a day at island beach in greenwich, connecticut.

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on friday, the kiddos and i joined a bunch of our friends bright and early at 7 in the morning to head over to grand central terminal and catch the metro north train to greenwich, connecticut. it was a trek, but it was all done in the name of a beach day, and that’s something i can definitely get behind. especially with august almost half way over and me holding back all the tears that beach days are drawing to a close. once in greenwich, we took a ferry to island beach, which was absolutely as quaint and picturesque as you’d expect it to be (after all, it’s in greenwich) and between the company of all their little friends, the sunshine and water and a playground on the island, these kids were so happy. we got back to the city a little after 5 in the evening and both samson and conrad were completely wiped out and fell asleep just a few blocks from home. i never know what to do in those instances (especially since conrad didn’t nap earlier in the day). it’s like, try desperately to keep them up, or let them sleep and know the night is going to be a crazy one with them waking up well before the sun. always tricky.

anyway, a billion photos below!


we took the 10 o’clock ferry to the island and since it’s the first official ferry of the day, it felt so magical to pull up to such a stunning and entirely empty island!


lots of little friends on the ferry over! and the tiny island to the left was where we were headed!


hard to keep sunnies or hats on my kids, but for a whole 5 minutes on the ferry ride over, i felt like i was winning at life convincing my three to keep theirs on. it only lasted 5 minutes, but i’m still reveling in it. ;)


had to share this photo of my friend amanda who seriously is killing life in the city getting out constantly with two kiddos and a newborn baby AND her camera. i don’t know how she does it as effortlessly as she does, but she definitely inspires me.


this conrad face!


land ho!


on the ferry ride to the island, i loved catching a glimpse of all the backs of the beautiful greenwich homes and their yards. just look at those!



everybody! feeling lucky that through my church, you get to meet and bond with so many great women within a few blocks radius who pass through the city. i’ve met such amazing ladies, and while the city is often transient and many come and go, it’s always such a fabulous group and i’m grateful to have them to lean on as so many of them feel like family. it really takes a village (or in this case, a ward- which is what we call our congregation).


conrad was in complete heaven when elle covered half his body up in sand! he couldn’t stop smiling! it makes me so happy when older kids pause to play with him because i know they don’t have to do it and seeing them make the time just means a lot to me. and also to him. because he wants to be a big kid like his brother and sister so desperately, that it just makes me happy when they engage with him so well and make him feel so included.


see what i mean?! so happy.


love this friend, mari, so much!


this was my big treat for the day, peaches and strawberries! they were so delicious. i made the exact same produce order when i got home that night so i could have it again the next day. not having sweets or desserts isn’t so bad when it’s peach season!


stole this photo from my friend, mari. thanks for snapping it, lady!


and another friend i love so much. julie. she left me and moved to brooklyn but somehow i still get to see so much of her and her sweet kids that brooklyn all of the sudden doesn’t seem so far away. (i know it’s not, for the record. but sometimes it does feel that way.)


biggest perk of this tiny island beach is its playground!


before grabbing the ferry back towards the train, the kids got ice cream! and we snagged a group photo!



one last pic with my babies before grabbing the ferry home again!


and i had to share a few train photos from our ride out to greenwich from grand central, because my friend becca whipped out a bunch of books as the train pulled away from the station and immediately had all our littles attention in the sweetest way. i need to carry some paper back books with me everywhere i go because that magic trick was incredible!


and these last two photos are from my friend amanda, but they were so fun i wanted to share! (and fyi for context with the last photo- sometimes conrad thinks it’s funny when i pretend the seat is empty and sit down where he is and get all surprised that the seat is giggly and uneven. i don’t know why, but he laughs so hard and i love doing anything to hear that cute laugh.)

anyway, it isn’t an east coast summer around here with a trip to the beaches in greenwich apparently and i’m glad we were able to squeeze one in before leaving town! enjoy the last few weeks of summer, everyone!!!

ps. wearing this dress and these sunglasses.


  1. Rena

    It is wonderful you meet through your church so many obviously wonderful women! Thanks for sharing this super cute post :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. oh my goodness, what a great day!!! and that friend group!! you gals are so fun. how wonderful that you all have each other!!! this looks like a really terrific last hoorah for official summer. and i bet you’re feeling emotional about two of your babes heading off! sending love!!

  3. Mari Spiker

    I love every image and love you!!!!

  4. I remember how hard it was for my mom to get my brothers and me to put on hats and sunnies! I didn’t get into the habit of it until last year :P // I do the thing where you sit on them and pretend you don’t see them to my youngest brother :P I don’t think he finds it as amusing as he used to, but he’s good natured :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  5. Kristen

    I have found great friends through LDS wards wherever I have lived. If anyone is curious if there is a church congregation near you, you can enter your address on this link and it will pull congregations all over the world. Kind of fun! https://www.mormon.org/meetinghouse

  6. Jill

    I love the picture of Becca reading the children’s book on the train. The kids look so engaged. What a simple but awesome idea!

  7. Kate

    Sounds like a really great day! What a picturesque beach! I’m in NY for the week and I’m trying to find a playground you have snapped a bunch- it has a little track around the basketball court? Can you tell me the name of it? Thanks!!



  8. Stephanie K.

    What a fun adventure from the city! You make it sound so doable with my little ones. Also, I hear you mention your grocery delivery often…Can you share the service you used for the produce delivery? I moved to the UWS recently and am still struggling trying to figure the grocery shopping out….

  9. megan

    where is Eleanor’s cute swimsuit from? my girl loves starfish!

  10. Kim

    Sooo many kiddos! Glad to see they had so much fun! I don’t remember liking to wear hats or sunglasses as a kid either, whoops!

    Simply Lovebirds

  11. Leanne

    This day just sounds dreamy. You and your girlfriends have given me serious baby fever with all those kidlits running around you!

  12. Lauren

    All those pics were adorable. Last few weeks of summer is right! FALL IS COMING!! I can’t wait! It’s my favorite season! But here in LA the weather doesn’t change as much as I’d like.

  13. Justine

    Your pictures look amazing if you dont mind me asking what camera do you use?

    We just move to Greenwich, CT a year ago and are still exploring the beaches nearby..if you get a chance before the summer is over visit Tod’s Point beach, the houses along the beach are to die for. There may be a few fees to enter the beach.