the kids playroom reveal!

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LOVE TAZA NYC PLAYROOM 1017 4-7the kids playroom in our new apartment is most definitely the room our entire family is most excited about! and i’m really thrilled to share with you all the details today! thanks for being so kind and sweet about all my apartment posts lately!

it has always been important to josh and me that our kids have a bright and playful space in our home to call theirs, which is why we gave them the biggest bedroom in our old apartment which we called their nursery. i want them to feel like they can run and play and be kids in every room in our home (well, except maybe not in the new work space?), but while still wanting them to call most of apartment theirs, i wanted them to have designated spot to really get comfortable creating and playing and being kids.

lots of photos and info below in-between the photos!


we decided to put the yellow piano in the playroom! for those who remember, i painted it yellow a few years ago with chalk paint and we really love it so much (even if it was the biggest and longest pain to paint). the kids are currently taking piano lessons each week and i’m secretly hoping that by having the instrument in their play space, they’ll be more encouraged and motivated to practice their music each day on their own. ;) it’s actually been working! i love hearing them plop down throughout the day and work on their chords.

josh plays the piano as well, which our family really loves. it often turns into singing parties or dance parties as we gather around it, so i’m glad we made the instrument a focal point in our home. my fondest memories from childhood include a lot memories dancing around our home as my dad played the piano and organ for us, so i hope we can create something similar for our little ones here.


in this new apartment, we turned the big formal dining room into the playroom since our kitchen has plenty of space to act as a dining room as well thanks to a little kitchen nook for a table and chairs. one of the things i was most excited about when we found this apartment, were the options each room gave us. as city dwellers, we’re always trying to think of how we can maximize all the space in each room… for example, could we possibly turn this into a bedroom if needed someday or change it up in different ways in the years to come and have it still work for our family’s needs.  you all know how much i love shifting furniture around and trying every possible layout every few months, so having options, even in smaller city apartments, is a major plus. this playroom has big sliding wood doors that shut and divide the space between it and the living room (which you can see here), as well as two other doors on other sides of the room, so i was most excited about the options this room gives our family. if we ever want to turn this into a bedroom for one or two of our kids, we can easily do that thanks to all of the doors. i’m thinking at some point eleanor will want her own space (although when we gave her that option as we were moving she did not like the idea one bit and wants to stay sharing a bedroom with her brothers for now), but we can always shift things in this apartment if she ever decides she’d like that. our family is so close knit, i don’t imagine it happening anytime soon. my kids adore snuggling up and sleeping in the same room each night, but we’ll see over time. every family is so different with sleeping arrangements and how they utilize their space. but it’s working well for us to have the kids sleeping in one room together and then having a separate room for all their toys and play things. really the best part is if someone wakes earlier than the others, they can slip out of bed and hang in the playroom without disturbing the others. we have a space without distractions dedicated entirely just for sleep, and a space separate from sleeping with all of our toys and dress ups and art supplies! it’s been a great solution for us right now.


we have the kids school backpacks in an easy corner of the room where they can pick them up and drop them off each day before and after school. they are in charge of taking out their lunch and snack containers as well as any papers they might have in their folders from the day and homework. this is such a fun age of doing more things for themselves and taking on more responsibility.

i found the monogram hooks from HERE.

this green dresser was a vintage find josh and i bought out in lucketts, virginia, when we were living in DC. it was in our bedroom in our last apartment, but it’s working well in this room holding all of the kids puzzles, games, and other larger boxed toys. i actually bought some pink paint when we moved in thinking i’d paint it to brighten it up a little, but i still haven’t gotten around to it and the green is slowly growing on me. sadly, that yellow dresser from their old nursery did not make the move (i was surprised it stayed together for 3 moves over the course of ten years since it was an ikea dresser after all!), but after lots of repairs and about 100 extra nails to keep it together, it finally gave way about a week before our move with two drawers busting in a way that couldn’t be repaired any further. i took the knobs off of it and put them on this green one. eventually, i’d like to paint her pink, but for now, she’s green and i like her.


i’ve been framing some new pieces for our home and framed these two drawings from eleanor’s kindergarten art portfolio from last year. the top drawing is of our family, and she drew everyone wearing their favorite color which i just love so much! i also could never draw an elephant as well as she did in that second photo, so i had to get that one framed as well. i feel like these kids learn so much during their art classes in kindergarten and i am so anxious to start getting some of samson’s art back this year! excited to fill more and more of this room (and other walls in our home) with their art as they grow and do more in the years to come.


