5 tips to get the most out of your sleep!

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hi friends! today, in partnership with brooklinen, i’m sharing a little peek into our bedroom in our new apartment, and 5 tips i have found to really help to create a peaceful environment so you can take control of getting all the rest you need, even if it comes in four hour shifts because #KIDS. ;)

while we’re still getting set up and unpacked and situated in our new apartment, i knew during the process that i needed to have one tiny home base in my bedroom where i could feel settled and at peace. the rest of the apartment can be unorganized and crazy for a bit longer! but give me just a little room where i know where everything is, that’s tidy and clean and situated! we’re still not entirely finished decorating our bedroom, but i did paint one accent wall (it looks black in these photos but it’s actually a dark blue!) and organized it as best i could in the meantime. i love it. it’s such a comfortable and peaceful spot in the apartment. and definitely up there in the running for my favorite spot in all of the apartment!

something i’ve learned the hard way over the past several years is how important sleep is in order for me to function properly. as a mother of three who is trying to juggle it with everything else, it’s absolutely necessary. even if it comes in doses and might not be that prescribed 8 hour sleep cycle the doctor orders. to make the most of the sleep i am able to get, i’ve found little tricks or methods that help relax my energized brain and body so i can take full advantage of whatever time i do have to rest, and it helps a lot! i’d love to share these tips with you, and hear any others you might have in the comments below!

5 tips for creating a peaceful environment to get the most out of your sleep:

1. that technology situation

it’s amazing how connected we can be at all times because of technology these days, and having tablets and gadgets that do literally everything (including act as alarm clocks) is a blessing and a curse. i’ve been working hard over the last several months to not bring my phone into my bedroom at night and charge it in another room instead. i’ve been trying to make my bedroom a “tech free” zone entirely actually, and bought an old fashioned clock for my night stand to use as an alarm clock so i don’t rely on anything else in there. this way, getting into bed is really about relaxing and sleeping, not scrolling through my phone or browsing the internet. i have a few books beside my bed and have been getting back into the routine of reading an actual book in the evenings instead of reading them on my phone, which is what i’ve been doing over the past few years. having the physical copy in my hands for a few minutes in the evening is a really nice feeling.

2. having bed and bedding you love

it’s so important that you love the feel of your bed and your bedding, so when you are finally get to crawl in that bed at night, it feels welcoming and like the most comfortable place ever! we spend so much time in our beds and sleep is so important, so we have always tried to invest in making the best of it. when brooklinen reached out a few months ago to see if we’d like to give their luxe hardcore bundle a try, i was intrigued, because they have literally thousands of 5 star reviews online and i was like, but how good can they really be? the thing is, josh and i are very very loyal to the mattress we’ve owned for the last 7 or 8 years of our marriage as well as to my foam pillow i am obsessed with and much of our bedding. we’re in such a fortunate position because of our line of work to be pitched a lot of products in these sorts of areas quite frequently, but we’ve never been able to entertain the idea of trying something new like a mattress because we just feel rather loyal and still very much in love with our current set up these past several years. but we tried out the luxe hardcore bundle (as well as the classic bundle) over the summer before working with brooklinen and they really are the dreamiest sheets. what i love about them are the way they feel, super luxurious and soft, which is everything to me. i also love that the company started on kickstarter and works hard focusing on all the little details of how to make their bedding the very best.

3. all the light and all the black out curtains

lighting is one of the most important things for getting the best out of any situation. i try to find as much natural light in my day, but in the evenings as we’re winding down for bed, i try to have dimmer lighting,  something that helps signal to your brain it’s time to wind down, which really works really well for me. you can find light bulbs that have different settings for this very purpose, which we use all throughout our apartment and love. it also always helps the kids wind down during dinner and bedtime prep to have the proper lighting to get their little bodies and brains ready for their sleep cycle. we also use black out curtains while we sleep so that early morning sunrise doesn’t mess with our rest.

4. the atmosphere…. keeping it tidy, keeping it clean

this is a hard one for me, because somehow my clothes always end up on the bed or floor in the process of the day and i’m like, “who keeps doing this!?” (it’s me, you guys. it’s always me.) but having the room in a somewhat tidy state helps me feel happy, and more relaxed. i also love having fresh flowers or a candle nearby so i always keep one on my dresser or nightstand. and while josh wishes my candles and their incredible scents would have somehow gotten lost in the move, they make me really happy. (side note: i actually don’t light them when josh is also in the room because i want him to feel relaxed and comfortable in his bedroom as well. and since he swears he can’t breathe when they are going (side eye), i just light them when he’s out.

