little letters, august edition.

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dear peaches,
samson just declared you his favorite fruit in the whole world and i feel like that kid always knows what’s best. :)

dear all the sparkling seltzer water,
trying desperately to love you right now since plain water can taste boring and i’ve given up the diet coke.

dear chocolate and churros in spain,
i get to visit you next week but i don’t get to eat you. my timing for this 30 day sugar cleanse could not be more tragic.

dear people who keep potted fiddle leaf-figs alive,
like, how. tell me how. i need to know how to do this.

dear US Open Tennis Tournament,
you’ve become one of our family’s favorite traditions and we’re all counting down the days till you’re here.

dear yellow piano in our current apartment,
i feel such a bond with you even though i don’t know how to play you. maybe it’s because of that one night a few years ago when i stayed up until 4AM painting you yellow. maybe it’s because music was such a large part of my upbringing i can’t imagine not having you nearby for my own babies to enjoy.  you might be a bit out of tune and sticky fingers may have left your keys a little disheveled (i’m so sorry), but you better believe i’m finding a way to get you down our 4 flights of apartment stairs and up the 3 flights of stairs into our new apartment.

dear blouses that contain both gingham and ruffles,
i love you.

dear everyone that uses instagram stories as much as i do,
how are you preserving yours? i need a better way to group and store them before they get lost in my camera roll forever.

dear summer that came and went so quickly,
going to enjoy these last few weeks with you around so much. you’ve been an incredible one.


SHIRT: ruffled gingham blouse
PANTS: loose grey pants
SHOES: these swedish hasbeens
SUNGLASSES: chloe round-frame sunnies
LIPSTICK: smashbox matte in color mauve

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  1. Meg

    I couldn’t appreciate sparkling water for longest time until I discovered flavoured ones like La Croix! You’ll never look back

  2. Emily

    I actually add mint and lime to my sparkling water! So refreshing during the summer months.

  3. Natali

    Super adorable outfit, your Hasbeens are fantastic! Also, I hear you on ruffled and gingham tops as well as being super much into peaches, they’re so delicious right now! :D

  4. Renee

    I use the google photo app to save all my photos and videos and it works like a charm. Incredibly easy to retrieve and takes up zero space on your phone! Plus, you can still quickly look at them on your phone (or computer) anytime. :)

    Enjoy Spain!

  5. Maria

    Are you coming to Spain????? Great!! For sure you will love it! Where are you going exactly? If you need any information of Madrid let me know (I know where to eat the best ice cream in the city, just for your family ;-)

  6. Kristen

    We are moving into our new home next month and are trying to find a piano. A DIY blogpost on how you painted your piano such a fun color would be much appreciated!

  7. almudena vazquez

    Its great to know you are coming to Spain. I am a Boy fun of Your family trips. If you need some tips from Madrid just let me know. Enjoy!

  8. Stephanie Kokinos

    Well, I’m waiting with bated breath on responses for the fiddle leaf fig. Sadly, I’ve murdered 3. 3 big ones! I read once, to water exactly 1 cup of water every week. And be sure to keep them in the same spot. Apparently, they do not like change! The saga continues. We will prevail! xx

  9. Kristen

    I save all my instagram stories to my camera roll then save them to my computer (external hard drive) each month with my other phone videos. I’d hate to see them all lost! ❤️

  10. Mia

    Your little letters posts are the sweetest! I’m with Samson on peaches…they’re delicious, especially around this time of year and baked into pie…yum!

    Mia |

  11. L

    Hi! I don’t understand why you would do a sugar cleanse in the middle of you vacation… And be unhappy about it I mean, is someone forcing you to give up sugar? Does it have to be so extreme? You don’t need to give up something 100% to be healthy, just my opining!

  12. Peaches are the best fruit for sure!! Love your Hasbeens, I’ve been eyeing them for a little while and just need to take the plunge because they look like they could go with EVERYTHING!

  13. Elizabeth

    dasani raspberry lemonade sparkling water. the end.

  14. The love letters is my favorite segment on your blog (except that I haven’t found a single post yet that I don’t like).

    La Croix is the only sparkling water I can drink. The others are too bubbly…that sounds so pretentious.

    Good for you for sticking to your no sugar, I bet it’s easier than you think, especially if traveling abroad. We just went to Italy last month and both my hubby and I lost 5 pounds while we were there…and we ate and drank everything in sight!

    And please tell Sampson that while I respect his opinion, watermelon will ALWAYS be the fruit of the summer.

  15. Irina

    Hey Naomi,

    Read you are coming to Barcelona next week. I know this web is in spanish, but you can find there lots of places to go with the kids in the city.