we also put 3 of these gallery art rails up to hang more art and drawings they create throughout the week in the playroom to display. it’s a nice solution since you don’t have to use tape or poke holes into the paper, so once we eventually take them down to put into their books and things, the art isn’t damaged. (i struggled with that in our old apartment. i used a lot of tape with their art work and it’d always ruin the back or edges.)


i also bought this moroccan rug from lulu & georgia and it is one of my favorite things we added to this apartment. it was out of stock of the longest time, and i was watching the website like a hawk waiting for the restock. so happy to have it in this space and for what it adds to the room.


these heads are a target find. we dressed them up with glasses, ties and bowties because i saw on the target website the cutest photo of the shark in a necktie and i knew we had to try something similar. i summoned josh to decorate them, and i gotta give it to the guy, he did a great job with those ties!


like in our old apartment, i try to keep the art supplies somewhat organized in separate clear containers, so the kids know where everything is and can keep things separated. we always keep a few jars stationed on the play table with crayons and colored pencils, and then more on the fireplace mantle with things like tape and glue and other craft supplies.


this white bookshelf and the white bins are something else we added to the apartment since our move. they are from the land of nod. my friend sarah just started a cute online clothing shop for kids called pepper, which is where i bought that darling bunny ears hat!


the white playtable was one of the first things we knew we wanted for our new apartment and i love it so so so much. you can usually find eleanor here when she is home working on creating something with her oil pastels she got for christmas last year that she diligently uses. the play table is from land of nod, and the colorful industrial kids chairs are from target.


this dress up bin area is another favorite spot of mine in the playroom. you can almost always find an astronaut helmet or super hero cape on at least one of my kiddos, so this is a very important spot in our apartment. :)


you might remember this green settee from our old apartment as well. it was a craigslist find from about 8 years ago in DC and still my favorite thing we own. once the kids grow a little bit older, i’m going to have it fixed up (there is a bit of permanent marker on one side behind that dark pillow and some glue on another spot), but for now, it’s very very loved with a few little art marks here and there.

LOVE TAZA NYC PLAYROOM 1017 4-24LOVE TAZA NYC PLAYROOM 1017 4-31just learned i wrote davises wrong. thanks to a couple of my readers for pointing that out and teaching me something i never knew. learn something new every day!LOVE TAZA NYC PLAYROOM 1017 4-6LOVE TAZA NYC PLAYROOM 1017 4-9 and that’s our new updated playroom in our new apartment! if i missed anything you’re wanting me to source, please let me know in the comments! thanks for being so supportive and kind about this new home of ours. we really feel so lucky to have more space, and there isn’t a day that passes by that i’m not saying a prayer of gratitude to my heavenly father that we get to call this space home.

PS. HERE is a blog post all about sleep routines with a shared children’s room, for anyone who is curious how we make that work. and a tour of the living room and our bedroom in our new apartment HERE.

  1. Gem

    The most beautiful space, love all the colour. Good job xx

  2. Barbara

    I love this space! So colorful! I am renovating the house and turning the old bedroom of the girls into their playroom…they love it! you just gave me a lot of ideas for a restyling, so thanks!

  3. Jennie

    gahhhhhh!!! so much inspiration!!!

  4. sirma

    How colorful and lovely space you create for your kids.
    inspiring for renovating mama’s like me.

  5. oh wow, its perfect! absolutely adore the rug and green sofa, i bet the kids love all the colour :) in fact you can see from their smiles they do!
    can’t wait to see more x

  6. jen

    the wood and the light and the gorgeous crown molding and hardwood. Oh My. and all your fun colors to make it comfortable. I love it. I can’t imagine living there!

  7. Ro

    Hi! I was wondering if you can share the paint color used in these rooms. (It’s so hard to find good colors to compliment similar wood trimming in older style Victorian homes. Thank you :)

  8. Bobbi

    This is such a magical play room! I absolutely love the animal heads and the yellow piano. Looks like a great space to have fun and be creative!


  9. oh naomi, i remember seeing your name in my inbox during the charity sale for sandy hook when i hand lettered that let them be little print and thinking to myself that your family embodied that concept so wholly. i’ve always been so humbled to see it around the internet – even the ones that kind-of-look-the-same that came after it :) – but especially grateful today that it survived the move with your family.

    • TAZA

      still my favorite print ever!!!

