our very first home office!

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well after 10 years, 4 homes, 5 couches, 0 walls, 0 desks, and 9,748 interruptions and distractions when trying to get something done, we did it. we now finally have an office!

you might remember when i shared this post about our move, that a big driving factor for our next space was finding one where we had a little more room for a home office. a place to go and shut the door and focus on the work. working from home has such incredible perks, and josh and i feel so very fortunate to work for ourselves doing what we love, but we’ve been wanting to draw better lines so our kids don’t see us on our computers and phones so frequently during the day when we’re at home. we are usually always tag teaming it, with one of us focusing on being with the kids while the other one is working and then we switch! it feels like the biggest treat when we get to be in the office together working side by side, since that is a rare occurrence around here. unless it’s when we work after all the kids fall asleep, which is pretty much every day, too!

i’m excited to share some photos of our new little office, and show some before, during and after pictures since josh and really personalized this space by partnering with HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams and painting it from one of their 16 Color Collections.

and in case you’re wondering about the actual paint itself, we used HGTV HOME by Sherwin-William’s Showcase® Interior Paint & Primer. this paint has a new advanced stain-blocking formula that locks in old stains and can easily be washed and cleaned (so we don’t have to clean it right away). it ended up going on easily and provided great coverage and a durable finish.

we loved how it turned out! a few photos of the process below…


we decided to get extra fancy by introducing two colors to the space with an accent wall. we felt it brought a bit more personality, dimension and life into our little office. HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams make this process really easy with their Color Collections, each Color Collection has 20 colors that go together in any combination, so we didn’t have to stress or worry about finding a good match!

when trying to decide on paint colors and browsing all the collections on their site, we were drawn to the Fashion Forward Color Collection and knew we wanted to select colors from that palette. we both immediately loved the color Capri (HGSW1353), which felt so bright and playful and would look great next to the wood trim and built in book shelves in the office. then we went back to same collection to find the second color and chose Jay Blue (HGSW1361), since it complemented the capri color and thought the accent wall should be darker. what do you think?


we love how it turned out so much!


i wanted to show you the other side of our office, because sometimes with all the home tour posts online, i’m always like, but where do all the people store their packages or boxes or the stroller, or the junk?! we are using the corner of our office for our stroller parking, as well as for whenever we have boxes or packages that haven’t been sorted through just yet or waiting to get returned. we did try to fancy up this little corner though by hanging our diplomas!


you can see all of the Color Collections right here, and i’d love to hear which of the 16 Ccolor Collections you like the most! thank you to HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this blog post and helping us make our first ever home office a very special one!

  1. Lauren

    Where are the office chairs from? Love them! And is that the pottery barn fiddle leaf fig?

  2. what a nice set up, and I Love the colors! So happy for y’all in having your own office space. Good luck in that little corner of your home where you get to share your life with us!


  3. Tracy

    This space is so bright and colorful just like your family. It fits perfectly for you guys!
    I love that you showed the opposite side of the office as many just show the curated desk space.
    Wishing you all the best in your new apartment!

  4. Tiffany

    Where did you get your desk chairs?

  5. Emily

    The office looks great! I’d love to know where you got that white tee with the little female symbol. So cute :)

  6. It’s so nice to have a designated space to work in! Where are the office chairs from? I haven’t found the perfect one for our home office.

  7. Lucy

    Me encanta! Quedo bellisima! Saludos desde Querétaro, México!!

  8. Angela

    I love the color Capri as well. You guys did a great job!

  9. Krista

    Where did you get your office chairs from?! They look so lovely and comfy!

  10. Mollie

    Having an office seems so essential for you two, I’m sure you are enjoying it! I am loving the blue walls. I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful new home!

    xoxo Mollie

  11. Sunny

    Lovely!! Love the color!

    Where is the bulletin board from?

