our kitchen gallery wall & special gifts for the holidays!

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i feel like the holidays are always a good excuse to get any extra projects around the house finished before you have company over or host anything. the last project we’ve had on our list since our move a couple months ago was the gallery wall in our kitchen, which was killing me because the wall looked so sad as it sat bare and white everyday. especially since we are always gathered around the kitchen table in there. BUT, bare no longer! and i love how it turned out. we partnered with framebridge once again (you might remember the beautiful gallery wall we did in our old apartment with them), and i’m excited to share our kitchen gallery wall with you today!

also, a code below for 15% off your first order, if you’re needing anything framed! (eh hem, holiday gifts anyone?!)


before we get to the gallery wall, i wanted to share one of the instagram prints we had framed as a gift for grandparents this christmas. (fortunately chances are low of my father-in-law seeing this before it arrives, which is why i’m showing you his gift!) the great thing about framebridge is that while you can mail in a physical piece of art or a specific print to be framed (they send you a prepaid mailer), you can also upload digital files directly (or link up your instagram account and source straight from there).

last year, i had two oversized photos custom framed by framebridge for my parents as a christmas present, one of their five children altogether and the other of their three grandkids together. my mom hung them in her entry way and my parents have commented multiple times about how much they love them. i love gifts that are on the more special and meaningful side. having a special memory captured is great, but printing a photo and framing it, and having it on display is even more wonderful. especially when it can be as easy as a photo from your phone or instagram account!

if you’re wanting to custom frame something special for a loved one this year, be sure to use the code LOVETAZA15 to get 15% off your first order.  you’ll want to get your orders in soon if you want to meet holiday delivery deadlines, but the code is good through february 15th, 2018.


back to the gallery wall in the kitchen… there are so many great sources these days online to buy beautiful photographs and prints, but josh and i decided to print several of the photos from our travels over the past year or so and have them custom framed instead. we started with a food theme (bakery on the water in bourton-on-the-water, england is a spot we STILL talk about, as well as that picture of juliana’s pizza from brooklyn), and branched out from there to a few of our favorite spots we have loved to visit.

we also framed two prints i found on etsy of train station or airport departure destinations, which i customized to some of our family’s favorite spots we have traveled in the US and abroad.


one of the things that is so helpful about framebridge, is that they send you the proper hardware to hang it up depending on its size and weight. you can also see your art or photo in different frames with different matting on their website to help you decide what will look best in the end.


bless you, josh davis, for doing all the measuring, spacing and hanging.


and bless you, dear tripod, for getting this pic of the two of us together. :)


for those interested, a few of the different frames we used for the wall include the irvine slim, the richmond frame, the sonoma frame, the augusta and the ventura.


one of my favorite photos we took this year, standing on the top of warwick castle in england looking down over the quaint village.


it’s a little difficult to see, but we chose a special white mat with a black core for this photo of josh and conrad by the brooklyn bridge. it’s really beautiful in person.


one final frame to hang!!!!


AND we have a gallery wall in our kitchen and i love her so much! we incorporated a ton of different frames styles and colors on this wall, some with matting and some without, which i think really helps diversify and bring the wall to life. i get so happy when our little family is gathered around this table now, looking at these photos of favorite places that hold special memories and just feeling really thankful.

a big thank you to framebridge for sponsoring this blog post and helping us making this wall our very own.

don’t forget to use the code LOVETAZA15 to get 15% off your first order if you’d like to have something custom framed for your own home or for holiday gifting! the code expires 2/15/2018. 

  1. Michelle C.

    Where are the departure prints from? I love them!!

  2. Oh I love this! Such a cute idea to frame pictures of your favorite food! and the departure frames are a nice touch! Good job y’all!

  3. Sara

    I love this gallery wall!! By chance do you know what etsy shop you found the airport destinations international/domestic at? I searched and couldnt find this exact one – I want this for our new house! Thank you :)

    • TAZA

      it’s from metropolis prints on etsy!

  4. Katy

    Would you link your sweater? I love it!

    • TAZA

      the yellow is from made well and the red is from anthropolgie!

  5. Megan B

    I love this. I need you to come to Missouri and decorate my home for me. :)

  6. Tracy

    What a great gallery wall! I love the airport destinations, do you which etsy shop you got it from?

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the kitchen!

  7. Elaine

    You guys did an amazing job with your gallery wall. I would guess it is hard to choose which of all your wonderful photos you want to frame but I love your selection! I think you could help us with our too large of a collection of art that we are running out of wall space! So fun that you actually have enough space in the kitchen for a gallery too!

    • josh

      Happy to help, Mom!

  8. Ina

    Going off topic. But yellow is definitely your color Naomi!

  9. Celia

    First the yellow dresser, now the dining table… BUT your new space is getting Gorgeous!!

    • josh

      It wouldn’t fit inside our front door!!

