snow day!

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there is something so completely magical and special about the first snow of the season! we were lucky enough to experience ours on saturday here in the city and it didn’t disappoint on any level. after we managed the ordeal of getting snow gear on in an attempt to head to central park, we could barely get a few feet from our front stoop before the kids had plopped themselves down and were giddily scooping up snowballs like they were tiny puppies! we only live a short distance from central park, but it took us maybe a half hour to get there, since every snowflake that fell seemed more magical than the last and my kids were plenty content just playing with the snow from on top of parked cars along the street! it was very sweet. we did eventually make it into the park, where our papa randomly slid down a hill without a sled (and some strangers caught it on video! they came and found us to show us. we laughed so hard, we had them text it to us and i shared the video on instagram if you want to see! it’s a funny one.)

we ended our snow adventure with hot chocolate and some japanese take out. always love these first snowstorms and i’m so glad we documented some of ours. i’m always like, “eh, do we take the camera out in the snow?!” but then i’m always like, “i’m so glad we did that!” josh just tucked it into his coat during most of our outing to protect it from the wet snow and also warm and she did great. those things are so crazy durable and i’m so glad.

lots of photos!!!

LOVE TAZA 08nn1-22

see what i mean? couldn’t cross a street without stopping to build a snowman!

LOVE TAZA 08nn1-23LOVE TAZA 08nn1-25

so, i couldn’t zip or button my snow pants (because of my baby bump) and they kept riding down! i was literally pulling them up every few steps and trying my best not to laugh.

LOVE TAZA 08nn1-26LOVE TAZA 08nn1-2

when we pulled out all the snow gear and conrad spotting all the goggles, there was no turning back! he proudly wore his our entire afternoon outside!

LOVE TAZA 08nn1-17LOVE TAZA 08nn1-19LOVE TAZA 08nn1-14LOVE TAZA 08nn1-20LOVE TAZA 08nn1-21LOVE TAZA 08nn1-7LOVE TAZA 08nn1-5LOVE TAZA 08nn1-27LOVE TAZA 08nn1-18LOVE TAZA 08nn1-9LOVE TAZA 08nn1-3LOVE TAZA 08nn1-4LOVE TAZA 08nn1-11LOVE TAZA 08nn1-6LOVE TAZA 08nn1-8 there is something about the city in all the snow that makes me love new york even more. how is that even possible? i’m already very much ready for the next snowstorm, in case you wanna send her. ;)  LOVE TAZA 08nn1-10
LOVE TAZA 08nn1-12LOVE TAZA 08nn1-13LOVE TAZA 08nn1-15LOVE TAZA 08nn1-16LOVE TAZA 08nn1

some snowstorms from years past HERE and HERE (baby samson in the hand-me-down panda jacket conrad is wearing now!) and HERE is a fun post when we went sledding in central park and conrad was only a month old! so tiny!

  1. No one does snow days like the Davis family!

  2. shannon

    I’m supremely jealous.

  3. Liza

    I have to comment! These pictures are so great! The one of the taxi bus thru the intersection is so great – looks almost fake or sparkly or both. This snow was truly magical! Merry Christmas- liza

  4. naomi

    My kids love the snow! We always love going to the mountains during this time of the year!

  5. Ellie

    TAZA I love all of y’all’s photos (pardon my Texan accent)!! What camera and lense do y’all use??

  6. Mallory Brisson

    Does anyone even sell maternity snow pants?! I’d be in the market for some! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love that your family builds snowmen and makes snow angels on the side walks on NY.

  7. Kat Taylor

    I was just in New York for work and am simultaneously sad and happy we missed! It would have been magical but decidedly less so when I was lugging supplies for a work event up and down Sixth Avenue!

    Beautiful pictures!

  8. Sabrina

    Hey Naomi,

    You should check out Matador if you haven’t already. They make awesome camera bags, backpacks, etc. that fold up super tiny. And of course, it’s stylish.

