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LOVE TAZA 0013-10

this photo of samson cracks me up so much because he was like, mama, take a picture of me in the air. and then this serious face with the arms folded was not what i was expecting as he jumped! life is so fun with you, samson rex davis!

we are currently in mallorca, spain! it’s gorgeous here and i never wanna leave. haha. but i wanted to share the rest of our barcelona photos with you today since i had time to share! such a beautiful city that we loved getting to explore. so many photos, so apologies in advance for all the scrolling!


i ordered paella every chance i could! it was delicious everywhere, but i guess my palette loves the (american?) version with the yellow saffron more. maybe it’s because it’s what i grew up with and fell in love with as a little girl, but i swear my dad’s homemade paella is still my favorite. :)

LOVE TAZA 00132-5

our kids are such good negotiators and josh and i are such suckers for giving in! they saw these flashing light things someone was selling on the street that you can propel into the air and they spin back down. well, fortunately josh is also a good negotiator and got the price down since we were buying three of them. we then planted ourselves right there for at least twenty minutes while they played with them. it was worth it. a really fun moment for us.


i’ve been working hard to stay away from all my sugary loves this trip, but i did take a time out to try the churros and chocolate from xocoa petritxol and they were so good! it was worth the time out for the evening.

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loved attending la festa major de gracia (a festival around passieg de gracia) taking place in the city. it had such a sweet interactive art installation made out of pretend food! my kids loved it.

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church on sunday in barcelona! always so fun for us to visit our church when we travel, even when it’s in a city where the meeting is held in a different language. i’ve learned it doesn’t matter, we’re all just imperfect people trying to better ourselves and develop our faith and love for our heavenly father and savior and all those around us.

and funny side note story— we called 2 taxis afterward for our family and i don’t know what happened but it was an absolute fail and we ended up waiting over an hour for just one to show. fortunately there was a tiny playground nearby so the kids were happy, but after i got into the first taxi with conrad and samson, josh and eleanor waited another twenty minutes before deciding to go find a metro. we all should have just looked for the metro straight away together! but we kept thinking, “any minute now!” lol. good times.

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the christopher columbus statue!

LOVE TAZA 00132LOVE TAZA 00132-9

samson’s face in this photo! he was very sad to learn the toy stores were closed.

LOVE TAZA 00132-10

we’ve been trying to keep the kids on NYC time this trip. we usually try to adjust to the current timezone straight away but since dinner here in spain usually happens very late in the evening, we figured we’d love to try to experience the nightlife a bit and stay out in the evenings (which is still late afternoon back in nyc). it’s also been nice to keep them a bit on their usual schedule since we start school in nyc in a few weeks and i’d hate for them to be all out of whack when we return to the city. so we’ve had slow mornings sleeping in and then a few exciting nights staying out very late, all on our nyc time.
LOVE TAZA 00132-12

eleanor’s face here!!! my family makes me so very happy.

LOVE TAZA 00132-13

we went to chok, which was highly recommended by so many of you! the kids enjoyed some of their chocolate dipped cookies!

LOVE TAZA 00132-18LOVE TAZA 00132-16

didn’t try these, but i did take a bunch of photos of them because they were so pretty!
LOVE TAZA 00132-15LOVE TAZA 00132-17LOVE TAZA 00132-19

trying patatas bravas!

LOVE TAZA 00132-30

we spent a little time at the sagrada familia which was absolutely beautiful inside. we had purchased tickets in advance but they closed the towers during our time in barcelona so no one could go up. a little bit bummed because it was one of the things i was most excited about seeing as i hear it’s beautiful and the views of barcelona are also unreal from up there. i guess it gives us a reason to hopefully come back someday. ;)

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all of their faces here are killing me!

LOVE TAZA 00132-26LOVE TAZA 00132-25

showing me the photo she just took of the stained glass windows behind her! we’ve made a few little books with the kids instax photos. they’ve taken so many great shots during this trip for some more books, which will be fun for them to look back on! they have such great eyes and perspectives at this age!

LOVE TAZA 00132-24LOVE TAZA 00132-27

finding all the bugs and caterpillars and butterflies on this gaudi door at the entrance to the sagrada familia.

LOVE TAZA 00132-28 LOVE TAZA 00132-29 such a fun few days exploring an incredible city. and continuing to send all of our love their way. thank you for being so good to us, barcelona!

stay tuned for more from mallorca soon!

  1. Rena

    The 1st picture of Samson is my absolutely favourite! But I love the other pictures, too, as I see you had fun and you are happy together.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Leanne

    Your posts may be directly responsible for a future boom in Spanish tourism! Haha. I absolutely looove how you capture photos when it’s dark out… Proves what talented photographers you are!