  10. Absolutely love this!! So pretty!

  11. I love how huge and tall the ceilings are in your new space! You have tons of wall space to do fun things like this!


  12. Mollie

    Gallery walls are so cool and such a neat way to display your art and treasured photos! I love your train departures pieces but also love your personal photos. Very beautiful!

    xoxo Mollie

  13. IZZZZZ

    WAIT! Did I miss the kitchen reveal?!

    • TAZA

      no you haven’t!

  14. Kerryn

    Hi Josh, can you give us some tips on actually hanging the art? How to measure, where to start, what gaps?! That would be really helpful!! Thank you!!

  15. Crystal

    Looks so awesome! Can you tell me where you find that print/photo of the department hall display board?

  16. MIchelle

    I love the gallery wall. I know you are super busy, but would you consider doing Christmas suggestions for kids? I loved it when you did a couple years back. I always love what you pick out!

  17. Photos are the most sentimental and personal gifts of all! // I love that they include the hardware! // The arrival/departures print is so fun :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  18. Emily

    Naomi! I love the color you put in your hair!

    • TAZA

      thank you, emily!

  19. Larissa

    Gorgeous! The room looks so bright! Love the sunflower picture.

  20. Dena

    Totally off topic here, BUT… Naomi, it looks like you are still doing the fake lashes! Can you tell us how that is going? I’ve heard that too many lashes fall of each time and it ends up thinning out your natural lashes permanently. Last time you wrote about it you said you only lost a couple here and there, is that still true? Has it changed any? I just love how they look but I am so afraid to destroy my already thin lash line? xo

    P.S. The wall looks amazing!

  21. Irene Waltz

    Everything goes so well together. Love the bright table chairs too. Good work!

  22. brittany

    i love seeing how you guys nest in your new space!! and this gallery wall is perfect!!

  23. CarolAdams

    LOVE THIS WALL!!! Where is the departure sign from?

    • TAZA

      it’s from metropolis prints on etsy!

  24. Mathilde

    So Nice !! Ok, soon as I buy my own house I do the same :)

  25. Alida

    Love this idea, now I must have a gallery in my kitchen!

  26. Kathy

    I love the prints and frames! I don’t know how you decided on what to print as you guys have taken so many amazing photographs over the years. You should sell your photography, I especially love the one from Warwick castle!

  27. KW

    Please mention where your sweater is from,

    • TAZA

      it is from made well!

  28. Jennie

    Hi guys ! Love the new space ! Can I ask what size your table is ? Thanks !

  29. Rebecca

    I LOVE this idea! One question: how did you begin the process of figuring out which sizes of frames you needed, so that they would all fit together so perfectly?

    Such a fun post! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Julie

    Amazing colours, amazing wall and such beautiful frames. It’s funny, I love my photography so much and have tonnes of pictures I should think to print to make a super personal and happy wall. Thank you for your inspiration guys!
    Love from London, Julie xx


  31. Debb Sanchez

    Are those departures special to you or did you just like the print?

    • josh

      We customized it! Those are all places we have been.

  32. Jessica

    This is so lovely! The photo selection, the frames and the arrangement. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  33. Lu de la rosa

    you inspire me!

  34. Anna S.

    Love the departure prints! I went to etsy to order them for my husband for Christmas, but they come in so many sizes! What size are yours?

  35. Fefe

    Love your gallery wall! Whenever I attempt to make one, I can never choose what I want up! I love ALL of my photos and it’s so hard to choose which ones to display, hah!


  36. Sarah

    okay, love the wall and also love those shoes!! Do you mind linking where they are from?? Feel like I might have to get myself a little Christmas gift!

  37. Diana Rucker

    i love you guys but seriously, you framed a picture of a pizza?? and o ther food?

    • josh

      Yep! Don’t they look so good?

  38. Debb Sanchez

    Hi Naomi! I️ reached out to in email, and Instagram. I️ was wondering if my moms small shop that she just opened a few months ago, could send you some top knot headbands/Tot Knot bows. You could choose 4-6 of your choice!!! We would be sooooo thankful and grateful if you accepted! I️ have been a fan for years and love you and your family!! Please get back to me. Her I️ Instagram page is @Hannah_jaymesco. You’re such a style icon and we love you and your greatpositive influence you have so many. We hope you can help us out! Thank you sooooo much we greatly appreciate it!!!

    Love debb

  39. ashiebee

    your home is lovely!

  40. Gem

    hahaha looking back at you covering a baby bump in these!

  41. Tessa

    Now that I know your wonderful news I appreciate this post all the more; with a perfectly placed frame in every shot hiding that beautiful wee bump 😍Congratulations to you!

  42. Carol

    I love how it turned out! I also love your dining table, where is it from?

  43. jessica basso

    Hell0: Could I please ask what size is your table from WestElm? Is it the 50″ or the 60″, im looking at purchasing but have a smallish area.

    Your house is stunning btw!