our morning routine!

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i’ve had a lot of requests for some day in the life type of posts, and while each day tends to look different from the next over here (at least the work part for josh and me), our morning routine is very consistent, so i thought i’d start with that!

one of the things josh and i have noticed as a few of our kids have entered the age of school years, is that our kids really thrive on structured consistency. we have a morning routine that rarely budges from the plan, everyone knows their role or what to do, and our mornings tend to run with pretty great ease because of it (can’t necessarily say the same for the bedtime routine, although we’re slowly getting there. it just seems to take much more work and effort.)

we really love our mornings together and i’m excited to share!



unless we’ve had some sort of sickness or sleep issues the night before, everyone tends to rise around this time. eleanor and samson have gotten so great at making their beds usually before they come out of their bedroom, and we usually all meet up in the kitchen.

in addition to making their beds, we have a set morning chore of helping unload the dishwasher from the dishes the night before together. it’s been so rewarding to see the kids really hone in on this chore and make it theirs. we have everyone help set the table for breakfast, or help make breakfast as well. i love when we are all in the kitchen together and everyone is contributing. it definitely creates a wonderful energy in there.


7:00AM -ISH

we usually have breakfast together around 7. our meal often consists of eggs of some sort (eleanor likes egg and cheese sandwiches), usually with fruit, toast and fixings. or else oatmeal (or steel cut oats) with a little brown sugar and fruit. our kids are oatmeal monsters and eat so much of it! we also sometimes do a slightly healthier type of waffle or cereal (the kids have a bowl of cheerios or fiber one and then a bowl of raisin bran or granola).

the kids (conrad especially right now) love to help cook in the kitchen and i’m so proud of my tiny helpers. i’ve talked about this before, but i feel it’s so important to allow kids to help and really do things on their own when we’re cooking together. i know it often takes longer and is a little bit messier, but it’s good for all of us, so it’s the norm around here. and it’s actually amazing what they learn at a young age and how helpful they soon become!



as we’re wrapping up breakfast together, we (nearly?!) always have a short scripture study around our kitchen table with the kids. i have to give josh full credit on this one, because he is so on the ball with making it fun, making it happen, and making it a consistent part of our lives together. i love that about him so much. reading just a single short little story together in the morning always leads to a great conversation as we wrap up, and it’s a highlight in our morning. even if it is just for 2 minutes.

i’ve mentioned this before, but we always try to make our time around the table together meaningful. we try to sit and talk when we eat, ask each other questions or talk about our day.  we always bless our food through a prayer as we sit down, which we take turns saying. i think meal time is one of the most valuable times we have together as families, and i don’t think dinner time has to take priority. i feel like everyone is extra fresh and happy at breakfast, so that’s when we try to really get in the good stuff and have some wonderful family time.


after cleaning up breakfast, the last half hour of the hour before leaving for school is split between making lunches, finishing any last minute homework we didn’t complete the night before, and getting dressed and cleaned up for school. honestly, we don’t mind and really love when they play in the mornings together, so i think they’ve learned to get ready as fast as they can after breakfast so they can have time to play in the playroom before we leave for school. our kids play so well together lately, and we love seeing them interact like that in the morning, so it’s always a win for everyone when they have time to play.

josh has taken on all the prepping for the kids snacks and lunches each day, while i usually work on getting them all ready to go so we can be leaving out the door between 8 and 8:10 each morning.

as for packing school lunches and their separate school snacks, i feel like i could do an entire post about this! but in short, we pack either a ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly sandwich (hooray that eleanor finally realized she liked jelly!). and then we pack a couple vegetables and fruits like sliced peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, apples, strawberries, blackberries, mandarin oranges…we’ll add some almonds and occasionally we switch out the sandwich or snack for an individual container of hummus with carrots.

but it’s always a small amount of each, since we’ve found that they can’t finish it all in their short lunch break otherwise (our kids LOVE to chat during lunchtime with their friends, haha!) and it helps things not go to waste. we keep the snacks and packed lunches on the healthier side because we usually have a treat together in the afternoon or after dinner as dessert. we always have a little snack after school pick up before dinner, too.

as for getting dressed and ready for school, eleanor and samson are pretty great at doing it all on their own. brushing their teeth, dressing, using the bathroom, it’s so crazy to see how much they’ve grown into their own person this past year! i’ll help eleanor with her hair, but that’s usually the only thing.

