moving in to our new apartment!

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LOVE TAZA moving day3

it happened! it finally happened! we moved into our new apartment here on the upper west side earlier this week and it’s been a crazy few days as we have started getting settled. we are so so very excited about this next chapter in this new space and i keep pinching myself that we’re actually still here in the city and have a little extra room to wiggle around in.

it was such a bittersweet day as we moved everything out of our old little space and i had this frog in the back of my throat for much of the morning. walking through that space all empty and bare was rather difficult for me. we’d been in there for the past 5 years… moving in when eleanor was just 18 months and samson just 2 months old. we brought conrad home as a fresh newborn baby to that apartment. the memories! we had definitely outgrown it, but it felt more like home than any other space josh and i had ever had together, and it treated us so well during our time there. i feel like our family really bonded in such a beautiful way in that little apartment and i feel like i left a tiny bit of my heart there on tuesday as we packed it all up and moved it all out. side note:  you probably won’t believe this, but as it was emptied out and josh and i walked through it by ourselves at the end of the day, there was an echo as we talked! such a tiny space, but it looked and felt rather spacious all of the sudden. i mean, if you have an echo in there. ;)

as you can see from the photo above, we aren’t totally unpacked in our new apartment. we are actually working with our landlord right now on a few kitchen updates so all of our kitchen appliances and kitchen boxes are currently in the room pictured above while they finish the floors in the kitchen. we’d hoped to have it all finished before move in day, but you know how it goes! it’s been a rather fun adventure though the past few days living on take-out and a few groceries that don’t need any preparation. hopefully very soon we’ll have our kitchen back and we’ll be able to get the last of everything into its proper spot and place. we are turning the room in the top photo into a big playroom for the kids (it’s originally a dining room, but we don’t need a separate dining room since we have space in the kitchen for our table.)

a few photos from our moving day…

LOVE TAZA moving day1

felt appropriate to take a jumping picture after we loaded up the truck with all of our things! also, the biggest thank you to roadway moving for helping us out with our big move! these guys had my piano down our walk-up stairs and into our new apartment in a heartbeat and i could not believe it. they were also the nicest with my kiddos who really wanted to be a part of it all and help (and kind of be in the way, lol) but it was sweet to see how patient the movers were with them. anyway, i’ve heard enough horror stories about moving experiences in the city and i’m just so thankful for these guys and how professional and quick and kind they were.

LOVE TAZA moving day2-5

and. we’re. in!!!!!!

LOVE TAZA moving day2-3

this kid, serenading us all as we unpacked everything. haha!

LOVE TAZA moving day2-4 LOVE TAZA moving day2-2LOVE TAZA moving day2LOVE TAZA moving day6

so you might have caught this whole sofa thing go down on my insta stories earlier this week, but it was such an experience! i had to share a few photos! the short story…. josh and i really wanted a sofa sleeper for this next apartment but it was nearly impossible to find one that fit through our front door (which is even narrower than the normally narrow nyc apartment door since the building is over 100 year old) and find one that was also really comfortable to sit on.  on our drive up to lake george in june, we stopped by restoration hardware in greenwich connecticut and sat down on this sofa together. we kept joking the rest of the drive up to lake george, because we can NEVER come to an agreement that quickly when it comes to furniture. but within 5 minutes of walking into the store, we sat on this sofa and agreed on a leather swatch and bought it. we both were like, ” did that really just happen?!” because it was amazing, and i highly doubt that sort of easy decision making will ever happen again.

BUT, here’s the best part of the story. we knew it wouldn’t fit through our door frame and we knew we’d have to get creative getting it into our space. #newyorkliving josh did a bunch of research on yelp and found the couch surgeon who had really good reviews and basically takes the sofa entirely apart and then brings in the pieces and puts it back together inside. and so we hired him and watched it all go down as he tore apart the sofa (i had to look away once he brought out the saw and started cutting the wood frame.) but within a few hours, we had our sofa looking good as new in our space and we could not be happier! i was like, “josh, we are crazy new yorkers!” anyway, josh says we will have to live here the rest of our lives and die on this sofa after all the work it took to bring it in. honestly, i’m okay with that! (although fabio, the couch surgeon, said he’d take it all apart again whenever we’re ready!) but can we talk about skills!? like, this guy is unbelievable and basically a magician. i was in such awe watching this go down.