  10. Jo

    WOW! I want to be one of your kids!! That room is gorgeous. You’re children are so lucky to have such a beautiful space to express themselves and be kids.

  11. Elenamarie in Austin

    Thank you, enchanting Davis family, for filling the world with love, kindness, beauty, gratitude and wonder!! You bring hope to the future of humanity as you take on the labor of love each day to build a joyful family.

  12. kate

    Love the room- so happy and fun! In the picture of the bookcase from Land of Nod there is a toy airplane, happen to know the brand/where it is from? I’ve been looking for something of similar size for my daughter for her birthday. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      the brand is play-mobil! it’s from a kids store here on the upper west side but i’m sure you could find it online by searching the brand!

  13. Julie

    Oh my so so cute! Curious where those dotted pillows on the green couch are from? Love this room!

    • TAZA

      the pillows are from anthropologie! from last year though but i’m sure they still have similar!

  14. Julie

    Oh! Also, where is the astronaut helmet and sparkly cape in the dress up bin from?!

    • TAZA

      the sparkly cape is from anthropologie and the astronaut helmet is from a local kids store here in nyc. but you can find them on amazon by searching for them in kids costumes!

  15. I love this room! So many adventures waiting to happen! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Bianca

    I love this Taza! Your kids are so beautiful and are lucky to have a mama like you!

  17. Anna

    Don’t paint the dresser!!! It’s so perfect just the way it is – especially with that small, delicate floral design! Also, I love seeing Eleanor using the playroom!

  18. Pam

    I love all the colors, very bright space for kids!!! You can tell they really like the space!!!

  19. Shannon

    One thing I love is that there are no electronics in sight! I love that you let your kids be kids and truly use their imaginations! We don’t have kids yet, but when we do, I hope we will be just as good at cultivating their creativity.

  20. Whitney

    So so cute, Naomi!! Where are the knobs from that the dress up stuff is hanging on?

    • TAZA

      from the land of nod!

  21. Hannah

    What a beautiful playroom and great for inspiration! I’m in the process of trying to design/decorate our playroom. My kids share a room too (well my 7 year old girl and 5 year old boy do…our 2 year old son still likes Mommy and Daddy’s room…ahem…but he’s about to be kicked out when baby #4 arrives) and all of their toys/books/games are all over the playroom. I can’t wait to organize it better. Good job on yours!

  22. Sara Diamond

    Where are Eleanor’s jeans from?

    • TAZA

      they are from Gap but from last fall!

  23. Hannah

    I had to comment again when I looked back through your pictures and saw your bookshelf. I see you have Miss Rumphius. That’s one of my daughter’s favorite books (she even did a presentation on it once at co-op)! And my 5 year old son adores Cecily G and the 9 Monkeys. We love books in our house and have collected quite a few. I’m currently reading On the Banks of Plum Creek to my little ones and we’re all enjoying it. :)

  24. Victoria

    What a FUN and CHEERFUL space! I want my room to look like that!

  25. Morgan

    Naomi, I love the new apartment and this new playroom! I am sure that it helps inspire their creativity even more so. It is vibrant and inviting and it looks so comfortable. I wish the very best for your family. Also, where are those tall blue stools from under the backpack pegs? Thanks! Enjoy your new space :)

    • TAZA

      they are from amazon! i think i found them by searching tolix style metal step stool. good luck!

  26. Christen

    I am sooooo happy for you! The space is just beautiful and I am so inspired by your attitude towards parenthood and kid friendly spaces. I’ve always enjoyed getting peaks at your apartments (ever since the D.C. days!) and have rethought a few choices we make because of your awesome example. Thanks for being you and sharing your awesome self!

  27. Mary

    Just lovely! Where did you get your jars for the art supplies? Are they plastic?

    • TAZA

      hi mary! yes, they are plastic. they are from amazon. they are used to store food usually in kitchens, so just search clear storage containers for kitchen and something should come up!

  28. Lily

    I love this colourful space so much . Loving how well you have put together everything. Such an inspiration. Definitely inspired me to play with colours Coz I usually always tend to gravitate towards neutral colours in everything I put my hand on . Lol . Congrats on your new HOME. Looking forward to see more beautiful colourful pictures hehe. Much love .

    • TAZA

      thank you, lily!

