hot chocolate kisses.

LOVE TAZA hot cocoa-6

full disclosure: this hot chocolate only happened because as conrad and i were heading home from being at a playground in central park with friends, he didn’t want to walk or sit in the stroller, he only wanted to be carried on my hip. love the boy to death, but i wasn’t about to carry him all the way home, so we agreed to get hot chocolate on our block together if he stayed sitting in the stroller until we got there. bribery, man. i don’t put myself above it.  perks for getting to meet up with papa after getting our hot chocolate so he could help cool it down before conrad literally gulped the entire cup in like, 10 seconds!

LOVE TAZA hot cocoa-3LOVE TAZA hot cocoa-2LOVE TAZA hot cocoa-4 LOVE TAZA hot cocoa-7 LOVE TAZA hot cocoaLOVE TAZA GIF-2LOVE TAZA GIF

hope everyone has a great weekend! we are hoping to carve pumpkins at some point! the kids are throwing a little halloween party next week so we have bats hanging and skeletons up and lots of that white spider web stuff that gets everywhere but is so much fun. we have a lot more closet organizing to do in our apartment this weekend as well. i guess shoving stuff into closets for the past month has finally caught up with me because they are jam packed, things fall when i open them, and i don’t know where a lot of things i need to get to or use are hiding. but all i wanna do is watch you’ve got mail because HELLO upper west side in autumn!  also, crossing fingers we finally get our kitchen sink installed on monday. it’s been an interesting life without a counter top or kitchen sink the last month and a half, but i can see the end in sight and i’ll never take a kitchen sink for granted again!

this cream hoodie, these black denim highwaisted jeans, FEED cross over bag and booties (similar color booties here.)

  1. I’m obsessed with your booties here! I’ve had a similar pair for three years now, and I think they’re on their last leg!


  2. always a cutie :) would love to see a little tour of the party room and decorations for Halloween! maybe some ideas for costumes as well?? xx

  3. Grace

    Laughing about this negotiation! So, so cute!

    Grace ||

  4. Marka Sue

    I love your top! All the reviews say it runs really big. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  5. K

    Order a kid’s hot cocoa and they make it at a much cooler temp.

  6. AnNYC

    I have been eyeing that free people sweatshirt for months now but worried it will be enormous. All free people stuff runs so soooooo large. It looks so very cute on you though,,, Wondering how you like the fit. :)