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LOVE TAZA 1038-5

i have been gravitating towards the color red lately and feel like it’s coming in a close second to my favorite color, yellow. maybe it’s because the color reminds me of christmas, and that in and of itself is enough of a reason right there, but the color is slowly taking over my closet (and home! can’t wait to show you how we pulled red into our kitchen!)

i bought this red military coat several months ago after seeing it online and have waited patiently for the weather to turn so i could start wearing it pretty much every day. the coat reminds me of the toy soldiers in the nutcracker’s battle scene where they conquer the mouse king and once again, enough of a christmas reference for me to be like, LOVE! i’m also the biggest sucker for that scene in radio city’s christmas spectacular where the rockettes stand in a line dressed as toy soldiers and fall down so slowly in single file with those freaking adorable red circles glued to their cheeks. i guess this coat is helping me live out my toy solider dreams as i walk the streets of new york and that is good enough for me.

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for those interested, wearing this red military coat, with this white nora fedora hat, denim high-rise jeans and similar booties here. wearing this black cap-sleeve bodysuit underneath and lipstick is by stila in the color beso.

  1. C

    Thank you for this post! I am really liking your outfit content lately, your wardrobe is so fun and a great source of inspiration for me.

  2. Natali Karppinen

    You’re looking so pretty and that coat is everything! I’ve been drooling over it for a while, I might just have to click it home right now. :D

  3. Amy

    This is a beautiful outfit!! Love it!! (And also love that part of the Christmas Spectacular! My husband brought home the light up popcorn container and refuses to let me throw it out and insists we put it out every year. Lol.)

  4. saskia brodeur

    This coat was made for you!

  5. Stephanie

    Always love your outfit posts, you have such undeniable style!

  6. Sara

    Great post! Red is such an awesome color and that coat looks lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

  7. Marissa Craft

    I love your style so much!

  8. Judith

    Love it! @taza: what color scarf would you wear with it?

  9. Marlena

    The coat is perfection!!!! I love red color but it doesn’t suit me :( so this year I bought red/pink and dark blue coat and the mix of the colors looks really good on me :) and it’s still close to Chris colors:)

    Big hugs from Poland :)

  10. Emma

    Love this coat on you! I’m going to be visiting NYC for the first time this Christmas and I am going to see the Christmas Spectacular and I cannot wait!! So excited :D

  11. Sierra

    This is such a fabulous coat! Red looks great on you. I am such a fan of the Nutcracker and know the exact part you are talking about. Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

  12. Marie

    I love your pictures so much; always makes me smile. You’re such a natural. I’m so shy that I don’t like taking pics in public really. You totally have it nailed down. :) Gorgeous!

  13. Mathilde

    Gorgeous red coat !! So nice on you !!

  14. Love this! You make everything look good, naomi! After years and years of following you, I mean it! Have a good Friday and weekend ahead ❤️

  15. Makayla

    Ugh I literally love you!

  16. That coat is absolutely stunning! I’ve also been gravitating towards red a lot shibboleth is funny because I never wore it before. I just got a red wiggle dress from Vixen and I’ve fallen in love with the shade. It’s the new lbd!

  17. Jenny

    The long red coat paired with the hat is giving me Carmen Sandiego vibes.

  18. Always so inspired by your style! I’ve been attached to the same red coat for the past four years so I totally relate to this post. ;)

  19. Such a classic colour, and one that looks beautiful on you! x

  20. Fefe

    Red is SO your color. I’ve always admired how well you rock a red lip, too. Please keep up with the outfit posts! They are wonderful.

  21. Leah

    You look gorgeous in that jacket!