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eleanors party 2018-2

the birthdays of my three babies are always such an emotional time for me. every year, i think maybe it’ll get easier, but every year proves me wrong. this sweet baby girl is SEVEN years old today, and i can hardly express how she has made these past seven years the very best years of my life. she is my first born, and because of that, i feel lucky to have a special bond with her as we’ve gone through so many firsts together.  from feeling her move in my tummy for the very first time during my pregnancy, to her birth and holding her, my baby girl, in my arms, for the very first time.  from nursing to first foods and steps,  first words and drawings, a first lost tooth or first hair cut, first day of school or learning something new…. it’s amazing how much these experiences have meant to me that i’ve gotten to be a part of them and also a part of her life so far.

eleanor is so very patient with me, every single day. i might have a seven year old, and i might be a mom of three with two more on the way, but it doesn’t make me an expert. and every day there is a new learning curve i try to tackle as a lot of this stuff doesn’t totally come naturally to me. i’m thankful for her forgiveness and constant love. she could move mountains with the way she loves and i can’t wait to see the lives she’ll touch in the years to come because of her capacity to love.

i remember the moment she was born like it was just last night. it didn’t go anything like the way i envisioned it in my head, or according to my three page birth plan i so readily and confidently handed over to my doctor weeks prior (lol. first time mom.) by the time she was born, i’d already been in the hospital for a day and half of painful and exhausting labor. when she finally arrived, by an emergency c-section that two nurses had to hold me down for because i couldn’t stop shaking so badly in the operating room, i remember being so worried that the current state i was in, shaking and so emotional and literally all over the place, was a sign of the kind of mother i might be. i remember thinking, “i don’t want my baby to meet me like this,” but it was too late to even attempt to pull myself together. we had waited to find out the gender, and after josh excitedly announced that she was a girl, my doctor placed her on my chest per my birth plan request for “immediate skin to skin” and i remember worrying, “get her off of me! i’m going to drop her!” because i was shaking so much. but once they placed her on the scale, just a few feet away from the operating table where i lied as they put all my insides back together, she opened her eyes just the slightest as she cried and cried while they cleaned her, and i swear for a moment, she looked straight at me. it was a powerful moment.  i instantly felt so connected to her, and knew i needed her as much as she needed me. and while i was maybe the biggest wreck for her first few minutes of life, we were going to figure it out together, and we would conquer, we would.

conquer, we try. successful at times, but coming up short at others. it doesn’t matter though, because the love trumps everything else. eleanor davis, you have brought me such joy. i love you forever and ever and while watching you get older is so incredibly rough for me around your birthdays, i look forward to all the rest of it, too. thanks for being my baby girl, for loving me and conquering life with such a wonderful zest. your adventurous spirit and your love for everyone all around you is going to take you places. you make me so proud. happy birthday!

a few photos from her little panda/lego birthday party yesterday:

eleanors party 2018-12eleanors party 2018-16

you may have caught the process of these panda cupcakes being made on my insta stories. i followed this tutorial from bakerella. she sure made it look so easy! i found the tiny party hats last minute at michael’s while trying to find the right sprinkles. (never found them.)  had to improv on the sprinkle part, but the party hats were cute!

eleanors party 2018-10

so glad to have eleanor surrounded by such good friends. from school, church, and our apartment building. it’s an incredible group and that sure calms my worrying at times.

eleanors party 2018-8

did a lot of activities around legos, since E is such a big fan and requested it for her birthday party theme. i didn’t take pictures of the other games we did, but these photos are from when we split the kids into two groups and they had to try to build the biggest lego tower in a certain amount of time. i forgot how competitive kids can be! gosh, it was crazy! especially with the “everything is awesome” song playing in the background (also her request). but so fun to see them use some team work to build some pretty impressive towers.

eleanors party 2018-7

one team around the coffee table, the other around the playroom table!

eleanors party 2018-6eleanors party 2018-5eleanors party 2018-4

samson was so in his element during this part! haha! he is the master of legos these days and spends hours building things.

eleanors party 2018-3eleanors party 2018-9eleanors party 2018-11eleanors party 2018

for the party favor, josh had the idea to send everyone home with their own little classic lego kit. was fun for them because they spent the last 15 minutes or so starting to put them together before putting them in party bags and taking the rest home.

eleanors party 2018-13eleanors party 2018-15eleanors party 2018-14
gosh. she’s so big! i shared a bunch of my favorite photos from her over the years on my instagram, if you want to see some cute baby photos! gotta go wipe these tears away now before she gets home from school!

