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well, this past week has been one for the books! and not in a good way, but more of an exhausting-you’ve-got-to-be-freaking-kidding-me- kind of way. somewhere between ordering a new faux pre-lit christmas tree, and starting to set it up the day after thanksgiving, to discover the lights did not work, to the part where they sent the replacement tree almost an entire week later, which also had lights that did not work (i’m not kidding, we had two lemon trees in one week!), to the part where two and half hours later on the phone with costumer service, josh pays to overnight a third pre-lit tree to us and we still have no idea where it even is in the mail. (but bless my smart husband for also getting a tree without lights as backup because it’s the one we are using!) and so, after setting up and then having to take down two different 9 foot christmas trees this week, repackaging them and sending them back off…. christmas just started to feel annoying to me. and gosh, i know these aren’t serious problems, but still. thanks for listening.

and so, the other night at around 8PM, after we’d just put the kids to bed and as josh was untangling christmas lights (cause we ain’t ever doing anything pre-lit again!) and i’d just finished puking for the third time that day (the morning sickness this time around is seriously trying to kill me), josh said, “when do you think we’ll look back at this week and be able to laugh…. next year? ten years from now?” and then we both started to laugh, and i started to cry, because i’m hormonal right now and also really tired. and like, we can laugh at it right now. even if i’m still a little bit annoyed.

the good news is, we pulled out our christmas jammies and threw lights up on a tree and busted out the ornaments. i even brought out my camera! and she’s all decorated and it looks like we get to wait until the end of the month before taking down another christmas tree. in all honesty, i’ve already decided i’m keeping her up a few weeks post christmas this year. :)


conrad put the first ornament on the tree! he chose the santa claus!


found these silly glasses at flying tiger and they’ve been so much fun!


we’ve collected so many special ornaments over the years. it’s fun to spread them out and let the kids just stick them wherever. they do a good job of putting them high and low now. and we’re finally at a stage in life where we don’t have to only decorate the top half of the tree! i guess in another couple years we’ll have to go back to that once the twins are here, but for now, we’re all old enough to leave the ornaments alone!


a fun little ornament samson made in preschool last year!


eleanor’s first ornament, which i found on etsy several years ago for her first christmas!


i got myself these pretty nutcrackers (here and here), and i love them so much.


and i found these pretty colorful trees at the holiday market at columbus circle last year.


i also got wreaths for all our windows! when we first walked through this apartment, it was one of the things i got most excited about…. windows perfect for christmas wreaths.


we managed to only break one ornament in the process of decorating this year. :) also, for those interested, the tree skirt is from here.


after he put the star on the tree, he was so so excited he kept pointing to it! thanks, samson!


merry christmas, everyone!

for those interested in our christmas pjs, we’ve done the matching striped christmas jammies for 5 years now! but ventured out into the star wars jammies this christmas, too.

PS. decorating our tree in 2014 (so pregnant!), the year after in our striped christmas jammies and last year’s tree decorating (with a video!).  also, here’s a fun post from christmas day last year.

and sorry, last one. but GUYS. i forgot about this! josh and i made a video decorating our christmas tree in 2008, and i’m laughing so hard. such good times in our tiny studio apartment in harlem way back in the day! crazy!

  1. Gabriella

    I STILL remember that 2008 video! Gosh, time flies!! (And I was secretly hoping for another Christmas decorating video this year! 😀🙊) xx

  2. Emily

    Oh no!!!! You’ve been so excited to start Christmas decorating, and dutifully waited till after Thanksgiving! That is seriously a bummer, you’re allowed to complain. But it looks beautiful now, and the Star Wars pyjamas are great! Love to you all xo

  3. Taylor

    Congratulations on the twins! I LOVE that stork ornament, do you remember where you got it? My sister is expecting and I’m on the hunt for a christmas ornament for her.

  4. Sarah-Louise Yarbrough

    1. got tears in my eyes when E. is holding her ornament. 2. still cannot get over you are expecting twinners.

  5. April

    Oh man, that sucks about your tree! My in laws have a gorgeous pre lit tree from Costco and thankfully they didn’t have to go through that! Love your Christmas jammies!!