  12. Julie

    Love what you guys did with this little space! And since you mentioned keeping your stroller in the office, I’ve always wondered where you guys keep your bucket bike?! Haha

  13. Liz

    I always love reading and seeing your blog posts. You are very inspiring! Curious what software you use to edit your videos? I’ve searched your site everywhere and can’t seem to find it :) Thank you in advance. Beautiful office space!

  14. Lyndsey

    Beautiful space! Where is your black/white stripped shirt and jeans from in the before picture? Thanks!

  15. Kerryn

    Hi Taza,
    What’s on all your shelves?!

  16. I love these chairs!! I’d love to know where to get them!

  17. sirma

    I am sooo into blue right now.
    Trying really hard not to paint everything in one of those blues you have;)))

  18. Stacy

    Oh my gosh Taza I had to laugh thinking of you and Josh contemplating “Neutral Nuance” haha ;)

  19. Amanda

    The room is lovely and those built inside are amazing! I’m not a fan of the blues and preferred the creamy white before colour, but if you love the blues that’s what matters. I like how you tied the very different desks together with the matching chairs. The set up is great.

  20. Pam

    I love how you are not afraid of color!! I like the colors you picked, great energetic colors, perfect for any office. I looked at the color collections via the link I my favorite would be the Color Pizzazz!! My favorites are blues, greens and oranges!! I will be using these collections in more of my designs for Lowe’s, thanks for reminding me they are there!!

  21. Bel

    Looks amazing – may I ask how you managed to get the paint lines so straight?! Thanks, Bel x

  22. Mary

    Where is the bulletin board from? Need it!

  23. Brianne

    Love all the apartment posts! Your family is so cute and your blog is my fav, but I am really enjoying seeing where you live so I can get ideas and live vicariously through you! Ha.

  24. Al

    I really love the blue! I like how you’ve stayed true to your style while decorating this place. Although I can’t believe you are painting in Kamm pants!! they are so expensive I’d be freaking out. And I love the photo of Josh holding the tripod remote – just like Samson!

  25. Emma

    Can you share who makes your brown pants in the painting photo?

  26. Anna

    Those peaks of the bookcases make me want more pictures of them! They look beautiful!

  27. K

    Where is your sweater from?

  28. Kelly

    Love the paint colors!

  29. CJ

    Super cute! Love the wall color. And I just purchased that same sweater!! Seeing it on you makes me happy that I did. Confirmed how adorable it is.

  30. Kate

    I love the glimpses on how you make a small space work, you’ve got me thinking of ways to make our small house work better for our family.

    Also dedicated stroller parking is so clutch, we figured out how to cram ours in a coat closet without collapsing it, game changer.

    • josh

      ha! so true, Kate. total game changer!

  31. Lexie

    Naomi, are you painting in Kamm pants??

  32. megan

    It looks amazing!!!! I love the fig tree in the corner. I was in the city last week and was secretly hoping to run into y’all. I’ve been reading you blog for years!!! I promise, I’m not a creeper!

  33. Jenny

    Those chairs!!! Where are they from may I ask

  34. Allison

    I like what you did with the space it totally opens it up! Great job on that sponsorship… How are you able to change up the space so dramatically if you’re just renting?

    • josh

      Thanks, Allison! We have worked everything out with our landlord and building manager beforehand.

  35. Jenny

    Where are you painting pants from? They look so comfy!

  36. Kerry

    Seriously, how did you find a husband who actually cares about paint colours, decor and design?!

  37. Kim

    I love the bold color on the wall! I feel like it’ll really energize you to do more work in your home office!


  38. Helen

    Can I ask where you got the yellow desk lamp? So cute!

  39. Congrats on having your new office space! I’m sure that’s such a nice addition. Your sweater is so pretty…where is it from?

    Thanks, Naomi!



  40. Your office looks beautiful what an awesome space for you and Josh

  41. maria

    the office looks amazing! where is the bar cart from?

    • josh

      Thanks, Maria. It’s an antique.

  42. Sharna

    I keep keep coming back to this post to see if you’ve responded about those office chairs. We need 2 in our new office!!