  29. Jill

    Thanks for sharing. So many of your ideas I’d like to include in my future playroom. Clear containers for art supplies, wire storage bin for dress ups, bookshelf with toy bins/books, piano and other instruments, famed artwork drawn by the kids. All the color! What an amazing place for kids to be creative and just be kids. Also, I love Eleanor’s tree she drew. What an artist!

  30. Maria (Greece)

    So so so so cute!!!!!!!

  31. Maniesse

    I hope you haven’t posted before and I just didn’t know, but where do you get your frames and do you print photos at home or a lab? Basically teach me your framing tips and tricks, pretty please!

    • TAZA

      i use framebridge! i can upload digital prints directly to their site or they send me packaging for my art and photos to send in to have framed. they always do an incredible job.

  32. Pippa

    Love your new space! What a perfect backdrop for making future memories! What I would love to see a post (or a let’s chat video!) about, is how and why you and Josh made the choice to move here? It’s such a big jump from your old apartment, it would be fun to know how you guys went through the process and how it is changing your dynamic? My boyfriend and I are contemplating a similar move, it’s such an exciting time for us!

    Happy new home making! Thank you as always for bringing positivity, fun and light to your readers! :)

  33. Megan

    The color is amazing!! I would have loved to have such a creative place to play in and your kiddos are really lucky for it! I think it would be cool if you put up a map of the world and put a little picture in each place you’ve been. I see your other maps and thought it would be cool, just a suggestion of course. Your house is so cozy!!

  34. Kim

    This room is truly amazing! Cannot believe how you transformed it into such a vibrant and fun playroom for the kids. I am in love with the yellow piano! Great job painting it! And the cute bunny ears remind me of my favorite character, Louise from Bob’s Burgers haha. Lucky kids!! Hope they enjoy!

    Also I knew I recognized those animal heads from Target! The flamingo’s my faaav.


  35. Enjoli

    I think you did a wonderful job here. It’s a great mix of old and new, expensive and low-end, and the colors are a delight. You’re right that as a NY we have to think of creative things to do with space. I love that you created the space, thinking that if one kid woke up, he/she could go to the playroom and close the doors sans waking others up. I had a similar setup in my apartment until my kids outgrew toys. Great job! Can’t wait to see the rest of house.

    • TAZA

      thanks so much! means a lot. and love hearing that you had a similar set up and it worked well re: playroom vs sleep room! hoping it works out for us for this next little chapter.

  36. Liz

    How do you hang stuff on the wall without damaging the wall, since this is an apartment? Or do you use nails? I’d like to hang pictures in my apartment but have to use command hooks I guess? Do you know of a better way? :)

  37. Nicole

    I am someone who is afraid of decorating with a lot of color but I LOVE what you did. What an amazing life you are giving your kids.

  38. Celia

    Noooo, that iconic yellow dresser!

    • TAZA

      i knooowwwwww. :( it was so hard for me i felt so freaking attached. haha!

  39. Alison

    LOVE EVERYTHING – you sure have an eye for decorating!!! I also love the woodwork in your new apartment! Everything is so beautiful!

  40. Marka Sue

    Such a sweet playroom! What books do you use to store long term art work that you mentioned? I love your displaying! But also would love to know what you use to keep their art for future enjoyment. Thanks!

  41. Sandra Bøgh Zerahn

    Such a special and lovely room! I wonder if you have a list of your favourite parenting books?

  42. Molly

    I love this so much! I’ve always admired how well you foster imagination and play in your children. Especially how you go without a tv. It looks like everything is so well organized and has its own place—do you have some sort of system? For toys and art supplies and kid stuff? I love letting my daughter play but I feel like the mess is never ending. I would love to do a purge of all the things she doesn’t actually need so I can organize the food stuff, but am just trying to figure out how to keep her playtime worth while. Does that even make sense? Ha! Thanks for being so inspiring :)

  43. Molly

    **GOOD stuff ^^^^ whoops! Haha

  44. What a fun play room! Our three share a bedroom as well – city living! We have a 7 year old girl, then a 6 year old boy, and finally a 4 year old girl, so some day I’m sure our son will need some space to himself, but that’s YEARS away! I love hearing that we aren’t the only ones, as we’ve received a lot of skepticism over the years about three to a room, and boys and girls sharing a space, etc.
    I can’t wait to see their room (and ok, your kitchen, too!) soon! Thanks for giving all of us the tour thus far!

