video and photos from mallorca, spain!

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we have spent the last couple of days in the most beautiful place! we have been staying in a little house that josh found on the top of a cliff overlooking the prettiest pocket of a bay and beach full of the most turquoise and clear water! we are in cala banyalbufar, mallorca, spain!

while we originally anticipated exploring more of mallorca since there was a lot we wanted to see and do, we had such a fun day at the beach by the little home we rented on our first day, we decided to just settle in for a few days and really relax at the home and beach, and not really do anything else.  another reason we decided on this was because all of the roads are soooo curvy and winding here, that on our drive in from the airport in palma, a couple of the kids were getting car sick. #citykids not used to driving. ;) so we just grabbed a bunch of groceries in a nearby town where we had lunch one day and had one dinner up the road, but it’s felt really relaxing to just hang at the house and beach together each day.

these photos and the little video are from our first day at the beach. we’ve done three days with solid beach time but we only brought our cameras down to the beach on the first day, so these images are from then. the water is so incredibly warm i was really surprised! and when you swim out a ways, it’s also so incredibly clear, you can see the bottom even when it is pretty far down!

LOVE TAZA0901-33

see what i mean about that water!?

LOVE TAZA0901-11LOVE TAZA0901-30LOVE TAZA0901-22

searching for crabs, snails and fish!!! we caught a tiny crab actually in the net for maybe 20 seconds before he got away! it’s in the video if you wanna see. looks like a spider and just the thought of how fast he moved is still freaking me out a few days later. ;)

LOVE TAZA0901-14LOVE TAZA0901-15LOVE TAZA0901-32LOVE TAZA0901-31

thank you josh davis for always carrying all of our stuff. :)

LOVE TAZA0901-19

do you see that home up there on the top of the cliff?! that is the home we rented and stayed in. i always give josh such a hard time on the amount of time he puts into researching hotels and travel stuff, but it truly does pay off. the man knows what he’s doing and i’m glad he’s a thorough researcher.


these kiddos have been sleeping so well at night. who knew all we had to do was plan full days of play at the beach?! someone sign us up for beach life!


and this kiddo was swimming and kicking all over the place thanks to his little puddle jumper. i am so proud of him. i took him way way out into the deeper water and he was so good the entire time, although sometimes he’d hang onto my neck and while it was super sweet, it was pretty hard to swim. ;)

LOVE TAZA0901-9 LOVE TAZA0901-10 LOVE TAZA0901-13LOVE TAZA0901-16 LOVE TAZA0901-17

when mama tries to take a nap on a floatie out on the water but somehow all the kids still find me.

LOVE TAZA0901-18LOVE TAZA0901-25

mister conrad knows what’s good in life! nutella and jam sandwiches, that is what! ps. do they not sell peanut butter in the supermarkets in spain? we couldn’t find any!

LOVE TAZA0901-21

josh took this photo of me and he was laughing so hard when he took it. he was like, “sorry. but i have to document this. you’re eating a pepper!” i guess that is what happens when you aren’t eating refined sugar so you have to learn how to re-snack. you start eating the healthy snacks you pack your kids, like the peppers.

LOVE TAZA0901-23

eleanor’s new little friend!

LOVE TAZA0901-24LOVE TAZA0901-26

i LOVE the way samson wears his goggles!

LOVE TAZA0901-27 LOVE TAZA0901-29

seriously won’t ever get over how beautiful this spot is and how wonderful the last few days of just chilling here with my family have been.  absolutely incredible. mallorca, we promise to try our best to come again someday and explore all the other amazing beaches and places you have to offer. but pausing here and just staying put was everything we needed right now and we loved you, cala banyalbufar!

  1. Rebecca

    I used to snack on red bell peppers all the time in highschool! I would run to the fruit&vegetables vendor on my break and eat it in class, ha :)

  2. Niken

    The water is so clear! Such a lovely place.

  3. Jordan

    Love the pictures and obsessed with that house!!! As an American living in Germany, I can confirm that it is super hard to find peanut butter in Europe – especially in smaller more remote places!!! I am finally able to find it in bigger grocery stores in Germany but the smaller ones still don’t have it :(

  4. Marcella

    They don’t have peanut butter in Spain! When I studied in Sevilla us Americans were going crazy because we missed peanut butter, haha Eat all the gambas al ajillo for me!!! And drink the tinto de verano! So refreshing.

  5. Anne-Claire

    Lovely pictures !

