favorite summer finds under $50!

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LOVE TAZA thredup-8

i’m really excited to share with you guys today some of my favorite summer finds i snagged from thredUP, each for under $50! also exciting news, i’ve partnered with thredUP to share a 40% off discount code at the end of this post as well as host a fun giveaway with them over on my instagram today, so be sure to head over to instagram and enter to win. 

i’ve shared my excitement over finding thredUP in the past, but for those who might not know much about them, thredUP is the world’s largest online thrift store where you can find amazing pieces from your favorite brands and designers for up to 90% off. why i especially like them is they make it easy to filter the site by your favorite brands, size, price, even color or cut of a particular style, so you don’t feel like you’re spending days and days sorting through all their inventory (they add over 15 thousand items a day!) but getting in and out quickly which is huge for me.

the outfit i’m wearing above is one of my favorite finds this summer. that cory lynn calter silk skirt with the cute owls on it was 78% off (originally $214 but snagged it for $45.99) and i paired it with a  j.crew blouse which was originally selling for $88 but listed for only $22 on thredUP, with 73% savings!

LOVE TAZA thredup01-5

let’s do a little boxing reveal, shall we?

LOVE TAZA thredup01-4LOVE TAZA thredup01-2LOVE TAZA thredup01-3LOVE TAZA thredup01i got really excited when i saw these marabelle flats on the thredUP site because they were originally $95 but selling for $29.99 (63% off) and were listed “like brand new”. when i pulled them out of the box, there wasn’t a single mark on the bottoms, i don’t think they’d ever been worn before! *happy dance!*

LOVE TAZA thredup-3

here are a few other close ups of my new owl skirt! i’ve loved owls for years and have quite an assortment of owl tea pots/cookie jars/ salt shakers/ etc in my kitchen! but i haven’t often found an owl print on clothing that i’ve really loved, so maybe that is why i feel so partial to this particular skirt. doesn’t hurt that i got it 78% off, either!

LOVE TAZA thredup-4LOVE TAZA thredupLOVE TAZA thredup-7

side note, but sometimes i forget i have so many freckles until josh takes a close up of my face in the summer. haha! apparently i really love basking in my vitamin D (but promise i’m wearing good sunscreen, guys.)

be sure to enter the giveaway on my instagram today right here to enter to win a $250 shopping spree at thredUP!

and the first 100 people to use the code TAZA40 will receive an extra 40% off their first order (applies to new US costumers only. redeemable online only. discount up to $50). thank you so much to thredUP for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. i love your freckles- and that amazing owl skirt! thred up is such a good resource!

    xo, brittany
    pretty pink finds on my blog today!

  2. Mollie

    I’ve never tried Thred Up (I’ve heard mixed reviews) but I love all of the picks you got! So gorgeous and very you.

    xoxo Mollie

  3. maria

    Love the outfit, where are the shoes from?

  4. Miss Jane

    Dangit I just placed an order with them on Sunday!!!! Love your pieces and am coveting those oxfords. So good!

  5. Alice

    Loove the shoes!

  6. you are THE absolute cutest. and i love thredup!!! especially for my kiddos, oh my gosh. best deals ever.

  7. maryam benichou

    Hi Taza,

    great post!! Will check them out!!

    Also, I just noticed your amolia rings. I just wanted to ask, what did you order??? I have now ordered a ring TWICE, since it broke both times after 1 week of wearing them… I love the concept so that’s why I ordered them again but like I was really sad that they broke… I have emailed amolia about 6 times (the rings also took about 2-3 months to come each time) and never got a response from them.

    Has this happened to you? Did you order something custom?

    I’ve been in love with your rings ever since I saw them but just a little frustrated at them breaking :(

  8. tamara

    Very nice, I didn’t know this website, and they also deliver in the Netherlands!
    Thanks for also sharing some less expensive clothing options! I always love the brands you work with, but I could not buy a whole closet full of them pricewise. Thanks for this tip in between the more expensive stuff :)

  9. Amanda

    I’m obsessed with ThredUP! That skirt is so cute.

  10. Hannah

    I love the concept! And that skirt is the cutest!!

  11. Taza,
    Such a super charming blog! Love it! xx Veronica

  12. Sage

    Secondhand clothes for under $50 isn’t exactly a bargain. I’ve been a thrift shopper for many years because it saves money, is better for the environment, and supports charity instead of stakeholders.

    I’m missing the value proposition of this company… I’ve never paid $22 for anything from thrift store and I’ve bought many brand name items over the years, most of which were actually fashionable.