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as of lately, i have gotten SO many questions and emails about all of my denim. so many of you have been asking about some of the blue and black jeans i’ve been wearing that i figured i’d dedicate an entire post to it, to answer all the questions and also have a chance to profess my love for my 2 current favorite pairs of jeans with truly are on constant repeat.

let’s start this off with a little back story. several years ago, i found denim so restricting when it came to being able to bend my legs and lift my legs and just move freely (it must be the old dancer in me), that i refused to wear jeans. and for a good part of my life, i didn’t own a single pair. i’m trying to remember exactly how i did end up trying on a pair of blue jeans at some point in my life, and while the details are fuzzy, i do know that i did my best to give so many brands and styles a fair try. and usually i’d just be frustrated because it felt limiting to my lower half of my body and also just never that flattering on my short legs that are seriously short (HOW when i have 3 sisters with the most killer sets of long legs ever.)

this post is not sponsored, but i’m going to go off for a minute now on how much i have come to love madewell’s denim over the years. the first pair i tried on and bought was maybe 5 years ago, and i wore them so frequently for a couple of years, until there was a ginormous hole in the crotch and the denim over the knees wore thin. i’ll still try other brands of jeans here and there, but i always somehow find myself back in a pair of madewell jeans because they hug my body in all the right places, have an elasticity to them where i can lift my legs and kneel down and really move in them (huge for me because i like getting on the floor with my kids) and they wear really well over time. it’s just true love over here in my closet, and i’m obsessed.

anyway, for all of you who have been asking, below are my two current favorites on major rotation in my closet.

first up are these black cali denim-boot jeans that have a 9 1/2″ high rise waist which is magical after your abs and belly and mid section in general doesn’t know how to cooperate anymore post 3 babies. the wash is a more faded and lived-in look over a dark black, which helps me feel like i can pair it with everything without it feeling to harsh. they also have a tiny mid flare at the bottom which is fun. you can see me wearing them in other posts here and here.


like, if you can do this while wearing jeans, you should keep them. ;)

for those interested, paired with an old marimekko t-shirt and these chunky black heels.


next up, are these 10″ high-rise skinny blue jeans that fit like a glove but you can still move so comfortably in them. i found it helpful to size down in them since they have such a great stretch on their own. and i don’t know if it’s the button through fly on the high waist or what, but i just feel really pulled in (if ya know what i mean) in my center and that makes me wanna wear them on repeat. (you can see them in this post as well.)


for those interested, styled with an old turtleneck (similar here) and these leather ankle boots.


anyway, that’s the denim i keep wearing lately and i hope it’s helpful for any of you who have been asking! i’d love to hear in the comments if you’re interested in more clothing type blog posts in the future. while this has never been a fashion specific blog, i’ve tried to be as helpful as i can with sharing info at the bottom of blog posts about where specific things are from, but would love to know if you find it helpful, want more posts like these, or are so entirely over this blog post (but do me a favor and be a little bit kind about it when you say so? please?) and if that last one IS the case, let me know what other stuff you are interested in seeing more of instead!

have a great weekend, friends!

  1. Yes, yes, more posts like these! Your bright and cheerful style is such an inspiration, and I love seeing how you put pieces together. Happy Friday! xo

  2. Hannah

    Always love to see what you are wearing and where you find your clothes. Thank you so much for sharing! More please!!

  3. Michalah

    I know you’ve done a few things about skin care/beauty routines, but I love posts about that!! Like what products/companies you use and why. I’m having a hard time finding good products from companies I like and have been doing the bare minimum for my entire life. Which is fine, I’m just trying to educate myself more and love hearing things from people I trust!

  4. Jaclyn

    I love posts that include items almost anyone can make work for them, and jeans are always tricky to find! Plus it’s great having every day outfit inspiration, especially with lots of little kids in your life! I do agree, Madewell is the best!!

  5. Stefi

    I like the fashion posts! Excited to try madewell 👍🏼

  6. Alison

    I have yet to own a pair of madewell jeans because shopping to Canada is soooooo expensive! But I want that second pair of jeans SO MUCH! Loved the post and would enjoy more content like this. :)

  7. Molly

    I love it when you share where your clothes are from! You have great style :)

  8. Mellanie

    Would LOVE to see more fashion posts! I’ve spent ages searching for some of your pieces, haha. xo

  9. I always go to your blog for style inspiration so PLEASE share more!! :)

  10. Jules

    I KNEW those button flys were Madewell! They look so great on you. I just recently bought my first pair of high rise denim from Madewell and am looking for more. They’re so good. And my body type is tall and curvy…totally different from your frame and I also love how Madewell denim fits me. I vote for more “fashion essentials” posts like this one!

