photos from christmas!


i’m excited to share some photos from our christmas here in new york city! josh’s parents came to town to celebrate the holiday with us and i swear every christmas just feels more and more special as the kids are such fun ages for all the festivities. i love this holiday so much which is probably why there are a million photos below from christmas eve and christmas day. it’s a fun one to take pictures and videos of and always remember.


christmas eve started out with josh making about 4 batches of his favorite ginger cookies, which he only eats at christmastime (usually washed down with a mexican coke, something else he only has at christmastime since he only drinks water and nothing else throughout the year). we delivered some to all our neighbors in our apartment building and i’m sure the kids had a few, too, but you guys, there were approximately 0 ginger cookies left by christmas day. josh davis knows how to put them away. i honestly don’t know how he doesn’t get sick of them after one or two, but he doesn’t.


taking after his papa with his love for all things ginger and cookies, this little guy sampled a bite of a ginger cookie we left out for santa claus on christmas eve! he even drank half of santa’s milk! it was kind of adorable considering he would not touch the carrots because those were for the reindeer and conrad LOVES rudolph and the reindeer so much.


a baby bump picture from christmas eve sunday! always love when the holiday falls around the sabbath because singing all of the christmas hymns with everyone at church is one of my favorite things.

LOVE TAZA CHRISTMAS MORNING 1-4 everyone, including panda, on christmas eve!


and in our christmas jammies on christmas morning! (for those who have asked, our matching pajamas are from here. we aren’t into star wars, or anything!)


i made some fresh blueberry muffins earlier on in the morning so everyone had something in their tummies as they opened gifts, and after all the gift unwrapping, we ate quiche together as the morning slowed down. LOVE TAZA CHRISTMAS MORNING-18

for christmas this year, i surprised josh with a vintage baritone saxophone! he had mentioned in passing last summer that if i ever wanted to get one for him, he wouldn’t oppose. i tried so hard to play it cool when he told me this and acted like i hardly heard him, meanwhile in my head i was like, “WHAT?! FINALLY! HE’S TELLING ME SOMETHING HE ACTUALLY WANTS! FINALLY!!!!!!” because this guy is the hardest guy to buy anything for. i reached out to one of his friends that he’s played the saxophone with in the past to ask if he could point me in the right direction for what kind or where to look… it was rather funny because i was like, “i’m wanting to buy josh a saxophone for christmas…” and he was all, “i’m assuming a baritone saxophone, right?” (i had no idea, actually. i was like, “yeeeesssssss. that’s what i meant.” ;) anyway, it all worked out (i hid it at our neighbors place until i wrapped it and hid it in our place on christmas eve) and his face said everything! i’m so excited for all the jam sessions that are going to go down in our home now!



one of the things that makes christmas so special with kids, are all the sweet homemade gifts they work so hard on for one another. the best part, is eleanor and samson worked hard on their gifts for each other without ever letting the other know what they were making and they somehow made practically the same gift for one another (model magic molded into a heart with the words “i love you”)! the gesture was the sweetest thing and their reactions on christmas morning were very sweet. proud of them for being such good siblings to one another and for the hard work and love they put into all of their gifts for everyone.


me and my little heart eleanor made me for christmas!


the oversized adorable heart samson made for eleanor!


for conrad’s gift, samson built him a special lego skyscraper and i swear i took a photo of it but can’t find it in my batch of pictures from christmas day. we just bought krazy glue (which josh and the kids call “kragle”) because samson wants to glue it to keep it altogether for conrad! another adorable gesture that made me so happy to see.


we’ve got an accordion and drums to add to the roster of instruments for our family band!


eleanor made conrad a snowman out of model magic for his christmas gift!


this puppet from nana has been such a big hit!


my dad made the kids this cool star that lights up based on sound around it. they love it!


i love that quiet period christmas afternoon where everyone is busy with their new gifts. the kids painted all afternoon (art supplies are always a hit over here) and sweet conrad (whose sickness really started to show around christmas afternoon) couldn’t get enough of just sitting contently at the art table with his red paper, his red paint brush and his red paint (his favorite color, if you couldn’t tell), and painting away. it was the only thing he wanted to do besides have one of us hold him.

LOVE TAZA CHRISTMAS MORNING-24 LOVE TAZA CHRISTMAS MORNING-25LOVE TAZA CHRISTMAS MORNING-11LOVE TAZA CHRISTMAS MORNING-32LOVE TAZA CHRISTMAS MORNING-4LOVE TAZA CHRISTMAS MORNING-22 hope you had a very merry christmas and end to 2017! it’s absolutely crazy to me to think about what christmas will look like over here next year with two little baby girls in the mix! josh and i went to the hospital yesterday for another routine ultrasound and every single time i see them up on that screen, i can’t stop smiling. the very best christmas gift i could ever ask for. so thankful for my family and another holiday we were able to spend together, healthy (for the most part) and happy.

  1. Linda

    Love your Christmas pictures! Your place is so bright and cheerful! Where did you source the drum and accordion?

  2. amanda

    you are drop-dead gorgeous and your baby bump is PRECIOUS. Such sweet memories!!

  3. OMG, my husband is the hardest too to buy gifts! I basically have anxiety attack on Christmas time, haha. This year, he also gave me some hints and I got what he wanted. It feels so good hahahaha.
    Anyway, beautiful pics and I love the matching Pjs! Hanna Andersson is the best. Xx – Fernanda

  4. Jenny

    My husband is the same, so hard to buy for ! And when he does say something in passing, i get so excited!
    And yayyyy for another Mexican coke drinker! You guys definitely need to come to Orlando and visit the Coke pavilion in Epcot! You can try Coke from around the world ! Love your pictures and can’t wait to see more of your bump and how you introduce your new Littles!

