jacket weather.

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i have to admit, this past month i began to panic slightly about all this warm weather we were still having in new york city because i was missing my coat collection badly. as i kept having to peel off clothing layers when walking the streets of the city because the back sweat was getting real, i started to wonder if the cold would ever show up!

slowly but surely, she’s showing up here and there. and no one is probably as stoked as i am.  today, i’m partnering with marmot to share their brand new georgina featherless jacket. the featherless insulation is a new technology to substitute for real down which performs like a down jacket and even keeps you warm if you get it wet (bonus for being machine washable and hypoallergenic). the georgina comes in a few different colors. (i’m wearing the desert khaki color in these photos.) and there are other styles with the new featherless insulation! marmot’s featherless jackets are BlueSign approved, so they say they’re “recommended by ducks and geese everywhere.” ;)

we actually own a marmot sleeping bag which we bought a few years ago and recently pulled it out while making an indoor tent for the kids. we were all huddled in the sleeping bag inside our little indoor fort staying cozy and warm. and i realized, oh my gosh, i’m gonna feel as warm as having a sleeping bag wrapped around me this winter when i’m wearing this jacket outside!! now if only i could find a stylish sort of sleeping bag clothing solution for my ankles. ;) (josh just leaned over and said, “they’re called socks!”)

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who’s ready for winter?! bring on the hot chocolate, the sledding and snowboarding days, the holiday hustle and bustle and warmth of incredible jackets!

thank you to marmot and shopstyle for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Rachel M

    <3 Marmot!!

  2. Erin

    Awesome post love those jeans and shoes! I really love that open ring too where did you find it?!

  3. Renee

    I would love to see outfit details (especially for your top)!

  4. Nikki

    hi! can you link the rest of your outfit please?

  5. chelsi

    love the jacket! and obsessed with those pants, where did you get those??

  6. Mollie

    Yes, I LOVE jacket weather!! A faux-fur hood is my essential in the winter, especially when it gets REALLY cold! Love it!

    xoxo Mollie

  7. Kim

    The jacket looks warm… but those JEANS! Please post a source – they are beautiful!

  8. carley

    this post makes me sad….i’m not ready for another brutal winter! LONG LIVE SUMMER!!!

  9. Courtney

    And…. which lipstick is that???

  10. Aurore

    Where did you get this jeans ? It’s looks awesome on you!

  11. Claire

    i’m with you girl! who needs socks?
    perfect outfit for the cold days. and may i ask where does lipstick come from?

    all the best from france,

  12. Kim

    I love Marmot! My fiancé and I bought have rain jackets from Marmot and sleeping bags from there too. Such a great company! It is starting to get chilly in New England so this post is coming at a great time!


  13. Jessica

    This winter, blundstone boots are really trend! Are you thinking about buy this shoes ? You are always trendy Naomi.


  14. Piper

    That jacket looks so warm. I love a great heavy wool coat but sometimes you need to feel like you’re wrapped by a sleeping bag ☺️

  15. Ohhh…Marmot…great brand! Looks like a very cozy – and light and warm – jacket!

  16. Margaret Forsey

    Your hair is looking great! Wow! It looks very healthy. I like the natural, wind-tousled look. :)

  17. Melissa

    Love your jeans! Where did you get that shirt?

  18. I love the effortless style of this coat!