tips for finding cheap airline tickets for family travel!

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LOVE TAZA TRAVEL 40one of my most frequently asked questions these days is around finding deals on airfare, especially since we are a family of 5 (and 5 tickets add up!!!!) but have gotten the hang of finding cheaper airfare to destinations around the world, which has honestly become one of josh’s and my favorite pastimes. of course, what one considers a cheap airline ticket will vary from one person to the next, and i think we have an advantage living in new york city which is a big hub for many international airlines, but i do think it’s possible to find cheap tickets no matter where you are and where you want to go.

i understand that travel isn’t for everyone, and it can feel like such a luxury for sure to be able to make a big trip to a new place happen, especially with little ones in tow. i am a true believer in giving experiences and adventures over tangible gifts whenever possible, but i don’t believe those have to be extravagant. i remember so many camping trips my family took near our home growing up when i was a little girl that created some of my favorite memories with my siblings. so while this post is focused on finding deals when it comes to airfare around the world, never let that stop you from creating your own family adventures wherever you are!!!

since this is the last week my doctor is allowing me to fly until after the twins arrive, i am experiencing the worst fomo (fear-of-missing-out… which, for the record, i hate that word, but felt appropriate to use here because it’s very true) travel bug since since i keep finding all these summer deals and we can’t book them yet! we want to wait until the twins are here, since our first priority right now is making sure they arrive healthy and that their transition into this world goes smoothly for them and our other little ones before we jet off somewhere again. so, maybe some of you can take advantage of the deals we keep seeing in the meantime! josh actually just saw one to malta, a few days ago and he was like, “is it bad that the thought crossed my mind to go by myself?!” (for the record, i told him he should have done it!)

here are some tips…


1. be flexible on dates

obviously it’s ideal to experience a particular place at peak season, when the water is warm if it’s tropical or the temperatures are ideal for outdoor exploring or whatever that place is best known for. but sometimes, traveling to a place during their off peak season means deals not just for flights, but deals for hotels too, as well as smaller crowds and shorter lines for everywhere you want to go. our first family trip to italy was during the first half of november, and while it was on the colder side, we loved getting to be there and still experiencing all that italy had to offer during our time there. same goes for this last trip i took to paris with eleanor. it was february, and much colder and rainier than if we’d gone in the summer months or early autumn. but gosh, the rain can’t stop me from being on cloud nine when i’m in paris! so it just depends on how willing and able you are to be flexible with dates and timing. using google flights is great way to comparing prices across different dates so you can easily see how much less it costs to leave on a weekday vs. a weekend or this month vs. that one.


2. be open to new places

if you are open to several destinations, searching for cheap airfare this way can help you find the most incredible deals. this is how josh found and booked an insane deal to spain for our family last year about 9 months before went! (around $360 direct round trip tickets to barcelona from new york city.) at the time, i felt like 9 months out was too far out for us to set something so firm (since we were trying to get pregnant and much of the partnerships and work we do come about just a few months or weeks in advance),  but it was such a great deal, that we decided to book it right on the spot and knew we’d figure it out later. all these options can get confusing fast when you add in different dates, different airlines, different destinations, how many stops, and airport options. a great tool for keep things straights is momondo.

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3. layovers

being flexible with layovers can be a fun way to see a new place while saving money. i usually don’t want to do a layover when traveling with children, but if you’re searching for international flights and want a deal, sometimes this is the way to go and it can actually be a major plus. we found a deal last year that combined a visit to morocco and a “trip within a trip” to either spain, portugal, or england for between $300-$400! this is how we ended going to morocco on our way to england, and we were able to see a little bit of casablanca before exploring england. kind of like a two for one! we heard about these deals from scott’s cheap flights, a service that has free and paid subscription options for getting alerts on discounted airfare and mistakes fares. we subscribed years ago so we could set our preferences for which alerts we wanted to receive (based on where we were leaving from and interested in visiting). but if you do this, you should definitely not limit the destinations because you’ll see some amazing trips for places you might not have thought about.


4. be adventurous and just go for it!

i’ve mentioned in some of the previous tips how we use each of these sites a bit differently, but the sites we love and use for finding cheap airfare are scott’s cheap flights, google flights and momondo. they have been great resources for us as we’ve put international trips together and helped us save a lot of money. i think one of the biggest tips though when using these sites or just finding a deal in general, is to just go for it once you’ve found it! i always feel slightly nervous when we find a deal and book it right away (shouldn’t we sleep on it?!), but it’s the start of such a fun adventure and part of the adventurous process! a lot of the deals are often only available for a few days (and in some cases a few hours) and we have regretted a few that we waited too long to book which led us to lose out on the trip entirely. so keep in mind that acting fast in some scenarios with these sort of deals is the way to go!