conrad is pretty self sufficient these days too. (i feel like it always happens around the time they get potty trained, which he did rather early at the end of spring last year! having an older brother and sister who he looks up to surely sped that process up!) but he likes trying to get dressed and do things himself as well, which we encourage.



we try to get out the door to head to school around this time. the kids’ coats and shoes are all within reach for them, as are their backpacks so they can put their lunches and snacks inside on their own, and zip them up and grab them when they are ready to go. they refill their water canteens on their own too. only once has someone forgotten their backpack and we had to run back upstairs to grab it! success in my book! :)

side note: we’ve tried hard the past few months to get into the routine when we come home after school of not just hanging up our backpack, but pulling our lunch and snack containers out and bringing them to the kitchen counter beside the sink or in the dishwasher. we’re still practicing this one, but lately both E and S have been on top of it and it’s been really helpful for us.



we absolutely love the school that E and S are attending right now, and it’s a close walk from our apartment. with the morning sickness i’ve been dealt the last few months, josh has taken the lead on walking them to school which i’m so grateful for. when i’m feeling well, i try to make it over with them as well, but i tell you, this morning sickness has been the most frustrating thing lately and i’m so ready for it to be over!!!

i have a few friends who live on our same block that have little ones the same age as conrad, so we’ve made a little preschool coop for them (it’s four little ones) that we take turns hosting in our different homes. they go just two mornings a week for a three hour stretch, and we each host about one week a month. it’s been really fun for him to have a little “school” experience as well (we’re mostly just working on letters and lots of crafts and playtime) but that has been a fun spot in conrad’s mornings. he loves his friends and loves going to “school” like his older siblings. it’s a great time for josh and me get some work done together (since we usually tag team it otherwise because of C.)

LOVE TAZA 0-4LOVE TAZA 0-6LOVE TAZA 0-2LOVE TAZA 0 LOVE TAZA 0-3 and that is how a good part of our early morning looks! i’m still not sure i’m ever going to be a morning person, but i do always feel like it truly benefits both me and my family when i do make the effort of getting up extra early and being as happy as one can before the sun wakes up.  our mornings together really do feel so special though and i’m so proud of my kids for really taking charge each day.

this is such an amazing chapter when you get to stand back slightly and watch them do their thing, and while sometimes i wanna step in and be like, “do it this way” or “let me hurry and do that”, it’s been rather rewarding to see them do it on their own and really excel.

  1. jessica basso

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS!!!!!!!! Possibly my favorite post of yours yet and they are all pretty hard to beat!!! Love the inside tour into your familys day to day life. Thank you for always being so real, open and positive!

    Much love from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!!

  2. Sierra

    We need to get into a much better morning routine because we always seem to be running late. I am not morning person so I know that has a lot to do with it. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  3. Jody

    love those photos of you doing eleanor’s hair! there’s something so special about such a “normal” moment being captured like that that feels a little intimate and so beautiful.

  4. Love that you shared this–I always love a sneak peek into how other families do their daily life! I find mornings to be such a special family connection time, too…I never understood why people emphasize the dinner table so much, cause breakfast time is great!

  5. Carly

    You are an inspiring mom! I always wonder how other families do their routines. I’m pregnant with twins, due in April, and have a five year old and often wonder how our routine will change with the new additions. You make it look easy!

    Twin pregnancy has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Sorry to hear it’s hard on you too. I came up with my own meal/snack plan that has helped with nausea a lot. I also do a 12 minute mini workout to stay toned and stretch out my muscles, which has helped with the aches and fatigue. My friends kept asking me about it, so I created a fit pregnancy guide with the workout video, yoga video, meal plan, recipe book, and grocery list for the meal plan. Maybe it will help you too. Would you like me to send it to you to try? It’s all in teachable so I can just send you a link if you think it would be helpful. Let me know [email protected]

    I hope your pregnancy gets easier! I’ve really enjoyed following along with sweet your family on this blog.


  6. Everything about this is wonderful I’ve been following since before E, I cant believe how much of a beautiful lady she is growing into it. Thank you guys for sharing :)

  7. Julie Brown

    wow… yall are such good parents. really yall. I really hope when it’s time for me to have children my mornings run this smooth!!!! keep it up!!

  8. Claire

    Ok, ok, but can we talk about the twins already!! 😂

  9. SM

    this is really heart-warming! and it looks very effective and fun. question, what the heck are ‘fixings’?