  1. Ainslie

    This post is a great tribute to your daughter for so many reasons. I think we can still maintain a positive perspective in the face of reality (which isn’t always picturesque, or according to plan). Life can be scary, but it can also be beautiful and amazing. I appreciate that you focus on the latter, but I really think it’s admirable that you share the hardships too.

    There are only so many “perfect” lives you can look at before they all start to look the same. Thank you for this post and Happy Birthday to Eleanor!

  2. Jenna

    Hello, I came across your blog last week searching “raising three kids in nyc”. You’ve assured me it can be done! I have kids almost the same age as you and we are considering moving there for a year. Any chance you would share your realtor ? You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

  3. S

    Thank you for sharing a little bit about Eleanor’s birth story. I never comment on blogs but I feel so moved by this post. I’ve been a follower of your blog almost from the beginning when I saw a post about you on cup of jo years ago about your and josh’s Halloween costumes or maybe about your living room tent/fort? Anyways, it was long ago! I thought what a sweet couple and soon thereafter you announced you were expecting a baby (Eleanor). I had just found out that I was also expecting(a baby girl) and felt an instant connection to you. Being a stay-at-home mom can be hard and very isolating but following your blog as you raised and grew your family has been an immense inspiration. I think im a few years older than you but had no real role models for the type of mom I wanted to be. I don’t know how many times I’ve struggled but was able to find a solution through attempting to emulate the amazing examples you and josh are as wonderfully loving parents! I hope you know that you’re making a difference in people’s lives! My baby girl will turn 7 in April and those are my sentiments exactly. Aren’t we so lucky to be apart of the lives of these wonderful beings we birthed. Through your blog I was able to see the richness and possibilities in my own life!

  4. julie brown

    Gosh this was such a great post!!! I can’t believe she is 7! I feel like I’ve watched her grow up on the sidelines on this blog!!! Such an awesome little girl!!

  5. Jess

    Hey Naomi! I love reading your posts! I had no idea about your first birth being a c section! One of my good friends just had an emergency c section and is concerned about her dreams of having many more babes! I’ve also worried about this for myself if it ever came to that since I know many societies advice against more then two births by c section. It seems this hasn’t been an issue for you since there are two more on the way! I’m just curious on how you handles your other births and responses from doctors when growing your family! I know this is a personal topic but would love to hear more about how you two have figure this all out! :)

  6. Carly

    A very happy birthday to Eleanor! I can’t believe she is already 7. I’ve remember your posts about being pregnant with her…..time flies for us moms.

    I think our kiddos birthdays will always be an emotional time. It’s a way of gauging life, memories, and our growing families. In some ways it’s a good thing. Plus, you’re pregnant with twins, so cue the emotions. Don’t be too hard on yourself, maybe their birthdays don’t need to be less emotional for you. I think the emotions are a sign of the beautiful family you are creating and your attachment and love for each kid in each stage of their life.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Carly from

  7. Julie

    You are always so positive and upbeat in the way you write your blog post, and utterly honest too. It is hard not to wanna be part of your gang. I read each blog post with lots of pleasure even the ones I feel may be less my cup of tea. But I guess I am a num of 3 and also so dedicated to my little family and what you say and all those emotions you have felt with your first one really strike a cord. Wishing Eleaonor a happy 7th birthday. Much love from London. Julie xx

  8. Lindsey P

    your words give me chills and though I’m yet to be a mom, your love for motherhood and your children make me so hopeful and excited for the day I have kids! Thanks Taza <3 Happy Birthday Eleanor :)

  9. Kristen

    😭😭😭😭 I had a similar birth story with my first munchkin and now I’m sitting here sobbing thinking about it. Thanks sooo much for that.

  10. Kerryn

    Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing her birth story. I also had an emergency csection and reading your story was like reading my own. Thank you. It’s the most real you’ve been to me.

  11. Erica

    I read this post with tears in my eyes. How is your baby girl seven?? You do such an amazing job describing your children and love for them. It’s beautiful. Happy birthday Eleanor!

