my favorite donut in new york city, and a few other things.

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happy halloween!!!! i don’t mean to completely skip over the holiday (we’ve been listening to thriller on repeat per eleanor’s request), but i’m desperately trying to convince my husband that decorating for christmas tomorrow (november 1), is the best idea ever. he’s of that mentality that we can go all out with the christmas spirit the day after thanksgiving, but i really feel having a few extra weeks of the holiday magic adds to that thanksgiving day spirit as well. i feel like we go through this every day, and i didn’t mean to get on a tangent here about christmas on halloween and in a post that is supposed to be about donuts, but i guess i can’t help myself. i just love this time of year so much i want to immerse myself in it completely as early as i can this season.

but ok. so back to the donuts. i wanted to tell you guys, that after years of somehow gravitating towards the donut pub whenever i’m downtown on 14th street, i’ve made the final and official decision that these donuts really truly are my favorite in new york city. and new york city has a lot of really really good donut places. their simple crueller donut is my all time favorite, and they make small batches throughout the day so chances are you always get a fresh and warm one. but a few weeks ago i tried their salted chocolate caramel croissant donut and it was so good, i had to stop in for another last week when i was in the area with josh and conrad. it was so soft and fresh and full of so much flavor. so, if you ever find yourself needing a good donut and in the city, this is my favorite spot right now for a little bit of sugar, and i hope you love it too!

also. a side note, but i’ve been meaning to share this new app with you guys that josh discovered a few months ago, but it’s completely changed my relationship with books. has anyone else tried blinkist? it’s an app that basically condenses books into 15 minute reads, pulling the key parts, or the meat of the book into a summary, so you’re still able to get a good amount out of it. i’ve been using it to wrap up all the parenting books i’ve started over the years but never successfully completed and it’s been a game changer. i’m not sure it’d work as well with novels (or at least i haven’t used it this way), but with business or parenting or other sorts of books, it’s awesome.  i don’t know anyone at blinkist and wasn’t asked to put a plug in or anything like that (i hope you guys know by now that if any of my content is at all sponsored, i always completely and fully disclose that to you because that’s important to me and my relationship with you and it’s important that we’re always transparent with any sponsored content. also it goes without saying that i only talk about things that we use and really like anyway), but i just wanted to share because we’ve loved using it during this chapter of life when reading several books a week is just not so practical, and for now, it’s a great help.

anyway, have a happy halloween! so excited to trick or treat with the kids tonight and raid their candy for any 100 grand bars. haha! and if you’re pulling out the christmas decorations before thanksgiving, please tell me so i can help build my case to my man that this is a really really good idea. ;)

this CIAO sweater, black denim jeans, black clogs and hat.

  1. Jenna

    I have also been daydreaming about decorating for Christmas, but alas I must wait until Thanksgiving (or at least closer to), because it is only Halloween!

    Also, those donuts look delish! :)

    • josh

      Hi Jenna. Makes sense to me!

  2. Tina Schrader

    Lol We’ll have to amicably agree to disagree on the Christmas-before-Thanksgiving issue. I’ve often wondered where the lost art of waiting went — to everything its season, like Scripture says, you know? Plus, I’ve never figured out how people square having all the Christmas decorations out when the traditional autumn-themed ones are fit for Thanksgiving. But you got me on the argument about Turkey Day being added to by the season’s magic! Had not heard that argument before! Kudos. But regardless, I do hope whatever you do is magical for you — I’m sure it will be. And thanks for the recommendation on the donut! If I’m ever in NYC (last time I was there I was 13!), I will have to avail myself of it. :) Blessings to you!

    • josh

      Great point, Tina!

  3. Kristen

    Pulling out the Christmas decor before Thanksgiving out here in SoCal. The only way we know the seasons change is by the decorations. Life is too short to not celebrate the way you see fit! Happy Holidays (all of them)

  4. Amy

    Aw I wish, but no, my husband loves Thanksgiving (mostly for the meal I think) and won’t let us decorate early. The only year he made an exception I was very, very pregnant and uncomfortable and maybe he took pity on me 😂 Best of luck convincing your husband!

    • josh

      You’re husband sounds like a very reasonable person, Amy.

  5. paige dillman

    Love these pictures! What camera do you use and how do you edit? I love all the family pictures yall take!

