part II, paris mother daughter trip!

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one last quick blog post to share the remaining photos and a few stories from eleanor’s and my girls trip to paris last week! still on such a high from this special one-on-one time we got to share together in one of our favorite places and thank you for allowing me to share some of these photos and words with you here!

you can see part I of this trip RIGHT HERE.

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most definitely a favorite moment of the trip for both of us was being surrounded by monet’s water lilies at the musée de l’orangerie. i’ve taken eleanor to see the one at the MoMA here in NYC, but to be completely surrounded by them has always made me emotional and i was hopeful it would be a special experience for eleanor as well.  she is such a little artist and is constantly painting and drawing and creating throughout the day here at home. anyway, this was a trip highlight!

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more macarons and beautiful pastries and treats! now that i’ve been able to hold a bit more food down than i did maybe 2 weeks ago, i’m having to really pace myself with how active my sweet tooth feels! i don’t want these babies to only know carbs and sugar, but goodness gracious is it what i crave more than anything! i am curious if it has anything to do with carrying two girls, because when i carried both samson and conrad, i craved raw vegetables quite often and it was fascinating since that is definitely not the norm for me. who knows! learning that each pregnancy is so very different from the next.

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everywhere, even in rain, there is such magic on the streets in paris. the bistro chairs and tables always make me so happy.

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one of our favorite crepe spots in paris is just a few doors down from L’As du Falafel, which is josh’s and my favorite falafel spot in the city. the creperie is called la droguerie and we had both savory and sweet crepes here this trip. it’s also in the heart of a great area to walk and explore called le marais.

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our hotel was so central that we were able to do a lot of walking to the places and spots we wanted to go. we occasionally grabbed a taxi if it was raining hard or getting late, but i think because we are used to walking in new york so much, we prefer it when we explore other places. i had wanted to take eleanor on the metro in paris because we love the subway system here in nyc and we had read quite a bit about their metro leading up to the trip, but we didn’t make it on any trains this round.

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angelina’s was also around the corner from our hotel (and probably my favorite spot for a warm pain au chocolate!). it became eleanor’s favorite spot for hot chocolate (so thick! i can’t drink that kind but she loves it!) and a couple of macarons.  on our first official morning in paris we grabbed a bunch and walked across to the park to eat together before continuing our walk to the musée de l’orangerie. all i could think about as we started eating was something josh had mentioned the day before we left…. “hey, will you please make sure you get some vegetables in her each day?!”  he knows me well! haha!

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eleanor took this photo on my big DSLR camera our first day at the eiffel tower. i am not in focus, the eiffel tower is, but it was so endearing to me because she took it, and it’s me and my bump and her future baby sisters and also in paris! i felt like it was kind of perfect.

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she rode this carousel 3 times! then we sat on a bench and ate our first crepes of the trip while looking at the eiffel tower!

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view from the top of the tower! when we were taking the elevator back down to the bottom, eleanor told me how she overheard some people talking at the top and pointing to a really large and tall black building a ways off in the distance. “they said they think it’s a really ugly building and doesn’t look like it belongs in paris, mama.” she pointed it out to me. “i think so, too.  i think it looks like a building from new york city, not a building from paris.” i thought that was pretty sweet. it does look more like a modern sky scraper-ish building and loved seeing her form little thoughts and opinions.

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this was the only time in the trip that my nausea got the best of me and it was difficult to enjoy this meal. a bummer, since it’s such a good place and i had been looking forward to it (the restaurant is called relais de l’entrecôte.) we went earlier in the day for lunch this time, and got lucky to avoid the long lines later in the day. when we left the restaurant, there was a line down the street and wrapping around the corner of people waiting for a table. so glad we didn’t have to wait!

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we timed our ride on the ferris wheel so we could be at the top of it as the eiffel tower sparkled (it sparkles every hour on the hour.) it was so much fun being up there just as she started to flash and sparkle and show off a little bit.

we were able to walk to and from the ferris wheel on our first night, after we ate dinner in our room at our hotel. it took a bit of convincing to get my baby girl who is such a home body at night to wanna go back out and ride the ferris wheel, but she told me afterwards that she was glad we did it!

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this iPhone photo is of the eiffel tower just after we rode back down from the top. we got lucky to see the sun begin to set at the top and then come down to it all glowing. we stood underneath it for quite some time because eleanor was so quiet just looking up for so long. when we got back to our hotel room, she drew a picture of the eiffel tower all on her own for her brothers and i was impressed with how much detail she pulled in. she really studied it well! on the back of the picture she drew them, she wrote a note that said, “i’m sorry you couldn’t go to the top with us.” :)

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetthankful for this special experience and to have the honor of being eleanor’s mama. she’s just the best. until next time, paris!

  1. MK

    Love Love Love!!! I went to Spain with my mom when I was in 1st grade (I’m 22 now) and I still remember so much of it! I am so close to my mom and she is my favorite travel buddy :) I know that trip totally blessed sweet Eleanor’s heart because trips with moms always do!


