yoga classes. It didn’t heal my back — but it dramatically lessened the severity. I kept a list of the crazy symptoms- there were so many and it was so bad I knew I’d forget if I didn’t keep a record. Luckily, I was right!

  13. Kelly

    You are absolutely glowing and I am so happy you found things to make this pregnancy smoother – can’t wait to meet your little girls!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. Jen

    Great list, Naomi, thank you for sharing! Already looking forward to seeing your little twins grow!


    Jen from PregnancyCalculator.net

  15. Carmela

    Hi Naomi, I am from Spain and I “discovered” you two years ago. It’s funny because I am 30 and I have two boys and a girl and I am expecting two baby girls in may! For me it has been also the hardest pregancy (I couldn’t work or eat until 18 week), but at the same time , it is so special and new for all the family that my husband and I feel blessed by God, and strongly believe that all our children are a gift. Thank you for sharing your positive and nice family life! Carmen.

  16. Definitely a solid support system! I am loving your new apartment and all the fun colors in the living room!

    Floral Collage Prints

  17. MK

    You are darling!! Essential oils are so great for nausea, energy, fatigue, sore muscles, HORMONES (hallelujah!), sleep, and everything else. You should definitely look into them if you haven’t already. I feel like this would be totally up your alley. I use Young Living and will never go back!! email me if you have any questions :)

    Hang in there mama!!
    xoxo from dallas,

  18. Congratulations! I can’t imagine having twins, but I’m sure you’ll be wonderful with them! I’m expecting my third in June! Like you, I’ve tried to stay away from maternity clothes— mostly because I don’t like anything but Hatch collection, which is beyond my price range. I’ve put together a “capsule wardrobe,” which includes six items I wear during the week. Seems to make my life a little easier. I can jazz things but with accessories.
    Thanks so much for the great tips!!

  19. CG

    HI Naomi, I never comment, but I just wanted to say you’re doing amazing and I really hope you aren’t being made to feel bad or like you are complaining about being pregnant. It’s hard! I’m pregnant with my second right now, and it has been AWFUL compared to my first pregnancy. I’ve been miserable and sick, and just so tired I literally have had days when I couldn’t get up. I had to fly my mom in to help me for a few days and I just felt like a total failure. That said, I’m thrilled to be pregnant, I love growing my family, and I want this baby more than anything in the world. All of that love doesn’t make this part any easier, and sometimes you just need to express that without feeling guilt! So I think you are hero! I just related so much to that feeling of feeling guilty about “complaining” about being pregnant, when you really are having a hard time and just need to express yourself.

  20. Kristin

    You look great, Naomi!

    You’re certainly more of a pregnancy veteran than I, but here are a couple tips I can share from my own experience:

    Before I got pregnant, I had read that pregnancy nausea and vomiting may be attributable to magnesium deficiency, so I started taking a magnesium supplement daily about 2 months before I got pregnant, and have continued to do so throughout my pregnancy. I only have a single data point to base this on, being at the tail-end of my first pregnancy, but I have been fortunate enough to not experience any nausea, so maybe that was the trick?

    I get the charlie horses in the middle of the night, too. I find that if I shake my leg violently it eventually causes the muscles to release. And is a super fun middle of the night wake-up for my poor husband, haha.

    Drink so so so much water – aim for 100 oz or more! It’s a real chore but it is so necessary!

    And exercise daily!

  21. Allison

    Naomi, have you heard of Hobes? They’re very cute, flat, and extremely comfortable shoes. They seem like your style–especially now that comfort is even more of a must!

  22. Alexia

    I took your tip for the shea butter with my pregnancies and it worked! Also: I had mental health struggles with both of my pregnancies, and if you feel you aren’t yourself, PLEASE visit Postpartum Support International to find help! You aren’t alone. http://www.postpartum.net

  23. Denae

    You’re not complaining- a twin pregnancy is that much harder. You are rocking it.

  24. Meg

    You are the absolute cutest. Thank you for continuing to share your journey and tips. Please know your honesty about pain and discomfort is construed as nothing more than that, more honest looks into your experience. Even as a woman struggling to get pregnant with her first baby, I would never construe your honesty as ungratefulness. We are all just happy to have a window into your exciting New York life. May God continue to bless and keep you and yours. ❤️

  25. HM

    With my fourth pregnancy I started having back and muscle pain at six weeks – so the nightly baths started…at 8 weeks we found out we were having twins! I used the butterball bath bombs from Lush every night, they had cocoa butter in them and really helped my skin. There is no trimester with twins, it’s more like a bi-mester pregnancy (1st and 3rd not really a 2nd)! Our baby boys were born healthy at 37 weeks and are now expert hydromaniacs at 2yrs!

  26. Gem

    Epsom salt baths and magnesium oil for cramps, plus I found swimming (floating) in my 3rd trimester with twins are real relief, as the weights off so to speak!

  27. Abigail

    Prenatal massages are THE BEST. Also I found that seeing a chiropractor helped me so much with the aches and pains of carrying a new large bump. All that Relaxin hormone is good for labor and opening your pelvis, but it really makes it easy for your spine to get out of alignment! Also, ask your dr about taking magnesium for leg cramps! It helped me with those AND my second trimester migraines after it was recommended by my midwife.

  28. Allie


    Have you tried Remedy massage on W 82nd?! I found it during my first pregnancy and it was a game changer!!

  29. Jamie

    Thank you for this post! I’m pregnant for the first time and we’re having TWINS TOO! I feel like I don’t even know my own body anymore so I appreciate your honesty that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows!

  30. Nadia

    Hi Naomi, how are you ? Sorry for my english, it’s not perfect but I’m going to try to be as clear as possible. You write that you are suffering of bad nausea since the first months of your pregnancy. I want to recommend you something that we are using in my family for nausea due to transport and nausea from vertigo. But it works for mamas too. It is called Sea Band and it is a knitted elasticated wrist band that operates by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist by means of a plastic stud. Here is the website adress : http://sea-band.com.au/why-sea-band/
    I hope that will help you 😊 Let me know if it works or maybe you already know it. So happy for you and your lovely family. Have a lovely afternoon 😘 Sweet greetings from Switzerland

  31. Jenna

    Thanks for all the great suggestions!

    What do you use on your nails while pregnant? They always look beautiful!!!


  32. Bridget

    These are some really great tips. I’m not close to kids anytime soon but I’m definitely going to keep all of these in mind.

  33. Allison

    My body pillow saved my life when I was pregnant with my little one. It even helped my husband from time to time too ;)
    Can’t wait to see your little girls!!

    xo Allison

  34. Anya

    The link to shea butter is not working, it takes me to the homepage, can you please say exactly which product are you referring to? Thanks a lot!

    • josh

      So weird. Sorry about that. Just updated it.