5. making a happy list or giving a prayer of gratitude

as i drift off to sleep each night, one of the best ways i’ve found to turn off my brain or stop thinking about anything i need to get done, is going over what i’m thankful for, and what i feel so blessed to have in my life. i love ending the day on a positive note, and focusing on the good in my life is a really nice way to close the last chapter of the day before falling asleep.

LOVE TAZA q43jj6ml01h-2LOVE TAZA q43jj6ml01h-5LOVE TAZA q43jj6ml01h LOVE TAZA q43jj6ml01h-4LOVE TAZA q43jj6ml01h-7any specific things you have found to help create a peaceful environment to get the most out of your sleep at night? please share with all of us in the comments! also, use the code LOVETAZA20 to $20 off + free shipping on your next brooklinen order.

  1. Gina Jackson

    Where is your nightstand from?! I love it!

  2. Gina Jackson

    And the color of your wall is beautiful! Do you know the name of it? Thanks! Love Brooklinen too. I just bought their duvet cover it’s the best.

  3. Drinking a glass of milk before bed has been the golden ticket for me over the past several years.

    Love the wall!

  4. sydnee

    I love my brooklinen sheets as well! I like to have a diffuser going when I go to sleep, usually lavender and/or peppermint essential oils, the aromatherapy helps me sleep.

    sydnee | Design by Sydnee

  5. Megan

    I need to know the color of that beautiful dark green paint on the walls! Love, a fellow sleep deprived mama :)

  6. Jenny

    I love this! As someone who wants to keep her phone out, but also uses it for an alarm- may I ask where you got your alarm clock?

  7. I love this post! This is something I really need to make a point to work on and figure out. Our bedroom gets so much natural light during the day and at night as well (not great) but finding good blackout curtains has been a challenge. Also, the tip about no screens in the bedroom, if only I could get my 3 year old and my partner on board.


  8. Mollie

    Turning off technology and lighting are key for me to get a great nights sleep. I feel like an amazing sleep yields to an amazing next day! Love these tips.

    xoxo Mollie

  9. Marika

    Thank you for that last point. It is somehow simple but also groundbreaking, at least to me. I was looking to find a way to re-focus my attention to something positive at night,rather than going over what still needs to get done, and I think this may be a solution. Love the wall, so cozy!

  10. Nooo it’s dark green better !!! O_O!!!!!


  11. Leslee

    Funny…the wall color looks dark dark green! I thought it looked nice with your flowers! Haha
    I never take my phone in my room to charge! I am bad about watching tv some nights though. I guess no one is perfect!

  12. Natalie

    I’m not a die hard oil person but diffusing calming smells like lavender vanilla are game changers for me! Eucalyptus and peppermint get me through cold season too!!

  13. Ellie Dufrene

    im in luuuuuurve with that paint color!

    i love to sleep, always have. when our little girl was born, i questioned whether she was truly my child because she neeever slept. we started diffusing young living essential oils when she was one and we’ve never slept better!!

    i think the next step is creating a tech free zone too!

  14. Liza

    Where are your nightstands from?? LOVE them!

  15. sirma

    Adorable that dark green color!!!!!
    Love love love!!!!!

  16. Tessa

    For some reason spirulina seems to help me get a better night’s sleep! Ever since I’ve started having it in my smoothies, I’ve been a much better sleeper.

  17. Victoria Parker

    Love it! We need the black out curtains still! We diffuse essential oils every evening in all of our bedrooms to promote a calm relaxing nights sleep.

  18. Teresa

    These are great tips! I need to do better with putting my phone away. Also, I love the wall color in the room!

  19. Holly

    These are such great tips! I love the idea of the power of having bedding that you LOVE, I am definitely going to try that one. These pictures are so lovely and I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your new home.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  20. s.montgomery

    So cozy looking!

    Anyone have any foam pillow recommendations?

    I have the neck of a 90 year old woman and I can’t seem to find a good fit!

