visiting parc güell in barcelona!

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love taza barcelona day2-50

we loved visiting parc güell in barcelona! josh and i were both so excited to see this place, which is covered in mosaics, buildings, sculptures and steps by the one and only gaudi. the kids loved it as well. when josh asked her how these building made her feel, eleanor shared how it looked like waves and the boys talked about how they liked all the colors. i couldn’t get over how breathtaking the views of barcelona are from the top of the park. absolutely gorgeous and a highlight of our trip for sure.

some photos below…

love taza barcelona day2-54

there were about 5 college girls from russia traveling together doing a little photoshoot right here where we took this family photo. when i saw them doing their thing, i was like, “that’s who i’m asking to take a family photo of us!” lol. sometimes the family photo by a stranger turns out incredible and sometimes not at all, but i had a feeling when i saw one of them working her camera she’d know what to do with mine. YAY!

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eleanor really was right when she commented how everything felt like waves. coming from new york, where much of it feels so vertical and straight and structured with our skyscrapers and apartment buildings or brownstones, it all felt so playful, like we were inside a dr. seuss book!

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the kids have been taking some of the coolest photos on their little cameras this trip. i’ve said it before, but it’s always so fun to see life through their lens. also, can we talk about samson and his love for the buzz cut?! he has such amazing hair but he is so loyal to his extra short buzz cuts and i just think it’s the sweetest thing. to be five and know exactly what you want when it comes to your hair. he kills me.

love taza barcelona day2-55

all of the mosaic pieces bunched together making such beautiful little bursts of color.

love taza barcelona day2-51

photo by samson. :)

love taza barcelona day2-57 love taza barcelona day2-52 love taza barcelona day2-53

these two cuties together in their matching blue.

love taza barcelona day2-70love taza barcelona day2-58

these ceilings were my favorite part.

love taza barcelona day2-61 love taza barcelona day2-59love taza barcelona day2-65love taza barcelona day2-67

and my sweet baby girl and that panda of hers that has traveled pretty much everywhere we’ve gone the past 6 years of life. it’s amazing that we haven’t lost her yet (knock on all the wood), or that eleanor’s arm hasn’t gotten stuck in that holding position. ;)

love taza barcelona day2-68love taza barcelona day2-69love taza barcelona day2-71 love taza barcelona day2-66

truly such a magical place and so happy we were able to spend a morning there exploring it!

  1. Violet

    These pictures are gorgeous. Barcelona is definitely on my list of places to go. Also, I just want to take a second to tell you that I love how you & Josh parent. Giving the kids space to be themselves, taking them on your adventures, allowing them to try new things that are scary (trapeze!), and just BEING THERE mean so much to a kid. I never had parents and never much of a family life. When I see your family, I think, ‘I want something like that one day.’

  2. Ruth

    Parc Güell it’s an special place for me, because my grandparent’s house it’s very close, and it’s my childhood park. Many memories…

    Whole family photos are adorable! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I especially enjoy Eleanor’s comment about the waves. I hope you continue to enjoy your time here and thank you for all your support in recent days.:)

  3. Kate

    Love the picture Samson took of you and josh and how Eleanor is on the side helping Conrad put on his shoes!! What a cute sister-brother moment.


  4. Heidi

    I enjoyed seeing the beauty of Barcelona radiate from the pictures and story of your time there. This is how I want to think of and remember this special city.

  5. I really can’t wait you to share the kids’ photo results by their instax!

  6. Leanne

    It’s definitely on my bucket list to explore Barcelona one day. I just love how you encourage creativity so freely in your kids… Those pictures of Samson’s are going to be keepsakes you hold onto forever! Your photos capture the architecture so well.

  7. Kim

    Your kiddos are adorable! I love that Samson gets his own instax camera. Maybe he’ll get his own blog someday ;) Beautiful photographs, especially the family portrait! My fiance and I never seem to get nice photographs from strangers.

    Simply Lovebirds

  8. Mollie

    How gorgeous and colorful Barcelona is!! I love all of the bright mosaic’s and beautiful architecture. Such wonderful memories to make with your sweet family.

    xoxo Mollie

    • josh

      We had one of these! Is that perhaps not too surprising??

  9. Brooke

    You guys did a lot in one day! You must have been exhausted! My lazy butt wouldn’t have been able to do that much walking lol (I’m assuming you did everything you’ve posted so far in the same day because of the outfits are all the same – or did you guys just pack light?)

  10. Chuck

    Loved Barcelona this past spring but could have left the Parc off and spent the $ on a couple more bottles of wonderful Tempranillo. I agree the view is marvellous but what you see of the parc street side covers it.

  11. Megan B

    You have probably answered this a million times. But where are their little cameras from/what type? Thanks! loved all of the pictures.

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  13. Erica

    What kind of cameras do the kids have? They seem digital and not the instant/Polaroid kind…