our first day in barcelona!

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love taza barcelona day2-11

this family photo is a bit blurry, but it might be my favorite photo from our trip so far! this was taken at the very end of our first day exploring barcelona and i feel like the kids faces say everything.

so much to share! and i don’t even know where to start. i shared a little on my instagram last night, but thank you to everyone who has sent little comments or emails checking in to make sure we are okay! we flew overnight and arrived in barcelona on thursday morning, and while we had plans to hit the ground running and head out to explore the city for the day, we somehow made a last minute call to just stay at the hotel and swim and sleep to catch up on jet lag instead. i don’t know how it happened exactly, but by the end of the day we’d never left the hotel, and as we were putting our babes into their beds to sleep, the texts started to come in sharing the horrible news of what happened in las ramblas and we could hardly believe it. i can’t imagine what everyone who was in las ramblas that afternoon is going through and our hearts are with them as we keep them in our thoughts and prayers. we did go out and explore on friday, but my head was in such an emotional state of confusion for most of the day about this world we are currently living in and what is happening all over. my heart just feels so heavy. i want to believe that there is more good than evil, but sometimes it’s hard to see when those in my own country and so many around the world are hurting. i said this last night on social media, but i really do believe that standing unified in love, makes all the difference. love will always remain more powerful than all the hate, hurt and evil out there. barcelona showed us so much love yesterday, and we feel so lucky to continue to go out and explore this beautiful place, while keeping it and the rest of the world in our prayers right now.

some photos from our day exploring yesterday…

love taza barcelona day2-45

beautiful barcelona!

love taza barcelona day2-32love taza barcelona day2-24

the kids could not get enough of running through all the pigeons at plaça de catalunya. josh was very much disgusted with us for a few minutes there, but i felt like it was part of the experience so i let them have a go. just didn’t let them hold any although so many people were holding pigeons around us! josh was like, “this is basically the same as holding rats.” lol. he wasn’t having it, especially after some of the pigeons landing on him!

love taza barcelona day2-23love taza barcelona day2-22love taza barcelona day2-21

holding so very still hoping a pigeon would land on them!

love taza barcelona day2-20love taza barcelona day2-25love taza barcelona day2-15

quick playground stop while wandering barri gotic (gothic quarter).

love taza barcelona day2-18love taza barcelona day2-19love taza barcelona day2-14love taza barcelona day2-44

we spent the morning at parque güell (i’ll share those photos soon!) and afterwards stopped by brunch and cake for lunch. everything was so so good, but the kids could not get enough of the blueberry acai bowls and i think it had everything to do with the presentation!

love taza barcelona day2-41

they also had a healthy oat pancake with no sugar so it was a score for mama as well!

love taza barcelona day2-40barcelona

and the nicest stranger who was sitting eating lunch across from us came up to us afterwards and shared this photo he snapped of our family with us. he emailed to us and i wanted to share because he was super kind to snap it and it’s fun to kind of see it from this perspective. me and my camera! always and forever. :)

love taza barcelona day2-39

these kids split a piece of nutella cake at the end of our meal. it looked amazing and they said it was delicious!

love taza barcelona day2-27

what is it with my kids obsessing over the water fountains in europe! they are so much more fun than the standard ones back home, apparently. it might have something to do with the fact that sometimes the drinking water comes out of statues!

love taza barcelona day2-34love taza barcelona day2-35 love taza barcelona day2-28

sweetest little imagination making his water bottle cap into binoculars during our outing!

love taza barcelona day2-31

and sweetest freckles i ever did see, right there.

love taza barcelona day2-13

josh does a really good job engaging our kids everywhere we go. they have so much fun together and i love getting to see it. during our dinner meal later in the evening (we ordered paella which takes quite a while to prepare), he had them playing the best game of sharing everything they thought a fork with a tiny loaf of bread attached to the end of it could be. we kept going around the table guessing, and the kids were so inventive with their imaginations and kept surprising us with their answers. they’d turn the tiny loaf of bread with the fork in it upside down and it’d be everything from a hot air balloon to a golf club to a brush or microphone to a swing, a scooter, a slide…. anyway, it was a fun moment for our family during dinner and thankful josh is so quick on his feet with them always engaging them in everything we are doing.