LOVE TAZA moving day6-2LOVE TAZA moving day5-2

moving into a little bit of a bigger space but ironically one with smaller closets. i swear our last apartment had mary poppin closets that just kept going higher and higher and further and further back once you’d step inside. i’ve been downsizing all my stuff like a mad woman and got a big armoire for our room to try to fit the remainder in. i gave josh the closet in our bedroom because i’m really anxious to conquer the challenge of finding a way to make it all work with my armoire. obviously it’s overstuffed right now, but i’m gonna get there, you guys. just wait!

so excited to start making this space home! and now comes to the part where we try to figure out just how exactly to turn the shower knobs in the bathroom to get that water temperature just right, and how to find our way to the kitchen in pitch black to grab some water late at night (or a snack, let’s be real). it always takes me a good long while to start feeling settled, but i’m anxious and excited to have a go here and really make it a home.

i can’t wait to share more of it with you as we begin to settle in. thank you for all of the kind words and love you’ve shared this week with me on social media!

  1. Dani

    Congratulations Taza! It looks so beautiful. Hugs from Argentina

  2. Katka

    Naomi, I’m so happy for you! I’m sure you’ll get settled in no time and that you’ll love your new space. I love the post you shared some time ago, about living in a small apartment in NYC and I hope you’ll share something similar in your new one. I’m curious to see how you’ll make it your own!

    Happy unpacking!

  3. Rena

    Wow! I see your new apartment is absolutely great! Have only wonderful times there!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Grace

    Oh my goodness this place is amazing!! LOVING all the woodwork, moulding, stained glass, fireplaces…ahh! So excited to see you guys make it your own!

  5. Alida

    Wow, just wow! May you be very happy there. As someone who’ve moved more times than I care to remember, I just need to have the beds right and made and the kettle & stuff out on the first night. The rest in their own time. Enjoy the process.

  6. e

    How many rooms does this new apartment have?

  7. Congratulations. Love love love those windows.

  8. So exciting! I can’t wait to see how you all style your new home. :)

    Also – had no idea a couch surgeon existed! Too funny.

  9. I can’t wait to see the rest of this space and how you put it together and make it your home! I’m sure it’s going to be faubulous!


  10. Briel K.

    Looks beautiful! I love those door and window frames! <3 Did you take pictures of it before you moved your stuff in? I'd love to see it empty and get a sense of the floor plan. Congrats on the move!

  11. Leanne

    Oh my word… Your new home is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats Davis family on this new step. I applaud you for recognizing where your values lie right now and deciding to stay in NYC — what an incredible childhood you’re giving your children. Moving is the worst but in the end it’s totally worth it… Especially if your end result lies in a place as great as this apartment!

  12. Shay

    How exciting! I’m so happy for your little family and I am grateful that you continue to share your lives with us :)

  13. Amanda H.

    This just looks so beautiful!!! So big!!! Can’t wait to see it all put together!

  14. Looks amazing already!! All those shelves!! And the hat collection! That needs storage of it’s own surely!!

  15. Cait

    I am so excited to watch this space come together! Absolutely gorgeous! And funny story – my husband’s great grandfather is really handy, and he sawed his wife’s couch in half to get it into a small door as well! She freaked out but once he put it back together no one could tell! How amazing that there is someone who does it so excellently as an actual job!

  16. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your moving day! I live in a smallish apartment in West Hollywood with my two little boys and when I feel, “OOF not enough room” I think of how you and your family make it work. Here’s to city living!

  17. Jessica

    I can’t wait to see the apartment when it is complete. Keep positing pictures!

  18. Colinda

    So exciting! I’m sure you will share all your plans eventually, but we are all eager to hear!! What are you doing with your old couch, what will you paint, leave, floorplan??? Congrats & enjoy!!!

  19. Celia


  20. daliana

    What a beautiful apartment! So happy for you guys! The kids will be sharing a room again?

  21. This place is absolutely STUNNING!!! It’s like a dream NYC home’ I’m excited to see how you decorate for Christmas!!! :D

  22. Cait

    are the kiddos still going to share a room?

  23. Jenna Bailey

    How exciting!! So happy for you guys! Can’t wait to see how your new closet space works out! I have the smallest closets as well and am always trying to find new creative ways to get more in without getting rid of all my stuff, haha! :)

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  25. Silja

    Aaaaaw…congratulations, Naomi!!
    That’s so wonderful, what a beautiful place. God bless you all and your time living there (and dying on the sofa, haha, hilarious!)
    We (family of five) also recently moved, and even I was so so happy about it and couldn’t wait to move the day it actually happened I suddenly felt so small and weak and sad…we got married while living there…all those memories…coming home with two newborns…big sighs! I am still not over it, even I love the new place we moved to.
    It still feels like having left behind such an important and beautiful part of our lifes which I still miss.
    Well, let’s hurry up making new memories we can treasure!
    Love, Silja

  26. Caitie

    i can’t wait to see how you’ll decorate it when you’re all done!

  27. Tamara

    This man, the couch surgeon! Unbelievable! That is serious craftmanship.
    Does he have collegues in the Netherlands? ;)

    Good luck unpacking and getting used to the new place, it looks absolutely beautiful.

