a snowboarding adventure!

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gosh, this trip to utah has been nothing short of wonderful. we flew in just as a big snowstorm hit and it has made our time here all the more magical to see the snow everywhere. i wanted to share some photos from our first day on the slopes. i admit i’m usually skeptical of how the day will go, especially in the morning when we’re getting everybody dressed and all the layers and bundling takes a year to complete because some little thing is bothering them and someone realizes they have to go potty again after they are fully dressed for the mountain, but somehow, at the end of the day, we’re always walking away being like, “that was so much fun!” i think we are one step closer to josh’s dream of having his family be a snowboarding family. :) and while these kiddos might be city kids, they are also all about the mountain. i’m just feeling a lot of proud feelings today that they wanted to keep going, even when they were falling or the snow was blowing in their face.

i didn’t get to see much of eleanor or samson on this first morning of snowboarding, because we set them up with a lesson while josh and i helped conrad. we decided to do this since i’m not able to be up on the mountain helping out this year (hi, pregnancy!) and this way, josh could focus his attention for those first hours on helping conrad have a fun experience getting reacquainted with his snowboard while the other kids got a solid refresher and worked on the specific things each of them needed. while i didn’t have a board, i ended up staying on the bunny slopes with josh and conrad for most of the morning, because it was too much fun to miss out on. i loved getting to see how focused and motivated conrad was to keep going! i don’t know how many times i was like, “um hey, should we break for hot chocolate?” which was always met with, “no! again, again!” or “can we go down the big mountain now??” bless his heart. he was all about that big mountain which he kept pointing to every few minutes asking when he could go up there. josh did end up taking him up the lift this first morning and when conrad made his way back over to me after going down the big mountain, the first thing he said was, “we went suuuuuuuuper fast!”

all in all, seeing their faces (and might i mention my husband’s!?) when they are on the mountain, and hearing them talk and laugh and express such excitement for the experience overall,  helps me confidently say, it’s so worth it. and it’s always an adventure we’ll remember forever!

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we stayed up in park city at a hotel on main street and partnered with Uber to get around town. it’s so convenient and easy. one of the big perks about using Uber here in park city, was that we were able to be picked up right at our hotel lobby and dropped off right at the front of the ski resort. we didn’t have to worry about paying for parking at the hotel or at the slopes, the hassle of finding a spot to park at the base of the mountain, or hauling a lot of gear from the back of the parking lot to the bottom of the mountain.

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our family has to hail 2 taxis back in new york city for everyone to have a seat, but with Uber we open the app and request an UberXL and everyone has a seat. saving our favorite locations in the app using the saved places feature also helps us save time and not have to keep track of addresses. more time on the slopes for our snowboarding adventure!
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my three tiny snowboarders who made me so proud this past week on the mountain! look at those cute faces! i think it’s safe to say they loved it.

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being with conrad on the bunny slopes really kept me on my toes, since i’d have to sort of break into a jog sometimes to keep up with him. i didn’t have a snowboard this trip, but i definitely still felt the workout!

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best part of a cold snowy day on the mountain? well, in my opinion. it’s for sure all the hot chocolate breaks!

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this samson of ours is so fearless and determined on the mountain. i already knew this, though. from how early on he insisted on tying his shoes all by himself, to riding a two wheel bike and roller blading all over new york city at such a young age.  he loves anything that challenges him physically, and he doesn’t give up easily, be it little tasks or big skills alike. can’t wait to see all the incredible things he puts his mind to in the years to come.

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these two cuties and their matching bright colored ski suits! i can always spot them as they make their way down the mountain to me.

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such a fun few days on the mountain together, and proud of how far all three of our kiddos came in getting more and more comfortable on their boards! snowboarding is seriously such a fun experience, and even though i wasn’t able to get on a board this year and join them, loved watching everyone having a good time and for all the memories made in the process.  until next year… :)

thank you to Uber for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Marina C.

    I’ve never seen the snow, but these beautiful photographs of the snow falling on top of the trees just give me a heart warming sensation. Great feelings in the latest posts, thanks for that <3

    Kisses from a not so summer São Paulo, Brazil

  2. Cassey

    Looks like you all had a blast!!

  3. Carly

    You guys are the cutest snow boarding family! I’m glad Josh’s dream is coming true. My husband wants my kiddo to ski, but I want him to snow board. It’s a continual debate each winter. Isn’t watching toddlers try to ski/snow board the cutest thing?!

    Glad you’re feeling up to going on trips and being a bit active despite being pregnant with twins. Our twins are due in a few short weeks and I can barely get off of the couch these days….

    Have a great week!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

  4. Ainsley

    Hi. Can you maybe give us a tutorial on applying false eyelashes? Also maybe a few brands that you love? I can’t find anything online that isn’t super gaudy. Yours are always so priddy❤️

  5. Misha

    Love this! All of that winter makes me giddy. And so awesome that your kids are learning to board at such a young age!

    With Uber, I was wondering about car seats? That has been our biggest hesitation with using the service more.

  6. Laura

    How do you use Uber when you have kids who still need to be incarcerated seats or boosters? I’ve always wondered!

  7. Laura

    That comment meant to say car seats not incarcerated 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. alison

    Those sunglasses are gorgeous on you! Where are they from?
    What a wonderful post…your family is always so adorable.

  9. maggie

    omg! Conrad is incredible! He is such a little boy and he made it. I’m 33 years old and finally last year I catch on what is snowboarding about. I was learning for 3 winter seasons! I’m always impressed when I see those little kids on slopes having no fear and just rideeeee down…. :)
    I’m proud of your children <3 :)

  10. Wow – those photos are great. This is so wounderfull that you spend free time in this way :)

  11. Brenw

    @Laura “incarcerated” ! 😄👍

  12. I am loving all these photos it makes me want a snow day but it doesn’t snow here :(

  13. i am OBSESSED with their tiny snow suits! so cute :)
    also i’m so impressed with how fast they’ve learnt to board, it’s insane!

  14. Laura Mauk

    Dying to know where your coat is from?! Thank you so much :).

  15. I remember you said that you and Eleanor read a bunch of Paris-themed books in preparation for your Paris trip (little did she know!). Did y’all watch the Winter Olympics to prep for this trip? ;P Watching the Winter Olympics got me in the mood to go snowboarding, even though I’ve only ever snowboarded once in my life. The Olympians make it look so easy! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  16. This is so sweet and the photos are great! Thank you for sharing your adventure. It is really great to go out and enjoy and make the best of the cold weather.