  2. This is seriously such an incredible trip! You can tell you guys literally give your kids the world, it’s amazing!


  3. I think the New York style building you’re talking about is La Tour Montparnasse. ;-)
    My husband works nearby.

  4. Laura Ortiz

    Your pictures cheered me up all the time, especially now in Winter time when I suffer from cabin fever, thank you for sharing them. What a beautiful trip, it has inspired me to have a one to one day with my daughter.
    My favorite one is the one you took of Eleanor in the ferris wheel.

  5. brittany

    you in your pink coat and E in her red!!! you are such a sweet little duo and it will only become sweeter to add two more little ladies!! i am so happy for you guys… taking this trip and growing the fam and all of it!!

  6. Kristian

    Oh, such a lovely and special set of memories for the both of you! A few thoughts:

    1) Oh! Seeing Monet’s paintings was such a moving experience for me to (though I was quite a bit older than Elinor) but I had wanted to see them since being her age thanks to a book called “Linnea in Monet’s Garden” ( She might enjoy it.

    2) I crave carbs so badly when pregnant too (and I’m diabetic so a real no-no!) My mom had read that cravings happen when a mom-to-be is low on Iron. Supplements definitely helped me; might be worth a try.

    3) That little bear is so darling. Does she go everywhere with it?

  7. Grace

    This trip looks like such a blast and the Parisian food looks so, so good! And if that is hot chocolate…I have suddenly never tasted actual hot chocolate. Jealous!

    Grace ||

  8. Julia

    While my sister and I are obviously both girls, my mom had distinctively different cravings when she was pregnant with both of us, some of which are actually still represented today in our own individual diets; i.e. my mom craved watermelon, cucumbers, and ice cream with me, but spicy, tomato-based food with my sister, which I’ve never been able to tolerate to this day. There’s been a lot of research completed on the subject, so I’d definitely recommend looking at it, if it’s a topic that interests you. I know that it could use a broader platform, in terms of funding and support for nutritional support and counseling for low-income women, both here at home and abroad.

  9. Michelle

    Beautiful photos! Your daughter looked like she had a blast! What a special thing to do with her. I bet she will remember it forever!! Love seeing your posts and you have such a beautiful family. Congrats on the twins on the way! (I am also currently pregnant with twins coming in June!)


  10. Annie

    That ugly tower in the Paris skyline is the Tour Montparnasse! It’s an eyesore for sure but there’s a lovely restaurant at the top with breathtaking views (the best of Paris in my opinion). The best time to go is for breakfast! It’s a lot cheaper and in winter you can catch sunrise around 8am and have a magical morning up there in the clouds.

  11. mk

    your pictures are beautiful! seeing how happy eleanor is in the pictures made my heart so full, and it made me think how i would one day love to do this with my future daughter/son. thank you for sharing!:) :) :)

    if i could ask a question, what camera/lens did you use for these photos during your trip? or were they shot with your phone,,?

  12. Carly

    Your trip looks so amazing! I’m glad you guys got some extra one on one time before the babies come, but I still can’t get over the fact that it’s in Paris…….so amazing. It looks like Eleanor really enjoyed the special trip and I love that she’s becoming your photographer.

    Will you do a post on your pregnancy soon? I think we would all love to read it.

    Have a great week!

    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

  13. Asha

    What a wonderful memories! Your trip is so inspiring. You mentioned reading books before going to Paris and I wondered what books you & E read. Love adding books to our bedtime stories. Thank you for sharing your magical trip! xx

  14. Kim

    I love that shot of you two by the eiffel tower! And that blurry picture that your daughter took is so precious! I can’t imagine little Eleanor holding a big DSLR hahah.


  15. Love this post, such a special trip.

    By the way – two girls’ names for ya:

    Arabella & Aubrey (or Audrey)

  16. Joana

    Hi. Loved your posts and photos on this trip. even because, coincidentally I am also planning a one to one trip with my 7 year-old son, but to NYC! (we’re from Portugal).
    Would you be so kind to give some recommendations of what to do and see in New York with a 7 year-old kid? Maybe some of your kids’ favourite places (including places to eat)?
    Thanks (and sorry if I am being intrusive).

  17. Hello.
    Which lens you used?

  18. this post gave me “the feels” big time! ♡ what a beautiful experience to share together and i’m sure it’ll be a memory neither of you forget xx

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  20. Mary

    This may have already been answered, but what site do you use to find the best deals on flights and travel deals? Thanks! Love following along!

  21. kellie

    the tower at night I definitely my favorite thing about Paris. looks like such a great trip!!

  22. GG

    Hopefully you can visit the outpost of Le Relais De Venise L’Entrecôte (the steak place you couldn’t full enjoy) in Midtown once your baby girls are here! It’s on 52nd + Lex (if you didn’t already know).

  23. Lauren

    I’m going to Paris in the fall and am begging you to please tell me the name of the place where you took those delicious pictures of the treats? It’s where you talked about keeping food down finally. You showed a few photos and it looked delicious and I am dying to know where it was.

    • josh

      Naomi wrote it in the post, right? Cafe Ruc?