  28. Emily

    I couldn’t even watch the couch surgeon putting it back together, it was painful!! I’m sure he’s very good at his job but it totally stressed me out. Ha! Good luck in your beautiful new home!

  29. That crown molding is to die for! Enjoy your new space, it looks amazing!

  30. Brit

    So happy for you guys! Congrats!

  31. Lauren

    Holy cow, you are jumping SO HIGH! It actually kind of startled me as I scrolled down. Hilarious!

  32. vicky

    this is so exciting! I couldn’t wait for this post ha!

    so happy for y’all. hope you have fun unpacking and getting settled.

  33. Erin

    Lovely new apartment! So pretty!

    Random question: do y’all wear shoes inside? I’ve always wondered if city living/walking would equal no shoes indoors. My husband and I feel differently about this topic, haha, so I’m always curious what other people do. :)

  34. miggy

    how did you land safely from that jump in those shoes? nice work. i cant wait to see the new place when its all done up

  35. Teresa

    Wait!!! What are you doing with all the stuff you’re getting rid of??? Please please let me know. I will gladly take them off your hands!!!


  36. Natalie

    Looks soooo cool! Hope you feel like you made it your home asap, just moved myself and oh gosh I know how it feels and how much it takes💫❤️🌿

  37. I can only imagine the excitement! SO happy for you! Good luck!

  38. Emma

    Congratulations on your new home! It looks absolutely beautiful. Can you imagine Christmas in there?! I bet it will be so cosy.

  39. Congratulations on your move! Always such an exciting time settling into a new space. I find that once I’ve brewed a big pot of coffee then it starts smelling more like home. Also a few drops of Rose Geranium oil in an oil burner works wonders 👌

  40. Sarah

    Your new place looks so beautiful. Can’t wait to see how you decorate every and I’m very excited for future photos! :)

  41. shannon henderson

    Can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas with all the lovely wood work and trim! Excited for you!

  42. Michelle

    Ok, first, please don’t paint those walls! This is coming from someone who moved into a home where the previous owners/builders made the woodwork and trim the center piece of each room. They did fresco finishes on the walls, but did paint 3 rooms bright colors. (I’m a straight up color kind of girl, like you.) And I have to say, even though they had a designer choose colors and paint the walls, I feel like all the woodwork got lost. :( But, obviously, your space/life, and I only have outsider advice. ;)

    Second, I can’t comment on Insta because I’m not on it (crazy, right?), but to add to the advice about music: Stick to piano for a solid foundation, for sure. My kids get lessons as soon as they can read and I don’t let them quit until they are about 17 or 18. They’ve all easily picked up every other instrument they’ve tried starting at about age 11 (one of my children actually plays 5 instruments now). Also, their piano teacher tells me all the time: If you can keep them playing past the age of 15 (they all beg to quit between 12-15), they will play for life. So far, she’s been spot on. :D

    Good luck in your new space. I’m sure many happy memories and life milestones await!

  43. edie

    a ray of (digital) sunshine as always.
    much love to the fam!

  44. I don’t know why but this post makes me so happy?? I think it’s because I moved into my apartment a year ago, and every beginning of the school year, I’m reminded of the excitement of moving into a new place. That photo of you doing that “yippee!” pose and holding Connor in front of the boxes is so cute, and so is that photo of Eleanor popping out of the boxes! Also I appreciated the sofa story haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  45. I am so thrilled for you! When we were living on the upper west side, we couldn’t get a peace about staying there once we started having kids. Of course, a big part of that was that I wanted to be home near my mom!! But I miss NYC (and the upper best side!) and I wonder all the time what it would be like to be there raising my little S. I guess I am living vicariously through your family while we raise ours in the burbs. I am so thrilled for you family and think that NYC is just the grandest city on earth. Can’t wait to see how you decorate this apartments!! Xx

  46. Erica Johnson

    Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what memories are made in your new space ❤️

  47. Mariska

    I was so excited for you the day you shared you were going to move into a bigger space. I still do not know how you did it, the five of you in your last apartment. A lot more memories to come!!! Although I am curious why you guys didn’t buy an apartment instead of renting again. (investment hello :)

  48. Michelle

    Congrats on your new home, it looks lovely!! Always love seeing your photos.

  49. Nicola Coulson

    Congratulations on the move… your new apartments looks like it’s going to be a wonderful family home! You’re probably up to your elbows in packing crates(!), but could I ask where your children’s chairs and table are from?

  50. hannah

    Fabio is wearing an Oklahoma State hat, haha. Go Pokes!

  51. many many Congratulations! and Thank you for sharing your moving memories! I think of how you and your family make it work. Here’s to city living! REALLY LOVED THIS HOUSE.

  52. Trisha

    I think we are all dying for the tour. I’d be happy with an empty apartment, boxes, anything to get a tour! :)

  53. James

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    Very good moving company