    • TAZA

      haha, josh asked me the same thing. i guess i meant to little things you put in oatmeal. like fruit, nuts, maple syrup or brown sugar. i should probably try to find the proper word! ;)

  10. Malorie

    There’s nothing worse than morning sickness! I’m a few weeks behind you in my pregnancy (just a single) and I feel so out of control of my life! I’m really inspired by you! Growing two humans and taking care of 3 others! You go girl! ❤

  11. Your family is so gorgeous! I love posts like this as they offer a glimpse into real life, it’s so interesting seeing what other people do on a daily basis! x

    Sarah Lilly || The Lilly Mint Blog

  12. Gabriella

    I so so loved reading this! It makes me excited to start a family with my husband, especially when I see what everyday life (not just sweet newborn photoshoot life) looks like. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!

  13. this was such a cute post!!
    not a morning person either, but I too feel that my days go better if I wake up early. I feel more productive and satisfied w my day.
    Hope your morning sickness goes away!

    diana, forloveandnapo.com

  14. Anne Pardes

    What bible do you have? We have one that we would read at night but our oldest is almost 5 and we are looking for a bit more mature edition. Thank you!!

  15. megan

    More posts like this please! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Emily Christopher

    Where are your bento boxes from? I’ve been looking for some just like that and struggling to find the metal ones with multiple sections.

    • josh

      Planetbox. They aren’t leak-proof, FYI.

  17. Ashley

    Yes yes yes more of these type posts! So great!

  18. Nikola

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about your family routines and just general parenting philosophies. I feel like when there is so much negativity out there about parenting, I can always come back here and get reminded of what Actually matters in life. We have a little one coming in May and so I am trying to soak up as much wisdom as you will impart!

    Thank you so much Taza!

    • TAZA

      ah! congratulations!! May is going to be an exciting month for both of our families. and thank you for those very kind words. they mean so much! xoxo

  19. Marka Sue

    I would love to know what scripture children’s book
    You use for morning bible reading! I’ve tried several and love to change it up. Thanks!

  20. Megan

    Taza, do you have any parenting books you’d recommend? I searched your website and couldn’t find anything on specific books. Your kids seem so well rounded and I’m trying to sift through all these polarized parenting books for something just simple and no nonsense and thought you might have some good ideas!

    It has been so fun watching your blog for what seems like forever. I started back when I was a college student and now I’m a mom myself, and I’ve loved being able to connect to your posts in a new way now. I’m so excited for your new twin adventure! I used to dream of having twin girls!

  21. Chelsea Hayes

    LOVE posts like this and your sweet family! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Jen

    Love this morning routine! ❤️
    Do your kids have a visual chore chart they use,
    or did they learn from consistency?
    Seeking a little advice, as my 6 year old is not so motivated.

    • josh

      No chart. We are really just focused on habits and routines, explaining why, teaching how, and praising a lot. I would suggest just starting over with 1 thing. (Ours has been emptying and loading the dishwasher.) Do it with her at first and tell her how great it is to be working together and that she (her work) is really needed. Praise her for the things she does well and hive her high fives and hugs for what she did do. Build from there. Let me know!

  23. Rochelle

    Love hearing about your everyday life! I’ve got a little girl and two boys close to the same ages as yours so I love seeing how you do things. School starts at 7:30 here so family breakfast is not an option but I love that you get a chance to eat together before your day starts.

  24. Amy

    I am experiencing horrible morning sickness that lasts all day. I have no life. I am in bed 90 percent of the day. The only thing that helps a little is eating more protein which can be hard when i am too nauseous. Also if you aren’t already, try a vitamin b6 100 mg a day. If one more person tells me “it’s worth it” i might lose it. This is my 3rd so i obviously think it’s worth it! K I’m venting now. Best wishes. Hope your sickness ends very soon. 💛

  25. Michelle C

    I LOVE this post. Thank you to the smarties that suggested it. Though I’d still love more parenting style talks and fostering good sibling relationships!

    And we haven’t had a kids bedroom tour yet have we? A video walkthrough of the layout like you did in your last place would be awesome. Ok ok ok my Davis Family + NYC obsession is showing.

  26. Elisa Gaertner

    Thank you for sharing your morning routine! My son starts kindergarten next fall and I’m kinda worried about the “morning routine” since he goes to preschool in the afternoons. I would love to hear the ideas for school lunch and stuff! :) love your blog and instagram feed!