    See you maybe in the streets of Barcelona next week!

  16. Callie

    For sparkling water, try Topo Chico (! Their cute glass bottles make drinking mineral water feel so festive and fun.

  17. Nicole

    Why are you giving up sugar on your trip to Spain?! Are you not able to enjoy a one churro dipped in heavenly chocolate and be satisfied? You look to be a very healthy person. So many people give up sugar for thirty days on social media and good for them, but I refuse not to share an ice cream cone with my children, or a piece of cake or say a churro on vacation. Do they not ask, Mom, why aren’t you going to have dessert with us in SPAIN?! What is your response? I think this can lead children to have a poor relationship with food in the future, especially daughters. Balance is important and eating dessert is important too bc it shows healthy relationship with food. I never want my daughter to think ice cream is bad and moms don’t eat ice cream. I feel this comment I am leaving is rude, but I am honestly so interested in this calling off sugar for 30 days thing people are all doing. Especially on a trip to Spain. ps. I eat lots of vegetables. :) :) :)

    Good article:

  18. Amanda

    Hi Naomi! I do social media for a university and we save our stories on dropbox. Multiple people can access and download them and they’re available on any device. I’ve tried using both Google Drive and Google Photo but they distort the videos.

  19. Christy

    I have had my fiddle leaf for about 5 years. After the first month it looked like it wasn’t going to make it. I kind of gave up on it and then it started to flourish. So….I have learned to leave it alone. I water it about once a month now and it is happy.

    P.S. I really enjoy your blog. My kids are in college and high school now. It goes by so fast and your kids will have such wonderful memories. You guys are doing a fabulous job. My 16 year old daughter and I visited NYC this summer and loved every minute of it. Your city guides were so helpful in planning our trip. Thank you! xo from California

  20. Courtney

    Apparently fiddle leaf figs are like children: they like routine. I set an alarm and water them at the exact same time once a week and it seems to be working (fingers crossed). Good luck!

  21. you are so cute. and i love my fiddle leaf fig, but they are no joke when it comes to getting the car right, huh!! i have learned that mine needed more light and less water. it’s in a north facing window which is eh… okay for summer but def not enough light in winter. and i water maybe every two weeks. also, i think a trip to spain maaaay call for a little breaking of your sugar cleanse, maybe just once or twice. :)

  22. Christina

    If come to Barcelona and need any recommendations (favourite ice-cream place, best places for kids), let me know! :)

  23. Emma

    Spain is an amazing, beautiful country! We spend a lot of time there. Have a great holiday, I’m sure you’ll love it! I’m not sure where you’re going but if you pass a Giolatto ice cream shop, then you have to try it. The pistachio and white chocolate flavour is heavenly!

  24. Erin

    I have a beautiful fiddle leaf fig, that I nearly killed several times before finally learning how to care for it. It’s not too late! Here’s the info: They like light but not sun. Meaning they want to be in a room with plenty of light, but without actual sunlight hitting the leaves. Then, in terms of watering, get yourself a cheap moisture reader, and check the pot for moisture every now and then. Wait until the soil is TOTALLY DRY before watering. When you get a totally dry reading, take the plant into the bathtub and water it fully until water is coming out the bottom. Let it sit there until it stops draining before you put it back in its spot. Also, be sure that it’s got some distance from any heater in the room. God luck!


    NOOO it is impossible to come to Spain and not enjoy chocolate con churros. You seems very healthy and careful about the food you eat but you shouldn’t be so strict with sweet, especially if you are travelling abroad because these things are little preasures. I encourage you to skip your diet for a while :)
    I hope you like Spain!

  26. Cathleen

    Spain is my most favorite place on the planet. Enjoy!!

  27. Olga

    Dear Naomi, a lot of us Spaniards have churros for breakfast, but no chocolote, much too fattening and a bit difficult for your tummy. Why don’t you have your churros (which have no sugar, just flour, water, salt, fried in olive oil) with good old café con leche (coffee with milk) with sweteener, like a local?

  28. Leanne

    I’ve never been to Spain but imagine if I ever have plans to I’ll check your blog for all the tips necessary before going, like I do with every other place;) Love how you incorporate these kinds of posts like you have since forever ago on your blog!

  29. Zhia

    Hey Naomi! Love your blog and take 1 day a week to try to catch up on your posts! But always following you in Instagram!! I live in NY too and wonder one day if I would ever bump into out big small city! <3

    There is an option to autosave instagram stories (story setting). I have been using it and it saves photos/video in my gallery. Then you might have to save it in your cloud/memory somehow to keep it longterm and not fill your phone memory :) <3