    I have nothing personally to do with the brand. I just like kit that gets small when you are not using it. : D

  9. Rachael

    Does it snow like this often. It looks like everyone else in the city is hiding inside. I couldn’t imagine trying to walk to work too often in this weather. Love it.

  10. Cloe

    The red cheeks of little ones during their time outside when it is snowing and cold… I’m in love every time I see it one children’s faces. Be it my own or others. So magical.

  11. How cute are these photos!!
    My son absolutely loves to play around in the snow as well, so I can’t wait for the snow to arrive here too already.

    x Kristjaana

  12. Jacinta

    Looks magical! No snow here in Melbourne!

  13. Crystal

    That looks so magical. Christmas for me in nz
    Means summertime sun, beach days and strawberries :) But one day I’m going to have to have a white Christmas!

  14. Ah, I love this! My little daughter is just getting into the excitement of snow this year…so much fun to introduce these joys to our kiddos! (also, do you know what shutter speed you used to catch the snow flakes so well??)

    • josh

      Doesnt have to be super fast shutterspeed. These were at 400-500.

  15. Kinga

    I wish to have at least one snowy day like this during upcoming Christmas also to see snowy NY it looks so amazing and you guys look like this is so much fun! :)

  16. Katrina

    I had three kids in three years, now ages 6,5, 3 1/2, and I have a home daycare with 5 other kids – and I just wanted to say that , although the PILE of winter stuff gets bigger, getting 5-7 kids ready to go.out every day in the city can actually get streamlined. I had 7 of them ready in 10 minutes this week :) My trick is getting snow pants and boots on everyone , then go from most complient to least resistant. The bigger kids help the smaller ones and then we are out to play! Enjoy!! Xxxx

  17. Ashley

    You either need to get a belly band or use the rubber band trick to keep your pants up 😊

  18. Kacie

    Lovely photos. You always have such bright smiles and beaming faces. Hope your pregnancy is treating you well. Crazy to think I’ve been following along since we were both due with our first girls! x

  19. Marie

    What a magical time! This blog of yours is such a time lapse of wonderful memories for you and your family! We are homebodies but when I see your pictures, it makes me want to get out and travel more! :)

  20. So magical! Love how you captured this moment in time.

  21. Jennifer.

    How about suspenders for your snow pants? Also. Love the kids coveralls… thinking they would work for my kids, can you please share the brand?

  22. Sierra

    So much snow fun! We got snow here too over the weekend but I’m sure being in the city during it is magical. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  23. Maelle

    Oh my, is there anything prettier and more magical than New York in the snow?!
    I’ve never been and always think about visiting in the summer, but these pictures make me rethink it now! Maybe winter would be a pretty awesome time for a visit, too!

  24. gigi

    Love your blog and pictures. Almost makes me want to move to New York.

  25. Kristin

    That looks like an amazing day! :) The penguin video is crazy funny! Cant belive someone captured it and than showed you – haha! I love this pictures :) your kids are so lucky to have you document their childhood so beautifully.

  26. Gabriella

    Gosh, Naomi! NY covered in snow really is so dreamy! And you guys (plus those iconic yellow taxis) are incredible against that all-white background! I’m super minimalist in my ski gear, and always regret my choice when I take photos of my husband in his bright yellow ski pants!

  27. I love the photos! We had a fun day too.. but I didn’t take my camera out that day :(.
    Btw, don’t you with Polarn O. Pyret made outfits for adults too? hahaha I LOVE their stuff.
    Xx – Fernanda

  28. Conrad all bundled up is so cute! And loving that photo of Samson throwing the snowball toward the camera! Also loving how y’all made snowmen everywhere. Some would say they were rather random places. But I think it just goes to show that NYC is your playground and your home! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  29. Amber

    Inspired to let my son just BE where he wants to be! I’m still learning that what I think will be fun for him isn’t always what he thinks is fun. :) Have you shared the info on your coat…? Thanks for bringing joy to parenthood in such an honest way. PS I remember wearing snow pants that didn’t quite close with my baby belly… too funny!

