yellow in mallorca.

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i had completely forgotten about these photos from when we were in mallorca last month until cleaning up my folders on my computer last night! these photos were from a day we’d spent entirely at the beach, and we’d just hiked back up from the ocean right beneath us to the home we were renting in banyalbufar, my hair still soaking wet from swimming in the water so i stuck this hat on my head, while the kids played in the yard of the home, and josh and i snapped these pictures together before we all drove a few minutes into the little town for dinner at son tomás restaurant. that meal was our favorite meal of the trip, too. it was our last night in mallorca and we sat at an outdoor table on a tall balcony and watched the most beautiful sunset while eating our meal together and practicing our spanish. the kids were so good while we ate, and we went around the table taking turns sharing all the things we enjoyed doing together on our trip.

our time in mallorca was such a highlight of our summer for me, because it felt so slow and calm and peaceful. i’ve been grasping at ways to bring that feeling into my every day since returning to new york city. one of the ways i’ve found that feeling has been to pull myself out of bed before the sun wakes up (and if you know me, you know this does not come easy!), before anyone else in my family is awake for the day… to stretch, to read, to get ready for the day and enjoy the quiet before the day really begins. so that i’m the first thing that greets my family when they wake up, and since i’m not as rushed this way, i’m hoping my calmer morning mood and pace can help set the day for the rest of my people around me. maybe i’m more tired, but i’m happier. and really working to make this the norm. usually i’m up far past midnight getting work done, because it’s when my brain is most productive and the apartment is most quiet. but i’m aiming to switch up this routine and target my early mornings instead of late nights by getting to bed earlier instead.  we’ll see. but right now, it’s working, and i’m loving it.

hope everyone’s monday is off to a great beginning!

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here’s a video we made from a beach day in mallorca last month if you missed it! and more photos from our time in spain, with posts from barcelona HERE and HERE.

my yellow dress (snagged during a sale earlier this summer!), an old hat and these birkenstock sandals that are my summer staple for comfort.


  1. I love how you mixed the yellow dress with pink lips and nails. It looks super cute

  2. Kate

    I love that dress!! So effortless. I really like this post and how you are waking up before the kids. I notice the same calmness and patience when I get up before the family as well. It’s a tough commitment but worth it!


  3. ¡Me encanta Mallorca!, es una ciudad muy acogedora, sus playas y su puesta de sol son de las más bonitas de mi país, me alegra mucho que lo hayas disfrutado.

    Para el próximo viaje a España, te espero en mi ciudad, Valencia, la cual también es maravillosa :)

  4. Calla

    So cute! Thanks for sharing. Feel like you are channeling Queen Bey in that fifth photo and I love it!

  5. Love the skirt and neck of your dress!! // The sandals I used to wear all the time broke, so I bought a pair of Birks, and now I wear those all the time! // Good luck with your new routine :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  6. Natali

    You’re looking absolutely enchanting and so summery in this yellow maxi!

  7. Rylapack

    I’m trying the same thing. I go on morning walks with my daughter every morning to help get me up and happy to start my day. I found that she’s much happier too making my day so much easier. Anything to make my life calm and relaxed is my thing!

  8. Remaliah

    Sooo beautiful as always, Naomi! I have been planning on getting up early, like you, for so long. I used to be a morning person before having children! I just need the willpower to get myself up out of bed :)

  9. Lovely photos! The dress if lovely, but sadly someone like me with my big chest could never wear it because the colar is so high. . Hope your kitchen renovation goes smoothly. I can only imagine how stressful it must be having small children who need to be feed and while eating out is fun it gets old fast.

  10. brittany

    oh my gosh. this color on you!!! please never stop wearing sunshiney yellow!!! you are such a beauty, and this color is just nailing it!!! and i love your thoughts on incorporating more peace into the hectic day to day… mornings aren’t easy for me, either! i am soaking up any and all advice on that note!!

  11. J

    What happened to your dog?

  12. Liz

    obsessed with that dress! best of luck with the early mornings and not so late nights!

  13. Alex

    Sigh, I just want to move somewhere with cactus plants! Great pics.