i’ve talked a lot about traveling with children (internationally especially) because i know a lot of people think it’s crazy and not worth attempting until the kids are fully grown and can remember the experience the way you might. you might want to read this post of mine for more of our thoughts and tips and tricks for making family travel worthwhile. but the short of it is, i think it is absolutely totally completely worth it. it has helped us create a special family bond while experiencing, exploring and learning and trying new things in new places together, and has created some really wonderful memories. i believe in exposing our kids at a young age to different cultures and languages and people and tastes, and i hope it helps shape them as human beings for the better.  if you have a chance to go, go! and take lots of photos and videos for them because it helps remind them of other memories around the memories in the photos and videos and i love being able to witness that!

i know we have to wait and see how things are looking after our new babies arrive, but i am hopeful it doesn’t hold us back too much from future adventures around the world together! i hope this is helpful and i’d love to hear if anyone has found any amazing deals from other sources in the comments below! if i missed anything related to this, i’ll try to respond in the comments so let me know!

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  2. Sydney

    I recently signed up for Next Vacay, which sounds similar to Scott’s Cheap flights! I absolutely love logging into my email every day hopeful to have an email alert from them! It’s so fun to know the places we could go for such great deals!

  3. Sierra

    Such great tips! We are the same way and love having experiences over physical things. I’ll be checking out Google flights. We also love skyscanner. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  4. Carly

    Thanks for doing this post! I’ve been wondering how you guys manage to travel so much with having such a large family.

    I’ve heard of Scott’s Cheap Flights but haven’t signed up for it. I’m headed there now to subscribe. We always find that it’s hard to book inexpensive flights and regret traveling less because of the cost.

    I can’t believe you were going to let Josh go on a trip by himself while you’re pregnant. You’re a super mom for sure!

    Have a great week!
    Carly from

  5. mary

    I love Scott’s Cheap Flights! We just discovered him and were able to book a great deal for flights to Italy. Seeing the amazing deals they find all the time has given me hope that international travel can be something we do more often, instead of just five years or so!

  6. These are all awesome tips! We have a goal to take our kids on one international trip before the end of the year, so we just signed up for scottscheapflights! Thanks so much for all the great info!


  7. Sarah

    We love traveling with our kids and the “in the moment” adventure is great for them. If they don’t remember when they are older, they still have gained an experience that will stay with them. They learn from experience and having something so new is great. Off to find my next deal!

  8. Yándary

    For anyone flying out of the SLC area, @flightsfromhome on Instagram is the way to go! My husband and I booked our honeymoon to Paris/London for $450 RT per ticket, and we just booked flights to Rome in October for $500 RT each!

  9. I’ve never flown internationally before so what would you say is a good price range for one person round trip? I live in Seattle so I know it takes longer and therefore costs more to get to say Paris as an example but your thoughts would still be a good starting point. :)

  10. Rachel

    I’m due in may with our first and we used Scott’s Cheap Flights to book a trip to Greece (where my inlaws live) for Oct! Definitely scary to pull the trigger on tickets before the baby’s even here, but the deal was too good to pass up and fingers crossed it all works out.

    Calling Delta to let them know we’d have an infant lap traveler was pretty funny… “what’s his name?” “um well I think his name will be xxx.” “uhh okay. when was he born?” “oh, my due date is May 13” [hysterical laughing from customer service lady] “call back when he’s actually born!”

  11. Courtney

    Do you guys do the premium Scott’s subscription or is the free one just as good?

  12. Judy

    Thank you so much for your post today! This is one of the reasons holding be back from having kids. I love to travel but am afraid that having kids wouldn’t allow us to travel. This is such good information to calm my anxiety/fear and has opened my mind to other options! Thank you!

    Ps when did you go to Australia/New Zealand is my current obsession. What kind of deals did you find for that trip? I know it’s pretty spendy and would love your advice!

  13. Hi, we often don’t decide where to go when we start looking for tickets, but when to go. And then we use the Skyscanner functionality -everywhere. So we will say departure airport X and the dates we want to fly on and it will then show us the cheapest destination on that given date!

    Another thing we do is make use of airline stopover fares. It’s airlines allowing you to stop over at their major hubs at no extra costs!
    I actually wrote about it on my blog (we are currently on a 6 months sabbatical with our toddler!)

  14. Beenish

    Really valuable information, thank you so much for sharing. I just subscribed to Scott’s Cheap Flights. How did you discover that site?

  15. Marcella

    Love the tips! I’m about to book a trip to London and I’m only able to do it because I signed up for an American Airlines credit card and got those bonus miles!!! I’m SO excited and dragging my boyfriend to Paris with me when we’re there, haha. I definitely recommend getting an airline miles card!

