forgotten lost photos from summer…

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i’ve been diligently going through all of our photos, working on organizing them better on hard drives, and also trying to narrow down favorites from the years to print and hang in our home. at first it always feels so daunting to pull out the hard drives and begin going through images, but within maybe 5 minutes of doing so, i’m calling josh in left and right being like, “do you remember this?!” and “ooooh! look at this one!” “i forgot about that!” then we usually can’t wipe the smiles off our faces as we get totally sidetracked on all the baby photos of our three little ones and we are complete mush by the end of it.

i am so incredibly thankful for cameras and hard drives and journals and all other forms of documentation. it is just pure magic sometimes, thinking of how quickly we can snap a photo on even a phone these days, with incredible quality, and preserve a memory. in this case, a summer afternoon shown through darker freckles, newly lost bottom teeth and a shorter haircut on my samson. their matching birkenstock sandals and the rosiest of cheeks as they giggle and whisper to one another. it’s a way of pausing time, these photos. and i love going back through time looking through them.

i had forgotten about this day over the summer until i came across the pictures. eleanor and samson were telling each other secrets while conrad napped peacefully in the stroller beside them as we spent an afternoon in soho together. i remember them giggling nonstop and catching a few phrases they were whispering with one another like “ketchup birthday cake” and “mama’s gonna love it!” as they whispered back and forth. these kids are obsessed with ketchup and even more obsessed with asking me to pass them the ketchup or put ketchup on their food because they know how much i do not like ketchup. i’ll always do it for them, but they get such a kick out of any time i’m holding the ketchup bottle, or have ketchup on my knife spreading it on a bun for them. they are always like, “look! mama is holding ketchup!” because they think it’s the funniest thing ever (especially when i pretend to gag). so i’m pretty sure, from the snippets of conversation i caught as they whispered and giggled on this afternoon in soho, that is has something to do with a ketchup birthday cake and probably most definitely, the joke will be on me. :)

  1. Julie

    Ah! I feel the same. I always feel so overwhelmed at first going through all my photos, but then I love it once I’m actually doing it! I would be so interested to know how you organize your photos on your hard drives…I seriously don’t know what is the most effective way!

  2. Mollie

    Such a great find of these older photos! Such sweet memories. I cannot believe how big your kiddos are getting and these two look like such reflections of you and Josh. So special!!

    xoxo Mollie

  3. Ashley

    So adorable and beautiful and sweet. Now I understand when people say “it melts my heart” just turned me into a big mush those pics. I bet they’ll remember the ketchup thing and laugh about it together even in their adulthood! ^^It’s a good one

  4. Amy

    This is the cutest sweetest thing ever!!

  5. They are so sweet. looking at these pictures make me smile too

  6. Kathy

    Thank you so much for the beautiful post! Motherhood can be so hard sometimes and I love stopping by your blog because it is full of positivity and focusing on what is really important – the love we have for our children. It inspires me to look past the few frustrating moments in the day and focus on the more frequent moments of joy, love and watching my son grow. I am so grateful to you and your family for the work you do!

    • josh

      Thank you, Kathy!

  7. Amanda

    Aww I love that Eleanor got your freckles! Freckles are the cutest thing.

  8. Cassie

    So darling <3

  9. I’m going through very nostalgic phase right now too, i can’t stop watching old videos and looking at all our pictures!
    absolutely love these moments you’ve captured xx

  10. Marcella

    Oh my gosh Eleanor looks so old in the second picture!!! Like she could be a teenager right there. SO cute though, my brother is 2 years younger than me and we were besties growing up.

  11. Kim

    Your kids are cuties. Not a big fan of ketchup either. ESPECIALLY ketchup cake – yuck!

    And perhaps you can write a blog post on how you organize all your photos! I for one, take a TON of photos and post them on my own blog, and it’s definitely tricky for me to organize them on my hard drive!


  12. Alex

    These pictures are so incredibly beautiful- they really capture such a sweet moment in time.

  13. Taryn Ramsay

    I’m a long time reader, like pre babies, but I hardly ever take the time to comment. Just wanted to take a moment to say, your blog is so full of joy and love and the magic of motherhood. This is such a simple, yet impactful post, it’s perfect. So, thank you for sharing. For letting us follow along, partake in your joy and be inspired to do the same.