halloween recap!

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hope everyone had a happy halloween and is slowly recovering from the sugar overload! it has done a crazy number on our kids the past 48 hours, and i feel like we tried so desperately to limit their consumption, but still. STILL. the sugar highs (and then lows) are a real thing. and throw in some late bedtimes and extra early rises and BAM! life is chaos!  …but it’s how we all love it, right?! a little chaos isn’t such a bad thing, really.

we had three very scary spiders in our home this year. it was something eleanor and samson have talked about since basically, july. i’m not totally sure where the idea initially stemmed from, but they decided on spiders, on papa being the web, and on mama and conrad being flies. i failed on the fly costumes and ended up dressing up as some web with josh for a church party, but they didn’t seem to mind.  that way they can crawl all over us, right? ;-) conrad just wants to do whatever his older brother and older sister are doing at the moment (bless him), so when they’d excitedly say “spiders!” after anyone asked what they were going to be for halloween, conrad was right there behind them all like, “me too! spiders!!!!!!” and so, three little spiders ran around our apartment all weekend long and it’s the only kind of spider i’ll allow in this apartment. so it was all good.

the kids had asked to have all their little friends over for a spooky costume party for maybe the last 6 weeks, so we threw a little party last week as halloween approached and hosted about 20 kids from their school classes and church! so much fun! 

we also went trick or treating on the upper west side here in the city (you may have caught the videos on my instastories, but some pictures below if not). i love how everyone goes all out here in the city on halloween, by the way. a few blocks are entirely blocked off to traffic so the littles can trick or treat along the beautifully decorated brownstone stoops, and almost all the shops and restaurants up and down the avenues hand out candy to all the little ones. it feels like such a community, which it absolutely is, and i just love that. even with the horrible terrorist act that went down on halloween, this city is resilient and strong. i love the people of new york and i love new york. our favorite halloween here in the city for sure.

some photos!


in the midst of making 3 dozen sugar cookies for the kids and their friends to decorate! i never ended up eating a finished one, but i probably had enough dough to account for like 7 finished cookies. probably won’t be in the mood for a sugar cookie now until next year! ;)


i summoned my craftier than me and creative man to stop working and help me finish up these spider costumes that were incredibly time consuming while i was wrapping up baking in the kitchen. we followed this tutorial online, but gosh, homemade costumes somehow end up being more expensive and more time consuming than we initially anticipate. anyone else feel this way? i love giving my kids creative freedom to be whatever they want on this holiday (and they actually enjoyed helping finish up these costumes when they got home from school which adds to the experience for them since they helped make them), but part of me just wants to pull up a website with a few different halloween costume options next year and be like, “here are your options! pick one from this page!” and then just order it and never look back.


can you tell he totally loves this?! but no really, he killed it. also. please note the shoes he bought as his indoor shoes in lieu of slippers. he kills me.


but here we have a spider!!!!!!! samson kept wanting to wear his hat over his eyes so you could only see his eight spider eyes!!!! he even jumped off the sofa with his eyes covered to stay in character and i was dying.


made super quick and simple snacks for their party. figured whatever i could put googly eyes on makes it semi spooky, right?! and so i just went with that theme. halloween02-4


we did some simple crafts and played halloween bingo and danced to thriller. we also wrapped josh up in toilet paper like a mummy and he chased the kids around forever and judging by their high pitched screams and giggles, i think it was their favorite part of the little party.

halloween02halloween1-2 halloween1-3halloween1-6halloween01-7

when josh and i attempted to dress up as spider webs for a church party, we got a little carried away with a white hairspray i got, which actually made us more gray than anything. but it looked real good on josh and if this was a preview of what’s to come in a few years, sign me up! ;)

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spiders and spider web and the beginning on a very sugar filled few days.

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the upper west side transforms during the holidays and it is so much fun to see!

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off we go, my three little spiders on their way to trick or treat!

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i don’t really know anything about ghostbusters, but this home wins all the awards in my book for the dedication and execution to that theme. it was a masterpiece.

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and that’s a wrap on halloween, 2017!!!!!

PS. see posts and costumes from previous halloweens HERE.

  1. Good job for the costumes Josh!

    Kisses from France

    • josh


  2. Kim

    Adorable! Absolutely adorable! You guys went all out and I love it! Usually I don’t like spiders but something about your kiddos made me change my mind hehe.

    Hope you had the happiest Halloween!

    New England Lifestyle Blogger

  3. Amazing photos as always. Good work with the DIY costumes. The brownstones look so iconic! X

  4. A big YES to homemade being more expensive, but oh-so-much fun and worth it in the end! Adore those spider costumes, good work x

  5. Adorable! I got such a kick out of watching the kids trick-or-treat in the city — the employees handing out candy and stuff. So cool and cute! Thanks for sharing these pix!

  6. Jasmin

    Very good job for the costumes, Josh.
    @Naomi: Can you please, please tell me where you get this amazing red coat?

    Love from Germany, Jasmin

  7. Ghostbusters is my kids favorite movie, and mine since I was like 15! you gotta introduce that movie to them. It’s PG so it isn’t so bad! Really tempted to go to the city every halloween just to trick or treat in your hood! Such cool decorations, and all y’all look great! Those spiders of yours are super cute!

  8. brittany

    gosh, you guys win the award for best halloween parents ever!!!! seriously!!!

  9. Jen

    Hate to burst your bubble…but pottery barn kids have adorable spider costumes! If they didn’t this year, then the prior year costumes are all over ebay.

  10. Madeline

    Where is your coat from?! I love it!

  11. Piper

    You guys are SO impressive!!

  12. Great job! Amazing costumes!

  13. those spider costumes are the cutest! the time and effort put into making them was definitely worth it, looks like they all loved them too! hope you had a spooky day :) x

  14. Babawaga

    Hi, I enjoyed this post on Hallowe’en on the UWS very much, the neighbourhood looks incredible dressed up for the holidays from your photos :)

    Just wanted to ask about the tangerines offered in your Hallowe’en buffet for the kiddies, Very clever and cute to make them look like mini pumpkins but did they not dry out very quickly with the skins off and left out?? Or were they all consumed by hungry children before they got to the crusty stage?!

  15. Lauren

    All of this was incredible!! Wow! So much creativity and everything looked amazing!!