little letters, library lions and christmas wreaths edition.

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dear library lions,
you look so festive and you’re making me so happy. can you keep the red bowties on through february?!

dear wind,
goodness gracious, you know how to snarl a girl’s hair like the devil.

dear weekend,
there was a primary program, a regina spektor concert, a museum of christmas excursion and our very first attempt at hosting a friendsgiving in our weekend mix and i loved every minute of it. the busier and more chaotic, the merrier, right?! already looking forward to that thanksgiving afternoon turkey induced 3 hour nap (kids, please let this be a thing on thursday. please.)

dear arancini bros.,
we’ll find any excuse to walk by your stand in bryant park and order one (or 6?) too many arancini. because, you’re simply the best. especially your ragu flavor.

dear ankles,
are you happy now that i am wearing socks?!

dear thanksgiving,
still on the fence about heading to the parade at 4:30 in the morning, but already looking forward to all the food, and all the leftovers. those turkey sandwiches on friday are what dreams are made of.

dear christmas tree,
approximately 72 hours until you’re shining brightly all decorated for the holidays in our apartment! not that i’m counting, or anything.

dear pierogi,
going to attempt to make a big batch of you tomorrow! potato filled and blueberry filled with lots of bing crosby playing loudly in the background. try to stop me, josh davis. it really is the most wonderful time of the year.


coat- old, from zara
pom pom beanie hat
black high waisted jeans (on sale, 25% off right now)
blouse- old, from j.crew
brown leather booties

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  1. Margot

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. bethani

    oh the parade! do it! it’s on my ultimate bucket list..

  3. Harriet

    “Dear Taza, Thank you for the cozy socks, Your Ankles” ;-) You’ve made me start getting holiday fever too! Nice post.

  4. brittany

    this makes me so happy!!!!! it’s like a throwback to your original blog posts :) :) and the parade sounds amazing! but gosh that sounds early!!! happy thanksgiving week to your sweet fam!

  5. I feel you on the ankles! I don’t always wear socks, and they aren’t happy with me.

  6. Marcy

    What kind of socks are you wearing? My ankles were chilly today but i didnt know what kinds of socks to wear.

    • josh

      Smartwool! MY smartwool socks to be precise.

  7. I love the style of this post, I can feel your excitement and passion all the way over here! Happy Thanksgiving American friend!

  8. Jenny

    Your socks were the first thing I noticed, to be honest. Haha. I am always cold, so I’m constantly amazed/appalled when I see people sans socks in cold weather. Happy to see you’re embracing the coziness of socks!

  9. Meera

    Such a lovely post & beautiful photos! Love the red checked coat x

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