    • josh

      Ideas for food? 1. keep away from hidden sugars. For example our pb&j sandwiches: no sugar in the bread (hard to find), nothing but nuts in the butter (so good anyway!), and all fruit spreadable fruit (least sugar I can find with 40% less sugar than other jams).
      2. Include fresh vegetables and fruits as much as you can (food from the ground instead of things from factories).

  27. DCP

    I love this! I can’t imagine my kids helping to make breakfast! That’s so awesome. They are always so starving that if I don’t get food in their mouths immediately, they start whining and getting upset, So I always just make everything for them. I think mine would love helping out, but just don’t know if they could handle it without melting down! Any tricks to making this happen?

  28. Julia Gabrielsson

    Love this post!
    I’m a mother of two, (3,5 and 6 month old) and just love reading all about your life in NY!! I’m a swede who lives in Sweden in a small house in the country side right by a lake so our lives couldn’t mes more opposite, and it’s great!! So fun to follow you and your family, and I have been for almost 7 years now.
    If I’m allowed to wish for a certain blog post it would be “a house tour” it’s always so fun to see how other people live :)
    (Sorry if I spelled a lot of this wrong but I can just read like half of everything I’m writing, because of my Phoebe,so couldn’t go back and fix it)
    // your biggest fan in Sweden :)

    • josh

      We love lakes!

  29. Pam Sosa

    I love your blog especially this post! I’ve been reading to you for over 8 years and this is the first time I’ve written. Greetings from Guadalajara, Mexico!

  30. Natalie

    Love reading your routine- our little ones are the same and thrive off of the same schedule every morning. Haven’t been able to find great little scriptures or devotionals that include the kiddos. The pictures you have seem very kid friendly!- could you share what those are? Thank you!
    Also, love the pictures and videos of you guys playing/rolling around with the kids- so loving and so real.

  31. Nicole

    Its so great you get to do this routine with your family every day, i find it so hard to follow your routine even if i find it the ideal way to start your day-in theory! Haha! It looks like a fairytale to me, as we get up 45 minutes before we have to go (I have a 4,5 yrs old+ pregnant 😬) and there is almost every day some kind of grumpiness by almost everyone. (The tv routine that has been established without even noticing it doesnt help obvioysly). Anyway, my point is: whats your secret? I think that it has everytinh to do with the kids themselves, meaning that when your kids are so “trained” to wake up with joy, it makes it easier for the whole family, actually, I dont think I could pull this off more than 2-3 days, and its a shame because it is really my dreamy morning routine. 😒

    • josh

      Our secret is that it takes longer than 45 minutes. 😬

  32. kenzie

    Love your morning routine! Where is your scripture study book from? Breakfast is a great place to fit that in!

  33. Autumn

    I just love love this post! I teach elementary school and I just know that your kiddos probably have such great days at school because of how great their morning routine is. It makes such a difference!

  34. Lou Frei

    I love your cute little family and all the fun things you guys do! You guys are such a great example and I hope I can be great parents like you guys someday! Thanks for the great light and goodness that your family shares! :)

  35. Mallory

    Amen to the comment above! You and your sweet family are such a breath of fresh air. I truly want to parent as you and Josh do! I really believe your kids play so well together because you two are so great at giving them your undivided attention! I think a lot of sibling rivalry might be due to competing for parents’ attention. Anyway, I want you to know you have sersiouslu mastered this parenting thing, I feel! In a perfectly imperfect and happy/calm way. :) I truly hope you start feeling better soon! The things we do for these babies!! <3

  36. Alyssa

    I LOVE this post! It’s always fun for me to see how other family’s have implemented structure and routine into their home. I just have a 2 yr old and I feel like it’s hard to maintain consistency. Love these kinds of posts Taza, share them as often as you’d like :). They’re my favorite!

  37. Sherry

    What a great morning…our kids always seemed to have different schedules in the morning since they were at different schools, so we never had a good morning routine that was togetherness. This is a special time..enjoy it.

  38. Jessica S.

    Love this post! I desperately want to be a morning person. Do you and Josh both work from home? Also, I’d love to get the info on the family friendly devotional y’all do! Thanks!

  39. Maria

    Really helpful post! Thank you for this insight.

  40. fantastic post! i appreciate so much being able to see inside some excellent parenting. you really are wonderful parents, taza and josh! it’s obvious that you two are a team. love that.

