my favorite lipstick shade for fall.

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this time of year always brings out the best colors around us and i am such a sucker for the yellows, oranges and deep reds that fill the trees in central park and around the city. it’s a fun time to change up the wardrobe and every day make up to bring in some of those autumn hues and in doing so, i recently found my new favorite lipstick shade which a lot of you have noticed as i’m getting a lot of questions about it.  i figured a proper blog post dedicated to my new lipstick find made complete sense! i mean, at this point, it’d be a disservice to not blog at length about it, right? ;)

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the lipstick color is by nars (one of my favorite beauty brands when it comes to lipstick) and the color is called vibeke. when i first saw it, i was super skeptical to try it actually, because it’s much more of an orange than i usually gravitate towards. but of course after testing it out, i’ve worn it basically every day this past month. i guess i like it?

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also maybe worth sharing. when i wore this hat for the first time, josh passed me in the hallway and was casually like, “oh hey. do you have some newspapers for me?” and then we both started laughing. maybe i’ve always wanted to be in newsies, and maybe i’m gonna wear this hat twice as much this fall since josh loves it so much. ;)

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by the way, was really feeling the broadway newsies vibe because i kicked my leg up and felt alive! conrad saw me do this and wanted in on the action! see next photo for proof. :)

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this kid! his favorite thing to say right now is an animated, “oh, right.” after pretty much everything! i’ll say, “conrad, we’re scooting this way.” “oh, right!” “hey conrad, you want some water?” “oh! right!” haha.

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but back to the lipstick, if anyone tries out this shade, let me know what you think! next on my list of lipstick colors i wanna find and be brave enough to try is a deeper purple type color, like this one in the color violet fatale. if anyone has tried something in this color range and knows of one they love, let me know! everything i have tested so far looks pretty scary on me.


have a great week, friends!

THIS KNIT JUMPER DRESS, rebecca taylor white blouse (similar), FEED leather bag (similar for under $50 here), black heels and brown hat. conrad’s scooter is a micro mini and his helmet is by nutcase.

  1. Tracy

    Lovely color and love the outfit! I am so not daring when it comes to lipstick color, I usually stay with my nude color.

    Conrad, the recent videos and side eye photos, he is one character!

  2. Kayla

    You’re gorgeous! I just love your blog and love how you always gush and talk so positive about your kids.

  3. Grace

    LOVE these photos!! And love your whole outfit! Can you tell me what lens y’all used for these? 85 mm? They’re so good!

    • josh

      Hi Grace. You guessed it! I set the aperture to 1.2 for some and then took it up to 2.0 for the ones where the leaves look like dots.

  4. Renee

    I have a feeling that any color would look great on you! By the way, I am always wearing “Lust for Blush” thanks to you! Love your make-up (specifically lipstick) rec’s, keep ’em coming!


  5. love this color and all the fall tones! we’ve been traveling through Europe the past four months or so and I am majorly missing some Northeast fall vibes! All those yellow leaves on the ground just make for such a balanced photo!


    Anna Lisa

  6. MP

    Hello :) Thanks for sharing your lipstick choices, they always look amazing! (I did try some of your Nars suggestions too!) I’ve been searching for ages for lipsticks that I really liked (both for colour and quality), until I found this brand called Clio Make Up Shop. It has the most gorgeous shades of red and nude but also a very interesting purple/metallic shade called Hell Yeah. I know…I was very sceptical myself!, until I tried it! it is really fun and definately different from anything else I’ve tried!

  7. that colour looks gorgeous on you! i’m more of a dark lip gal this time of year but you’re making me want to try an orange to match the leaves :)

  8. Ashley

    I think that is the PERFECT color for you. Absolutely stunning

  9. D

    What kind of lashes do you use? Where are they from?

  10. Helen

    That lipstick color is gorgeous! I honestly don’t think I would have picked up that shade for fall if I had just seen the tube, but it’s the prettiest color! I’ll let you know if I do try it. :D


  11. Fariha

    I feel like I can never rock a lip color with that orange-ish tone. It looks lovely on you! Also, Conrad is the cutest :)

    Fariha |

  12. Carley

    Hey Naomi,
    I love that TF colour! You look so nice in reddy lipsticks; you have such a nice mouth! Try colourpop…at $5-6 a tube you aren’t feeling like you’re wasting money and the colour selection is awesome! I really like Viper but it’s more purple undertone so not quite the same…I don’t think I could wear that Nars one you have on in that post! haha, xx

  13. Erin

    Love the wavy hair you are rocking these days can you do another hair tutorial for this style?

  14. megan yates

    i absolutely love that you post affordable outfits! you are always the cutest!

  15. Mandi

    I tried Mac’s “oh lady” last fall. I had a friend with fairer skin tone than me (I’m tan) who wore it and it looked (insert heart eye emoji) on her. I tried it out because I really wanted to do a dark purple. I bought it without trying it and thought I looked SCARRRRRRRRRRRY but everyone else LOVED it. It took some getting used to, but now I LOVE it. I think just seeing YOURSELF different always is strange, like when you first get a haircut. Anyway, try it out. With your skin tone, that would look BOMB for fall.

  16. Cassey

    That lip color looks amazing on you!

  17. Ok, honestly every lip color looks amazing on you, but this one is KILLER. I exclusively use NARS velvet matte lip pencisl and am obsessed with the new colors that came out. Right now I’m really into “Intriguing” – it’s just enough of a darker color for fall while still looking natural (and not too strange when it starts to wear off). So interested to try this one though.

  18. Jody

    Purple lipstick accidentally became one of my go-to shades! I love Heroine by Mac. It’s a little bit drying, but layering it over chapstick helps. Also, layering it over chapstick helps to make the color slightly less bold which helps. I only wore it like that for a few months but now I love it enough to go all in. I also love Up the Amp by Mac for a purpley-pink color. Purple can feel like a big jump from more natural shades, so I’d say just commit to it for a day and see what you think after getting used to yourself with it :)

  19. brittany

    oh you and conrad are such a cute little pair!! i bet he loves his quality time with you while the big kiddos are off!!

  20. Ha ha! I can just imagine you and Josh laughing after he said that about your hat.

    When I was in my twenties I went through a beret phase, and every time my husband would see me wearing it he’d do a golf pose. And then he’d ask, do you want to go to Paris? I just laughed! Good times.

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  22. Chelsea

    Love your outfit and the gorgeous pictures!!! Thanks for sharing. I like the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia – just enough of a tint, buildable, but not too scary!

  23. Kim

    Beautiful photos! I love your lip color. Definitely need to experiment with my own make up!


  24. Hey Taza! After seeing your gorgeous photos I bought “Vibeke” from Nars (huge fan of orangey & coral lipsticks) but it ended up looking completely nude. It matches my skin perfectly and looks like I have no lipstick on. I’m confused why yours looks coral/orange. Are you sure it was “Vibeke”? When I click on “Catherine” that color looks more like the one you are wearing, when I compare the colors I see in your photo and on the Nars website. Any suggestions? I am dying for the color you’re wearing <3 I appreciate any ideas you may have!

  25. Sarah Roseberry

    Taza! I’m just reading this post, and I am a HUGE Nars junkie. Here’s my suggestion for the dark lip: It’s always scary at first, but once you do it for a bit, you get used to it and start to love it. I started with Nars Fast Ride, which is nice because you can wear one swipe for a dark wine finish, or keep layering for a dark look. My FAVE combo is Nars Het Loo pencil (a nice brown) with Fast Ride OVER it. It gives a nice rich dark lip without being too goth.