  6. Michelle

    I’m so sorry you had such an ordeal! No one wants to postpone the Christmas festivities! It looks beautiful! Thanks for uplifting me with your sweet take on motherhood. You are inspiring!!

  7. Shannon Merrell

    star wars jams for the win!

  8. Kadee

    Who sang “Joy to the World” from your 2014 Christmas Video?! I love it! I love following your family & seeing what a wonderful family you have! Merry Christmas to all💚 Xoxo!💗

    • TAZA

      i don’t know, but i know we licensed it through the music bed, so you might be able to search for it there!

  9. Simone

    We leave our tree up until January 6, when the three Kings come to leave us a little present in our shoe. (Technically they leave the gift on January 5th at night, but you wake up to it on the 6th) Then we eat “rosca de reyes” on the 6th with delish Mexican hot chocolate. Sounds like a good excuse for you to leave up your tree longer too!

  10. Nathalie Mercado

    Hi Taza! Would you mind telling me where you got that gorgeous mirror in the first or second photo ! I’m mirrir shopping and am looking for a good place to start !
    Merry Merry Merry Christmas to your bundle of joys ✨

    • TAZA

      it is from anthropologie!

  11. Jessica

    Awww, I know it seems like small problems, but I realize how annoying that stuff can be! Especially when pregnant with morning sickness! I’m glad you guys finally have a tree up! Happy Holidays!!

  12. Hannah

    I can get over how Samson is sporting a short sleeved version of those PJs!! Haha I love your adorable family!

    • TAZA

      haha, yes! i love how he does things his way. we’re going through a phase where we don’t like long sleeves, so we had to cut them off. :)

  13. fefe

    Woooow – that sounds so insanely frustrating! I’d be so mad! If it helps any, your tree looks AMAZING at least!

  14. Bekah

    Love that video!!!! This is the cutest and I miss you guys!

  15. These pictures gave me so much joy and make me look forward for when I have my own little family. Since I moved from Portugal to the UK, Christmas lost a bit of magic as I don’t have my family around (it is always hard to go there at these times of the year) and I keep thinking that one day all that magic will be back when I have my first baby.
    Not complaining about the beautiful Christmas I get to have with my beautiful fiancé – we always have a lot of fun and have a great dinner with close friends but with kids/or own family is a different kind of magic!! xx

  16. These pictures gave me so much joy and make me look forward for when I have my own little family. Since I moved from Portugal to the UK, Christmas lost a bit of magic as I don’t have my family around (it is always hard to go there at these times of the year) and I keep thinking that one day all that magic will be back when I have my first baby.
    Not complaining about the beautiful Christmas I get to have with my beautiful fiancé – we always have a lot of fun and have a great dinner with close friends but with kids/or own family is a different kind of magic!! xx

  17. Kristin

    Just beautiful photos!!! I always look forward to all of your photos, and your new place is stunning. Your tree turned out just beautiful, and I just love how you decorated. Thanks for always making me smile!! I cannot wait to see your new additions!! Are you finding out what you are having? Have a great night, and I hope your tummy is feeling better!!😘😘😘😘

  18. Jennifer HYMAN

    Wow! Everything looks so amazing!! It’s wonderful that you have all these posts and magazine-worthy pictures to preserve all these special memories (i.e. The Christmas before the twins come)!! Can I ask what are some of the stores or places that you got your ornaments from?

    • TAZA

      i have gotten them from a lot of random spots, but several are from anthropologie, which has such a beautiful assortment each year!

  19. Glad you were able to laugh about it so soon ^-^ I’m feeling the holiday cheer! Loving these bright and colourful photos (always bright and colourful!), especially the ones of Eleanor and Samson dressing Conrad up in tinsel. Watched the 2014 video & loved how they clapped after every ornament, and also watched the 2008 video, which was adorable! It’s so wonderful that you have all these memories to look back on–so precious! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • TAZA

      thank you, audrey!

  20. Katie

    Beauriful! Third times a charm!? Also still cannot believe you’re having twins!

