peach picking!

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we’re still in spain, but want to wish you a happy national eat a peach day!!! i didn’t even realize there was such a day until maybe a month ago when we went peach picking and heard there was a national day to honor the pretty and yummy fruit! but it makes complete sense in my head that peaches get a day all to themselves to truly shine since they are one of the best fruits out there (peach cobbler, i mean… hello!)

to help celebrate the #1 body wash brand from France, Le Petit Marseillais, and their arrival into the US this year, we went peach picking at alstede farms in new jersey and brought home 2 ginormous baskets full of white peaches in the back of the mini van we rented for the day. if you are in new york city, you can also ride the train out and take the farm’s shuttle from the train station!

the white peaches (along with nectarines) are ingredients featured in the white peach & nectarine extra gentle body wash by Le Petit Marseillais. and for a moment there on the farm, being surrounded by so many vibrantly colored peach trees giving such a sweet aroma of one of my favorite fruits with the sun shining brightly above us, it was fun to pretend we could have actually been in the south of France where Le Petit Marseillais harvests white peaches each summer.


since i shared my partnership with Le Petit Marseillais earlier this spring, it has been so much fun hearing from so many of my French readers confirming that this body wash really is so loved in France and a staple in their homes! i’ve been using the body wash in several of the scents consistently since last fall and i have to say it’s a really moisturizing one, which is important for me since my skin is sensitive and often dry. i also love the price point, and that it’s paraben-free, phthalate-free, pH balanced/neutral, and have not been tested on animals.

LOVE TAZA PEACH PICKING 0284-7so i didn’t know much about what differentiates a white peach from others until we sought the specific peaches out, but they are most distinguished by the skin color, being slightly more pale or pink with the inside being more white than a deep yellow or red. they are also so sweet, whether firm or soft! which means our family plowed through the peaches we picked rather quickly. after the soft ones, we weren’t really patient enough for the firm ones to soften since they were still as delicious and sweet as the soft!

LOVE TAZA PEACH PICKING 0284-4LOVE TAZA PEACH PICKING 0284-9LOVE TAZA PEACH PICKING 0284-11LOVE TAZA PEACH PICKING 0284-2it’s always fun to have an excuse to pretend you’re in the sunny countryside of the south of France! it’s on our list of places we’d love to visit someday, but in the meantime, i’ll eat myself a bowl full of peaches and enjoy smelling my body wash inspired by Provence!

thank you so much to Le Petit Marseillais for sponsoring this blog post. happy peach day, friends!

  1. Hello Naomi! Je connais bien “Le petit MArseillais” and I love it since I came to France.

    Your dress is soooo beautiful

    Kisses from France after holidays :)

  2. Mollie

    These photos are absolutely stunning! Peach picking looks so fun and such a nice end of summer activity. Plus peaches are amazing. Gorgeous photos!

    xoxo Mollie

  3. Leanne

    Love the packing from this brand! I adore anything peach related and will use peaches as long as I can to drag out the summer

  4. Cátia Oliveira

    Need to coment….beautiful photos as usual (love your fringe)! love the blog and just noticed that you have a thing with Europe! ahhaha! Well I have a thing with the US, in particular with New York. Love evertything you post about your the city. I hope that one day you and your family will visit the small but colorful country that is Portugal. Google it: Lisbon, Porto, Alentejo, Minho, Algarve and Azores (best islands of the Atlantic). ;) Is just a suggestion …. Best Regards

  5. Rena

    H0nestly I’m so in love with your wonderful dress that I can’t stop looking you beauty on the pictures! And for sure I love peaches :) I’m always a bit sad when the season for them is over …
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. Stacia

    I adore that dress!! And am jealous of your Jersey peaches! (As a NJ girl living in DC, it’s one of the things I miss most!)

  7. Teresa

    Love this post Naomi! I hope to visit the countryside of France too. These pictures are beautiful and the peaches look amazing!!!
    have fun in Spain!


  8. Natali

    I adore peaches and I’ve been overdosing on them for the past month! :D They’re so delicious when they’re in season!

  9. michelle

    Where is your dress from?

  10. Kim

    You look beautiful! Happy national pick a peach day! My family and I went peach picking the other day in Connecticut.

    Simply Lovebirds

  11. Kitty

    Love your summer dress, mind telling where you got it from, thanks.

  12. Remaliah

    Wow, this is my absolutely favourite scent! We are moving close to the French border in Switzerland in a few months, so I hope they still have some then ;)

  13. Lexi

    How incredibly beautiful do those peaches look?! I think that a white peach from the Mediterranean is probably my most favourite fruit ever! Hope that you’re still enjoying Spain xx

  14. Kristina

    Absolutely love this dress! Where’s it from?