  45. Ellie

    Yaaayyy! I’ve been waiting to see this playroom! So fun and bright! At what age do you make the kids clean up the whole room themselves? Or do you and Josh clean up after them? My little girl is going to be 3 in December and we’ve been working on making her clean up after herself everyday and its wearing me down biiiiiig time. haha my patience is tested every time she picks one thing up but takes 3 more toys out when she gets distracted!! HELP!

  46. Hi Naomi, thank you so much for sharing this. We have a little family in London and my dream is to one day have a room like this for our son George (and whoever might follow). I love how much you celebrate colour and nurture your children to be their absolute awesome selves. Look at Eleanor’s art! What talent!

  47. Jeanne

    very envious that even in your small NYC apartment (which is STUNNING btw – that stained glass! *drool*) you were able to make a space for a playroom; our small single family is busting at the seams with 2 adults and 3 kids 10 & under so our living room IS our playroom. Anyway! i love that you make your kids a priority and that nothing is too “precious” where they don’t feel comfortable flopping down somewhere to play. had to snatch up those art rails from Land of Nod too and i know just where i’m going to put them! why didn’t i think of that option sooner?! love it all naomi! isn’t this season of our lives amazing?

    • TAZA

      thank you, jeanne! that comment is so sweet. it really is an amazing season of life, i so agree with you! i’m sure your living room/playroom is amazing. a home that is really used and lived in is the very very best kind! :)

  48. Karla

    I’m interested in the comment you made about putting your kids artwork in a book. What book do you use to store all the art they bring home from school?

    • TAZA

      i don’t keep everything they make and create throughout the year or bring home from school, but i put a majority of it into a clear water tight file box where i have little books with clear folders in it depending on the art/date. i also have a 3 ring binder i use with clear laminate pages to put some of the bigger pieces in. at the end of the school year, we usually go through and do a bit of a purge, since we can’t keep everything and it’s kind of over flowing at that point. :)

  49. Ola

    I just love it!!! Good job!



  50. Grace

    I love the extra decoration on the animal heads! Absolutely cute and the playroom looks so bright and cheery!

    Grace ||

  51. Bruna

    Wow! What a great room you guys did for the kids, I’m sure they are having lots and lots of fun there!!


  52. Rebecca Phillips

    Eleanor is so talented….Her artwork is amazing….it makes the room pop with happiness!!!!

  53. Jena

    Wonderful space!!!! I’m curious about those little blues stools under the back packs, are the metal? Do they stack? And where did you get them! I love them.

    • TAZA

      yes, they are metal step stools from amazon! they do stack, which is nice. just search tolix imitation step stool on it should come up on amazing. they have several colors.

  54. Valerie

    Such a lovely room! Just curious where you got the “hello” art piece? :)

    • TAZA

      the “hello” on top of the book case? it’s a neon light up sign actually, from land of nod.

  55. Mary Katherine

    SO darling!!! I’m an interior designer in Dallas and I love following you! I’ve always admired your apartment and how FUN it is! Can you tell us more about the square footage of the apartment? Pictures always make spaces look bigger so I’d be so interested in knowing what kinda space you’re working with.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us… it’s a privilege to watch your family grow up!!

  56. Ashley

    Beautiful as always. Why do you have the same illustrated Harry Potter book twice? 😃 book 2.

    • TAZA

      because we are reading it with the kids right now and this way they can follow along better since they are learning to read!

  57. Melissa

    Eleanor’s art is really amazing!

  58. Vicky

    your spaces are always so happy – which is the #1 goal in my book. I love this!

    Great job! I know it took some major planning + effort but it paid off! It’s all so gorgeous! Makes me wanna run in there and play, too! ;)

  59. Olatz Garaiyurrebaso

    I love this room as much as I love the rest of your home. You are such a creative person and that is something that can be seen in your kids and family routines as a result. :)

    I don’t have kids yet but I do paints and crafts and I think this is a great way to preserve them somehow for a long term/ through house moves and everything.


  60. Kat

    Love this space! Also, where is Eleanor’s watch from? I’ve been looking for my kids for xmas! Cheers!

    • josh

      It is a shark watch. Classic. :-)

  61. kural

    wonderful places and cute

  62. Lauren

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. I love the playroom and how you have worked so hard to make a safe, loving home for your children that cultivates creativity and imagination.

  63. Leah

    I love the creativity you inspire in your kids! Looks like such a fun space to be for the whole family.

  64. Mercedes

    Super fun for the whole family! I’d love to have a room like this for my daughter. The rug looks so soft and comfy. Where did you get it?