  6. Erica Weiss

    Your replies are cracking me up Josh… #teamtaza

    • josh


  7. Katie

    I keep trying to get my husband on board with decorating and celebrating Christmas early! I think I have him worn down just enough for a yes ;)

    Can’t wait to see your pictures of NYC this time of year!

  8. Elaine

    I’m so glad that my blinkist suggestion to Josh took root! It should fit well into your busy lifestyl! Hoorah!

    • josh

      Thanks, Mom!! Love you!

  9. Natalie

    Luckily Canadian Thanksgiving is in October so the after Thanksgiving thing is a moot point here, but I do have a husband that fights early decorating as well. In Germany it is common to do it even later (they would often do their tree on the 23rd or 24th of December. In any case, I made my case by saying that since I do most of the Christmas-related work (and it is work albeit fun work) I should get to decide when to start. Because if I can spread out the work over a longer period of time, we get to enjoy my work for longer, and it isn’t stressful trying to get it all done in December. So there is my line of thinking/rationalizing. But guess what, it worked! Permission to decorate early granted!

  10. Jessica

    Halloween is my husband’s holiday and I’m not allowed to infringe upon it. Christmas is MY holiday and I’m not allowed to decorate until Black Friday. I do agree with the lost art of waiting because the holiday season always goes by in a flash and I just want to soak all of it up. Christmas was a lot of fun growing up before my parents’ divorce so I always think about that time and bring that goodness to the season.

  11. Mandi

    As a rule, I don’t really eat sugar or candy but my office has a bucket of candy up front. I made an exception and pulled out a single mini milky way and a single mini 100 grand and pulled up your blog for a 15 minute break. As I was finishing off that treat and thinking it really is an underrated candy bar that no one talks about I read your comment about it. I wish you much luck in confiscating a few from the kiddos tonight. May the halloween gods look favorably upon you! xx

    • TAZA

      100 grand bars are SO underrated and truly the best! glad you enjoyed yours!

  12. Bethani

    I usually get to put Christmas up the Monday before Thanksgiving, but I’ve been hinting at it basically everyday for a week. I’m breaking him down, I just know it.

    Also another sweet app, that I just learned about, is Libby. It attaches to your library card & you can check out basically ANY book (visual or audio). I am in heaven.

  13. sydnee

    I’m with you – Christmas decor is coming out after Halloween! The season goes by too fast so it’s nice having those extra few weeks to enjoy the decor.

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  14. Christina

    We always put up our tree on Nov 1. That’s when we start playing Christmas music. BUT, the tree comes down before New Years. I like a nice clean slate come January!

  15. Hot damn that donut closeup looks so good.

  16. Brooke

    Christmas decorations go up this Friday in our apartment! (Just in time for it to snow in Utah)

    Happy Hallogiving Christmas!

  17. Margaret Forsey

    I personally like to wait to decorate until Dcember 1st, or even later.
    To me I feel like I enjoy the decorations more, and they feel more special, when they are only up for a few weeks. Also, I kind of like November to be a very quiet and simple month, before the hustle and bustle of December. I get a real Christmas tree, and I put it up around December 15th.

    No judgement from me if you decorate early, though! You do you:)

    • josh

      Margaret, this is a very practical approach. Makes a lot of sense!

  18. Elena

    Please do a blog post about your Christmas decorations! Whenever you choose to do so, we’d love some ideas of what makes your home extra cozy and festive during the holidays. Ps those donuts look so amazing—I would move to nyc just for the food! You guys need to come visit Portland Or, we are a major foodie city ;) happy holidays :)

  19. Chevonne Pannullo

    I’m fortunate in that my husband doesn’t mind when I put up the Christmas decorations and tree – though he does make sure to remind me that the cats will make the tree their playground once it is up. That is usually enough to make me wait until the day after Thanksgiving! It also depends on if we use a real tree, or the artificial – I change it up each year. This year – will probably see Christmas go up later because my husband was just in the hospital for two weeks with complications after hernia repair..we’re just too tired to even think of the holidays at this point. Enjoy whatever you decide!

  20. Marissa

    We will be setting up early November this year and I literally can’t wait. We are having our 2nd baby at the end of November and I just can’t fathom setting up for xmas with a newborn. Maybe just maybe we’ll hold off on the tree, but not all the decor and lights on the house, those will be up in like 2 weeks haha!