    To answer your question, peanut butter is not popular in continental Europe, most people don’t know what is is, have never tasted it, and when it’s sold in supermarkets it’s usually in the foreign food aisle.

  6. Emma

    We go to Mallorca often on holiday and it is just the loveliest place! Your photos are so pretty. There are some beaches with lots of sand on them but then the water isn’t quite so clear.

    Also that’s so American to look for peanut butter in the supermarkets in Europe! :) It is becoming more popular in the last few years, but I don’t think it’s really a “thing” like it is over there, especially not in smaller, local supermarkets. Nutella, however…!

    • josh

      Yep! We bought nutella instead…

  7. Allyson

    I’ve had a few friends study abroad in Spain. Without a doubt, every single one of them comes back craving Peanut Butter. It’s not a thing over there apparently!

  8. omg Conrad crossing his legs and eating his sandwich!! // Josh did such a good job finding you guys a place to stay :D // I was at the beach for a weekend this summer and only brought my camera out the first day as well haha. I always get nervous that I’ll ruin my camera at the beach! I think the less you carry to the beach, the easier it is, and the more fun you can have! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  9. Leanne

    Ohh this just looks so FUN. Way to go on giving your kids memories they’ll hold dear forever!

  10. Kate

    Kudos to Josh for finding that amazing house. I can’t even imagine what the views must be like when you wake up or go to sleep! Amazing. Great pictures- that water looks heavenly!


    • josh

      The best views were seen while washing the dishes and hanging the laundry out to dry. Made chores a lot more enjoyable!

  11. Kinga

    Hola! This is my fav beach on whole mallorca! It really looks like you all enjoy this place a lot! It so surreal for me that even when I know you guys are normal people and I follow your blog for so long it’s crazy to see that people I only know from internet are rocking place I use to call home haha you know what I mean?! Ps. Peanut butter on mallorca you can only find in lidl ;)

  12. Devon

    I’m loving all of these photos from your trip! Makes me really miss a Barcelona. I’ll just have to plan a trip soon!

    Could I ask what camera and lenses you typically use? I know there used to be a FAQ section but I couldn’t find it.


  13. Nichole

    The red peppers are so good and sweet…and cheap here in Mallorca 😍

  14. Pilar

    No, we don’t have peanut butter here at the supermarkets, but sure you can find it in some kind of natural or organic store, but try to embrace our meals and enjoy the local gastronomy!

    • josh

      Lo estamos haciendo! Vamos al supermercado en Esporles e cuando vamos en restorante comemos los platos y postres “mallorquinos” siempre!

    • josh

      Peró….los niños….es un otra cosa aveces! ;-)

  15. Claudia

    If you loved mallorca then catch a boat to Menorca and you won’t ever want to go back to the States. Spain’s the best! And no we don’t do peanut butter; growing up I only saw it in American films and tried it first time when I was 19 in NYC. Haha!!

  16. Angie Torrez

    Hi! Avid IG follower here. On which website did Josh find the house that you’re renting? My husband and I honeymooned in Europe in June and we are planning to go back. Spain is on our list and this spot looks like perfection!

  17. Patricia

    In the cities there are lots of supermarkets where you can find peanut butter. Maybe you are in a tiny village but for sure you find it in Palma. I am spanish and know a lot of supermarkets where to buy it. However nutella is not a bad option isnt it :-) ? I am happy you like my country!!

  18. Heidi

    Beautiful pics! That’s so funny about the red pepper. My daughter (who just turned 2), hates most all food…except raw red bell peppers! :-)

    • josh

      If she could have only one food, that is a good one!

  19. Alicia

    Hi! Love to see you’re enjoying Spain 😀
    You can find peanut butter in Mercadona, It is called crema de cacahuetes un spanish. Next time un Spain come todo visit Segovia! You’ll love it

  20. Ana W.

    You should try Nocilla! It’s better than Nutella.

  21. Alicia

    You can find peanut butter in Mercadona. Enjoy!!

  22. Kim

    What a beautiful family vacation! Josh is quite the gentlemen (carrying everything) — my fiancé does the same thing! He loves eating peppers anywhere, so for some reason, I didn’t think it was weird for you to eat them on the beach!

    Simply Lovebirds

  23. Beatriz B

    These pictures look great, it looks like you are really enjoying your time here!

    Regarding the peanut butter issue, big supermarkets are only just now starting to sell it (either that or stores with soecific international sections), so I’m thinking you will have a hard time finding it in the towns nearby. The kids could always try “Nocilla”, which is the Spanish version of Nutella.

