summer. summer. summer.

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LOVE TAZA summer ice cream-3LOVE TAZA summer ice cream-2 LOVE TAZA summer ice cream

safe to say it’s been one of our favorites so far. i swear i’ve grown to love and appreciate hot and sticky and humid summer days more with my little kids around. it’s like they don’t even flinch in this weather as i’m drowning in sweat beside them. they just keep going and going and going! oh to have the energy of a little one. also, i realized yesterday that there is something rather contagious about a little ones’ excitement over something like rainbow sprinkles on top of their ice cream cone. i mean, the way all three of mine basically jumped up and down once they realized rainbow sprinkles were an option made ME suddenly want an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles as well and i don’t even like rainbow sprinkles!

do you guys have any fun weekend plans? i’m sneaking away today to montauk with a few girlfriends for just the night and am really looking forward to it. they planned a weekend stay a while back but i didn’t think i’d be able to get away when they started planning and told them to go without me. but after a few rather convincing texts the other night, i was like, GUYS. WHEN AND WHERE?! i am really excited to pop in and spend a night with them. i’ve never been to montauk so if you have any recommendations (even though i’ll only be there for a day and a night) please let me know!

also, thanks for all the paint recommendations in my last post. looks like i have some homework to do now looking into all the colors and i can’t wait. i was thinking maybe josh and i should grab a bunch of paint swatches per your recommendations and do an instagram live or something with them in the new space together. that way we can all kind of see it together and you guys can weigh in on what you’re thinking as we actually see the colors by the woodwork and detail. what do you think? i think it’d be really fun! let me know if you’d be down and we’ll try to find a time in the next few weeks to do it!

have a happy weekend!

  1. Rena

    Yes, I think together with childern we can even experience summer in a new and wonderful way! Thanks for sharing this true and super cute post.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. summer is just the best. now i want an ice cream cone with sprinkles!

    xo, brittany
    my nordstrom sale picks on my blog today!

  3. Mollie

    I’m so glad you are having a fun and eventful summer! Cannot wait to see more of the new digs. Enjoy Montauk and have a great weekend!

    xoxo Mollie

  4. Emily

    I’d love for you to do some more photography posts and one about editing! Beautiful pictures!

  5. Totally down for it!!

  6. Page

    Love the idea of doing a live with paint swatches!!! Can’t wait to see more of the apartment, it looks stunning for the little peeks so far!

  7. Nikki

    you must have dinner at the Crow’s Nest, it’s the best restaurant in town!

  8. Maria

    Yes! Little ones definitely make summer way more fun, we put up an tent in our backyard the other day and our 4 year old had the best time on our camping trip! It’s all about the little things:)

    Love the idea of an Instagram live with the different colors, go for it!

    Maria ||

  9. Haleigh

    let’s do it!
    I still am convinced with yellow…

  10. Kim

    Yum! I love the ice cream pics! So perfect for the summer. Have fun in Montauk with the girls! Super jealous.

    Simply Lovebirds

  11. Katie

    Go get Lobster rolls at “Lunch” in Amagansett off of Montauk Highway. Restaurant I think is officially called The Lobster Roll, but everyone will know it as Lunch. Best Lobster Roll. Have the best time!!

  12. Bridget

    Love the idea of doing the Instagram live. Can’t wait to see more of the new apartment!

    Pics from my first day of my trip to Dallas on my blog

  13. Joanna

    Yes yes yes to the live on insta! Would love that! <3

  14. So much fun! Going to buy a fabulous ice cream tomorrow!

  15. Rachael

    Naomi, can you please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top do a post on how and where you shop for your kids clothes. Thanks Rachael

  16. Julie

    Totally agree with you on this summer vibes our kids get into our lives!
    Enjoy your summer!!
    xxx from Paris

  17. Teresa

    How exciting for summer and for your new apartment! I can’t wait to see all of the new posts. Also, those sprinkles on the cones are everything that is good about summer!


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