happy 3rd birthday, conrad!

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our little mister conrad is 3 years old today! we have been anticipating this day for several months now, as conrad so anxiously loves to practice singing happy birthday and blowing out pretend candles! he also wishes aloud several times each week for a “dragon cake” and a “red yo-yo.” his face this morning said everything! especially when he opened that yo yo. :)

i don’t know what we ever did before this beautiful boy arrived into our family, but he brings such joy and laughter and love into our home. last night, as i was putting him to bed, he stroked my hair all on his own and whispered, “is this better?”, something he says rather often when showing love. he loves the color red, pretending to be a dragon, professing his love for everyone in his family, watching bob the painter (that old show from the 80’s where the man named bob paints landscapes on canvases! but he can’t get enough)! he eats more hard boiled eggs and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches than anyone i know, hates to scoot unless he is in the lead (which can be tricky with two older siblings on scooters). he draws exceptional circles and requests fiber one cereal rather often. he talks to the babies in my tummy every morning, he loves saying “hi babies! it’s meeeee! conrad…” and then he giggles which is just the cutest thing. he knows his way around all the nyc playgrounds on the upper west side, and has an incredible sense of direction when we’re out and about in our neighborhood. he asks his papa or me to hold his hands “SOOO tight” as he falls asleep each night, and always wants to say the prayer around the dinner table.  i can’t even count how many times each day he says “mama, i love you so much!” or “you so nice!” but every time he does so, i swear my heart is about to explode. he makes me so happy, and i’m so grateful to have this chance to be his mama.

conrad, we just adore you. thank you for being you. happy birthday, beautiful boy!!!

  1. Katie

    Sweet! My almost 5 year old asked for a “sparkly, glittery” yoyo for holidays too. What kind did you get? I can’t wait to watch her open it.

  2. Melissa Gariepy

    Beautiful words for your son!

  3. Stephanie Dunn

    What a lovely tribute to your special boy. Thanks for giving us a peek into his personality. Made my morning (and made me wish I had three kids with two on the way! Haha). You have built a beautiful life.

  4. Ashley F.

    Bob the painter aka Bob Ross !!? Happy trees! HBD!

    • josh


    • josh

      Everybody needs a friend.

  5. Megan B

    Happy Birthday to Conrad!

    Ps. Idk if you’re aware but their are a couple Bob Ross (aka Bob the Painter:) videos on Netflix!

  6. Oneida

    Hahaha our daughter is turning 5 this December and she also loves watching Bob Ross! That’s so hilarious that Conrad does too! She asked for a painting set for Christmas ha!

    • josh

      Ha! He is an inspiration!

  7. stine

    i love how much LOVE is in those sentences.

  8. Carla

    Happy Birthday, Conrad! I loved (let’s be honest..and still love) The Joy of Psintimg!) Conrad should dress as Bob Ross for Halloween! Haha

  9. Carla

    ^^*The Joy of Painting!

  10. dianna

    i love this post !! Happy Birthday Conrad, may God bless your little heart and may he bless with many many more years and yo-yo’s and dragons and everything red :)

  11. Violet Emerson Proulx

    I started crying from all the pure love radiating from this post. You are so obviously a very good mama: your kids seem so joyful, loving, sweet, and accepting. Happy birthday, Conrad! I hope you enjoy the dragon cake and your red yo-yo!

  12. Merel

    Bob Ross!! :D :D

  13. Maria

    How beautifully written, made me shed a tear of love❤️

  14. Hannah

    Happy birthday little man! Not only do you bring joy to your family, you also bring so much joy to mine! Enjoy being the youngest one for the last few months heehee!


  15. Aw, Naomi! This is so sweet! Happy birthday to Conrad!

  16. Chesson Sykes

    Happy Birthday Conrad! I can’t believe this means I’ve been following along for 3 years now! You guys have the coolest kiddos!

  17. Jessica

    Awww, happy birthday Conrad!! So crazy, I remember your posts from when he was a little tiny baby. Now he’s 3! It happens fast.


  18. Naomi

    Happy birthday Conrad! Glad you are your family had a great day(:

  19. Lauren

    Haha oh my god I thought my son was the only kid who randomly begged for a red yo-yo for his birthday!! I searched high and low for one. Finally managed to find him one and he hasn’t let it go since! Such a random gift but so lovely. Hope Conrad and your family has the best day for his birthday. Lauren x

  20. Carly

    I can’t believe Conrad is three! I remember you posting on this blog back when you were pregnant with him and it seems like just the other day.

    Wishing Conrad the happiest of birthdays!

    Carly from http://www.amodernmomblog.com

  21. Xavier

    Can you please update my better half is now checking hourly. You lot are very addictive ( a ghost writer will suffice). Best a concerned husband.

  22. They all look so happy and excited for Conrad! Its so cute!

  23. YASH

    Happy Birthday, Conrad. May God bless you and fulfill all of your dreams. Party hard. Enjoy Your day.
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