    Keep having fun!

  24. Analisa

    Josh, your written Spanish is quite good, only 4 teeny mistakes!

    • josh

      Gracias! Che son?

  25. Amy

    We’re traveling (from the Upper “Best” Side) to Barcelona and Mallorca next week! It’s always fun to see your NYC and UWS posts since that’s where we call home… but now it’s especially exciting to see you sharing this trip! Can’t wait to go!

  26. rachel simmons

    Peanut Butter is so AMERICAN! I love it! When my hubby and I honeymooned in Mexico, we went to wal-mart to buy a few groceries and thought, PB&J sandwiches will be cheap! Nope! The peanut butter was $6 for a tiny jar! We opted for hot dogs. Glamorous I know! ;)

  27. Elizabeth

    The “no sugar” is paying off! You look fabulous! That house you rented looks amazing! And that water color! As always, thanks for sharing your adventures with us all :)

  28. clau

    Hi there! I’m from Barcelona but I have some family in Valldemosa (Mallorca) so I’m really enjoying watching you visiting my place and also I’m learning things bc i’ve never been in cala banyalbufar so thank you bc i’m going to go next time!
    I do have the same problem in Mallorca with car sick bc the roads there are the worst but in my opinion it’s worth it.
    We don’t really eat peanut buttert, his is way it can be hard to find but I think you can find it in some supermarkets in Palma like Mercadona, Carrefour… Are you visiting anything eles in Spain?
    Felices vacaciones!

  29. You can get PB from El Corte Ingles where they offer foods from different parts of the world, including even a “Tex Mex” section with tortilla chips. :P What a beautiful trip!

  30. these pictures are gorgeous! and that SEA :o so blue, i love it ♡

  31. Vanessa

    Puedes encontrar mantequilla de cacahuete (peanut butter) en Mercadona por toda España. Good luck ;)

  32. These photos are amazing!
    The location looks divine. I bet the view in the mornings/evenings from the little house look breathtaking.


  33. Maryse

    Don’t let people fool you we don’t have peanut butter in all of continental Europe. Our supermarket in The Netherlands even has caramel sea salt or chili variations. We don’t have sun though, so yeah. I’d stick to Mallorca ;-)

  34. Bree

    We are heading there next summer! Can I get the link to the house where you stayed???

  35. Dunia

    Hey, Naomi! Glad to hear you enjoyed Spain. I was wondering iff you could share the brand of the metallic containers that you use for your snacks. Thanks!

    • josh

      Klean Kanteen!

  36. Holly

    Where are your kid’s swim clothes from? Really great idea!

  37. Josh,

    En tu español se ve también que hablas italiano ;) Super!
    Buen trabajo (“restaurante”, “a veces” “e= y”)

    Kisses from France

    • josh

      Ha! Si! Hai scoperto la mia segreta!

  38. Maria

    Finding peanut butter in Europe can sure be tricky!
    Love all of these gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing!

    Maria ||

  39. Molly

    Wonderful shots! I love the quote, “The quickest way to get a child’s attention is to sit and look comfortable.” -Jane Olinghouse

    You were looking too comfy out there, mama!

  40. Marissa

    Could you do a logistics post? Like how you get the swim gear, clothes and floaties and goggles over seas? Do you pack it? Ship it or buy it? Also, what are your meal suggestions for children. I see you went to the market and made wheat bread Nutella jelly sandwiches . Any other tips for travel? I remember you did sort of an advice post for traveling with kids before and I loved it. Thanks !!!!!

  41. Kelly

    This really does look like an amazing spot and I love snacking on peppers too!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  42. I am Spanish in London and I discovered peanut butter here, I can tell is always in my breakfast now, I love it, Its hard when I come back Spain they basically only have one brand and not really good because at home we use without palm oil. I hope they can introduce soon…
    Love your photos so happy you have been in my country Palma is amazing

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  44. Lucía

    Nooo! We don’t have peanut butter in Spain!
    In fact, for us, Spaniards it’s something SO American that we learnt it exists thanks to movies and TV-Shows! Like an exotic thing :P

    Anyways, in some big supermarkets or american theme stores, they sell it!

  45. Ashley

    What beautiful pictures!!! Can you share the link for the airbnb you stayed at? My husband & I may be going to Spain this summer & that looks like the perfect area for us!!!

  46. connie

    you’re kids are just so freaking adorable. conrad’s expression while he was getting buried in sand in the video is priceless.

  47. eulalia

    was the appartment worth to recommend? can you send the link?