  21. Naomi

    love this time of year when we get to spend time with our families❤️

  22. V

    Ahh sounds like a hectic week! We have a 9foot tree and have been dreading putting it together as it takes sooo long. So I can understand your frustration.

  23. Chrissi

    Hope you Feeling better now and more festive. enjoy the season.

  24. courtney nielsen

    OMG I totally feel you on this. We also had a frustrating tree experience this year. I was so excited to upgrade our tree to a 8 footer and thought I found the perfect one online, which I did. But I also had spent over an hour researching the best LED christmas lights which everyone told me was the way to go because they are safer, last longer, etc. So I found these great lights on amazon, spent about 1.5 hours putting them on the tree and the next time I plugged in the lights, almost half of them went out!! So I had to spend another hour taking the lights off and my three year old was pretty much traumatized that our tree was “broken.” To be honest, I was pretty bummed too, haha. So we stuffed it all back in the box and mailed it back to amazon and I ended up just buying the cheap traditional christmas lights at walmart and it all worked out in the end. But my son still talks about how sad he was about our broken lights!

    • josh

      Sounds pretty familiar! Glad it worked out in the end.

    • TAZA

      oh my gosh i am SO sorry. the worst! glad it’s all good now!

  25. brittany

    oh you guys somehow make even the worst weeks seem like fun!!! i love your positive spirits and it’s such a gift that you always share from that perspective!!! and OMG i am sooo sorry the pre-lit was such a disaster!!!! for us, once we went pre-lit i was like *praaaaise hands never going baaaack!!!* but i do worry about once the lights quit working someday. but prior to that, the lights were becoming a tense issue for us. haha. but these photos are gorgeous and those windows in your new home are UN. real. hope you feel better soon, too!!! xoxo

    • TAZA

      i totally get you! honestly if you look closely at our tree this year, you’ll see we just threw the lights up and didn’t really work hard on them because we both were so over it and didn’t want it to turn into a tense issue between the two of us, either! i hope your pre-lit tree never has any issues!!!!!!

  26. I love this and of course the best time of year!

  27. Sierra

    I’m sorry your decorating got off to a rough start but it looks like you all had a blast and everything turned out to be fun! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  28. Bruna

    Christmas can be stressful, but in the end everything comes out just fine :) I was stressing this year because we couldn’t find a place to buy a Christmas tree, for me they start selling them so late around here (we live in Berlin), and we are such enthusiasts! hahaha in the end, we bought our beautiful tree, and brought her using the subway…we sure got some interesting looks! haha I loved your tree, I sure do want to have a tree that size one day!
    Also, love the star wars jammies <3


  29. Patricia

    Your tree is so original!!! Finally the result was fantastic! Enjoy it! And congratulations for the twins!!! I am looking forward to meeting them and many months left!!!!
    Regards from Spain

  30. Emily

    May I ask where you ordered your tree from? It looks absolutely beautiful!!

  31. Hannah

    What lipstick are you wearing? I love the color!

  32. Kaylee

    I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to come visit your blog! I’ve been following along on insta for quite a while now. I just have to say, after one of the most frustrating mornings, this post was just what I needed – some beautiful fun-filled family christmas pics and words from someone who can relate to some serious frustration — gah! Love everything about this post, especially that you all are obviously enjoying the Christmas spirit together, regardless of some tree mis-haps. All the colors make me so happy (and I’m a total black and white, mmmaaaybe a little navy in there sometimes, kinda gal, ha)!

  33. Mary Keller

    Hi guys! Would you mind sharing where your tree skirt is from?

  34. Sarah

    Wait! Is this tree fake? I thought you meant after 2 failed pre-light trees you just bought a real one but after re-reading, it sounds like this is a fake tree. Where do people find such beautiful full fake trees? Mine is from Target, and as much as I believe Target can do no wrong, it isn’t my favorite and looks fake in my opinion. Can I ask where you found this one? And even next year as you put up ornaments with twins, you will be laughing at what a horrible experience the prior year was ;)

  35. Megan

    Your decorating is so fun and happy! I’ve been looking for a rug like that! Where is it from?

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