  11. Ashley

    Love these posts since you have such great style! More videos of you and Josh chatting please if you guys can? Maybe what youve learned in in marriage and having kids, being far from family, top 5 places you want to travel to…You guys are so fun and just lovely.


  12. Nicolette

    Fabulous! Thank you for sharing. I have a deep love for high waisted madewell jeans as I’m a mom of three too. Tuck in what needs to be tucked but still let me look great. Now I just need to practice my high kicks.

  13. Caylee

    Love this post!
    I’m going to have to check these out!
    I too have crazy short legs. I’m just under 5’2” finding jeans that don’t have to cuff is a struggle, even a 27 short is too long sometimes. What little height I do have is in my torso.

  14. Lacey

    Love this post and love madewell denim. I actually have that blue pair as well, and it’s true – they have perfect amount of gold-you-in goodness going on.

  15. Lacey

    Meant to say “hold-you-in” not “gold.” 🙈

  16. Crystal

    After literally crying in the dressing room over jeans, these babys waltzed into my life! Hooray for Madewell! Sooo glad the hunt is over!

  17. Janet

    I love the post! I am not a big jeans fan…so I am always on the search for good jeans! Thanks :)

  18. Annabelle

    I always imagined you to be quite tall “in real life”, so I feel oddly comforted by the fact that we share the short legs struggle! Buying denim is ridiculous for me. I can never find something that ticks all the boxes, so I gave up on finding the right length (unless I’m in Japan! But then I have to go up in size to fit my European hips and that’s sad). I don’t wear heels so it’s easier for me to wear skinny jeans to pretend I’m not so short, but if I can fit my somehow very muscular legs in there, the pants will be way too large at the hips, and vice versa. I have a pair of black Uniqlo skinnies that I find quite amazing – high rise, elastic enough to move around but holds its shape still – but it’s only the one pair… So thank you for the tip on Madewell! I love your style so much and I’m always excited when you weite about it, even if it’s just to talk about the denim you like. Have a good day!

  19. Lisa

    Literally wearing those blue button fly madewell jeans as we speak. Favorite, most comfortable pair of jeans ever. ! I️ recently tried these and a few other pairs at madewell and am a total jean convert and texted all of my friends immediately to buy these jeans. I’ve convinced a few already :) agree to size down for sure. Love them!

  20. Marcy

    I would love to see more posts like this. You have the cutest style!

  21. Erica

    Those second pair of jeans are awesome! They look like a perfect fit. I just had a baby in August and well, my jeans aren’t fitting so great. I’m still in my maternity jeans because they are more comfortable. I may be finding my way to Madewell to see if they have some good options with stretch!

  22. Carissa Payan

    More more more! You are my fashion icon! My mom and I both will go shopping together and pick up items and say “Oh, Taza would wear this!”. I love your sense of style and the fact that you aren’t just a standard fashion blogger who wears whatever is the newest current trend, instead you dress true to your own style, you are a perfect blend of trendy and timeless and just willing to wear things that might not be in the nordstrom catalog but make you feel happy and express your colorful fun self! All this to say – yes please, more of these types of posts! :)

  23. sydnee

    I’ve never tried Madewell jeans, might have to stop by one day and try on some of their denim. You had me sold at the leg lift, lol. It’s hard finding jeans comfortable enough to play on the floor when you’ve got kids!

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  24. Leah

    I ❤️ the 10” high rise skinny! I bought them last month. They definitely hold in my mama pouch! They are super flattering. Considering buying a second pair since I wear them so much. I would love more clothing post but on the more “reasonably priced” side!

  25. Kate

    Yes! I bought my 1st Maxwell jeans last year and I don’t know how I did denim before! They are amazing and I know what you mean after 3 kids – I have 3 also – and those high rises are perfect! I just bought their skinny boyfri3ns jeans with the 11″ high rise and they are spool comfy! You are dealing and keep your posts coming!

  26. Martha

    I bought the pair of madewell jeans that you would wear a lot about a year and a half ago. I figured if you wore them while chasing around kids, they must be good for moms. But then I got pregnant with my second and now I’m still losing the baby weight so I’ve had a pair of brand new madewell skinny jeans in my closet forever and I cannot wait to wear them!!!

  27. Brenna

    Madewell jeans are THE BEST!! Love your effortlessly chic look! Thanks for sharing!!

  28. Lindsay

    I actually look at your blog mostly for your great fashion ideas! So keep sharing, please!! I have been meaning to ask though, if you’d share some of josh’s suit ideas! My husband was looking to buy new suits and we were not sure where to go!! He has always bought them at banana republic, but they’re always the same. Anyways if he wears a suit I’d love you to post where it’s from!!! We all love you guys, so keep up the good works:)

  29. Sara

    I’d love to see more fashion posts — you have great style, girl!

