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Valentines Strawberries-14

one of my favorite holidays is here! the one where we get to celebrate love by basically eating anything chocolate all day long! ;) i mean, how can this not be in anyone’s top 5 favorite days of the year to celebrate?!

on saturday, the kids and i made more chocolate covered strawberries than we knew what to do with, and i think it’s safe to say we are all a little bit over them at this point. that is what happens when you stuff yourself happy with one of your favorite treats for 24 hours straight. (we did give some to neighbors, but still! it appears we ate our weight in them, as well.)

things pretty high up there on my list of things i love…. my family (obviously), nyc and getting to call it home, a warm bath at the end of a long day while watching top chef, hugs and cuddles and kisses from my three little ones, and then all the love this baby bump has been receiving by the three of them as well. a really good work out and stretch afterwards, an ice cold mexican coke, a self performed solid bang trim that actually looks semi-okay, catching up with girlfriends and scrubbing my bathroom clean…finding an amazing travel deal online and being able to get a solid nights sleep without 45 trips to the bathroom to pee (me lately!). also love when i find myself alone walking the streets of the city by myself, when my mind just wanders but usually always comes back to how fortunate i feel to be here right now, in this stage of life, with healthy loved ones surrounding me, carving my own path with being a mother and also with my work…and getting to be a part of this vibrant city, with all the hustle and bustle, that ignites a certain sort of motivation in me that i haven’t been able to replicate elsewhere, making me feel alive and giving me that challenging but loving push which i’ve learned i need to never feel complacent or settled. anyway, there’s a lot of good to love around us and i’m feeling it today.

hoping your day is filled with plenty of hugs, smiles and chocolate. all the chocolate.

Valentines Strawberries-17Valentines Strawberries-18Valentines Strawberries-20Valentines Strawberries-19Valentines Strawberries-21Valentines Strawberries-22Valentines Strawberries-11Valentines Strawberries-8Valentines Strawberries-16Valentines Strawberries-5

can you even with this little heart breaker and his sweet faces?! he takes after me and was too impatient to let the strawberries sit afterwards while the chocolate firms. we ate a handful of them covered in warm fresh chocolate, too.

Valentines Strawberries-6Valentines Strawberries-15Valentines Strawberries-7Valentines Strawberries-12

not at all the prettiest chocolate covered strawberries you ever did see, but i promise they were delicious! (for those interested, we do the very simple method of just melting chocolate chips over heat on the stove and then dipping and sprinkling with whatever pleases us. nothing fancy…. but still so much fun.)

Valentines Strawberries-3Valentines Strawberries-13Valentines StrawberriesValentines Strawberries-4Valentines Strawberries-10Valentines Strawberries-9Valentines Strawberries-2

happy valentine’s day, friends!


  1. Emma

    This looks so cute. I love to make chocolate covered strawberries (or chocolate covered anything, really)

    Also, I always think your little ones look just like you Naomi but that photo of Samson biting into a strawberry, he looks just like Josh!

    • TAZA

      JOSH- did you hear this?!?!

  2. Sydney

    Valentines Day is my favorite holiday! I appreciate you sharing that gratitude and always making this blog and encouraging space! Enjoy the day!

  3. Mary

    How on earth did you leave out Josh as one of your loves?

    • TAZA

      what? i said my family very first! he’s my family!!! :)

  4. Mollie

    What a beautiful fun memory and tradition to have with your children. Happy Valentine’s day to you all!

    xoxo Mollie

  5. brittany

    theeeese look amazing! and seriously your lil baby bump in those cozy pjs is THE CUTEST!!!

  6. Ashley

    This reminds me of what so many have been saying for years: the City is becoming a giant suburb. Oh NY!

  7. Brittany

    Unrelated to this post, but have I missed the much-anticipated post with details on your pregnancy? I was thinking you mentioned a while back you would be sharing more on that topic, but I haven’t seen it.

  8. Marion

    Cute pictures and I’m sure it must be soooo tasty.
    But I’m not sure about the strawberries in February

    Happy valentine’s day though!
    Xoxo from France.

  9. Martha Cook

    I am wanting to start following you on your blog, but can’t find a way to
    do it. Will you please put me on you list?

  10. I love Valentines day- its the cutest holiday by far!

    xo, brittany
    an adorable toddler swimsuit roundup on my blog today!

  11. katie

    omg samson’s eyebrow-raise/wink face. i can’t. also, was conrad napping?? i love seeing him. <3

    • TAZA

      yes, we did this saturday afternoon and he was snoozing!

  12. Cassey

    Love it!! Chocolate covered strawberries are always my one request for Valentine’s Day.

  13. this is so sweet! (pardon the pun)
    seriously though this looks like great fun and super yummy, hope you had a day filled with love xx
    p.s samson has such a mischievous grin its so cute!

    • TAZA

      he makes the best faces!

  14. Vicky

    So fun! Happy Valentine’s Day, Davis fam!

  15. malea

    looked so fun! happy valentine’s day to you and your family!
    always love reading your blog! :)

  16. Shuz

    where’s Conrad?! miss him!

  17. The picture of Samson biting into the strawberry with one eye closed…the best.

  18. Amy Ding

    Adore Eleanor’s pajamas! Where are they from?