  3. vicky

    holy moly! cannot get over how Conrad looks JUST like you in the picture where he’s eating I think bread. He looks like your twin! so cute!!

    poor Samson! he does look sad to see a closed toy store

    I love these pictures! Eleanor is just so tall now. beautiful babes you have!

    hope y’all are having so much fun!

  4. Natali Karppinen

    Awww, such a sweet and magical photos! Barcelona is incredible!

  5. Pam

    My heart goes to everyone involved in the tragedy in Barcelona. Such a beautiful city♥
    Loved you photos and family taza xx

  6. love these shots! the first one of samson is a favorite. and oh those street vendors with the shoot-in-the-air light things. they were selling the same ones in florence,

  7. Marie

    Love that purple dress! where’s it from?

  8. Dara

    Beautiful photos. When I saw on insagram you were heading to Barcelona I knew your family would love it. It’s one of our family’s favourite cities. The Spanish are so child friendly. We have to force ourselves to visi other countries because we love Spain so much!

  9. Cyndy

    Absolutely magical, Naomi! Gosh, it’s all so pretty. On a side note, are you growing out your bangs?

  10. Great pics! I love Barcelona, especially the rainbow light in the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. I think it’s great you guys continued your trip and supported Spain during this tough time! I love paella too and I wanted to mention that the authentic version does have saffron! I am half Spanish and lived in Spain as a kid and partially as an adult. All the Spaniards I know make it that way! So your saffron preference is totally legit! ; )

  11. Stephanie MacLeod

    Looks like a wonderful trip! I lived near Malaga fro almost 6 months way back in the nineties. Just wanted to ask where your gorgeous purple peasant style dress is from outside the church?

  12. Kate

    These pictures are so sweet. I think it’s awesome you let the kids take pictures- always cool to see things from their perspective! Im impressed by your will power in that cookie shop! I donno if I could do it!


  13. Erika

    Wow I love your photography style so much. I have a question: do you buy ininstax camera film? I just can’t use them freely when they are a dollar per picture.

  14. Maura

    These photos are wonderful, looks like a magical place. I’m drooling over all the chocolate! And like the above commenter- I also want to know about that purple dress!

  15. The photo of the alley with the colourful clothes and string lights, was that of La Festa Major De Gracia? I absolutely love that photo! Can’t get over the colours :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  16. Maria

    Oh, it looks like you are having a wonderful trip!!

    Spain is beautiful, and so good when it comes to traveling with children.

    Maria ||

  17. Emma

    Aaaaaaaahhhhh! You are in Spain! I’m happy!! Enjoy our country..!

    South is the best! Come here!

    Sorry for my pathetic english!


  18. Patti

    I think you didn’t need to post the photos on Las Ramblas. Too soon. Glad you are having a good time on your vacation, but that was insensitive.

  19. Lisa

    I believe they closed part of the access due to the tragedy in Spain. I am glad you went to see the Church.

  20. Aida

    Taza! I am so glad you are visiting Mallorca! That was a very good choice! Don’t miss puerto de soller and a trip with the train to it, and la sierra de tramuntana and Alcudia! You can go lunch to Alcudia golf, at the end of the bay, it is a beautiful place with amazing views!

  21. Maite

    Yours photos and history are the denostration that the “bads” not won. ❤️

  22. Vanessa

    Hi Naomi!
    So glad to hear you guys are finally exploring our country and culture!
    Regarding the “paella” you ordered, I cannot help pointing something out! (it’s what happens when you come from a paella-expert family! LOL!)
    The authentic paella originally comes from Valencia and is only made of rice, chicken, rabbit and vegetables. It has a greenish colour due to the artichokes. All the other “paellas” you will find, containing seafood, red peppers, etc. could be better called “rice dishes”, which can also be (and mostly are) delicious. Try to find a place to order the traditional “paella valenciana”. You’ll really love it!
    If you find a place to order the traditional “paella valenciana”, just make sure it contains those ingredients. No fish mixed with meat 😂
    The best place to try these is obviously Valencia, Though you may have not planned to go there.
    Hope you have a great time during the rest of your trip!

  23. Sophie-Anne

    Yes…. where is that purple dress from? Gorgeous! And all the pics! Thanks for the inspo.

  24. Lele

    Samsons face in the first pic is everything!!!! He is your twin Naomi! Give him extra ❤️ today.

  25. Jessi

    OMGoodnes! That picture of Samson is the best! I have been reading your blog since it began! I cannot believe all the things you’ve accomplished!

    thanks for always sharing such amazing pictures!

  26. Kim

    Samson is the cutest kid! And I love the felt food! Wish I had that as a kid to play with!

    Simply Lovebirds

  27. Heidi

    Another request for details on your purple dress! Love it.

  28. Beautiful pictures from my beautiful city! Thanks for staying with us despite of the hard times!

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  30. I love that purple dress! I would love to know where it’s from!