prospect park and rice pudding.

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LOVE TAZA brooklynday-12

last week, i took the kids out to prospect park in brooklyn to meet friends at the splash pad they have out there at the le frak center. we’d never been to this one before, and it definitely did not disappoint! it’s ginormous, but i so appreciate how open the splash pad is so there are no blind spots and i can have a visual on all of my kiddos at all times. major points for that! there are also a few inches of pooled water throughout which is really wonderful for mamas like me who enjoy having a small escape from that hot sun but don’t actually want to run through the fountains. ;)

we didn’t last as long as i anticipated and headed out after maybe an hour or so. my kids are so funny about how they vocalize things these days. “mama, i think i’m done.” lol. so we decided to head out and left our friends in brooklyn and wandered back on the train towards manhattan. we had a picnic with us and decided to hop off the train in nolita and picnic at a playground down there together we have frequented over the years. it’s also conveniently across from our favorite rice pudding spot, so it made sense to all of us in the moment. but sadly the playground has been torn down in the last month or so and is under construction for a new condo! we were all like, “WHAT?! NO!” we still got our rice pudding fix from rice to riches and plopped ourselves on an empty side street that had bigger sidewalks to eat our lunch quickly before digging into our pudding. i love that all three of my kids love their chocolate chip rice pudding as much as i do. :)

a few photos from this day below…

LOVE TAZA brooklynday

photo by eleanor. :)

LOVE TAZA brooklynday-2

taking the train ABOVE ground into brooklyn was such a highlight for samson. he still gets so excited about trains and lived for the moments we went out of the tunnels above the ground or over the bridges. i love that about him.

LOVE TAZA brooklynday-3LOVE TAZA brooklynday-5

time for some water in the sun!

LOVE TAZA brooklynday-8LOVE TAZA brooklynday-13

maybe my favorite photo of the bunch. although it’s hard for me to choose a favorite photo, i love any photos with water splashes in the sunshine.

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the kids love trying to pour buckets of water on me for some reason. i always tell them the rule is they can get my feet! so my get get REALLY wet when we’re at the splashpad. :)

LOVE TAZA brooklynday-11LOVE TAZA brooklynday-4LOVE TAZA brooklynday-7

when she wants braids in her hair my mama heart FLIPS. i drop anything and everything i’m doing to get braiding!

LOVE TAZA brooklynday-9 LOVE TAZA brooklynday-10

this face is totally the face of samson contemplating who and how to splash somebody. i can see it for sure. ;)

LOVE TAZA brooklynday-15LOVE TAZA brooklynday-17fromphone

here’s an iphone photo i snapped selfie style trying to get all of us in the frame for a photo of our sidewalk picnic! conrad was sleeping peacefully beside us, but we saved him some lunch and rice pudding, too.

ps. my denim jumper is from HERE and my swimsuit underneath is an oldie from kate spade. similar from here but old and my sunglasses are available HERE.

  1. Ellen

    Love the photos! So summer. :) Do you have a waterproof case for your camera when you do splashpads and pools? I’m afraid to get mine wet but I love water photos!

  2. Bridget

    Such cute pictures. I know that feeling too well when you go to a favorite play ground and it’s NOT THERE!! I had that happen a year ago with a play ground we used to go to as kids in Central Park. I was so upset!


  3. Louisa

    Do you think Eleanor would ever sit still long enough/be willing to do a braid tutorial video with you?? They are always so cute!

  4. Louise

    Cute pics and outfit!!

  5. These shots are fabulous and they totally bring the moments to life. Haha, I wanna join your family! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Michelle

    Awesome photos!!! Seriously, they are so good! I love how you captured the water in still motion at the park, and even got a pic with the ball standing still in mid air! So awesome! Do you have any tips for how you were able to capture those photos? (I’m in the beginning stages of photography and would love to hear any tips you have!) Love your photography! Thanks for sharing your cute family and adventures with us! :) Happy Summer!

  7. Jenna

    Are all these photos taken with iPhone 7? I think i might need a new phone!!

  8. Love your Adidas slides and the sandals for the boys. Are those Birkenstocks?

  9. I LOVE rice to riches!!! My favorite place to stop in the city!

  10. brittany

    eleanor’s sweet little braids!!! this is pure summer happiness!