come serve with us on december 9th!

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in the last couple of months, we reached our 10 year anniversary of Love Taza, and i’ve wanted to find a way to celebrate with you, many of whom have been following along since the first couple of posts over ten years ago!

with the holidays quickly approaching, i feel like there is no better way to spend our time together than to serve with one another. and so, we have organized a service project here in new york city!

we will be helping the Food Bank for New York City. their Bronx Food Distribution Warehouse distributes food to charities throughout the five boroughs, supplying 64 million meals to New Yorkers in need! as volunteers at their warehouse, we will help their staff with their highest-impact initiative by sorting and repacking bulk shipped food and goods for redistribution around the city to fight hunger.
no special skills are required. adults, and even children ages 6 and up are welcome, too! we’ll bring our own kids, so we’d love to have other children attend and help out as well. it’s part of the reason we chose this specific service project, so we can do it as a family! :)
our service project will be held for a few hours on saturday, december 9, 2017.   to sign up, FILL OUT AND SUBMIT THIS FORM containing information requested by the charity for volunteers (including phone and birth date).

we will then choose the group of people at random, except we will have to balance the number of children allowed.  if you are chosen to volunteer, then you will receive a confirmation email in one week with additional details and directions.

can’t wait to serve with you in person! as always, thank you for being a part of Love Taza over the years and HAPPY HOLIDAYS & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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photos from last winter, by katie rain.

  1. Rachel M

    What are the hours?

  2. Briana

    This is such a beautiful idea! When writing out my holiday season bucket list yesterday, I included working on a service project. Crossing my fingers that I’m chosen for this one :)

    Briana |

  3. Claire

    such a great project, that’s one of the many reasons I keep following your blog since four or five years know I think. don’t want to serve here in Paris too?

    thank you for the positiveness (don’t know if that’s even a word!) of your blog, always a real pleasure to come here.

    happy holidays to the five of you guys!

    all the best from france, claire.

  4. Mollie

    I love that you guys are doing this! It’s so important to give back. My parents always had us deliver Meals On Wheels around Thanksgiving and it was such a great learning experience, that I even delivered meals through college. What a beautiful way to bring your family and audience together!

    xoxo Mollie

  5. Julie

    Hi Naomi, I think this is the most wonderful idea and did we live in NYC I would have signed up straight away to do this fantastic evening with you. Such a good thought to get the kids involved and show them that there are so many adults and children less fortunate than them and more isolated too. I have been wanting to do that for more than a year in London and I think next year we will all 5 of us be ready for such an experience of giving and sharing and helping. I hope this evening is filled with love, laughter, smiles and brings you all together as a city and a community. Julie xx

  6. Sammy

    Wish I had know about your blog 10 years ago! Love to follow along with a family with morals. : – )

  7. What a beautiful idea, I love it when people act on the impulse to be charitable for an occasion or event.

  8. Oh I so wish I were local! This is amazing that you’re doing this. I hope there will be blog post all about it. Happy 10 years!

  9. Sara

    Love your celebration way!!!

  10. Hannah

    Congrats on reaching 10 years!! What a fantastic project :) Great time of year to remember to bless others.


    congrats! I’ve been following your blog since “Taza and the prince” and Kingsley days!!I feel like apart of your family!!!

  12. Shannon Merrell

    Love that you are doing this! What a great way to celebrate.

  13. Brooke

    Naomi, would you and Josh consider doing a Let’s Chat video about marriage? I’m getting married soon and would love any advice you and Josh have for newlyweds, getting through arguments, etc. Love your site!

  14. Tina Schrader

    What a wonderful way to spend time with others and spread the love of Christ at the same time. Bless you. I’ll be praying all the way here in L.A. the event goes off without a hitch!

  15. This is such a beautiful idea. In lieu of gifts, my husband and I are sponsoring a child’s Christmas. It feels so much better than us buying each other more “stuff”.


  16. I am so excited to be joining this even December 9th. It warms my soul to help those in need.