red beret.

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i’ve realized that while i don’t hate winter entirely, bright colors are what get me through these later months after the holidays end. even if it’s just a pop of color on my lips, it goes a long way to lift my mood when i am freaking cold! when i put this outfit together in my bedroom, i walked over to the next room where josh was working and asked him, “too much? do i look like i’m dressing up as a flight attendant?” i can’t remember which airline always has their flight attendants in the cutest berets with matching red lips, but i swear i’ve seen it and felt like i was about to board a flight along with them. but he kept reassuring me it was one of his favorite looks i’ve put together, and so i went with it.

i always know the outfit is somewhat decent when my kids also comment on it. maybe it’s because i’ve been in pajamas more than usual for the majority of the last few months, but when all three of them say “mama! i like your hat!” or “ooh, your shoes!” i always take that as the biggest compliment. conrad actually put these red heels on the other night and was walking around saying, “hello! i mama!” and i was rolling. you always have those couple of things you hope your kids will remember you by, or when they see or smell something specific, have it remind them of you. i don’t know, maybe i’m already just overthinking all that sort of stuff, but i do hope color is something they remember i loved and made me happy. especially in cold and dreary february…. give me all the color!

i have a dentist appointment today which i already wish was over, and then a long to-do list for work that has me both anxious and excited. in just a few weeks time, josh and i get to share something really exciting with you all and i honestly cannot wait! it’s been so hard for me to keep quiet for all these months! stay tuned, and have a wonderfully colorful and happy day!

red beret from HERE, black jumpsuit from HERE, teddy coat and red boots from HERE, with THIS matte lipstick.

  1. brittany

    you are so cute and sassy with your pops of red!! i think most of us need a few bright little reasons to help pull us through the end of winter!! you are doing so great. good luck with your teethies!

  2. You look fabulous! I wonder, will you ever tell the story of how you found out it was twins?

  3. Sierra

    You look so pretty in a pop of red! Brighter colors in the dreary winter months are always a nice change. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  4. Violet

    I love the entire look! You always look so cute, but you’re looking especially lovely these day. I’m quite fond of that coat – it looks very cozy!
    Re: the beret: I bought a bubblegum pink beret one & I look forward to styling it.

  5. Natali Karppinen

    Very pretty and such an elegant outfit! You’re such a beautiful mama!


  6. Kasia

    It is Emirats Airlines. I am always impressed by their outfits and make up.

  7. Claire

    You look stunning Naomi! I really admire your sense of style, you’re that kind of person which know exactly how to put things together! Were you born like this or do I still have a hope to learn? ☺️

    Best regards from France.

  8. Rach

    Wow, fabulous pops of colour to brighten any winter day but do you mind also sharing where that gorgeous bag is from? I love it when my daughter comments on my outfits too, it’s the best feedback! Thank you!

  9. Megan

    I saw a photo of you on Refinery29 in this ensemble, looking beautiful as ever. I stopped and thought “I know her!” (albeit virtually). Way to slay that bold lip and gorgeous beret during NYFW all while pregnant with twins! You continue to amaze :)

  10. Ashley

    The winter season starts to get to me around this time of yr, color is certainly a great pick me up! I love the beret and lipstick, it’s perfect for you. Excited to hear this news coming up!

  11. Erin

    Wow I love it! Where is the top from thats underneath the jumper?!

  12. Melissa

    You look like Blake Lively in some of these shots!

    I love the pop of color! Glad you and E are keeping the French theme with V-Day macaroons and berets for days!

  13. Carly

    You look perfectly French in that outfit. Isn’t the beret trend fun?!How sweet that your kiddos compliment you on your outfits and I bet Conrad looks great in those red boots too.

    Have a great weekend!

    Carly from

  14. Micah

    Great photos! I would love a post all about the twins because I am so curious 😂😀

  15. Sabrina

    Jumpsuit bump! Love it.

  16. Maridith

    Emirates Airlines. The best. And this look… also the best!

  17. Kinga


  18. Jenna

    Naomi! Love following your family! Would you consider doing a beauty (makeup nails face hair) pregnancy post with your favorite products you use while pregnant?
    Wishing your family the best! Xo

  19. Marta

    I haven’t been here for some time, but it’s definitely so good to come back. You looks soooo BEAUTIFUL and I’m so happy for you and all your family to hear that soon two little Girls will arrive. All the best Davis Family xxx <3

  20. Katria

    Such a stylish Mama!


  21. Lee Ten Hoeve

    Where is this fabulous teddy bear coat from? Looks so cute and cozy!

  22. jen

    really lovely! You should wear a beret as often as possible.