making bread with orwashers bakery!


we are so excited to share a video with you guys today from when our family got to visit the main orwasher bakery in the bronx to learn how they make their unbelievable bread that you have all heard me rave about many times before.

josh and i met keith cohen, the owner and head baker at orwashers bakery, last year by sheer coincidence when we saw a live viewing of saturday night live. we sat right next to him during the taping and while waiting in line to get ours seats!

since we live in the same neighborhood as orwashers bakery on the upper west side, we get to see keith pretty often coming and going from the store and inside the bakery when we make our almost daily stop in to buy bread, sandwiches, bagels and other baked goods. josh started making challah bread french toast this year, which our kids are crazy about. and if you haven’t been before and are planning on going, we recommend trying their croissants, their cabernet rustico bread, sourdough of course, and basically everything! (i actually am a big lover of their turkey, cheese and avocado sandwich on their homemade baguette.)

keith hosted josh and me to make bagels earlier this year and we had such a wonderful time getting to be inside the bakery trying our own hand at making the bagels we love so much.  when we were there, he invited us to visit the bakery in the bronx, which is their main baking location, and we have been trying to get there ever since. finally our schedules aligned and we thought it’d be fun to make a little video and bring you all with since it’s such a unique experience to be surrounded by all that amazing dough and bread. i wish there was a way to capture the unreal smell of all that fresh bread to share with you as well!

we were trying to think of tips to share with you and some of what we learned outside of the video. our main tip is to find or make fresh bread with as few ingredients as possible! over the past few years we’ve been attempting to make more bread at home and want to get into a better habit of making it happen. it often feels so time consuming but the ingredient lists are so simple and it really doesn’t take much effort at all. we want to be brave enough to attempt to make our own challah bread, but since orwasher’s is so close by and they have perfected that one, i think we’ll just keep getting our challah loaves there. if you want to make french toast with it, we recommend letting the bread sit out for a couple of days before you use it for french toast! it’s sooo good!

just like when we made bagels with orwashers, this is not a sponsored outing or post. we just love this bakery very much and thought this would be a fun experience to do as a family and to share with you guys as well! thanks so much to keith for inviting our family to visit the bakery. and thank you to jenner brown for helping us make this video! let us know if you like this sort of video format. we have put together a ton of NYC neighborhood video guides with jenner in the past, but i think it’d be fun to do a few more like this, sort of behind the scenes of some of our favorite spots in the city. so let me know what you want to see more of when it comes to new york, and we’ll get working on it!

  1. Jessica

    Love it! I feel like you could host a Food Network show. Would love to see more behind the scenes videos of your favorite spots!

  2. Erin

    Great video! The bread looks delicious.

  3. aly

    ohmygoodness, the rugelach look amazing! can’t wait to visit this cute place when we’re in nyc in november! quick question: do you know if the cabernet bread has real wine in it? and if so, wouldn’t it violate the WOW? thanks for sharing your cute fam with us! if you ever do meet ups when readers visit the city, i’d love to meet you all!

  4. Meg

    Orwasher’s will always have a special place in my heart. My husband lived above their UES location and we used to have breakfast there all the time while we were dating. Great video of a very special place. Thanks for sharing!

  5. jessica basso

    Absolutely loved this video!!! Please do more like this, I really enjoy the way you guys do New York!!! Thank you for sharing your precious family with us readers!

  6. brittany

    this is SO fun for your sweet fam!! and umm… yum!!! i would eat a whole loaf. :) :) :)

  7. I miss my mom’s bread making phase, because the house would always smell so good! // This goes to show how wonderful the world can be when you open up to the people around you. How kind of Keith to show the behind the scenes! // It was so adorable seeing your kids stretch their necks up to get glimpses of everything that was going on, and I love that Eleanor baked her heart-shaped bread! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  8. Alida

    I loved this video. I have ventured into some bread baking, and truly believe that, like any other tactile experiences, it is good for the soul.

  9. shira

    challah isn’t hard to make! you should team up with one of the people who teaches the cooking class at the JCC on the UWS to teach you! would be a great to explore some cross culturalism on the blog – especially in this divisive climate.

  10. Leanne

    I love when you post videos! It would be so fun to see more behind-the-scenes of you and your family at some of your favourite NYC must-visit places. Lots of effort goes into these, and it really shows!

  11. Great video! We LOVE the cookies from Orwashers! We live in NJ, but our friends from NYC always bring them when they come for a visit!

  12. Oh gosh, I’m a little late but I just watched yozr video and really enjoyed it! So if you plan to do more videos like this I’m gonna watch them all. :)
    Sending you some bread greetings from Germany, Constanze