    • josh

      Hi S.! It really depends on your sleeping position. Start with that and go from there.

  21. Kevyn

    I love the wall color!!!! Last time you had a post asking about wall color suggestions and one of the ones I thought of was this green! Great minds think alike!!! ;) you’re room look so relaxing, NOT cluttered, and perfect.

  22. Kim

    Great tips! My mom works odd hours and needs the black out curtains to be able to sleep! It does wonders!


  23. Nancy

    Which is softer and more luxurious, the luxe hardcore bundle or the classic bundle? Thank you.

    • josh

      The luxe!

  24. Mia

    I’ve gotten into the habit of ending my night by reading a book or my Bible instead of scrolling through my phone or being on my computer, and it has made such a positive impact! Practicing gratitude is such a lovely way to end the day.

    Mia | http://www.verymuchmia.com

    • josh

      I love this! We JUST put up lights on each side of our bed so we can try the same.

  25. Jessica

    What black out curtains do you use? We are in the process of moving just out of the city and my little one needs black out curtains but nothing seems to work super well and blocking both light and outside sounds.

    And I’m all about no technology in the room!

    • josh

      Hi Jessica. We ordered black out curtains from Amazon. Here is a link to one of the ones we liked: http://a.co/icqOz4E
      Good luck!

  26. Alain

    Drinking a cup of tisane before bed has been the best for me over the past several years.

    I Love you wall!

  27. fefe

    OMG this looks like the coziest bedroom EVER. I can’t wait to see more photos of your apartment!


  28. We’ve been using the headspace meditation app before we get ready for bed for a quick 10 minute meditation each night and it’s been so great at helping settle down our minds before we go to bed. We also have gone tech less in our bedroom, so we actually do the meditation in our living room, then go to our room afterwards to get ready for bed. It’s amazing how freeing it’s felt to not have your phone next to you at night.

  29. Rylee

    Ugh love the green wall! When do we get a tour of your beautiful new home?


  30. Allison

    Oh where is that clock from? Great idea!

  31. Kirsten

    Paint color please?!?

  32. Jess

    Love the paint color! Mind sharing? 😊

  33. Venessa

    Do you use a sound machine to help with noise? I’m not familiar with the UES and if it’s quiet at night but I’m from
    Chelsea and just visited recently and well garbage pick up made sleep impossible. I live in downtown Fort Lauderdale on a loud street and wondered if you had a sound machine you loved?

    • josh

      No we don’t actually. Our kids have grown up with it and learned to be good sleepers in our last place (a valuable skill!) and now they have a quiet room in our new place. Air conditioners and fans are great!

  34. Lana

    I love your tips,those are perfect. I would include also two very efficient weapons I use. I used to suffer every night to sleep. I had to follow a ritual in order to do so, but even with that I’d take 2 hours to fall asleep. Can you believe that? Two things, however, have helped me a lot, First thing is take a hot cup of CHAMOMILE TEA, this not only helps you with insomnia as also, clean your skin. Seriously you can see the difference in your skin after a couple of months drinking it every day at bed time.Chamomile Tea it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich that will brighten your skin . If you have Eczema this’s a great natural medicine. My 2 years old baby drinks it and this was my secret to put her on a sleep schedule ( one nap during the day and 12 hours sleep throughout the night. Now she sleeps at the very same time every day without have to drink anything. Amazing, right?). But, one of the most amazing thing of its benefits that you will love and your FOLLOWERS TOO is: It can lessen the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles on the face. I simply love Chamomile Tea. It boots your immune system, helps with menstrual cramps, lighten skin and dark circle on your eyes, etc, etc. My second secret is: READ. I do not actually read books but, I am always looking for information on blog’s subject related . As a new Blogger I do my research every night before sleeping. Think about it? A hot cup of tea, a good reading and done.You will wake up on the other day feeling as a new person.
    I agree with you in every single tip you gave. It’s just hard to keep the bed clean when you have a toddler but,try. I also, put my phone on DO NOT DISTURB MODE once I do not want to know that I have a new Facebook comment or new email as the phone rings. This would arouse my curiosity and would be hard to not check on them. But, unfortunately, in order to do my BLOG nights researches I use my tablet and curiously I never bother to check on Social Media as I am focused only on know more about blog’s things.