  5. Hi Naomi – those ginger cookies look divine and I’d eat them all year round (but kudos to Josh for his discipline!) Have you shared the recipe on the blog? Would love to know what it is…

  6. Rena

    So in love with the super cute Christmas pictures!
    Happy New Year!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. Claire

    we start filling our amazon cart with things we like during the year so by the time christmas rolls around we remember what we want and its easier to shop! just a hint because husbands are soo hard to shop for!

  8. Anne

    Hi Naomi,
    Loved all the Christmas photos. Your tree even inspired me to get coloured
    Christmas tree lights.
    I was wondering if you could share the recipe of the (breakfast) quiche.
    They look delicious!!


  9. michelle

    What program do you use to edit your photos? I love the color saturation in your photos – so bright and light

  10. Angie

    You and your family are just adorable. Thank you for sharing your adventures of your family in the greatest city on earth :)

  11. Lisa

    Loved this post. I was smiling all the time whilst reading it !

    The Lisa’s World

  12. Monika

    Hi Naomi, all I want for Christmas is to know how your children always smile so beautifully and joyfully :) sending lots of love from Poland. Monika

  13. nanette

    Christmas is the best time to take photos! Also, you are giving me major bang envy. I’m thinking to go for it this year! Lovely photos as always.

  14. Birgit

    I love the tradition of opening gifts on Christmas morning. We don’t really have that in Belgium. We celebrate Christmas Eve with family and going to church. After dinner we open the gifts. I think it’s because we have Saint Nicolas on the 6th of December who brings gifts. So we focus less on Santa.
    I’m always intrigued that we celebrate the same but differently.
    Cultures why I love them ❤️

    Xoxo, b

  15. karen

    wow! how adorable and that cream top with the tulle ruffles on you is divine. where did you get it?

  16. Kerry kurtz

    Where is your blouse and skirt from?

  17. Cynthia

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats on two baby girls! I have twin boys, who are now 10!!! Anyway, if you’d like some twin advice, I’d be happy to share some!!

  18. Love these photos ! The holidays are always amazing 💕

  19. Ana

    Hi Taza! Loving your pictures and your style. Which camera did you use for your pictures? Thank you!

  20. Care

    Just adore your photos, especially around the holidays. They seem so magical and full of love. Also was searching for the the remote like “where’s Waldo” in the picture of all of you with Josh’s parents :)

  21. I love that the things that your kids got were things for them to be creative instead of all the latest and greatest high tech everything. So so fun!


  22. Amelia

    What happened to the sleeves on Samson’s pjs?

  23. Carly

    You guys are just the cutest family ever! I love how you incorporate so much art and music into your home. I bet it makes your kids so well rounded. My hubby and I are both in science oriented fields and it takes tons of effort to figure out how to expose our kiddo to more art. I always get ideas from seeing your house and activities.

    Have a great weekend!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

  24. Katie

    Aw, what a great day! That picture of Josh and Conrad made me say “awww” out loud.

    Random side note: I knew Josh in High School. We did crew together although we didn’t go to school together. His school allowed public school kids to use the facilities. Josh and I would ride together because I lived in a nearby neighborhood. He was always one of the nicest, funniest guys that everyone enjoyed being around. Glad to see not match has changed and he’s blessed with such a beautiful life.

    Cheers to both of you. Happy 2018!

    • josh

      Thanks, Katie! Very kind of you to say!! Where are you now?

  25. Unbelievably cute as always! From all those teeth smiles it looks like you had a fantastic Christmas :D Happy New Year! x

  26. Kelly

    These photos are so precious, I love your tiny bump, and have you told us lately where you get your eyelashes done – they are looking ON POINT!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  27. Marie

    Congrats from another mama of twin girls. Where did you get your piano please? Thanks.

    • josh

      Naomi painted it all by herself. Stayed up all night doing it a fee years ago. It’s a one of a kind, just like she is.

  28. Laura

    Thank you for sharing your family photos. So much love all around! :)

    I wanted to ask Josh.. any significant health changes since he drinks mainly water and seems like he has cut back on sugar intake? I drink mainly water too, one in a while I’ll have some tea with honey. But I want to really quit sweets (ice cream, cakes, cookies). Just curious if he has felt different since has cut back on the sugar.

    • josh


  29. eva

    don’t your kids believe in SANTA CLAUS? since they make presents for each other.
    i couldn’t avoid it because santa claus is in every movie,cartoon and everywhere so i couldn’t say he was not real.
    i wonder how you managed and are kids disappointed.

  30. Georgia

    What a beautiful Christmas! Thank you for sharing! The water color New York skyline….where did you find it?

  31. Jessica

    What lovely Christmas photos! I’m so glad your family had a wonderful Christmas. You look so so cute with your baby bump!

  32. Mallory

    My husband is honestly so hard to shop for as well! I am not so patiently waiting for the day when he drops me a hint on something that he actually wants for his birthday or Christmas! BTW, love the matching pajamas, so cute!

  33. Stephanie A McKinley

    You guys should share your quiche recipe! Those look so good!!!!!

    • josh

      Sorry! I just winged it! I like quiche with less milk/cream so I actually did the bacon and cheddar one with less cream than the mushroom and cheese one. I think it was 4-5 eggs with 1/2 cup of cream and 4-5 eggs with 3/4 cup of cream. Sauteed the mushrooms and cooked the bacon ahead of time.

    • josh

      And salt and pepper!

  34. Stephanie A McKinley

    Thanks Josh!!!

  35. Margaux

    Hello Naomi,
    I’m from France and i’m following you since almost 5 years.
    It’s a real pleasure to read your post, to follow you on Instagram.
    You and your family are so inspirational. Always happy, smiling … and I am so happy for your twins !
    Wish you an happy new year for all of you !