  41. Erica C.

    Naomi, I love this kind of post! What a nice morning routine. Definitely better than mine :P (I pretty much just hit the snooze button five times and jump out of bed when I realize I’m running late, frantically grab whatever food I can get my hands on and bolt out the door. But surely I can’t be the only one, can I?)

    Thanks so much for sharing! By the way, which lens & settings were used for these photos? They’re fantastic. :)


    xo E | http://www.holaitserica.com

  42. bethany diehl

    Can you share the name of the book of scriptures?? Love the photos..bless your sweet family!

  43. Judith

    One of my favorite posts! You’re such an inspiration. My husband works at night so in the morning I’m alone with my 3 years old and 10month old getting them up and ready to go before daycare drop off and then trying to get to work on time. So I think I’m being realistic in saying that I will never be able to achieve that much in our morning routine. It’s one of the hardest things keeping your cool and trying not to show the stress you’re in to the kids because it does make such a difference on their lives. Cooperation from everyone is key in my book. Is there anything you prep the night before to make things easier in the morning?

    • josh

      That’s tough! One thing we try to do the night before is get the kids to bed on time/early, so we all wake up early and have enough time to get everything done. It’s so hard to stay cool when there isn’t any time, right?

  44. Kristin

    Fun to read how other parents do their mornings. I start work at 8am and drop my kids of to kindergarden and school before that so we don’t have much time in the morning. So we try to at least make some extra about the Sundaybreakfast. But I definitely agree on the need for routines. It makes it SO much easier. We’re working on giving the kids some more chores that they can manage well:)
    Love reading your blog – best wishes from Norway

  45. Rachael

    I wish I could pack peanut butter sandwiches for school. Most schools in Australia are nut free. My kids would love love love peanut butter for lunch.

    • josh

      What a shame! Thankfully, our school monitors allergies and handles that for the kids. We rotate through ham or turkey sandwiches and carrots and hummus too though.

  46. Heidi

    Loved your routine so much – very inspiring!
    Would love to hear about one thing: how do you deal with your cell phones (or let’s say communication and Social Media) in the morning? Do you check messages before the kids get up?
    We have a strict no-cellphone-during-meals-policy and I really try not to look at my phone before breakfast.
    Would love to read about your opinion about it in general, too!
    Many thanks from Hamburg (Germany)!

    • josh

      Good question! For as long as the kids could talk, they have been able to say “no phones at the table!” Ha! It depends before or after but definitely not during meals! It’s easy because we try to chit chat instead.

  47. Amber

    What watch does Eleanor have? Currently looking to buy one for my daughter and hers looks perfect!

    • josh

      I bought her a classic Shark watch.

  48. Gem

    That’s awesome! My twin seven-year-olds (ID girls) have the same expectation of independence of getting ready in the morning and unpacking their bags, taking their uniforms off in the arvo! I love the dishwasher chore in the morning, I will definitely adopt that one. Your lunches are also incredibly similar, we add a yoghurt or a muesli bar too – they do “brain food” at my girls’ school which has to be fruit/veg snack! I really found the set routines make mine and their lives easier as we all know what we’re doing!

    My all-day morning sickness with my twin pregnancy was horrendous too – I was working not looking after little ones, but it was so paralysing. I was fortunate that it passed at 13-14 weeks, I hope that yours ceases soon! All the best from Melbourne, Austraila :)

  49. Adoro ❤️ Blogue Maravilhoso

    Beijinhos de Lisboa
    Luísa Leal

  50. Lisa

    I feel like I constantly struggle with morning routines. This was sich a great help to see how you make time for all the important stuff. It inspires me to make my son more of a help in the morning too. Thanks Naomi!

  51. Marie

    Loved this post so much; it’s always great picking up great tips from other parents that we can use! Hope you feel better soon, Naomi!

  52. Kenza

    Dear Naomi,

    Thank you for this great article. It’s really helpful. I have a question when and how did you decide to make your children more independent. I would like to know more about your vision of kids autonomy. Sorry for my mistakes in English… I’m reading you from France.
    Take care of you.

  53. Katie

    This was such a great post! Thanks for sharing your Book of Mormon scripture time!!! I’m impressed with how early you all get up.
    What time do you all go to bed? I love that you encourage the kids to get things finished up for a little play time before they go to school.

  54. kelly

    Hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel for your all day sickness. We have boy/girl twins that turn 10 on Tuesday! I had all day sickness with them until around week 18. It’s no fun trying to mommy your older kids. I felt really great until around the middle of the third trimester if that gives you any hope.