  16. McKenzie

    We just arrived home from a trip to a Mongolia with our 7, 5, 3, And 1 year old. I am pregnant with our 5th and did the trip there solo because my husband had to meet us there because of a business trip. I take a lot of trips alone with my kids because of my husbands busy work schedule but, I feel like it’s such an empowering thing to do as a mother. Sometimes, dishes, laundry, and housework don’t make me feel like I’m progressing and learning but, travel makes me feel like I can do hard things and I think it’s good for my kids to pick up slack and help out when we don’t have Dad with us! The world is a good place. Full of good and beautiful people who live in a way different from us and traveling helps me share that belief with my children. I love to see you and your beautiful family ok adventures. Always gives me itchy feet and I start planning my next trip!

  17. Ashley

    I love that you and your fam get to see the world together! I’m always so grateful for the travel memories I had with my family growing up, We still talk about them all these years later. Those experiences really shape you, whether it’s a new state, new city or country it’s a family adventure of learning, exploring and having fun together!

    I thought you guys had a Hawai’i trip coming up? I guess that took a backseat with the double good news!

    Enjoy Utah!

  18. So so true! Traveling with little ones is certainly different (and more expensive) but SO worth it. I love Kayak Wxplore – you put in your departure city and then can filter in time of
    Gear, length of trip, and price point. You then move the map to see various deals across the world. It’s a great tool, especially when you can be flexible.

    You guys have had some pretty incredible adventures — and can’t wait to see what’s in store with the twins onboard. xoxo

  19. Pam Schroeder

    Thank you for this info, I love to travel as well!! I always use Expedia, but I really need to compare prices to make sure I’m getting the best deal!! Maybe I can see more of type the world, and invite my kids along, their grown and love to travel as well! I love all the pictures and stories, thank you for sharing!!

  20. Rose

    Scott, of Scott’s Cheap Flights, was my first boyfriend!

  21. I love those tips and will look into those websites. We usually book our trips with points or try to buy miles… sometimes it’s worth buying miles over paying with money. We also book our trips like almost an year in advance, haha. One travel gear tip though… not sure if you use for the kids or not, but it’s the travel harness for kids on the place. We’ve been using for Dylan since he was 15 months, since we never take carseat on the plane or travels – so we got that on Amazon and it’s FAA approved. I highly recommend for toddlers if you travel a lot.

    Xoxo- – Fernanda

  22. Jenna

    Next Vacay is another great service for cheap flights. It’s only $25/year (I think?) and they send you flight deals from your airport and those closest to you. I recently booked a trip for my boyfriend and I to Iceland for around $350 each RT from Dallas.

  23. @laura_must_travel

    I couldn’t agree more with family travel! I love getting away with my husband but we both love sharing our adventures with our daughter. 👍 Good luck with the new babes!

  24. Angie Pérez

    Great post, thanks for sharing! We’re a family of four in Mexico and also love traveling.
    A helpful tip that I discovered while nursing, was that flights are cheaper at unusually purchasing hours, for example 4:00am. We’ve also gotten great prices on thanksgiving weekend.
    If anyone is interested in traveling in Mexico, I recommend using TAR, interjet, or volaris to trave with in Mexico.

  25. Love this post! I just wrote something very similar around our recent trip planning to Vietnam and how we went about getting cheap tickets! Two other things your readers might want to take note of:

    – Keep in mind that some of the flight options on Google Flights wont include a checked bag or a bespoke seat – airlines like WOW always look cheap in search the results, but when you get onto the airline’s website to pay and add a checked bag for $100 each way, a meal, and a window seat, the ticket is usually $300 more than you’d initially thought. Not such a great value after all, and some of the ticket prices on Google include the extras, and others don’t, so I suggest digging a bit to make sure the deal is as good as it looks!

    – Also, if you plan on adding a layover trip to your journey, remember that you may need to obtain a visa prior to your arrival. I have a lot of friends who’ve had to transit for 24h and planned on exploring a new city, but have forgotten to get a visa in advance and weren’t allowed to leave the airport terminal!

  26. sydnee

    Love all these tips! I love travelling and introducing our kids to new places as well!

    x S | Design by Sydnee 💗

  27. Tammy

    Ditto Courtney. Does the free subscription find any deals or do you need to subscribe? Thanks!

  28. haha! I was literally looking at a facebook thread about this subject and thought, I think taza had posted something about finding cheap tickets to Paris… I’ll go see if I can find it and BAM. All that I needed. Thank you!

  29. whitney

    have you actually booked flights through Momondo or do you just use it as a guide? The flight carriers that site send you to seem really sketchy. Thx!

  30. Heather G

    We love momondo! I like the map tool on kayak as well. As a side note to a different post, which type of stroller would you suggest in Italy…umbrella or the better one with bigger wheels?

