thrice cooked fries, for our ties and fries.


i have been wanting to take our family to 375 fries since i first read about it earlier this summer because, hello! it’s a place all about french fry dishes and fry sauces and my husband is probably the biggest fry lover out there, with three little fry lovers following in his footsteps, especially if ketchup is involved (ugh. still mad he had to introduce that gross stuff to my kids.)

conrad fell asleep before arriving, but the remaining four of us had our fry fill and left with very happy tummies. i tried their nachos (which is essentially a ginormous plate of nachos but with the chips switched out for fries) and was surprised how much i liked it that way. who knew!? the belgian thick cut fries were everyone’s favorite though. really really good! they say they cook all of their fries three times, which helps them remain consistently crispy.

always fun to explore these new spots that pop up and work so hard at perfecting some of our family’s favorite foods. it was a big day for me because it was my last day eating like i normally do (give me all the mexican cokes in my final hour!) because i went off refined sugar once again today and hoping to keep at it for at least the next 30 days. it’s truly killing my energy and even though my sweet tooth is one that is hard to curb, i’m always so much more in tune and alert and aware of my body when it isn’t around. i struggle to keep it in moderation so going off it completely is what i need to do. if you wanna join me, i’d so love that! it looks like a few from instagram are going to join in this month and i know it’ll help me keep at it and feel supported and motivated to have some buddies in it with me. anyway, a little off topic from my fries but i’m really excited! let’s do it!


do you see this man’s face?! complete joy. this is his kind of happy place.


and this cute face! someone else is a fry monster over here.


me and my girl.


samson has had a big love of fish and chips since our time in england this past spring. when he saw it on the menu he got so very excited! he ate all the fried fish, too! so i can’t tell you if it was great, but you can take samson’s word for it!


my nachos, on the bed of french fries i was telling you about earlier! is this a normal thing most people have had in life? i feel like i’ve really missed out not knowing nachos could have a fry base. i’m into it.


and i don’t even know what’s going on here except that josh davis is a really good dad. and these kids just adore him so so much.

LOVE TAZA FRIES-3LOVE TAZA FRIES had to snap a photo showing mister conrad, too. :) we saved some fries for him which he happily ate once he woke up. adventuring around nyc with this group right here is such a highlight of life for me. even if they keep trying to peer pressure me into eating ketchup. :)

ps. my white dress was a gift from shop doen, my sunglasses are from here. samson’s monster shirt from here and the kids waterproof birkenstock sandals here.

  1. Simone

    In San Diego we have carne asada fries. Soooo good. It’s French fries with carne asada and various toppings. Reminded me of your nachos with fries. Fries forever!!

  2. Rachel Simmons

    Ketchup is AMAZING.

  3. Heidi

    Marrying nachos and fries together? Who knew?!!

    I enjoyed this post. Looks like such a fun family day. Exactly the way life should be.


  4. vicky

    I’m in!

    let the no refined sugar days begin ;)

  5. So this is one of my all time favorite spots from when we lived there and we plan on moving back at some point. The other day my husband says “What if when we move back you meet Taza?” HE KNOWS the important things in life ;) I also let him know your name is Naomi though and I’d be addressing you as such :P hehe!

  6. Kate

    This is awesome. We are coming to the city this Sunday for a week and I’m definitely going to take my family here. We all love fries- especially nacho fries! Can’t wait, thanks for the tip! I always use your city guides when we come to the city and now that we have a new baby I need to find your guide that has all the handicapped accessible subway stops for our stroller!

    Kate – new blog post about mom guilt up today!

  7. Ashleh

    You and your family are so beautiful! The closeness of your fam is palpable in the pics. Now I want fries mm.

  8. Kelly

    These kids are getting so big and this place sounds amazing, I’ll have to check it out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Pam

    Love your blog! Y’all are so adorable!
    When I visit New York I always try to
    visit restaurants you suggest!🙋🏼💖🌻

  10. Ingrid

    Great post! I can’t wait to fly to NYC and maybe try those fries =)

    PS. You’re probably aware of it, but today i found a link about some art show in NY that kids may love… Yours for sure will do! I hope you like it! Here it is:

  11. Mairi

    Looks wanky but would go down a storm here in Scotland!

  12. Bridget P.

    I second the San Diegan! If you like the nacho fries, Carne Asada fries will blow your mind!

  13. Nile

    Have you ever been to Hector’s in SLC? Formerly known as Molca Salsa on 33rd south, by REI and Cafe Rio. They have carne asada fries as well like the first poster mentioned and they are amaaazing! Spitz in SLC (don’t know if they have any other locations besides Utah) also has AMAAAZING street cart fries that are very nacho-esque. Looks delicious!

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  15. Verena

    I always love you pics so much ^^
    So much fun and love and all the great family time in them – I just love that
    I hope you all had an amazing time – it certainly looks like it :)

  16. Kaitlyn

    Out in Southern California we call those Irish Nachos, they give regular nachos a run for their money!