our new apartment living room reveal!

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i’m so excited to begin sharing more photos and words about our new apartment now that we are all moved in and officially settled! i want to start with a little home tour of our living room (and josh’s and my bedroom at the end of this post), because i feel like all my home design dreams came true with this space and every time i walk into these rooms, i still can’t believe it.

we have a lot more room in this apartment than our older one, and while part of me has no idea what to do with the extra wiggle room (and trying my hardest not to clutter it up which i could so easily do in my sleep if you ask me), the other part of me just feels really thankful that we are here still, still in manhattan, still in our favorite neighborhood of the upper west side, making a home for our little family. this city just feels like home to us, more than any other place in the world, and we are grateful for this chance to have a little more space to spread out in and call home in our favorite city.

speaking of dreams coming true, shortly after we shared that we were moving into a new space last spring, i got an email from anthropologie saying they’d love to help us make this next space a home and i couldn’t write back fast enough. it’s no secret what a fan i am of all things anthropologie and we were thrilled to incorporate a few of their home pieces into our space as well as have their home personal styling team’s guidance as we brought it altogether. they recently launched their home personal styling service where you can work directly with one of their incredible stylists and we loved our experience. it was nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.  it’s so apparent their home stylists really love what they do and are also invested in helping to really personalize your space to you and your lifestyle. the styling team was so professional and personable, so we were able to build a great connection as we figured out the space together which we so appreciated since josh and i have a lot of strong opinions and ideas when it comes to our space. ;)

lots more info below, and a million photos because you know narrowing down images to just a couple has never been my strong suit.


while we have a separate playroom space for the kids (which i’ll share soon!), it’s always been important to josh and me that every room in our home is kid friendly. i want my little ones to feel like they can move freely about our apartment with their toys or books and that the space is a reflection of our family. lots of color, lots of family photos mixed in with favorite art pieces we’ve collected over the years, and more than anything else, lots of comfort. josh and i spent many hours over the summer researching sofa sleepers and sat on more sofas than you can imagine. we did the same thing with chairs. sometimes something can be really pretty, but it’s the most uncomfortable thing to sit on and we were determined to find pieces for this apartment that were comfortable as well as pretty. we both fell completely in love with the losange chairs you see in these photos after we sat in them for the first time (and like i said, we sat on a lot of chairs!). they are so very comfortable. the other perk is that they are upholstered in anthropologie’s newest performance fabric which is stain and fade resistant (you can mash blueberries or color marker on it and it will come out!) so a great chair for a family like ours where blueberries may likely find their way out of the kitchen on more than one occasion. ;)


the gallery wall is probably my favorite wall in our new apartment. josh and i were up until about 11PM one night hanging things together and some how we didn’t argue despite it taking forever long (i only say this because hanging things up on walls has proven to be a slightly stressful issue for our marriage in previous apartments over the years). at the beginning of putting this wall together, we were like, let’s make a plan where everything should go exactly. and then towards the end we were like, hmmm. sure. whatever. just put this here! but it all turned out in the end and we’re pretty proud of her.

the bar cart can be found here.


this primrose mirror is also from anthropologie. i have loved it for such a long time that i was so excited when the measurements lined up and it worked over this fireplace mantle.


i know i already talked about the performance fabric we used for the losange chairs above, but if anyone is curious about the color we used, it’s called rouge and it’s one of the wool performance fabrics. also, josh actually picked out this color from the fabric swatches and i just have to give him major props because i love this color in this space so much.


if you caught my insta stories when we were moving into our apartment about a month ago, you might remember we hired a couch surgeon to take our brand new sofa apart and put it back together again after getting it into our front door. why they make door frames in city apartment so narrow is beyond me, but yep. a couch surgeon is a real thing and you’d never know we had to saw and unstitch that lovely piece of furniture and put it back together a few hours later. the things you do to make city living work! i said this before, but i had to look away when he pulled the saw out and started cutting it up! i got so nervous!!! you’d never know if you saw it now though, he did an amazing job. but i love that here in nyc there is always a way! and we finally have a sofa sleeper! now people don’t have an excuse to not visit us. ;)  (for those interested, we purchased the sofa sleeper from restoration hardware.)

also, see my fiddle leaf fig tree behind the sofa? it’s fake (found it from pottery barn), but now i can sleep at night knowing i’ll never have to worry about killing yet another fiddle leaf tree ever again!