  12. Erin

    Happy birth day to you mama!! I definitely tested up while reading your emotional description of Eleanor’s birth. While my experience was different it brought me right back to the birth of my two babies. What a beautiful tribute on a special day.

  13. Kara

    Love this so much. Daughters are the most amazing gift!!

  14. Shannon

    I didn’t realize you had a C section. Have you had that for all your children? You are very brave.

  15. Meg

    Where are those panda balloons from?

  16. what a wonderful post! i‘ve been following along with your blog since kinsley was your very first ‚baby‘ and now i hardly believe that E already 7 years old!! she has grown so fast! happy birthday little sunshine ❤️

  17. Looks like such a fun birthday party & theme, Naomi! Happy Birthday, Eleanor!

  18. Marilyn

    We share a similar birth story and i have the same emotions each birthday with my baby girl. Thank you for being so transparent nothing like a good sob on the E train this morning. Happy Bornday Eleanor n Happy BIRTHday to you & ur amazing hubby ….

  19. Alida

    Thank you Naomi for sharing your birth story and those beautiful words. Love the Pandas. Happy Birthday Eleanor… all the way from South Africa!

  20. Olga

    I can’t believe Eleanor is 7 already! I remember when she was born and how cute she was (still is!). I was obsessed with babies at the time, and wished someone I knew had a baby so that I could babysit, lol. Well,..a couple of months later, my mom told my sisters and I that she was pregnant! Talk about a dream come true :) So fun seeing them grow up!


  21. Raven

    I never would have known you improvised on the sprinkles! I love the ones you chose :)

  22. brittany

    oh my goodness. i cannot believe she is SEVEN!!! i cannot believe how time flies. i remember following you when you were pregnant and when she was born i thought you guys were the prettiest mama and baby team on this planet. i love how your family has grown and that you guys share your family and God-centered life in such an uplifting manner. and i cannot believe you had an emergency c-section! i just never would have guessed based on how sweetly you shared as you became a mama. you are such a strong lady!!!!

  23. Kellianne

    Happy birthday to your daughter! I have two children, both emergency c-sections, so your description of that moment in the OR resonated with me. So happy for you and the joy you’re finding in motherhood. I love it too. :)

  24. Happy Birthday E! :)

  25. My daughter Meadow is turning 3 in a month and I can relate so much. It’s bitter sweet watching your little ones grow up. I think it’s so cute and inspiring how you took Eleanor to Paris on a daughter mother trip 😭💗 Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to reading all about your trip. Have fun & god bless.

  26. the look of pure joy on her face says it all! looks like a lovely day and Happy Birthday E! x

  27. tracy

    i saw those cupcakes on your instagram and thought “oh my goodness, how cute, where did she buy those!?!” i would have never guess you made them yourself. way to go! i’ve been following along with your family for ages. happy birthday to your sweet girl and thank you for sending light into the world via your blog and IG.

  28. Michelle

    Thank you for sharing about your little girl’s birth. I’m currently pregnant and due in April with my first child, a baby girl :), and reading your recollection of Eleanor’s birth brought me to tears. I’m so very excited (yet nervous at the same time) to meet my little baby in April. Hard to believe it’s almost here!…
    Happy Birthday to Eleanor!

  29. Emma

    I love everything about your blog!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy, happy, happy birthday!!! What a wonderful celebration and the cupcakes look absolutely perfect!!!!

  30. Frank

    I enjoy.

  31. Stephanie

    Thank you for sharing! I had no idea Naomi was a C-section baby. Not sure what route you took with subsequent, but my first was C-section and I was successful with a VBAC for my second.

  32. Nikki

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! She’s such a sweetie. I hope you had the best ever time in Paris! What a way to celebrate!

  33. Hannah

    This little girl is so full of life and love! What a blessing she is. May her life continue to be a massive blessing to anyone who meets her!!

  34. Sierra

    She is so adorable! Birthdays are so bitter sweet for me. I love seeing my babies grow and learn new things but at the same time I would love to keep them small for a little while longer. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  35. Lauren

    This made me cry.

  36. Kim

    Oh my gosh this party looks so fun! I love all the details like the panda cupcakes and balloons! Looks like a blast! Wish I could be a kid again!