  21. Cassie

    YES, this is my favorite donut place ever! When I lived in NYC a few years ago I was literally around the corner on 15th and we came here way too often. The blueberry donuts were always my favorite. There were even a few times when we forgot our wallet or didn’t have cash and the owner would say “No worries, come back and pay me tomorrow.” What! So amazing.

  22. Erica

    If you did actually succeed in winning this argument with Josh and put up your holiday decorations well before Thanksgiving, would you still enjoy it as much? I think part of the magic of holiday decorations is they are enjoyed for a short time. It makes it extra special in some way! Also, it seems like Thanksgiving falls earlier this year. So even if you waited until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate, you’ll still have them up for over a month (and Josh seems like a reasonable guy so you’d probably be able to convince him to leave them up until January 1st)!

    • josh

      No limits on how long they stay up! Just trying to make sure we don’t skip Thanksgiving!

  23. Kayla

    I love decorating for Christmas but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I am team waiting until Thanksgiving night and the day after to break out the Christmas movies, music, and decorations. Plus, this gives me an excuse to keep my cute fall decorations and the pumpkins and mum on my stoop around for a few more weeks.

    • josh

      Right on, Kayla!

  24. Kylie

    Those donuts look great! I must say, I’m a strict lover of the classic glazed donut; I’ll try other flavors but they don’t satisfy me like a glazed. Reading everyone else’s comments I must say, I go all out for Halloween and move on to Christmas in early November :) I love the feeling of the holiday and want it to last longer than a month, especially cause it’s my favorite time of year! I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    Kylie <3 |

  25. Nikki

    Here in Canada we have Thanksgiving in October, but our Remembrance Day (like Veterans Day) is on Nov 11, so I wait until after then to make sure my family pays our proper respect. Then my husband lets me bring in a wee bit of Christmas, but there’s a “not before Dec. 1st” rule with our tree. It does add a bit of anticipation for the kids, which I guess is part of the fun!

  26. Melody

    Are these donuts better than Dough Doughnuts? Because those are my favorites!

    • TAZA

      they are for sure different. i love dough doughnuts so much, but sometimes you need more of a cake type donut than the yeasty one. i guess you can’t go wrong with either. ;)

  27. Ashley

    I love the holiday season of fall into winter and the natural progression it takes. I have to say, I don’t want to outshine Thanksgiving with all the Christmas decor! I like to keep them separate. But I do see how it can add to the magic and cozy feeling of the family holidays 🤔🍁🌟

  28. Michelle

    Yeah, sorry Naomi. Team Josh on this one. Christmas goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving (usually that Saturday). That’s when the music and baking starts too. I need Thanksgiving. Otherwise I feel like Christmas is one big, long commercial season. Thanksgiving puts my heart in the right place. :) But with the new place, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the decorations whenever they go up.

    • josh

      Michelle, you are very wise.

  29. Eliza

    Hi Taza! Your bangs always look terrific. I live on the UWS as well and I have bangs but I want them thicker like yours! Where do you go to get your hair cut?


  30. Megan

    I start listening to Christmas music in my car Nov 1st. My husband doesn’t want to decorate until after Thanksgiving so this is my little compromise to get my Christmas spirit going :). Also, we always have a real tree so we really have to wait until closer to Christmas to put it up or it wouldn’t last.

    • josh

      We have started doing the same thing over here, Megan! Christmas music has been on all morning. In the House! Good compromise, right?

  31. I’ve been ready for Christmas since September!! // I’ve never heard of Blinkist but I’ll have to check it out! // omg I know you were linking to the CIAO sweater, but I love the pom beret! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  32. Ash

    I love Thanksgiving! And I love it even more when I’m surrounded by my beautiful Christmas decor! Last year I decorated around November 10th. But since thanksgiving is pretty early this year, I think I’ll wait and put up the decor the day before thanksgiving. I love to think of this day as not the end of the season before Christmas, but as a wonderful way to usher in the Christmas season!

