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anyone that’s been in new york lately can attest to the fact that the weather has not been very much fun the past month or so. more like brutal, to put it kindly. this is the part of the year where i forget all about how much i hate the humidity in the summer on the subway car with broken air conditioning and just want someone to transport me back there, even for just a few minutes.

we’ve been doing our best to brave it. the kids are such incredible sports. i swear they don’t feel the cold the way we older people do, always asking to still go play outside and as i scrunch my body trying to hold in any heat while we walk the streets together, they race ahead with the happiest giggles. i’m glad someone is enjoying it.

surprisingly enough, despite the cold, josh and i had a lot of fun outside taking these photos. he was cracking me up left and right with his little dance moves between shots to keep warm. and at one point he wanted to stand where a huge potted tree was placed to get the photo and was all, “do you think i could move this for a minute?!” maybe you had to be there. i don’t know, he just makes everything more fun. even the cold. which is impressive since he’s a florida boy.

thanks to this winter weather,  i have been trying to find longer, bigger, warmer jackets to hide in this winter. ones that cover this baby bump comfortably, too.  extreme temperatures call for extreme measures, i suppose. i just got this blue padded jacket and it’s my new favorite thing because it feels like i’m wrapped in a loose and cozy sleeping bag. i also love its bright color, because the majority of coats i’ve found in this sort of style are always black and i believe winter calls for color. it lifts my spirits, at least.  (and side note: i’ve also been doing a good job of protecting my ankles if anyone hasn’t noticed. josh got me some smart wool socks at christmas because i started to steal his over the last few months and i just have to say, they really are kind of amazing.)

we are supposed to be traveling right now, but it has been a crazy week and we are happy to be here at home. i just started binge watching the latest season of top chef when my insomnia kicks in at night and i am loving it. has anyone seen it? it’s the season set in colorado and it’s been great so far. i had completely forgotten all about that show the last few years, so it’s been fun to have it back in my life. i think i’m late to the game on this one, so you all probably already use and love this app, but my friends just introduced me to the app called marco polo and i am also loving it. you can send videos to your friends so it’s kind of like FaceTime in the fact that it is face to face messaging, but you record it on your own time, and they can respond on their own time as well. i have a couple of group chats going on there with friends and it’s a fun way to feel like we are all in the loop, since life can be crazy and it’s hard to really chat frequently on the phone. i also hate talking on the phone in general, so i feel like this app was made for me.

thanks for the kind feedback on our photography posts we put together! we have a few more coming, so stay tuned! hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

blue padded coat, shearling lace up boots, blue backpack is old, from asos. and red beanie is actually conrad’s (from old navy) which i stole as we ran out the door since i forgot a hat and this one was closest to the door! he thought it was so funny i had his hat on.

  1. Haha it does look like a sleeping bag and also super comfy! I usually love Winter, but this year has been brutal. I actually miss the normal Winter. I’m looking forward to this weekend 50 degrees forecast.

    Xx – Fernanda

  2. Carly

    That jacket looks incredibly cozy! The weather is so weird this year. While you guys on the East coast are having crazy cold temps, us in the Southwest are having a crazy warm winter. It’s been in the 60s everyday. This time last year it had snowed like 5 times and this year we’ve had zero snow. It’s driving me crazy. How about we trade weather for just a week? If only we could……

    Sorry to hear you’re dealing with pregnancy insomnia. I had it through my the end of my first and half of my second trimester with this pregnancy (twins due in March). It does get better so hand in there. And if you want another Netflix show to binge watch, go for Baby Daddy or How I Met Your Mother. They are both great!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Carly from http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  3. Kristin

    Love, love, love! Happy Weekend!😘😘😘

  4. Lea

    As a native Washingtonian I am accustomed to wet, cold winters that involved frozen commutes and ample hot chocolate. This winter certainly has been a challenge after 7 years in the south and now we are preparing for a New England move in the spring. Any suggestions for leg layers? I feel so incredibly unprepared for what the northeast can suffer through.