  55. angie

    I love the healthy breakfast to give a good start to the day and set a good pattern for healthy eating in the future. SO important, and a real gift to the children. This post if wonderful. Sending Love and best wishes.

  56. erica

    It’s so fun to read about your morning routine, and inspiring! You guys seem to put a lot of thought in everything you do, which is great. I’m curious, when do you and josh get ready? Are you up before the kids?

  57. Meagan

    I love this. Morning is a special time at our house too, and this was a good reminder to keep it that way when there’s so much ready to get in the way of that. (PS Naomi, I am sending you lots of love and good vibes because being sick while preggers, and momming, is one of those crazy awful-wonderful-heart-breaking-building things ever— and it is not easy. But you are still radiating light and beauty!)

  58. gladmama

    sweet post!

  59. Lauren

    Loved this read. I really struggle in the mornings as I suffer with an under-active thyroid which makes me soooo sleepy all day every day as if I’m heavily pregnant all the time. I also suffer from chronic back pain due to a traumatic labour gone wrong 7 years ago. Reading this has inspired me and given me hope and faith that I can do better. I’m always trying to better myself and be the best Mum I can be, but sometimes I feel like a complete failure because of the back pain and the symptoms of under-active thyroid makes me somebody I am not. I may be starting medication soon so hopefully that’ll help me. In the mean time, I continue to follow your family on social media and your photos always make me smile :-) you are very lucky. Love, Lauren x (Instagram: lemsxx)

  60. Jessica

    SO sweet! I love seeing little glimpses of what life is like with your children (as, right now, they’re all just a bit older than my two – mine are almost three years, and almost 11 months). Love the pictures!


  61. Jaana

    The photo of you braiding Eleanor’s hair is just so precious. My mom would always french braid my hair because I’m terrible at doing it for myself. I’m in my forties and I would still have her braid my hair for me on occasion. She passed away suddenly last year, at 67, and this brought back such wonderful memories. I would give a lot to have a picture like this. :)

  62. Amanda Jackson

    Precious. My kids are older now and on their own getting ready and getting breakfast in the mornings (which is nice in it’s own way). I miss the little stage.
    Y’all are a darling family.

  63. Cassandra

    Love this! Quick question, are the planet boxes worth the money?

  64. Kate

    Do your kids have their own rooms or do they share? If they share does it help or hinder the morning routine? As our family grows we’d need siblings to share a room to stay in the city and I’ve gotten mixed reviews on room sharing.

    • josh

      They share and it doesn’t affect the morning routine at all.

  65. SIRMA

    i just got my second baby and i crave for morning rutine;)
    Luckyly hubby takes the brother to the school so i can handle a thing or two at home!!!!!

  66. eva

    what??waking up at 6:30? when do your kids go to bed then? we barely manage to dress them while they are half asleepand whining at 7:30-7:45. then we all rush to eat because we need to be at school at 8:30. i think i would die if i had to get up so early LOL

    • josh

      I guess we will have to do a bedtime post too? They go to bed early and wake up without an alarm.

  67. Arielle

    What a cute post! It’s been fun watching your kids grow up in this internet space that last few years. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy with the girls. xoxo

  68. Emma

    I love this post, it’s so interesting getting a little glimpse into your lives.

  69. e

    Naomi! My family and I are coming to NYC February 9-12th and we’re looking for a unique artistic experience – like that Pipoli Rist exhibit you went to or the balloons inside Park Avenue Armory. Anything like that going on to your knowledge?

  70. isabelle

    Thanks for sharing that ! very useful. I do similar routine with 2 children but in 1/2 hour in the morning ! maybe better waking them up 1/4 hour before to have less rush…

  71. Kim

    Mornings with kids can be tricky, but you have inspired me to get back on the ball with my morning routine! Also, I love Josh’s boots in the first photo. Perhaps he would be willing to do a post on men’s style basics. Tips for finding some timeless, classic pieces. He seems to have great taste and my husband is in need of a wardrobe update!

    • josh

      You’re too kind, Kim!

  72. Sam

    so lovely! you guys are very lucky to both work from home and both be able to be around in the mornings. my husband is getting himself ready for work in the mornings so I feel like I’m kind on my own. but hopefully one day his business will take off enough that he can work from home too!

  73. Ashley

    Wod you share where youe cute pants are from?

  74. Liz

    Could you share more about the preschool coop? Did you hire a teacher or do you guys take turns? Also, are you using a specific curriculum?