  33. Stephanie Jo Farmer

    I have never understood the idea that not waiting to put up Christmad decorations takes away from the importance of Thanksgiving. I mean. We are capable of loving two children at the same time and making sure to acknowledge and love them both and make them both feel special while in the presence of each other. Maybe not the best example. But basically, it is just about letting that joy and magic into your home and the world as long as you can. Eating Thanksgiving dinner with twinkle lights and little Santa decorations and Chrstmassy jazz doesn’t diminish the importance of the day at all. It feels less about principle and more about a strange war between the joyful dreamers and those who believe in following order because someone said to. Ha. Sorry! It’s just I’ve never heard a compelling argument for waiting that didn’t seem mostly tinged with trying to prove a point. Whereas those who want to begin Christmas decorating after Halloween, usually have a purity and joyfulness to their heart for their reasoning. And I’m always going to side with that. Naomi, I’m with you!

    • TAZA

      i love you.

  34. OMG 100 Grand Bars are LIFE. I forget about them every year until I see them in the Halloween candy and can’t stop eating. Like, why aren’t they more mainstream?!

  35. Ashley

    I’m with you, Taza, I’m with you! Makes the entire season more magical!!! I’ll be hoping you do it! ;) I suppose an important component of marriage is compromise, so I’ll be looking for those decorations around mid-November!!! ;) ;) ;)

    • TAZA

      this is where i’m at with josh. i’m so willing to compromise and do maybe like 3 days before thanksgiving!??!?!?! ;)

  36. I could just look at your blog all day. I especially love your eclectic laid backs style! The apartment reveals have been outstanding and I’m finding myself wanting to do renovations around our home. I’ve caught the bug! Thanks for posting quality content. And good grief, these donuts look scrumptious!

  37. Kellie

    Those donuts look incredible!!!!!

  38. Piper

    I love the app suggestion…totally downloading it now and I think it will be very helpful with my desire to read all of these parenting books (just can’t find time with 4 kids under 7!!) also I love that Josh now replies comments too!!?

  39. Jen

    By the time Halloween is over every year I am so ready for the Christmas season, it’s just my fave! This year we’re putting up lights and garlands right away because those can be enjoyed for Thanksgiving right? Then the tree can come Thanksgiving weekend :)

  40. liluka

    Ten years ago I celebrated Thanksgiving in San Ramon. It was wonderful!
    I live in Poland, in shopping malls Christmas decorations are from 3 November. In homes usually in the early days of December. I will start with the children a little earlier, because this year I can not wait for the holidays! I’m also waiting for your decorations in your new beautiful apartment!

  41. Kim

    Those donuts! YUM! And I haven’t heard that app before but it sounds amazing. I get so impatient sometimes that a huge book looks overwhelming to me so summaries are great!


  42. Emma

    Growing up, my parents always told us it was “bad luck” to do anything Christmassy before the 1st December. Looking back it was probably only so we didn’t annoy them by singing Jingle Bells for months on end haha I start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films from about September nowadays!

    You’ll have to have another baby due at Christmastime again Naomi, didn’t he let you put the tree up early the year Conrad was born?! :D

    • TAZA

      yes! i used the argument that if the baby came early and i hadn’t decorated yet, i might never get to it! and it WORKED! so you’re right. guess that’s what we’ll have to do. hahahaha!

  43. NAOMI. Thanksgiving and Christmas are like brother and sister, they like to celebrate together holding hands!!! Let’s get on with the Christmas music girl!!

  44. Shannon Merrell

    I used to use blinkist! And I loved it and thought it was great until I discovered wikipedia, which is free.

  45. Filipa

    Hi Taza and Josh!
    Love your blog and would love to hear some of your suggestions for parenting books!

  46. Kris

    Tottally losing it over the spouse comments over here. Love it!
    And no such luck here with starting christmas decorations early. To many birthdays. And still, where did that first( of many) naitivity stall come from…

  47. Jess.

    How many millions of times have I ridden the bus past the Donut Pub and just assumed that it was one of those mediocre places just getting by on luring in tourists? It is officially on my list! (Have you tried the Donut Project yet? Everyone is gaga for them, but I just finished a sugar fast, so . . . . donuts, here I come!) xox

  48. Tina

    Hi Taza and Josh!
    Your blog is so amazing
    Love all of these food..

  49. Aina

    Hi Taza, you will love Norway! Here they are obsessed with Christmas and the moment Halloween is over, Christmas decorations are up, people host julebord parties (christmas food parties), and the stores are filled with christmas food and gifts! I am guessing it has something to do with the fact that they don’t have any major holidays in autumn, other than halloween, which is a recent adoption. And when it is cold and gloomy and gets dark so seriously early, you feel like being all cosy and christmassy!