  5. josh

    Naomi always always always discloses. This is not sponsored!

  6. Kim

    Your jacket looks so comfy! I’ve been wanting to buy bold colored jackets because most of what I own is neutral! Love this inspo!


  7. Nati

    Love the coat! Any input about sizing?

  8. McKenzie

    y0u look fab in blue! i just got back from a trip from orlando, and it had it’s warm days and i’m currently missing it! i do love cozy-ing up next to the fire on cold days, but the cold gets to me too!


  9. Natali

    Your coat and boots are fantastic, they look super comfy and stylish too!
    Have a great weekend ahead!


  10. Chloe

    That sounds and looks so cosy ! To be honest it’s the only way I imagine surviving winter as well, I always feel like it longer than summer. Love your content, big fan since your first pregnancy !

    Kind wishes from Belgium. X


  11. Worldpal

    Love that you are bringing the color back. :) Simply looks amazing!

  12. Debra

    Ok I want that coat for sure! I think I would sleep in it as well! :)

  13. Lynn-Holly Wielenga

    Ha I love it! My husband and I are moving to New York next August and I’ve already started researching coats and clothes for freezing cold weather! I’m from Texas, so I need all the help I can get. If you ever wanted to do a post on tips for staying warm in the winter (socks, long johns? etc.) I’d really appreciate it. :)

  14. Cheryl

    That is such a good idea. Throw in a pop of color even in the winter time! I so need this in my season right now. Thanks for the idea.

  15. In the Dallas area it has been a VERY Cold winter so far. We have had many days in the teens and even below that! So many mornings getting out of the car at 5 am at the gym and it’s been 12 degrees, 10 degrees and windchill making it feel like zero or below. So abnormal for North Texas…..but of all those freezing cold days my kids got no snow:( Winter is giving us a break….Today the high is 67!!! And I am loving it:) Stay warm!

  16. Joana

    Hi Naomi,
    Nice jacket!
    What’s that lipstick color?

  17. maria

    Love the coat, thank you for the inspiration!

  18. Claire

    Love the coat! I want to know more info on it but your links aren’t working :(

    • josh

      That’s weird, Claire. Sorry you’re having trouble. The links are working for us.

  19. Leslee

    Girl, you are rocking that blue coat! And Josh is rocking the photos! Every time you post a photo of you crossing the street in NYC, I wish I could stand on the street corner and watch you guys taking it! How do you do it without getting hit?! When I’ve been in NYC and attempted it, I’m scared to death! But I love the look of the taxis in the background! Do tell…and stay safe, you two! (Or, I guess I need to say you FOUR! #babiesonboard ;))

    • TAZA

      haha thank you! well, we are both in the crosswalk and walking across the street when we have the right of way and it’s our turn to cross, so it’s totally safe! josh is usually on the other side of the street in the other cross walk! not too complicated, just walking and snapping some pics at the same time!

  20. so gorgeous! blue is definitely your colour :)
    i feel like it could be the one for me too, its not too bright and out of my comfort zone, just fun enough to get me wearing colour in the new year :)

  21. kay

    Love the coat! The links aren’t working for me, either. :(

    • TAZA

      ah! i don’t know why… are you in the US? it’s working for me on two different computers and also iPhone. it’s from asos though if you want to search their site! so sorry!

  22. Claire

    The links to the coat aren’t working for multiple people, it would be helpful if your responses included where the coat is from or where exactly we could find it. I understand you want the affiliate link to be used, but it’s just redirecting back to this post and your replies are just saying the link works for you :(

    • josh

      Hi Claire. Again, sorry you’re having trouble. We’re not trying to make it difficult. Actually, Naomi really enjoys trying to help! She has already replied to another comment saying the cost is from ASOS. Hope that is useful!

  23. Naomi you look beautiful!

  24. A pop of color on gray wintry days is always fun! Love the cobalt coat – looks so perfect!