  30. Jasmin

    I know you’re beyond this phase of life at the moment, but I’d love to hear your take on nursing tops! What types of tops did you wear while nursing your LOs? Especially being a mama in th city and ways on the go.

  31. imogen

    Would love to have more “let’s chat” videos. you guys covered some really inspiring stuff!

  32. Kim

    Wow that high leg kick though! How?! Haha I neeeed to try Madewell jeans now! Like you, I NEVER wear jeans because they can be so restricting.


  33. Abby

    Beauty and fashion posts are totally ok with me. I love your style and hearing about it. Do you mostly shop online or go into stores when clothing shopping for yourself?

  34. Lau

    Naomi, I just NEED to know more about your collection of coats. Every winter I find myself admiring them in your pictures, maybe you could tell us your favorites, the new styles you are looking for this winter… thank you!

  35. Katie

    I’m overdue with my 3rd baby and spent the afternoon lusting over Madewell’s jeans online. I can’t wait to be able to get a new pair and the second one you are sporting is the one that caught my eye!

  36. Marifran

    I am dying to know your height since you have always looked tall to me. Maybe it’s that you have short legs and a long torso? Whatever – you are fabulous!

  37. Naomi

    Yessss, more posts like these! You are one of my fashion icons and I love getting a little glimpse at your styling process. You somehow manage to look flawless in absolutely everything, and I love that you encourage others (like me!) to try something new with their style!

  38. Caroline Miller

    I hated high waisted jeans until I tried Madewell, they are my favorite! I want the button fly’s next! You are adorable and I love to read anything you share. I admire and am totally jealous that your raising your little kids in NYC, it’s one of my favorite cities, what an adventure! Keep up the good work!

  39. Megan

    Yes! Love your style, and I would love to see more posts like this one!

  40. Rebecca

    I so enjoy seeing your style and discovering all kinds of fun things to incorporate into my wardrobe! Plus LOVE Madewell! <3

  41. Sarah

    Hey Naomi – this is a bit off topic but quick question for you. I know you like to travel in hats & seems you often wear hats to the airport.

    What do you do with your hat on the plane? Put it in the overhead?

    Any tips or tricks would be helpful. Thx!

  42. Marie

    Yes! I love your style. And as a fellow short-legged active mom, I appreciate seeing what looks good on someone who is not a 14-year old waif with legs a million miles long! Although I gotta say, your mummy abs are not the same as my mummy abs. You look beautiful and your dancer’s lines are always there!

  43. absolutely love the black jeans with the distressed edges! been meaning to get some for myself (even though i have enough pairs already haha) so might try these :) x

  44. I have been following this blog for about a year now and I absolutely love it. I love the style, family, and values given here. Thank you for inspiring so many! You inspired me to start a blog of my own and to document my own family. With our first on the way, I am going through your posts and learning as much as I can about motherhood. Thank you, Naomi!

  45. Paula

    Yes, love this can you please post more like this. I get that you need sponsored posts to pay the bills but some recommendations, fashion and beauty posts would be fab.

  46. Conny

    The black ones not really 😕, I see you shorter and that type of jeans are not for everyone including myself.

  47. Alison

    Ahhhh! I also have really short legs and hate how restricting denim can be. I literally just got my first pair of madewell jeans – the 9 inch high rise and love them so much. Don’t know what took me so long to try them out, but happy I did!

  48. Lindsay

    You have great style! Bring on more fashion posts please!

  49. Kelsey Cafferky

    I just bought that black pair of Madewell jeans today and they could not be more comfy! They will be on repeat all winter long!

  50. Alyssa

    Love it!!! Also enjoy your posts on your apartment style and beauty routines. You have such a natural look that still manages to be so polished and pretty!!

  51. I absolutely love this post and really appreciate it because I am actually on the hunt for new jeans right now (everything I have just feels too low!) and had been hearing good stuff about Madewell.

    Always love your fashion posts with your tried and true favorites!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  52. Kelly

    So I’m always curious how people style their jeans at the point they meet the boot top. And I zoomed in to take a close look, and they almost look your jeans and boots meet up is photo shopped. Would you share another post when you’re wearing the blue jeans with boots so I can see how you style them with boots.

    • josh

      Hi Kelly. They’re not photo shopped. I’m sure Naomi will have more photos soon.

  53. Trish Wolverton

    Definitely do more posts like this! I enjoy reading what things you swear by- makeup, skincare, clothing, etc. :)