sheep’s meadow and a little date night, too

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LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-5

i think it’s pretty apparent what a fan of summer we are over here. being outside in the warm sunshine with my family often feels like it can’t be topped. and this summer has felt particularly special since we’ve gotten to see more of eleanor during our days together since school’s out for summer! i have to admit i’m a little bit dreading the fact that i am losing not just eleanor again by my side this fall, but samson as well once school begins. like, how is he old enough for kindergarten?! it’s creeping up on us so quickly, i’ve been trying to focus my thoughts on what a fortunate opportunity they have to receive a bright education and experience as well as think of all the positive things i love most about fall.  after all, autumn in the city isn’t so bad.

today i’m partnering with DSW to show you guys two great shoes that are a fun transition to your autumn wardrobe. one that works great while you’re still getting those feet wet during your last few splashpad days with the kiddos but are also comfortable for long days of errands and prep as you get everyone ready for back to school. it’s the adieltte slide by adidas and i kid you not, the comfiest sandal out there for a girl on the go! the second is the crown vintage clara sandal which i’m excited to wear all fall because while it has some fun pops of color and pattern, the texture and look can work well with a bigger sweater or leather jacket this fall, too. they also have a bit of elastic give to the hooded top which makes them more comfortable if you’ve got your city walk on and never know how to slow down (me!).

anyway, below are a bunch of photos of both shoes from a day out with the kiddos and also a date night with josh!

LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-3LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-4

also from DSW, i had to snag the adidas baseline sneakers for my kiddos since they matched my adieltte slides and you all know how hard it is for me to pass up a match-matchy opportunity. i’m pretty confident these sneakers will be their go-to shoes for school this fall since my kids are sneaker obsessed and are so excited about these.

LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-2

also, please tell me i’m not the only mama out there whose children can talk her into carrying several of them at once. i’ll do anything though for all those amazing giggles in my ear, so it’s worth it. ;)

LOVE TAZA 19744-4

the other shoe, the crown vintage clara sandal that looks so fancy but has an amazing price tag of under $60!

LOVE TAZA 19744-2LOVE TAZA 19744-7LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-9LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-10LOVE TAZA 19744-3LOVE TAZA 19744-5LOVE TAZA 19744-6LOVE TAZA 19744LOVE TAZA 197441LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-6 LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-7 LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957-8LOVE TAZA central park picnic3957

when sister grabs brother’s shoe and flings it off and somehow we all must be crazy tired because we cry from laughing. i think it’s a sign of a good summer when we have exhausted all our energy and the laughing attacks show up!

happy back to school season to you all and thank you so much to DSW for sponsoring this blog post. only a few more days of summer!!!! how are you guys spending them!?


  1. Joyce

    is that a sonnet james dress?? Also, which red lipstick are you wearing with the black dress?

  2. Natali Karppinen

    Totally loved your date night outfit, your shoes are major! :)
    Little ones look so sweet and as if you had the best of times together!

  3. Laura

    I love your simple, chic, looks-comfortable dress! Where’s it from?

  4. Rae

    Ugh, I have to ask… where is that adorable green blouse from?

  5. Rosee

    Love your top!!! Where is it from??

  6. Kathy

    Love these photos! especially the ones where you’re holding both S and E! Thank you for creating such a positive place on the internet.

  7. Lovely shoes! Great photos!

  8. Violet

    Eleanor is so big now! I can’t believe you’re able to carry her AND Samson on your back! You are insanely strong.

  9. Your photos always make me smile, you all look so happy to be together :)

    …I also LOVE those sliders! Super cute!!

    K A T E L A T E L Y

  10. Susanna

    “Adiletten” as we call them here in Germany are iconic shoes over here in Europe, because our sport heroes (= mostly soccer players) are wearing them frequently. Adidas is a tradition-bound company with great products!
    If you’re ever planning to visit Germany, please let me know – my husband works in the shoe business and we’d be honoured to show you some great shoe companies and give you the opportunity of buying their gems directly at the factory outlets. :)

  11. Leanne

    You are simply stunning, Naomi. Something so effortless to your beauty! It’s clear how much that family of yours adores you, even from a handful of photos:)