another favorite piece in the living room is this bright idea floor lamp. when the kids go to bed and the apartment is quiet, it’s fun having all the lights off except for this one in our front room. i’m actually sitting in the living room right now typing this and all the lights are off besides this lamp. it is gorgeous when it’s glowing all on its own at night. it almost looks like it’s sparkling because of the seeded glass orbs.


i had a bunch of these little animal planters that i had gotten a few years ago from anthropologie in our old apartment and i loved transitioning them to this mantle. these ones are no longer available but they have other really darling ones here.


we’re really lucky to have a lot of windows and natural light in this apartment. there is also a lot of beautiful old stained glass in the windows which i love they have kept and not torn out. same with all the old woodwork.


i found this blue and green rug early on in the summer from lulu and georgia and thought the colors would compliment the pink chairs and wood detailing nicely. it also ties in a lot of the colors from the gallery wall really well.


the coffee table is the elemental layers coffee table which our home stylist recommended for us since it has a second shelf for book storage and is durable for things like tiny toes (i mean children!)


all of the pillows and throw blankets are also from anthropologie. a few i had in our previous apartment, so we used those but added a few more since they are josh’s favorite thing ever and i knew he’d be so stoked for more. (i’m kidding by the way. he dislikes pillows and throws very much, but he did choose those amazing pink chairs so i won’t be too hard on him.)


also, we wanted to try to get a few photos with our entire family in our new living room so josh ordered a remote for our camera. i do miss the days of putting the camera on a timer and running back into the frame, but we gave samson the remote and he got some of the best photos ever! he’d try to be all discrete holding the remote so you couldn’t see it while dancing around and then whenever he wanted to take a photo he’d forget about being discrete and aim it exactly at the camera and it had us laughing so hard. he kept running over the camera to see the photo afterwards to see if you could see him holding the remote, but i guess he just wasn’t understanding that he could kind of hide it in his hand and take the picture each time. anyway, it was a fun moment for sure.


something else we did with anthropologie was spruce up our bedroom! josh and i have been married for over ten years but this is our very first official headboard and we feel so fancy! we got the velvet orianna headboard in emerald green and cannot believe how it transformed the space. especially against the dark blue accent wall which the home stylist we worked with recommended (this color is polo blue by benjamin moore.)

my nightstand is the lacquered regency nightstand in white. josh didn’t want a nightstand on his side, and opted for this old wooden antique chair he found in DC several years ago that’s been in the back of his closet the past few years. one of the things i love about him is how he thinks outside the box with stuff like this, as he insisted on holding onto this chair over the years saying he’d find a purpose for it once we had more space. he’s cute like that.


that framed poster of the mother holding the baby is by r.c. gorman and something that josh bought by himself in santa fe, new mexico, long before i knew him. just another reason why i love him. :)


i fiiiinally got around to framing my absolute favorite print a few of my girlfriends gave me last summer for my 30th birthday. i hung it above the nightstand in my bedroom so it’s one of the first things i see when i wake up and one of the last things i see when i go to sleep. it’s by the artist caitlin connolly and i love it so much.


these sconces also really add so much to the look of the bedroom. it’s been so much fun turning them on and off at night and i know it sounds so silly, but it really does make me feel like i’m officially an adult, having a headboard and a real light hanging on the wall beside my bed! it’s all in the details, i guess!


josh and i agree that we really love having all white bedding, but it was fun to spruce up the room a little bit with some bright playful pillows to go along with our current white duvet and sheets. also fun: playing with conrad on the bed while wearing red lipstick! lol, such risk takers over here. please see if you can spot all the lipstick smeared on the collar of my grey shirt in all these photos because of it. ;)


a million thank you’s to anthropologie for sponsoring this blog post and for helping us make this apartment feel like home. we loved working with their team and would definitely recommend their personal styling service to anyone! i love how the space turned out so much and never ever ever want to leave.

i will share more of the apartment soon! thank you again to everyone for the kind words about our new space.

  1. sydnee

    Love your space, especially the pop of the pink chairs! The kids must be over the moon with all that space!

    Design by Sydnee

  2. Leyla

    What a fun and colorful space!! Love it and all the details.

  3. Meagan

    Those chairs are BEAUTIFUL! I love how the pink ties into your NYC cityscape print on the opposite wall! I only wish some of the options were more budget friendly! Nearly $2000 for a set of chairs isn’t feasible for most people 😢

    At least I have some inspiration for my own apartment, just need to find some. Argains out there!

  4. vicky

    your home is what MY dreams are made of!;) I’m so excited to see these pictures, I knew it would be gorgeous!! I love absolutely everything and the placement.

    congrats on your new home and new everything inside! <3

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      Thanks, Morgan!