  31. This is such great info! You have the cutest world traveling family! So jealous! Hope to be able to travel the way you guys do! We travel but it gets expensive quick! I’ll definitely be cheating out the sites you recommended for finding cheap airfare. I have not tried any of those yet. Have you guys done Costa Rica yet? If not, I highly recommend! Love you! Love your blog!!

  32. Molly

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips! Those are sites that I hadn’t heard of before so I am definitely going to check them out! My husband and I both traveled a lot before we were married but have yet to go international with our three kids and I’m starting to feel a little cooped up! We live in small town and I want my kids to know there is a whole world out there (even though where we live is pretty great)!

    I do have one question though regarding budget (if you are willing to answer). Do you all have a line item set aside for travel that you can look at to see if it will work for your budget before you book? Booking tickets is one thing but then adding hotel and extra other unexpected costs makes me a little gun shy when it comes to booking trips. I want to make sure we don’t get to our destination and then go . . . welp, guess we have to stay in the hotel and eat cereal for bfast, lunch and dinner.

  33. Lauren

    Momondo is amazing! Wow! Thanks so much!

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  36. Harmony

    Hello! I’ve been a follower for years and have love watching your family grow. We’re actually an adventurous family…but mainly for the state of Utah. We actually write about Utah adventures. But I’ve been begging the husband to consider international with the kids (we debate about the cost all the time.) But what about vaccinations? Do you have to get new shots every country you go to? I’d love to hear more about this specifically.


  37. Alexis

    Hi! I have seen Next Vacay on Insta & have been tempted to sign up do you because my husband & I love to travel 🗺 we just took my son for his 6th bday to NYC & he was so excited!! Now I don’t know if I should go for next vacay or scott’s cheap flights 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks for all the great tips & good luck with the babies 👧🏻👧🏻

  38. Ashlyn

    Have you heard of the app called “Hitlist”? It lets you set your destinations and your home airport and gives you alerts when tickets are ridiculously cheap. Seriously, I’ve had to stop myself from buying flights from NC to Iceland/Greece/Ireland/Spain for under $500. I long for the day that I have the flexibility with my job to get up and go! For now, I’ll have to schedule itineraries in my Google Docs and daydream!

  39. Dani

    Thanks for the post. I don’t have kids (yet), but I still find it valuable. I LOVE traveling but am a tight budget. My schedule is flexible, but it does help if I know a feel weeks in advance (but if my plane is booked, everything else should fall into place). In general, I do like traveling from jan–May and Oct-mid Nov. .

    I’ve been able to travel up and down the East coast fine, but starting next year, I would love to travel West and aboard starting, so I will definitely use these tips.

    I do agree that you SHOULD travel with kids. My niece has traveled since she was 3 -she is 9 now and has probably been more places, including overseas, then me, lol. If I have kids, I’ll probably start around travelling with them when they turn 3/4 and continue.

  40. Sarah

    I’ll have to try Momondo, and some of the other suggestions in the comments. In Salt Lake I follow Flights from Home on instagram and impulse purchased a ticket with a friend to see London in May. Pretty excited about it, but now it’s going to be a challenge to not buy every ticket I see. But I did start a travel savings account. The travel bug is real.

  41. One of my girlfriends traveled Europe using the Hopper app and said she got some amazing deals on it! Have you tried it yet? I wonder how it compares to the sites you use.

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  43. Jenna bailey

    Would love to see a post on how you decided what to pack when you travel! I remember reading one awhile back (when you went to Italy maybe?) . I always have a hard time not OVER PACKING. How does one decide which outfits to bring, and how do you NOT bring a whole suit case just for shoes!? ;-)

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  45. Erica

    Such great tips! What about when you get to a destination. Do you book anything (like tours) in advance or do you just wing it when you’re there?

  46. It’s a Great Article about tips finding cheap airline tickets for family travel.Dates are very important because booking on weekdays is good because weekdays we get nice discounts and price tickets. while traveling to other countries to book international cheap flights online have to go for more websites in a search engine to find out. Nice post. Thanks for sharing the information!

  47. Claudia Garrett

    Do you have any favorite websites you like to use for booking hotels?

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  49. Hi Josh and Naomi!
    Loved this post and thought it was super timely because my husband, J.J. & I recently started a site to sell unpublished flight deals! J.J.’s the director of communications and marketing for an international educational travel company and we get to share our international flight deals with friends, blog friends, friends of friends. Check out our site as another booking agent to compare prices!! We’d love to help! :)


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  51. Celina

    Thanks SO much for the info! We are going to start traveling more with our littles (1 and 4)! Do you have any advice on finding cheap places to stay?! Thanks, Celina