love taza barcelona day2-12love taza barcelona day2-2

i swear this kid is going to be a gymnast or something else rather athletic. he is always climbing things, balancing on things, jumping off whatever and working on “tricks.” after his trapeze adventure a few weeks ago in new york, i think he’s kind of unstoppable!

love taza barcelona day2-9

when we are taking a photo but it’s more fun to run into the frame instead with goofy faces! lol. so many photos like this on my camera by the end of the day.

love taza barcelona day2-5

can you believe how long my little E’s hair has gotten?! why doesn’t mine grow this fast?!

love taza barcelona day2-6

silliest of smiles! they love calling themselves “tricksters” and i think this is why.

love taza barcelona day2-7 love taza barcelona day2-8love taza barcelona day2-9love taza barcelona day2-10

an incredible first day of exploring this beautiful city. thank you for showing us so much love, barcelona! we can’t wait to see more of you in the coming days! and thank you to everyone who has shared such great recommendations for the area. more photos and stories to come!!!

  1. melanie

    barcelona, city of my heart! i’ve been in that city for 10 years, it is a pretty special place for me… <3

  2. Oh the photo of them holding still for pigeons! Did they try bribing the pigeons with bread :P (even though we’re not supposed to feed pigeons…) // brunch & cake looks soooo delicious! also how kind of the stranger :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. Arantxa

    It feels so awkward to watch you guys walk the same places I usually walk every day! Enjoy as much as you can on this trip, Barcelona has thousands of amazing places ready for you, now that it’s shining strong again. I hope you bring back home wonderful memories from the city to hold dear to your hearts and that our streets, monuments, and people exceed your expectations! Looking forward your second-day post!

  4. Your photos are stunning as always, Naomi! Barcelona looks so beautiful (I’m dying to visit), and I’m so glad that you guys are all safe after what happened on Thursday!
    I love that the stranger took a photo of you guys and shared it with you, how nice of them! You look like you have the best family trips together and I can’t wait to see the rest of your trip there, especially Parc Guell!
    xo April | April Everyday

  5. Kelly

    Barca really is so much fun – I went with my Mom last year and these photos brought back such great memories!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. Erica Johnson

    What an amazing adventure so far! Glad you all are safe and enjoying your family holiday.

  7. Jen

    Naomi, Ive been reading your blog forever and just adore all your insight for New York City moms like myself. Glad you guys are safe and sound!! I have some questions about how you travel with 3 kids and noticed you traveled with your donkey. Did you gate check it or check it prior in the travel bag? Also curious why you chose to bring that stroller since it is such a pain in the butt to fold and travel with instead of just a single umbrella stroller. Also, in general, how do you do it at the airport with 3 kids?! Would love your insight about what products to use (carrier etc), how many bags, what you’re checking and bringing on board, etc. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  8. wonderful moments captured through the lens of your camera, and what a good eye! Can’t wait to visit where my ancestors, and family are from!

    Have a great trip!


  9. I had a city break in Barcelona! What a nice city and lovely people. You got some great photos there!

  10. Marie

    I totally get Josh’s aversion of the pigeons. We call them flying rats here in Germany :)

  11. Leanne

    As usual, your photos capture the feelings of both your family and the city just perfectly. Most importantly, I’m so glad to hear you’re all okay <3

  12. conrad’s facial expression is just loveeeeee!!!
    adorable family you have there. have a great time in barcelona

  13. Maria

    Love these photos. Thank you for sharing your memories of your beautiful family! Would love to know more about strollers and other tips for traveling with littles. We have a 2 yo and trying to figure out a stroller friendly city. Also, where did you get your sandals? They look so comfortable. Thanks in advance!