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  27. i love love LOVE this post and your new apartment! i’ve always loved your style and have been following you on instagram since elanor was little, can you believe it?

    i just wanted to let you know how much of a role model you are to me and you inspire me every day! it would be so amazing to meet you, if i ever got the chance! i have my own website that i’m working to build a following on, and chatting with you would just make me so happy!

    if you’re interested in checking it out, head to caleynoble.com! and my instagram is @balance.love.simplicity

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    I adore your guys’ style! It is so vibrant and joyous. And your house is to die for!!! I grew up on the UWS in a turn-of-the-century building too but some bozos painted over all the gorgeous trim/detailing – probably every time they painted it for like 50 years. So happy you found one with all the gorgeousness intact!
    Also, randomness – I know Caitlin Connolly and she is just as lovely and inspiring and special as her artwork. :)
    And also, ultra-randomness… my family totally knew Josh back in the day and I remember as a teenager watching you two whenever you were at stake youth activities and being so envious of your amazing style. I love that you guys are still together and raising such an awesome family! Just had to say that!

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    What a STUNNING home!! LOVE the bold colors and these beautiful pictures!! I feel like it’s stimulating, energizing, and creates such a fun space. No one could be upset in a house that just exudes so much happiness! I noticed the storage in the woodwork around the windows…um…amazing!!

    I’m just a Utah girl who has been lucky enough to travel in my younger years; my goal to one day own an apartment in the city, even if it’s a shoebox, because it’s my favorite place in. the. world. That city has my heart. We currently have 4 baby girls (GIRLS!) under 3 years old (adoption/foster care….age gap between oldest and youngest is 18 months!)….so NYC really would be extremely tough right now..but one day!! In fact, were lucky enough to be guests on the Rachael Ray show in February (and carting those kids around the city (during that horrible blizzard!) was tough, but I can’t wait to bring them back to my favorite city one day!!!

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    Very happy for your family. Hope you get a cozy fire going in there come snuggling season.

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    Congrats guys! It all looks a perfect balance of colour and happiness! Favourite things are for me Conrad toes on the coffee table. It just summarise it well for me. I have never been to NY but you make me love it from here! I wish you never ending happy memories in your new home! Gxxx

  60. Ella

    To the Davis family

    You have been inspiring me for years, you are so motivating and remind me that love always wins at the end of the day. I get so happy following you working on your dreams!

    Noemi, you are the only blogger I know who doesn’t have ANY haters!!! There’s simply none! Because you are just authentic and show the world — that love wins at the end of every day, no matter how hard the storm might be.

    All the best from Germany!

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    I love your style and apartment!! The woodwork is incredible and the colors compliment it perfectly! Also, where is your skirt from??

  62. Hello!
    I love your new apartment!
    Can you please tell me which remote for our camera you purchased?
    I’m looking for one for my Canon 5DIII

    • josh

      Canon RC-6!

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    Your home looks so gorgeous! I wish I could pull off that style but I’d probably flop hahah. Your gallery wall turned out amazing. Glad you guys didn’t fight over it this time!!


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    That gallery wall is amazing. And those
    pink chairs… well done josh!!

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    It’s hard not to drool over all the architectural details in your new apartment…I can only imagine how fun it is to live there and decorate the space. Was it built in the late 1800 or early 1900s? SO cool. We’re renovating a home that was built in 1870…I absolutely cannot wait to get it ready to decorate.

    Congrats on the new apartment! Love the color combos!

    • josh

      Yep! Between 1880-1900 we hear. They don’t make ‘em like they used to! We feel very lucky. Good luck with your renovation, Anna!

  76. sirma

    In love with the colors of your appartment…
    I’m also renovating(currently on pauze due to my pregnancy)
    So inspirational:))))))

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    Oh I love this! So cheerful and welcoming. I especially love the gallery wall and pops of colour in the living room. The green velvet headboard is to die for!!

    Would you mind sharing which sleeper sofa you chose from RH? I am looking for one :)

    • josh

      It is the English roll arm sofa. Good luck!

    • josh

      But I would check out their sofas with the newer/updated sleepers with foam mattresses!

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    This new space is incredible and I am OBSESSED with the pink chairs!

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    Sparkles and Shoes

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  93. Kat

    That great art print of the NYC skyline is by Yoni Alter- you can find them (and more fab city skylines, all the scale!) here: http://shop.yoniishappy.com/