donating backpacks and supplies for school!

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i’ve had so much fun the last few weeks partnering with Target on their back-to-school giving campaign for the year. i’m sure you’ve already heard of all the good they are doing with Yoobi to donate to the Kids In Need Foundation to provide up to $6.5 million of backpacks and school supplies (that’s more than 700,000 backpacks) to kids across the country for the 2017-2018 school year. i know we can all agree that feeling supported at any age in life goes a long way, but especially when you’re little and about to embark on one of the most important adventures of your life– your education. it feels extra near and dear to my heart this year since we’ll be sending both eleanor and samson off into their respective classrooms this fall for kindergarten and first grade and as a mother, you just cross all your fingers and toes that you’ve prepped them with enough love and encouragement and tools to navigate it all the best they can, and that it will be a positive and incredible experience for everyone. i was asked to be a part of this back-to-school prep for success video for Target’s Facebook page, and after we filmed it, we wandered through all the school supplies to share a few of our favorites with you! below are some photos…


yep, 19 notebooks and an apple on top of my head. i didn’t think i could do it, but somehow, it happened and no notebook, apple or person was harmed!


considering we have a big “space” theme in our house over here, loved seeing it highlighted in a number of the backpacks, notebooks and other supplies. my kids are going to be so stoked.


and i wanted to share this darling shirt from Target’s Cat & Jack kids clothing line, because i loved the messaging of learning, having fun and being kind on the back of the t-shirt.

holding one of the 700,000 Cat & Jack and Yoobi backpacks you can help donate through september 9th to the Kids In Need Foundation by liking or sharing Target’s Prep for Success video! felt especially awesome being surrounded by all the great words of encouragement written on the backs of the backpacks surrounding me.


i am a sucker for the adhesive reusable patches by Cat & Jack to put on backpacks. had to show a few of my favorites.

and this wonder woman backpack, of course. :)


with the new school year finally here, what words of encouragement or support would you share with someone gearing up to begin school for the very first time or about to go back to school once again? i would love it if you shared them in the comments so we can all have a look and gather them together to pass onto those around us in the next few weeks!

happy back to school season, guys! and thank you to Target for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Asaake

    This is an amazing initiative and it melts my heart that you’re part of this! I’m super happy for the big relief these backpacks and supplies would be for a family in need. Phew

  2. Callie

    Such a cool (and important!) mission. Also, I love your shoes! Where are they from?

  3. Mila

    In NYC, there is still 3 more weeks until the start of school so keep it light. Three weeks is a long time in kid world and I find talking to much about an event too far in advance can lead to my kids going from excited to anxious.
    Remember, kids think differently than adults. You see the start of school as a new chapter in their lives and the start of their long educational journey but kids don’t see things that way. A lot of times their nerves (if they have any) are about much more concrete things like “what if I have to go the bathroom”. I have to remind myself to not “over read” my kids. I agree with the theory to keep it light.

  4. Lucy

    Hi Taza! Great project. Where did you get your jeans?

  5. I loooove back to school items from Target! Seriously the best thing ever. How did you get all those composition notebooks to balance on your head?! And those patches are out of this world adorable! I would buy the backpack just to get that avocado patch. Thanks for sharing! It’s so great of you to donate.

    Simply Lovebirds

  6. ash

    Are those Gucci mule slippers?

  7. Tina Schrader

    I’d suggest encouragement to be kind, to stick up for those you see being picked on, and to remember how special and loved they are they are by God, their parents and friends. School will be fun! Be good, be happy, and be kind to others, even when others may not be kind to them.

  8. Wonderful initiative! We had at church a supporting collection for some kids from the neighborhood for a couple of years. Wonder why did it stop! I will ask and give a new start inspired by you!

  9. Nita

    Thank you for informing us about Target, we were able to order the Space theme Back pack for the kids. Since none Space theme back pack were available locally.

    thx Nita

  10. Aileen Johnston

    In Scotland some of our schools started back on Tuesday but others don’t start until Tuesday. My wee girl is starting Primary One on Tuesday and we are all very excited about it. I think it’s different for my wee girl as she has been in childcare since she was one so she is used to being away from me and her dad, Then when she was 3, they get funded places in Nursery. It’s your choice whether they go or not but a lot of the time it is linked to the school they will attend so Amy has been going there for 2 years, loved it and is totally ready for starting school. The advice I am giving her is the same as I always do. Do your best, stand up for what you believe in (but not to the point where you are being naughty), be nice to other people and if in doubt ask for help! I am sure all our kids are going to rock it!

  11. Love the space theme and those backpacks and patches are so cute! I love how we can use these crazy seasons to remember to give to those in need. :)

  12. Pam

    This is so sweet of you!
    It’s always a pleasure to help someone in need ♥
    Loved everything you picked and I’m sure it will be much appreciated hun! You have a lovely heart xo

  13. Leanne

    Oh this makes me miss back to school season! I always think of Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail around this time of year…

    “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

    Lots of love, Naomi!

  14. J. Rose

    I’m a children’s librarian so I’m used to my storytime kids starting school/daycare. I also try to keep it light and always positive. I tell them what great news it is that they’re starting school. And that they’re going to have so much fun and make so many new friends!

  15. You do such great work for kids in need! Both my sister and I are teacher and I just wrote a piece on a simple back-to-school work capsule that requires only 6 pieces.

  16. Love all the back to school items! Kiddos are still young but it will be so much fun when they are older.

    I hope you are safe in spain.


  17. Jill

    Who “powers” your blog? I’m looking for a new space and I always liked the look of yours. Know you are on vacation but would love an idea (when you get back 😜). Thank you!!!