  30. hanna

    from one pregnant lady to another (we also have three, awaiting the next); don’t you ever feel overwhelmed? having threechildren before, and getting twins; don’t you ever freak out about capasity, too little Space in the apartement, living away from grandparents, how you will be able to give everyone enough attention etc)? i feel much joy and gratitude, but also worry much about those other things. if you do too, please tell. of course it’s ok (and a bit abnormal;) to feel only the good feelings, but if not, it would mean the world if you could put your words into it. it’s ok to feel all the feelings, and it’s reassuring to know you’re not alone With those feelings.
    wishing you all the best for you and your magical human growing body,
    hanna (sweeden)

  31. Awwww! Truly remarkable experience for the kids! Can’t stop watching the Penguin video! Hahaha. Love how you show your kids how to have fun! And your photos…my my! They’re all stunning! Such vivid colors. What camera do you use? :)

  32. Karen

    Great pictures! It seems that you had a lot of fun!
    I was wondering if you could make a post telling how you dress the kids for going out in the snow. I don’t have snow in my country but I’m planning to move shortly and I could really use some tips for dressing kids in this weather.
    Thank you!

  33. Kathy

    Beautiful post! I am so grateful for your blog. I’ve been reading for 5 years now and you and Josh inspire me so much. I like the way you talk honestly about parenting but at the same time have a lot of gratitude and joy as parents. I’m pregnant with baby number two and whenever I stop by your blog I’m reminded to be grateful for my little everchanging, growing, family. Thank you!

  34. Katelyn

    So beautiful! We had those same oversized flakes in Chicago. <3

    But also, how do you keep your camera dry shooting all morning in such wet snow?? Would love to know your tips. :)

  35. Madeleine

    Unrelated, but here is a quote I recently overheard which I thought Naomi would appreciate: “Wait, does Juilliard have a basketball team?”

  36. Laura Ortiz

    Love all the pictures!! you’re right they’re so magical and also, thank you for posting a lot of them, that’s one thing I like about your blog, that I know I’m in a for treat in big quantities!

  37. Kat

    naomi and josh, you should be so proud of how your photography skills have grown! these photos are just so beautiful, so crisp, and so well composed. and i love how you’ve edited them! seeing how you capture your kids is no doubt my favorite part of this little blogland. <3

  38. Kelly V

    Please share all snow outfit details! Love your pants, jacket & hat. I’m in the market for a new outfit this year. Thank you!

  39. China

    Naomi, I would love a post on the best winter/snow gear for kids! My husband and I both grew up in California, and while I finally feel like I sort of have a handle on keeping our two (4.5 and almost 2) warm outside, I still feel like it’s all very piecemeal. Your kids look so well outfitted and ready to play!

    Congrats on the upcoming babies as well! They are going to be two lucky kids to be born into such a lovely, warm, fun-loving family!

  40. These pictures are so magical, this is the second time I have visited this post. You capture this amazing life so beautifully.

  41. Rachel M

    you guys make it look like so much fun!!

  42. We missed the snow by about 12 hours which made me so sad. Each morning I checked the weather, hoping it had moved in a day earlier but no luck. Another reason to visit in winter I think!


  43. Carly

    So fun that you guys got snow! Could you send some my way. It’s been in the seventies in New Mexico and the ski area isn’t going to open this year :(

    I absolutely love that Josh is such a fun dad and slides head first down the slope in Central Park. He’s a wild one……

    Carly from

  44. hailey

    We are about to move to the UWS from LA!!! We are all so excited, and these photos are pumping us up. I don’t know the first thing about snow gear for kids… or adults! Where did you get those sweet snowsuits for the kiddos?!

  45. Bee

    Love the NYC winter pictures- and do I spy a beautiful red Robin too? Love that one.

  46. Kelly

    Congratulations, Josh, on your confidence. So few of us adults can let go so easily. I can (never needed alcohol! haha). Both of you, really.

    • josh

      Thanks, Kelly! I wish I had more occasions to be confident/silly. Hopefully as my kids get older!